Gazidis: Liverpool result put a negative spin on our transfer window

Ivan Gazidis

Ivan Gazidis told Arsenal staff that the transfer window in which Arsenal added just two players, failed to strengthen key areas of the squad, and turned a profit of around £30m was a success.

He also said that had we won at Liverpool, people’s view of the club’s business during the summer would have been very different.

“Everything is coloured by results,” he said in an email sent to staff, and subsequently leaked to the press. “A positive performance at Liverpool would have coloured this transfer window very differently.

“The manager and players know that the performance at Anfield was not good enough and they will be focused to put that right after the international break.

“We have had a poor start to the season but have the quality to turn it around and turn around performances and compete for the title. It is time to get back to what it is all about, the football.”

Gazidis also spoke about the situations of star players Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, saying the fact that both remained at the club was, ” …a clear statement of our ambitions and should help refute suggestions we are just about the money. That is simply nonsense.

“At the end of the window, reviewing all activity, we have once again improved the quality and depth of our squad.”

Of course this ignores the fact we tried to sell Sanchez to Man City on deadline day to fund a bid for Thomas Lemar.

And while the it might have been meant as an inspirational internal message, it shows how far removed from the reality of things he is, and how different his view of the window and that Liverpool game is from fans and almost everyone else who watched what went on at Arsenal this summer.

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Yeah nothing to do with the shambles last season and not qualifying for CL. What happened to catalyst for change?


They trousered the £30m of change…


Arse na na na land…


I wanna put my head through the wall every time I hear this C*** speak!


Do it then. Make it a brick one.


wow so cool


You’re a muppet of a troll.


And nothing to do with a starting 11 with no functioning
midfield and no striker, fullbacks all over the place and pstarting players who want out.

But that’s football. On the other hand I understand you Ivan. You and Stan had a good tran$f€r window and the Liverpool result spoiled it for you.


Fan of fifty years and season tick holder. Before Blogs pooed in his nappies. Basically we are talking about the same team that beat City and Chelsea to the FA Cup and don’t tell me they didn’t want it, just as much. This site has become a protest site as far from reality as you accuse the club of being. Wenger can win cups consistently, but he won’t win the league because that is a long term consistent performance that needs the fans get behind the team on a day-in day-out basis. Arsenal Football Club supporters can no longer do… Read more »

DB10\'s Air Miles

At last, a voice of reason.
Well done for having the balls to see tell it as it is. Things do need to change at board level, but Wenger is not a shit manager by any stretch of the imagination.

One of Bellerin\'s Cornrows

Mate, with all due respect, we have to be real. Chelsea were on the beach during the FA Cup final, I can definitively say, they didn’t want it as much as us. Besides, one or two wins in a cup doesn’t make us able to beat the big teams consistently, which is what we need to do to win the PL. That’s my benchmark. If you’re fine with battling it out for 4th every year, then enjoy that and power to you I respect your view, but for me and many others it won’t do.




A bad joke from a serious joker! In a window, where Champions spent over €200M and fifth placed side spent almost the same, we made a profit – all because Wenger wanted to keep Ozil & Alexis! Speaks volumes about the kind of ambition we have.

Santi\'s Smile

Never thought of the transfer profit as a way of justifying keeping Özil and Alexis. Certainly sounds like a Silent Stan plan: driven more by a financial plan than a sporting one.


Well spotted Sam… shame on Gazidis and the yank… the club is an utter mess. It,s tragic


Sorry @ Sam, I meant Santi/’s Smile..


Sounds like an edict from North Korea. And don’t dare contradict


Problem is, there is literary nothing suggesting that this season would be any different from the last 4-5 seasons, Ivan.


Different! Believe me it will be. We will be competing with the likes of Everton, Saints, West Brom and Stoke this season. That will be different.


