UEFA supports proposed Premier League transfer window changes


Earlier this summer reports emerged which proposed changes to the transfer system from next summer in which the window would close before the start of the new season.

This was a Premier League rule change, rather than a Europe-wide one, but it has received the support of UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin.

In an email to The Times (£) the Slovenian said, “I am aware there are serious discussions around Europe regarding the shortening of the summer transfer window and we are following them closely.

“In my view, it is not good when footballers play for one club when the league starts and another club when the transfer window closes. There is a lot of uncertainty for a long time.

“Therefore I would say that the window might be too long and I would support it being shorter.”

Ceferin has also backed the idea of a luxury tax on the richest clubs in which monies would be collected on the basis of what they spend on transfers and wages, and then redistributed among smaller clubs.

The Premier League transfer window changes are also expected to be adopted by Football League clubs, but the issue of European windows closing later will mean English clubs are still vulnerable to bids from abroad – although they are, of course, free to turn those down.

This week Arsene Wenger also suggested doing away with the January window, and leaving all else aside, there’s a very good case to be made for that – however there don’t appear to be any plans to make that change any time soon.

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This makes sense.
I was thinking it would just make us more inefficient… until I realised we literally couldn’t be anymore inefficient.
If a European club came in too buy our players and offered enough at the end of the window? We’d probably sell and not replace anyway, so that won’t make any difference either.
It’s pretty much as we are….


Good. Nice pic also. Cracked a bit.


Doesn’t matter what changes is made, we’ll remain a mediocre average team for a very long time. People just don’t understand how much damage Wenger, Kroenke and Gazidis have done to this club since 2011. It’ll become obvious when we see spurs and liverpool finish above us for the next few years and probably win the league while we become a top 8 club and keep reminiscing over the Liverpool does. Fun times indeed.


Things could realistically get much worse.
If you remove 4-5 players from our squad? Then what’s left is bang average players being paid too much money to move on.

What makes us different from clubs below us is our revenue.

If we’re out of Europe? we’ll get even more inferior sponsorships.

Less games = less gate revenue.

We’ll have to reduce the size of our squad due to less games and less wage budget.

Any decent players we have will want out, a bit like they do now, because they know we’re cruising and lack the ambition of other clubs.

The TV deal significantly improves our revenue, but this is distributed relatively evenly, which means the bottom clubs have the money to sign some of europe’s best.
There’s also some very smart and clever managers in this league now, mid-lower PL clubs can attract the best coaching talent.

With the current PL wage rules, if we drop out of Europe?
The lost revenue will restrict our ability to raise our wage bill to attract the talent to get us back to where we were.
This to me looks like an extremely slippery period.
While other clubs are pushing forward ahead of us, those behind us are also pushing forward, while we’re stagnating.
I genuinely fear for our future.
This is AW biggest challenge, and I’m not sure he’s up to it?
It’s imperative under this owner we get back in the CL for next season.
If we don’t? We’ll just fall further and further behind.
Because instead of investing, we’ll just cut cost and not replace the top talent that leaves, anything decent we have left will also we desparate to jump ship.


Winning 3 FA cups in 4 years and even finishing 5th is not what a mediocre average team does. We have a stronger team than last season so why be so negative after just 3 matches.


8the sad thing is that we are always 2 3 playes short to realy compete and we didnt add those 2 players to alexis and ozil and come next year they will be gon we will buy twi to reolace them doubt world class quality and we we always be short 2 3 players.

this year we nedede true DM and CB in mould of Van Dijk and we woumd have absoulutley chalange for the title.


At least when that happens, our rivals will have to buy our players earlier thereby allowing them to plan with them……. Wait, there’s a positive in there somewhere.

Easy as JVC

Having the window close before the season kicks off seems like a no brainer. Why it hasn’t always been they way is baffling. It always feels like the season only starts now after 3 games totally over shadowed by transfers and then straight into an international break.


That explains why none of our players (or the manager for that matter) showed up for the 3 games


I want Wenger to leave but this doesn’t stop me agreeing with his view on the transfer windows. Shorten the summer one and scrap the January one.


Can’t see why anyone would disagree with this. Your players should start the season with you and remain until the end of the season. I guess the only issue with dropping the January window is if there is a crisis in a specific position – but the best way to get around that is to be prepared and have a big enough squad. I’m signing this off 🙂


This won’t work properly unless it is implemented throughout Europe. Real Barcelona and PSG able to come in for our leagues players but Man U Man C Chelsea not allowed to bid for theirs or indeed ours during that time. How can that be fair within the Champions League ?


Still, German clubs make their business early. Most Bundesliga squads are set in july. Almost seems like planning ahead and being decisive works…


That’s German efficiency for you, no wonder the Germans are showing else how it’s done footballing-wise.


Negativity will drag the team further down. It’s not bad to criticize bad performance it shows that we care. But just like you the players are human too and they have social media just like you. They read this things and it affects them. We are not doing bad really. The media and other club’s fans are making it looks like it’s a crisis. This is the first time in 20 years that we are not in the Champions League. Fans need to remember that moving to the emirates cost us but we still managed to be one of the biggest clubs in Europe. I can just imagine what we will be like after all the debt is payed and we are finally able to spend on big players. Wenger is not the problem his mandate has been to maintain the club at high. I don’t think another manager would have really achieved that with the teams that Wenger had since moving to the emirates. His two year contract extension was the right decision, if we had a new manager this season he would suffer because the spending policy here is ridiculous, somehow Wenger know how to win with an average team. By the end of his contract I believe we will be able to spend big during the transfer window and a new manger will have success with club. For now the right thing to do is to be behind the team regardless, complains and protests won’t change anything right now it will only demoralized the players and affect our Leage position. I strongly believe Wenger can achieve the top 4 with our current squad.