Video: Arsenal 3-1 Cologne ‘On the whistle’


James was there on a strange night at the Emirates. A delayed kick-off, going behind in the first half, but a good second half saw us score three times and end up beating Cologne 3-1.

Here are his on the whistle thoughts.

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Praying for points on Sunday so Blogs does not hit you with a massive curse! But I think I speak for all Gunners, that if necessary, we are prepared to sacrifice you – James, in order to get back into the CL. God Bless you. At least till Monday.


Europa League.
Fans wanted change, we now have it.
You just dont get that kind of fan passion at any sporting events in Australia, its something I have to get to Europe to witness for myself.


Gunnerblog, you have officially made it when the National Broadcaster of Australia drops your face via a twitter tag… haah


Well put James.
What we’ve learned:
Alex Iwobi is an attacking player. Full stop.
A back three requires 2 actual solid deeper lying center mids.
And it tends to go a smidge better when we play left side players on the left side.

OK, 4: Kolasinac. A free transfer fullback is our most effective game-changer and perhaps player thus far. What a get.


Interesting to see the contrast in fans attitude and support for their club. Arsenal in Europa League for first in over 20 years because they’ve been in CL, won the game, fans about as dissatisfied as they’ve been since before Wenger arrived. Koln in Europa League for first time in in over 20 years because they haven’t qualified, lost the game, fans supporting their team with every ounce of soul they have. I understand the different expectation the fans rightly should have, but in the end, if we Arsenal fans supported or players like this over the years, I absolute believe the 12th man effect would have led us to league trophies. The fans attitude and support can make a big difference in the confidence, determination, and performance of the players, both positive and negative. Unfortunately for the past decade its mostly felt we fans have impacted negatively. I’ve heard Wenger say that it’s up to the players to earn the fans support and respect, which I get to some degree, but that ignores the psychological impact we undoubtedly have. It takes 10 good games in a row to quiet this pissed off fans from 1 bad game. Feels like we have to play against our own supporters sometimes.

Dan Hunter

Do you mean like the 12th man effect of Liverpool fans on their 25 plus years that have been steeped in Premiership glory?


I agree 100% with everything in your comment except “I understand the different expectation the fans rightly should have.”

Maybe its because i came to arsenal fandom (a) in my 20s, (b) in ~2006 just based on the fact that they had rosicky, not knowing anything about their past success, and (c) most importantly, after having followed american sports most of my life and not just expecting that the teams i liked would always be in contention to win. In the nba if your team makes the playoffs most years you feel pretty good, even though half the teams in the leavue make the playoffs. Great teams (Suns in 93 or Nash era, Payton-era Sonics, Webber’s Kings, etc) may never win the championship, but they’re recognized for their skill and quality instead of being slated as losers for lacking “silverware” (possibly because there’s only one title each year).

I think it’s a much healthier mentality on a personal level *and* it also helps the team if fans always put aside their reservations during the games and voice genuine, full-throated support. If the regular atmosphere at arsenal games is anything like the atmosphere online, it’s easy to see why the team is tentative and flaky.