At least thats a competition we can win

Xhaka Demus, no pliers

Is it? Stoke already beat us and the way we’ve played so far this season I can’t see us keeping many clean sheets. So the teams that mass defend against us will catch us on the break as per usual and we’ll struggle to break them down. I don’t think we can be confident against many teams anymore


How come you criticised me for making similar comments?
In fact you called me poisonous… when I’ve Always commmented respectfully, I just disagree with the direction of the club and believe we lack ambition.
Which we do.
I think replacing AW will be harder than people think because of the guy at the top pulling the strings.
Have no idea why you’ve previously felt the need to attack me and my opinion?
But now your singing from the same sheet?

Lord Bendnter

It’s because you’re rich


This is so savage!


Oh for the love of God please just shut up.

Ponsonby Gooner

Ivan, can you play left back?

Faisal Narrage

Doesn’t it matter if he can? We’ll play him anyways.

Bai Blagoi

Nono, if he can play left back, we’ll play him right.


“Ivan, can you play Left Back?”
“Why certainly, I am one of the best Left Backs in Europe!”

” Excellent, grab your gloves you are in goal”


Yes cos he’s right footed

Ray Parlour\'s icecream van

What the hell is this guy on? It’s fairly obvious to everyone except Wenger, the board and the owner – the transfer window has been pretty poor. We have a number of players who do not want to be at the club still here, including our star forward, we have players who are not up to to the job (eg Debauchy) and Midfield needed a player who could do the ugly things and stay fit. We have a manager who does not seem to know what his best formation is, best starting eleven or where to play them. I think… Read more »


Oh boy,,,,can you fucking believe it?

That’s just fucking hilarious!
What a complete dipstick!


Ozil\'s Eyes on Wenger\'s Hot Thighs

My dipstick’s offended.


Ok Ivan – you are so bloody detached from reality.. you have set me off… Arsenal Fans: We are through the looking glass. We have fallen down the rabbit hole and ended up in some dystopian future fantasy that not even Orwell or Lewis Carroll could have imagined. I remember when we are a laughing stock. I remember when all you could do was laugh. The time for rye laughing is gone. The situation at Arsenal has gone from FUBAR to GUBU. GUBU was a term coined by an Irish political commentator called Conor Cruise-O’Brien. He crafted it out of… Read more »


Can someone compile an executive summary of the above?! it’s just too long to read through fully.


Lol, read the last three paragraphs.. “It’s time… ” on


He’s pissed off big time. Boycott everything. You’re welcome.


Good God man !!!!! This is an essay ffs

Gunner Sore Arse

I was interested until I got to GUNU then I lost interest. However I went for a dump so I reread as I had more time to digest. Why would I stop going to see Arsenal or give up my season ticket. I’ve been an Arsenal fan for over 40 years, through thick and thin. I’m not going to turn my back on my club just ‘cos it’s shit at the moment, that’s not what being a fan is about. Not sure why I would want to cancel my Sky subscription either other than it’s too expensive. Oh and Giroud… Read more »


Well I’ve been watching Arsenal for 38 years. My point is that this doesnt seem to be Arsenal anymore. The ownership and management have hijacked the club and are not on a path of reconciliation. They are driving the wedge further in. I’m not ordering you to do anything, but it’s clear, to me, that our desires and hopes for the club are not directly compatible with the owners. The only way to get rid of him is to cost him money. Giroud, as a modern athlete is fitter, better conditioned, more technical and would get into any Arsenal team… Read more »

Gunner Sore Arse

I completely agree that right now it would appear that everyone directly responsible for running the club has a lack of interest for Arsenal as Arsenal FC and just prefer Arsenal Ltd. The board is spineless and lack complete balls with their inaction or desire to change anything. I want my Arsenal back and I want and expect my team to play the best they can every single game. Even if I think my manager is a complete narcissistic twat (which by the way I do) I still have pride in the work that I do and do my best,… Read more »


My fear, or rather conviction is that the prioritisation of Arsenal ltd over Arsenal FC is not momentary. Both entities have different end games. FC wants to win, it wants to invest in the team, it wants to play in front of packed stadia with screaming fans, it wants to do things the Arsenal way. A way that meant something to us all, a unique selling point to borrow the ltd parlance. Ltd wants to invest in capacity, it wants to remain in top 4 or 5 and will invest the minimum it can to do that. It wants the… Read more »




It’s GUBU get it right ?


