Friday, October 7, 2022

Video: Olivier Giroud’s 100 Arsenal goals in 140 seconds

All props to @afcDW – give the man a follow – who made this fantastic video of Olivier Giroud’s 100 Arsenal goals, clipping them into a net-bulging 140 seconds.

The French international scored a penalty in the 4-2 win over BATE Borisov to bring up his century, and you can watch them all below.

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andris priim


Arsene\'s Coat

How many of those goals were either to bring us level or to put us ahead in a game!? What a guy!

Bould\'s Eyeliner

The truly beastly part is how many of those scorecards read 0-0, 1-0, or 0-1. When we had our backs to the wall, Giroud believed in the team, believed in himself, and pushed us through so many games. Thanks for not listening to your inner kid, and listening to your soul instead this summer. Happy 100, Centurion Giroud!

Clock-End Mike

What’s so impressive is that I don’t think a single one of those goals was bundled in clumsily or almost accidentally. Our HFB is a clinical scorer of often important goals, and I love seeing him play for the Arsenal just for that.

One statistic I haven’t seen is how many of those goals were scored as a substitute (which, apart from our cup games this season, seems to be his present role). In fact, he’s the only Arsenal player to have been on the pitch in all 10 games so far this season.

Dan Hunter

I think he needs to play in a 4-4-2 alongside Lacazette, with real crossers on the left and right wing to compliment his strengths. This system would offset the occasional ‘dry’ spells he tends to go through as it would allow him to use his strong link up play to bring in Lacazette and the likes of Ramsey running in from deep.

Oh too be!

89 ❤️


lol, I watched that video just to see the scorpion again.

Das Neck

i blinked and i missed it. so watched again, not disappointed




Watching this made me Really appreciate his Positioning and Touch, if the ball is delivered to him around the 6 yard box — he will score.


Agree. He’s had his dry spells where he was a bit wasteful no doubt, but in many occasions I felt he was let down by his providers on the wings. Our players in the flanks have never been the most accurate crosses and habe tended to be more inclined to cut inside and dribble at goal. Still, 100 goals faster than DB10? Is that true? Really impressive if so.


Yeah I found it interesting to remember how many near post “tap-ins” (though hardly easy finishes) he got early in his arsenal career. That seems to have dried up a bit recently. Wonder if anyone has thoughts on why – players, system, Giroud losing a little bit of a quick first step?


I think mostly players and system. Few years ago, Giroud had players to combine with (e.g. Rosicky, a fit Wilshere even Podolski). Now he has to play alongside Alexis. They don’t really a good understanding. Alexis seems to be reluctant to play 1/2 Touch passes and use Giroud for flicks and tap ins. Giroud would have a lot more goals in a team that plays his strengths and provide decent crosses.


If people spend time watching Lukaku they’ll see he is every bit wasteful here and there. And so is Cavani. Giroud’s skill sets are not far off from those two, what he lacks in pace he makes up for hold up and quick interchanges. Yet some of our own fans calls him “donkey” and insist we buy Lukaku or Cavani instead. We’re all frustrated before we signed Lacazette, because we needed a plan B to Giroud. But why take out the frustration on him when in no part it’s his fault? It’s the bloody board’s fault. I’m fed up with… Read more »


Not bad for £11m…


Lmao and £16m for Darren Bent


Our most underrated and sadly sometimes undervalued player!.

Gunner in Canada

Amazingly, only 6 out of the 100 were from the pelanty spot. To me, that says a lot about his positioning and strength.

Damo Dinkum

He scores pelanty of goals


Only 34 more to overtake the Dutch skunk.


If he finishes his career at Arsenal, he probably will. Let’s hope he does.


he absolutely thunderc*nts them in -really good goals.kills me that he is so underappreciated, esp. as he decided to stay for us.


Great video. True Gooners appreciate our HEB! Well done Oli! Pass the Dutch Skunk now

Green Goon

He’s English now? 😉

Bruce Lee

Salute you sir.


He would of has 100 more if the ox had a final ball in him.


Hahaha Ox ? Yeah that’s prob just 1 of he reasons he not gettin a look in that Liverpoo squad! ? At least he gets to watch his boyhood club from pitch side ?

Sorry, his name just made me giggle! ?


The Man is Class…His movement and ability to find space despite being so slow is unreal. He is like Per…You have to understand how intelligent these guys have to be to play around such a damaging limitation especially in todays game.
Playing in a team that plays to none of his strengths.

Cliff Bastin

Reached the milestone 1 game faster than Robin van snake face as well.


some specaculars goals especially against Palace. Andrew is that you the singer?


Deserves to be in the 100-club.

Thierry Henry
Ian Wright
Cliff Bastin
John Radford
Jimmy Brain
Ted Drake
Doug Lishman
Robin van Persie
Joe Hulme
David Jack
Dennis Bergkamp
Reg Lewis
Alan Smith
Jack Lambert
Frank Stapleton
David herd
Joe Baker
Theo Walcott
Olivier Giroud

It is pretty good going for a guy who came to having played for Grenoble, Tours and Montpellier. Happy for him and amidst pretty good company on this list. One or two names aside…


What’s impressive to me is the small proportion of those that were pens or tap ins, or those ones where he’s been set free on a break and has a 1:1 with the keeper. In the VAST majority, he really had a lot of work to do to get to the ball and smack it in the right direction. He feels like he could be brilliant if he could just get decent service.


Stunning! We should buy that Giroud bloke and use him as a striker.


Brilliant video! He definitely has a bit of a pattern in the way he scores. Very pleased he decided to stay.


Tell me again, “he’s not our real striker…” What a guy! Congratulations Oli – can he have another 100 ?


We are lucky to have him.

Greg Hunt

Favourite’s got to be that west ham touch

spanish gooner

That touch don’t and thump through Adrian’s legs vs West Ham is probably my favourite underrated goal of the last 5 years or so. Also, love how Giroud only seems to score equaliser or winners. Take note Lukaku, who is supposedly better, yet scores twice after his team goes 2-0 up and draws blanks when they’re 1-0 down

spanish gooner

***touch down ffs

Teryima Adi

Congrats HFB.


That was incredibly satisfying to watch, thanks

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