Wenger on Lacazette, penalties, and why he took him off


Having scored twice in the 2-0 win over West Brom last night, Alexandre Lacazette might have fancied his first Arsenal hat-trick, and while he did have a couple of chances, that opportunity was finished when he was taken off in the 8nd minute and replaced by Olivier Giroud.

The French international has only once completed 90 Premier League minutes for his new club, on the opening evening when we beat Leicester 4-3, but has been substituted every game he’s started in since.

It seems like Arsene Wenger is building him up slowly in a more physically demanding league, and he explained why he took him off on Monday night.

“I took him off because he was tired,” he said. “He had an opportunity to score a hat-trick but I gave him the penalty as well.

“So overall, what you want is to win the game and not to take any gambles because if they come back to 2-1 it can be nervy in the end.

“So when the guy is a bit tired and when you have Giroud on the bench, you know you might have to defend on set pieces or Giroud can score the third goal.”

The Arsenal manager also revealed why he’d nominated Lacazette as the team’s penalty taker should they be awarded a spot kick, and whether or not he’d remain the designated taker.

“Yes, until now I gave them to him,” said Wenger. “I observed him a little bit because we work well on penalties in training and I think he took his penalty well tonight.”

For more on Lacazette, his finishes, Monreal’s amazing clearance and more, check out today’s Arsecast Extra

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Terry Henry

Quality penalty


A wonderful penalty. So confident, cleanly hit, the goalie went the right way with a great reach but perfectly in the corner.


Listened to the Arsecast Extra and I too was worried there would be some drama if Alexis went to step up. I’m sure Alexis would rather be taking them, but he knows he’s gone next summer so I guess he just went along with it.


You mean to say Alexis knows laca is better at pens


No one thinks that in Alexis’s hyper competitive mind that he wouldn’t want to be the one to take pens? Of course he would. Did he not attempt to step up because he knows Laca is a penalty specialist? Or did he not step up because he knows he’s leaving? Probably a mixture of the two. No idea why that’s divisive or gets downvoted.


The amount of unfounded speculation in these two comments borders on ridiculous. ‘I saw a leaf fall from a tree today, the tree must have contracted a deadly disease that will kill it off in 6 months, and then all the trees in the area will die too and it will lead to the end of mankind’.

The tree analogy doesn’t make sense even to me. I guess I’m trying to say… I can make up 1000 theories on why Lacazette took the penalty, and none of them matter. He took it he scored. Next!


Managers comments suggest it was his decision, probably told to the players beforehand. Sanchez didn’t try to take as clear instructions already given.


Quality player who we need to have fit through the season. Get him off once his job is done.


Laca has started off better than Thierry or Dennis did.

Not that I’m tempting fate at all.


Knock wood


Chamakh did to;)


Not currently playing in Europe or the domestic comps.
Not a regular international.
But needs removing after 70mins because he’s tired?


Are you mental?

BTW it was past the 80min mark. is that better now?

nimble foot

He’s surely on something, whatever it is you’re on Rich, I want none of it. And you gotta stop, it’s obviously not working well for you

Crash Fistfight

Maybe he is mental, but did you think there was any point in taking him off at that point when we were 2-0 up and he was on a hat-trick? I don’t understand why Arsene does that (he’s done it quite a few times with Giroud) – the difference between 2 goals and 3 for a player is significant, psychologically. He’d have been flying if could’ve got a third goal in the last few minutes.


Yeah hat tricks are fun but who cares in a big picture point of view? It’s hard enough scoring 2 goals let alone 3. It wasn’t like the goals were being scored during game action but on a set piece that was basically a penalty kick and an actual penalty kick. It wasn’t like we were dominating the game creating alot of chances IIRC.


Calm down my friend


I remember God turning up and being a bit “meh”. In interview he said he needed time to get up to the physical level required in the premier league.
He was right too. The following season…… Wow!

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...
He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

Let’s hope he’s had the same chat with Laca, otherwise I don’t blame him getting pissed off in the future. This guy has a bit of the Wrighty about him. If he can be half as good we’ll be lucky.


I just loved the way lacazette megged one of there players, so cool and calm, know wonder he’s taking the penalties! Also He doesn’t look like he needs time to adapt. Hopefully a real gem developing here.

Bendtner\'s ego

Penalties are for people who sign contracts!

Also, we’ve seen what happens when Sanchez takes them.


I don’t think Sanchez is all that when it comes to penalties. I mean he doesn’t feel anyone with confidence when he steps up to take them no, not like Laca or the little boy for that matter.


I’d feel Giroud with confidence


guy’s good. two goals before the 8nd minute mark says it all.

nimble foot

? ? Hahahahaha I see what you did there


the famed 8nd minute


Just came to say fuck Tony ”Dont let them turn = hack there ankles at every opportunity” Pulis.
Also Lacazette is the Eduardo we never got to see


Eduardo – what might have been. I liked him. Snipers instinct.

I think Laca has the same instinct. And whoa does he have quick feet! That little dribble he did before he get stepped on had to be slowed down to be fully enjoyed.


Hey blogs, why am I banned? Email me please.


Hey! I guess I’m out of jail. Sweet!! Welcome home frog.


Fair call.


Why is there so much hate on AS7 when he is still an Arsenal player?
In the good and the bad, I’m still an Alexis fan.
Aren’t you?


I like you.. I love Sanchez and every other player we have


All depends on how he reacts during season and where he ends up (if he leaves) which will make my mind up of whether I still love Alexis or not.

For now I still love him….. because he plays for The Arsenal!!


As long as he keeps trying 110% whilst wearing the Arsenal shirt, noone can be cranky with Alexis. He is still our most exciting player going forward.


AS7 was a bit too Primadonna (sp?) for me during the West Brom game. Throwing himself all over the place. Complaining every time he got touched. Trying to do too much. I get the sense he’s still a little unsettled by the offseason and needs to stop, think about his situation and how he wants to be seen as a professional. Whether he stays or goes I don’t care. It’s times like this that a player shows their true character. Buckle down, focus on your game and how you fit in with your team. That shows true character.

In Arse We Trust

We haven’t had someone as clinical since Poldi left for pastures new. It is a feeling I have missed… when you watch as a fan and you know one of your Arse player has a 90% chance of smashing that bitch in the back of the net. COYG


Could Kolašinac play tomorrow, he’s 24, shirt number 31, in his prime, a very physically strong player, who should be able to play 3 games in a week with the international break approaching.


Kolasinac is powered by a steam engine fuelled with burning puppies.
He’ll be fine to play every match as long as we can get enough puppies.


I too thought we might have a Cavani-Neymar situation unfolding, but to his credit Sanchez didn’t cause any issues. I guess he got to take every one of the many free kicks we had so only fair to let Laca take the penalty.


I agree. Every time I saw Alexis and Xhaka line up for the free kicks I kept thinking ‘you’re not fooling anyone, there’s only one guy taking this free kick and it’s not Xhaka’.