This is stupid and irrational and just crap. Your comments are grotesque at best! Giroud better than Ian Wright? Do one mate. Even Alan Smith scored more goals in his first 5 seasons. We don’t have a divine right to be in the top 4 and most of the teams above us last year have had far worse in the last 20 years. Hell before then we yoyoed all over the place and played terrible football have you forgotten the days of ‘boring boring Arsenal’ it was just a chore to watch them then as they were basically a better… Read more »


Alan Smith scored the same amount of goals … 98 in the 5 more games. He scored them in two title winning sides. Your right Ian Wright was more prolific. But I was referring to the classic number 9. But still, he’s one of the leading scorer in our history, despite being in a team that doesn’t compete for league, champions league or even league cups. Boring boring Arsenal was far more entertaining than the insipid, impotent possession we’ve had for a decade. History level. Our opponents used the chant boring, boring Arsenal because they were frustrated by us, we… Read more »


@double, a heartfelt succinct analysis of the horrendous fuck up that is The Arsenal right now. I concur with your views, its tragic.


I wish I could thumb this up a million times. I agree 100% with everything you’ve said and although it’s tragic and sad, it’s really, genuinely uplifting in a weird way to read your words as they mirror my own thoughts so closely. I’ve said on here a couple of times now that I feel completely over being a fan of this club. It’s like an abusive relationship. We should all just fuck it off.


Tractor production is up 300% and Comrade Stakhanov has exceeded his own records for coal production.


Heard that before, now please fuck off


Complete BS! If that was true then Liverpool and Chelsea (?) wouldn’t have bid ridiculous
Money for the Ox if they’ve seen his shambolic performance against the reds.


I don’t think he is far removed blogs. I think he knows they’ve fucked up and is trying to bullshit his way out of it

Faisal Narrage

This is true.
He’s not gonna say Wenger out is he?

He can’t say Wenger out.
If he keeps quiet then blogs will call him out for bring silent.

So he’ll say crap like this.
Just wish he didn’t say..,,THIS.


That’s all on him – he made a power-play, it didn’t come off, and instead of leaving he’s stayed on collecting his rather large pay check.


Gazidis is a knob. End of story.


The nerve of this guy. We are more than capable of compartmentalizing the many issues fans currently have with this club. The result was shit but the transfer window has a negative spin from the spinelessness and incompetence of this board. It’s like they think were children. Gazidis’s words aren’t worth dirt, the feckless peon.

John C

If Arsenal put as much energy in to improving the team as it does with cack handed PR stunts, we’d be world class football team


They’re clueless. I get you have to stand up for your decisions….. I like the look of Kolasniac. But I can’t see Lacazette pulling up any tree’s. We have a squad full of players who don’t look like they like each other, and don’t want to be here. And a manager who doesn’t seem to have a clue on how he wants them to play. At the rate we’re conceding chances, I genuinely fear for us. This is as lowest I’ve felt since 2011/12 after that mad trolley dash, Arsene amazingly pulled a run together at the end of that… Read more »


*lack players with fight


Troll level: Expert


Everyone at top management says things that I’m certain they know are far from the truth. Which I certainly hope is the case, because then it just means they’re all just looking for their big pay day at the end of each season and just continue the same line of mediocrity we’ve been in the last 3 years. It just means when things really goes to shit, and the money isn’t coming in, then they’ll actually have to change, to really change. That is a lot easier to accept than the other alternative which implies they’re so deluded from reality,… Read more »

Stuck on repeat...

