Wenger: Lacazette not bothered by physical West Brom

Lacazette taking a penalty

When you face a Tony Pulis side you know you’re in for a physical battle, and that was very much the case last night.

The Baggies had four players booked, were lucky not to see Craig Dawson sent off, and committed 17 fouls during the 90 minutes. As a player new to English football it’s the kind of game that can take some getting used to, but Arsene Wenger insisted that new boy Alexandre Lacazette wasn’t bothered in the slightest.

The French international scored twice (read the report and see the goals here), one in each half, and he just got on with things when he was on the end of a kick from one of their defenders.

The Arsenal manager sounded impressed with his record signing for his all-round game, as well as his goalscoring.

“He’s not only a goalscorer, his link up play is good,” said Wenger. “He fights as well, he’s not fazed by the physical challenges that West Brom gave us today and overall he looks to adapt very quickly and very well.”

The boss was also impressed with Mohamed Elneny, who provided energy and availability in midfield throughout the game.

“I felt that he did very well,” he said. “I am very pleased with his performance tonight, but he played on Wednesday in the League Cup, he played the week before against Cologne, so that shows as well when the guys get the games, they gain fitness and confidence.”

Who knew?!

Today’s Arsecast Extra features discussion of the game and a very angry Tony Pulis, which made us laugh

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SB Still

While Pulis has brought the focus on the ref for not giving the penalty to them, Pulis conveniently ignored that the same ref also was lenient for not sending off Dawson.


Let me summarize: Pulis is a cunt.

A Gorilla

Pulis record against Arsenal away – played 11, lost 11, been a cunt 13,124


Best summary of a person I’ve ever read. Real in depth, explains him in detail 😉 well done sir


True, the loser cunt!

A different George

And a shirt-pull on Alexis in the area. (Though, in fairness, that was probably not seen, rather than ignored.)


Laca has made a very good start – fox in the box goals, effort and fight.

With the other attacking options we have things are looking good up top.


Yeh, I like him a lot! Very much looking forward to Sanchez, Laca, Oxil front three. That surely will produce goals.

Paul Adedayo Alabi

No, ozil, without him, we have character and strength

Scott P

Is Oxil the result of one of those weird gene-splicing things I’ve been reading about these days?


I see an increasingly mock-Wenger flavor being adopted by Blogs. I mean, it’s his own blog and he chooses the editorial direction, but I feel a little sad 🙁


I concur…Wenger is not a platitude merchant not does he peddle clichés or poke people in the eye…


If he is that good, why didn’t Wenger bring him in few seasons ago? Because Lacazette has been performing at this current level for the past 3 seasons. And I am sure no one was convinced with Welbeck and Giroud. We clearly needed him.. it was purely due to indecision on Wenger’s part that it took lacazettes took so long before he joined..

My name is Jeff

One would hope the delay was because Lacazette was gaining all those attributes that Wenger was describing. He could have also been gaining experience, strength, and tactical awareness. So instead of bringing in a project that had only shown an ability to score in an inferior league, we now have a complete player who looks ready to tear up the PL.


What I want to know is did he shower with his boys offer the game and if so was he wearing his cap?


Probably not. he is called Tiny Penis.


I’m sure there are West Brom/Stoke orchs in the French league as well.

nimble foot

I doubt, only Pulls has the orc magic


You haven’t acknowledged the physical football of Ouest Bromme managed by the infamous Antoine Pulize? Lovingly known as Le Orques by their fans.

nimble foot

Who knew?!
Apparently a whole lot of us on here didn’t know playing time helps the confidence and thus performance and rhythm of players. We don’t care how long they’ve been out, they ought to return and play like Pelé in his prime or pirlo on form. Remember all the Welbeck criticism post injury?


‘Pubis looks much better with the cap,now if he could just lower it a bit more we wouldn’t be able to see his nasty ranting mouth frothing face at all.