Video: Arsenal 3-1 Cologne – extended highlights


If you missed the game earlier on, you missed a strange, interesting, at times exciting match.

You can read the report and watch the goals right here, or view the extended highlights below.

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The audio, listening to Brad Guzan talk shit about another player- that’s just rich.

My name is Jeff

It is actually Brad Friedel, but easy mistake to make. Both are bald, American, played for crap teams in the Premier League, and caused me too many heart attacks when they were in goal for the National Team.


Brad Friedel…


It takes one to know one.

Ex-Priest Tobin

Sanchez must be grinding his teeth playing in this shit tourney. A disgrace, so far beneath his level. And we all have the genius Arsene Wenger to thank for this joke sideshow while Spurs live it up in the champs league. The world is beautiful and full of roses. Lah dee fucking dah.

Brown American Gooner
Brown American Gooner

Kolasinac is a real threat at LWB. He and Alexis on the left will be a handful to deal with for any team


Alexis’ goal was a smart finish. The Stunner was Kolasinac’s. The power in that left foot makes you feel for the goal keeper. What a signing? And to think that he was a free signing. Good business when fullbacks are costing in excess of 50m


Good buisness?? Thats where arsenal are going wrong run like a buisness and 2 tight to spend the cash on quality players.

Bai Blagoi

Why no one went to celebrate the goal with Hector?? Oli gave him a casual high-five only because he was on his way, and nobody else seemed to care. The first one to come was Nacho, all the way from the defense.


Nacho always celebrates! Love him.