Agreed. It has to be completely beyond belief that management of the club actually believes the BS they are are churning out. I mean surely…they can’t ALL be that stupid, even if they genuinely believe that we the fans are?

Donald\'s Trump

It could be a great transfer window. Would help if the players we bought to strengthen the team weren’t sat on the bench whilst players who don’t want to be there were out on the pitch.

Alexis Signitplease

But the reason for the Liverpool result was the failure to address midfield shortcomings in the transfer window!


I thought we have all now accepted that Arsene does not do defensive midfielder. In fact now it appears he wants to do away with centre half as well. So, the team will be made up of full backs, attacking midfielders and 1 striker henceforth


This guy is the definition of cunt, fuckin sick of him

Kwame Ampadu Down

Just stop talking. Please.

Eduardo da Silvestre

“We want to compete with the likes of Bayern Munich”, be said . I’d like him to explain why we’re competing with BATE


I don’t know, it’s not that outlandish. And in context maybe even less so.

Basically, not a fan of this type of leaked stuff. Wonder what the snake who leaked it got in return? Wonder if they’d care if someone leaked their emails?

Sorry, a big ‘meh’ from me.


Gazidis and kronke, get the Fuck out of our club!


Sir chips keswick too. Get out.


I vividly remember when transferring to Emirates how he told us the insanely high ticket prices and temporarily sale of star players will be followed by years of highest glory. Arsenal taking over likes of Bayern and RM. How stupid was I to believe these cunts and not a true gunner ‘David Dien’… These are pure businessmen without any real passion for the club or even the game

nimble foot

You know David Dien brought Stan the leech to our club and sold shares to him so he’s not all St David in the matter. Fuck that


Ahhh hold on now. David brought him there when the premier league was changing and knew we needed an additional person on the board with deep pockets. At that time nobody wanted a rich owner who would interfere with the team e.g.roman abromovic. No one knew the landscape was gona change so dramatically. The money the clubs are spending now could not have been predicted by anyone. However if you’d asked me in 06/07 when we moved if I’d be happy that we’re able to buy people at 50 million and make bids for those at 80/90 in ten years… Read more »

nimble foot

You’re not wrong but we all mostly look at Stan’s other sports franchises and we have an idea of why he’s so fucking horrible as a majority shareholder, David had to know. He had to know and that was probably one more reason he brought Usmanov as well but they all somehow sold out to Stan the leech Kreonke… I will never for the life of me understand why.
I mean the board voted David out for bringing Stan and then they (mostly) sell off their shares to the same bloke? Fucking does my head in trying to understand that


David wanted fans to sell out to rich spender Usmanov in the transition phase and as Usmanov couldnt buy all the shares at the time and still spend for us David introduced Stan as a helping hand businessman. While things went other way around and DD warned us about American businessmens intentions they completely got rid of our most valuable asset in David Dein. So no, its disastrous to disrespect the catalyst of our clubs successful years who happened to be a real fan of the club unlike these cunts. Think twice before putting Dein in the same fuck’ bracket… Read more »


They said at the time Dein was on Kroenkes side in 2007 and thats why they sacked him in a respectful fashion. If that was true and Dein was really that close and supportive of Stans takeover one would wonder why after winning the shares Stan didnt bring boards most influential man back to the club. And if you hear all Dein had to say about Arsenal in years after youll understand why hes been left out by the Americans


By now you should have known Stan doesnt give a fuck about things like seeming hostile. He’s been saying most outrageous things a club owner could ever say over the years and although he didnt realize his false promises he did maje sure his business side of club always stayed profitable to him. I dont know why you hate Usmanov as he never ever did such damage to our club, but this man Stan Kroenke is the worst no one could ever imagine to happen to us. And not Dein nor Usmanov or even PHW should be put in a… Read more »


You’re an idiot and you’re talking shit.

Another Sam

makes me extremely sad that the only candidates for owner of our great club are of the calibre of Kroenke and Usmanov. A pox on both their houses.


