Wenger on Giroud as he becomes an Arsenal centurion


Olivier Giroud’s 48th minute penalty against BATE Borisov brought the French international his 100th goal for the club since joining from Montpellier in 2012.

He’s been waiting a little while for it, but finally reached the landmark figure, leading to praise from Arsene Wenger after the game.

Asked what he had said to the 30 year old, the manager said, “I just congratulated him for his remarkable achievement of 100 goals. He is in good company when you look. It is a remarkable achievement.

“When you play football, the most difficult thing is to score goals and he has scored 100 for us.

“I just congratulated him for that remarkable achievement.”

Watch all of Giroud’s 100 goals in 140 seconds.

Giroud’s 100 have come in the following way [via @orbinho]:

Outside the box – 4
Inside the box – 96
Penalties – 6
Left footed – 59
Right footed – 10
Headers – 31

That’s a really fantastic proportion of headed goals too, and those remain among my favourites, particularly the one against Man United at Old Trafford last season.

What’s your favourite Giroud goal? Let us know in the comments.

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Good (looking) lad. Lethal on his head and left foot in the box.

Stayed with us this summer, proud of him.

Clock End 20

Well done Olivier, you handsome f*cking bastard. The fact you got there in one game less than it took RVP makes me unreasonably happy. Top man.


Hmm interesting…can we have some stats comparison for all the centurion?

Clock-End Mike

Quickest to 100: Ted Drake (108 games), Ian Wright (143), Jimmy Brain (144), Jack Lambert (149).
Slowest: Theo Walcott (370), Joe Hulme (307), John Radford (306), Dennis Bergkamp (296).
My pleasure 🙂


His goal against West Ham when Carroll came to double on him. Vermaelen hit a long ball to Ollie. Ollie killed it with his left peg with the donkey on his back then rifled it through the goalie’s legs with his chocolate one.


I really like the quick swivel one at Anfield, great touch and finish

Ray from Norfolk, Virginia
Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

Scorpion kick by a mile.
Amazing for a big guy to score it…
And it was so utterly unexpected.
Also, the goal against Bayern, when we beat them 2-0.
And, of course, the goal at the near post against Sp*rs.

Das Neck

they’ll all beautiful. like his face. and beard.


Favourite Giroud goal has to be the one against West Ham where he controlled a cross from Vermaelen with his left foot and instantly smacked it in with his right. Fantastic technique to kill the momentum of the pass, and then a hard low shot in the same instant.


Capn Crunch

One of my favourites for sure.
Even better was that he was being tugged and hassled by 2 big centre backs. Didn’t even faze him while making that exquisite touch

Cornelius P. Snuffington III
Cornelius P. Snuffington III

The scorpion kick was of course amazing, but I must have watched that header against Leicester a million times in the week since. What a brilliant, brilliant header that was, holding off two Leicester defenders trying to hack him down, and finding the control and power on the header to drill it into the corner. And it was the winner in a great comeback.

I’m so glad he’s still a Gunner.


Got to the milestone quicker than RVP as well 👀

And in roughly half the time it took Theo. Double 👀

Our handsome French chappy is very underrated and a bargain at £12m

Crash Fistfight

Oddly enough, Roman centurions commanded groups of around 80 soldiers.

nimble foot

Claudius Olivius Giroudus 1


Yes, 80 soldiers and around 20 non-combatant servicemen.

Kantamanto Fitih

It has to be the scorpion kick. He set the move off with the 1st pass and went for it. Brill

Honorable to mention his goal b Man Utd at home in 2014 I believe. Lost the game but excellent goal off the bench.


Also it was a slightly mistimed cross which left him that as the only option. So quick thinking, inspiration, fantastic technique and perfect execution all required.

Unlike the carefully practised and set up example seen a week earlier, which the majority of pundits still seem to think was somehow better…


I can just see the handsome, bearded bloke in centurion garb as an extra in Spartacus or Gladiator. Mmm…

Crash Fistfight

Some of his better goals have been in games where we lost 🙁

The ones at home to Man U and away to Bayern were crackers.

Then there are the two against Crystal Palace: the away goal an acrobatic volley and the home one the famous scorpion kick.


One thing that intrigues me about this is that Giroud denied Walcott a hat-trick in order to score his 100th goal. It’s a great achievement for a player I genuinely like (certainly more than Walcott), but kind of arbitrary compared to scoring a hat-trick in a match imo.

Giroud’s 100th goal would’ve come sooner or later, but will Walcott get another chance to score a hat-trick for Arsenal anytime soon? I kind of feel sorry for him.


Walcott was not denied because Olivier is front of him at the penalty’s pecking order.

Don Cazorleone

Fuck that, Theo only ever has an eagerness about his game when he’s playing for something, like a hat-trick or a contract.

Ollie all day.


Haha yes good point. To be fair, by saying “I kind of feel sorry for him” I was being facetious. I think I have more sympathy for the guy who ‘fouled’ Mustafi than I do for Walcott 😅


Dude, walcott was selfish all god damn game, i almost made a rant about it here, tho i keep most of opinions to myself and rarely comment. Any bigger opponent and it would’ve cost us dearly. At least 4 clear cut chances would be made if theo passed, and after he didn’t even show apologetic gesture to the player in clearly better position then him. I think even in todays market, value for money cannot be found in walcott, and i would sell him without of hesitation if offer arises, which most likely won’t happen. Then again i ranted after all. Cheers

Crash Fistfight

Theo made the decision. He’s already got five hat-tricks for Arsenal. That 100th goal could’ve started weighing down Giroud if it’d gone on for much longer.


The acrobatic volley at selhust park in 2013


My favorite Giroud goal is always his next one.

Well done on your ton sir.

The Only Olivier is Giroud
The Only Olivier is Giroud

My favorite Olivier Giroud goal is a goal he scored vs Newcastle a while back- Same game in which Santi scored a Panenka penalty and everyone was crying about it being “disrespectful”.

The way the ball just flew into the net and rebounded off the crossbar and the post and wizzed across the back of the net kinda does my head in, like “what the hell kind of physics is at play here?!”. Typical one touch near post OG goal. Also his goal to make us beat sp*rs the match before we signed Ozil- Peter Drury going “Arsenal. Beat. sp*rs!” and Sagna air pumping a tense NLD victory… hell I csn go on for hours!

Fave moment has to be when he threw his shirt into the crowd at 4-4 vs Reading in the League Cup thinking we have a replay and he then had to go ask for it back to play extra time!


I have never seen HFB score a scrappy rebound goal. 100 goals in top flight for a guy who can’t dribble is an extraordinary achievement. On top of that he scores important goals and his assists, flicks are amazing.


Love Giroud, so happy he stayed and became an Arsenal centurion! IMHO he is one of the best one touch finishers in the world…any stats on how many of his 100 were scored with one touch? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was around 90!


Came to us in his mid-twenties having played for Tours, Grenoble and Montpellier. I think he is th only one in that Montpellier side that won the league to stay at a top, top club.

His story is a remarkable one. I hope he goes on to add a load more before he leaves.


Scorpion kick. Legend.

Such an underrated player.

He’s improved himself over the seasons. He isn’t blessed with pace so he got leaner and has improved in positioning and timing.

More simplistic people tend to harp on about his heading as his chief weapon but as can be born by his tally, he scores a lot by feet.

And he has a very deft touch for such a big lad. One of his best attributes is the way he plays in people (which is why he starts ahead of Lacazette for France)

BUT he also gives us that bit of extra strength when we are up against compact defenses sitting deep.

Well done on the ton. Hope he can overtake RVP (he certainly got to the 100 quicker).