Absolutely, it has come to this?!


What is this testicle talking about… our transfer window put a negative spin on our transfer window!
The Liverpool result was down to appaling selection, a sincere lack of desire and a very efficient Liverpool team (a team with a plan, at least!!!!)


You are just about the money you haven’t strengthened nothing you made a profit what happened to catalyst for change and we got over 150 million so Wenger can strengthen then make a profit this club really needs to start thinking about the people that matter THE FANS as we the ones paying for everything and trust me if things don’t change we will make sure they will because it will all stop


What a total prick. Ugh. The hits just keep on coming.


That the real problem with Arsenal, we have gone from David Dein to this total waste of skin and air. That’s the complete failings of the old board getting rid of him.
Kroenke needs to piss off and take this wanker Gazidis with him. Please let Usmanov take over. Just look what his business partner did at Everton this transfer window, no shying away from sighing people!!!
Americans know bugger all about our game, they should be looked up in their lunatic asylum called the UNited States and never allowed to leave!!!!!


Stop lauding David Dein as some kind of god. David Dein did not buy Alexis Sanchez. David Dein was the one who pushed for Stan Korenke. David Dein is like lauding Arsenal’s European pedigree. We have never been a big club in Europe nor has David Dein been the solution. In his time, we had issues with Viera wanting to move as well. This is all romantic nonsense. Criticism of the current state of affairs is one thing but imagining some sort of glory period because of David Dein alone is clear nonsense. Fact is Wenger had monopoly on foreign… Read more »

Akè breaky heart

You’re no david dein ivan.

Even mike dean is an improvement, he had a basic knowledge of how football goes


He has a point, d transfer market wasn’t d best but wasn’t terrible, d loss to Liverpool made tins look worse.

Stuck on repeat...

Um…no. He has no factual points. The loss to Liverpool allowed us the briefest of last minute trafer action to rectify clear deficencies in the squad. As usual we did F all, & actually managed to make things worse by pissing off a key player who was already pissed off. He has no point.

nimble foot

Look if there is no fix to the midfield issue, then in hindsight it’ll be a complete clusterfuck. Right now it looks like a complete clusterfuck of hurricane proportions and I tell you what, nothing’s to say it isn’t exactly what it appears to be right now. Fucking clusterfuck


Its almost as if they intentionally try and take the piss out of the fans whenever the people supposedly in charge decide to speak once every few months

nimble foot

The fucktards must think we are all muppets


Judging by the comments in this thread, he wouldn’t be far wrong.


What a cunt.


For the record, Memar was sh** yesterday, unable to put one good free kick or corner in the paths or on the head of his teammates.


Yeah, cos the Liverpool result had nothing to do with lack of midfield options, uncertainty over the futures of at least three starters and leaving the two players we did bring in on the bench. Completely separate matters.



Stuck on repeat...

Good Lord the man is deluded! Never read so much piffle & guff in all my life: “Compete for the title” – Would dearly love to say yes, but the reality is he’s having a laugh & there’s little to no chance. Both Manchester clubs look strong. Think we’ll struggle again to make top 4. “The fact that both remained at the club was a clear statement of our ambitions and should help refute suggestions we are just about the money. That is simply nonsense” – The only thing simply nonsense about all of that, is ironically actually ALL of… Read more »


fucking idiot, we lost at Liverpool, so the transfer window was not justified, the team is now weaker than last season, alex and ozel didn,t stay for the love of arsenal, and theres only one direction arsenal are going, and that’s down


Arsenal Fans: We are through the looking glass. We have fallen down the rabbit hole and ended up in some dystopian future fantasy that not even Orwell or Lewis Carroll could have imagined. I remember when we are a laughing stock. I remember when all you could do was laugh. The time for rye laughing is gone. The situation at Arsenal has gone from FUBAR to GUBU. GUBU was a term coined by an Irish political commentator called Conor Cruise-O’Brien. He crafted it out of a phrase used by Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Charles Haughey who used this sentence to… Read more »


The cynic in me thinks he wrote this with the intention of leaking it.

He wants people to think the board care more about football than money (because of Alexis and Ozil).


Players frequently playing out of position, Strenghtening a rival yet again, ridicoulous lineups like the one against Liverpool coupled with ridicoulous substitutions, and now Gazidis comes with this shit. At this point i swear we are all being trolled. They are probably lauthing their ass off in the boardroom. Gazidis: Hoho, Wenger, did you see their faces when the lineup came out, haha. I especially enjoyed the touch you did with playing Welbeck for most of the game and then subbing him for Walcott, Bhahahah. The fans faces, just utter and complete disbelief, priceless! Hahaha, i cant breathe! Josh Kroenke:… Read more »


It wasn’t Gazidus who picked the teams. The footballing side is all down to Wenger. Plenty to moan about re ownership and management of the company. But the one thing they’re not on the hook for is bizarre team selection.

nimble foot

Oh please spare me the tittle tattle.
When we say the football side, we tend to say it like its unaffected by money and like the board doesn’t control the ins and outs of finance.
Yes, Wenger screwed the starting eleven at Pool but this constant bickering about footballing side like its independent of money is rather rich. Look at Utd, City, Chavs, they have spent money to give their managers something he can control on the footballing side. At Arsenal it is not the same

nimble foot

Thumbs up re the team selection


Not sure there is a mystery as you why he gave Wenger another two years of this shite. Who else would take the job? Seriously what kind of Managers are going to come to Arsenal and accept this nonsense?

Anyone worth their salt is going to want to bring in a couple of players and would expect rebuilding money to do it. He clearly doesn’t want to spend money on players.

That’s why Wenger is still here, no other reason.


Comon guys. We all know Gazidis is the middle man between the Love in between Wenger and Kroenke. If he wants change he not only has to convince Wenger (no chance) but he has to then relay whatever Wengers thought’s/opinions are to Kroenke to try to convince him as well. And if Wenger does disagree… Game Over Ivan. I think once Wenger goes and his choke hold of power with him, you’ll find the club forming a more modern way of conducting itself. I. E. Director of Football. More coaches. More delegation. Until then it’s just unfortunate we’re in a… Read more »


Finally a comment worth reading. Kudos.


It’s very sad a man can sit there peddling lies like ‘catalyst for change’ and this to the fans. I don’t begrudge anyone striving for the biggest pay packet they can get but have some respect for the fans for christ sake

Clive St Helmet

“Everything is coloured by results”

No shit, Sherlock. Nobody gives a fuck about the transfer window, it’s about having a squad good enough to win the league and not get our pants pulled down by the likes of Liverpool.

California Gooner

So Gazidis says we failed to strengthen in key areas. Wenger gave an interview in which he said he was happy with the transfer window – which is it?

Is it any wonder we’re in this mess!!


You have to admire the brass balls of the man! Who does he think he is fooling? We’ve improved the quality and depth of the squad by selling 20 players and bringing in two?


How many of the 20 would you have kept? How many would genuinely add value? I don’t mind getting rid of deadwood. But you can’t then either not add some genuine contenders or pick sides to play all out of position and with no tactical plan whatsoever.


It’s all rigged. Owner trousering millions every year, CEO awarding himself massive pay rises for doing nothing and one of the highest paid managers in the game sucking their titties with no accountability. There should be a criminal investigation.

David Hillier\'s luggage

Yeah, and if we qualified for the Champions League last season it would have put a different spin on our transfer window.

If this story is true, what’s more worrying than what Ivan is saying in itself (he spins downright lies to fans and the press more often than a Tory politician) is that fact he’s spinning his own staff. That feels dangerous.


Why should be expect anything else from a CEO who doesn’t know what winning a football title looks like.

Get the yanks out of the club.


Wow, what a cunt.