Wenger pleased with Lacazette progress


Arsene Wenger’s use of Alexandre Lacazette in the early stages of his Arsenal career has verged on cautious at times.

He’s completed 90 minutes in the league just once, and was left on the bench for that fateful trip to Anfield at the end of August. However, the French international has got 4 goals from 5 starts, and the Arsenal manager is happy with the way he’s adapting to life in English football.

Refuting suggestions his quiet nature might inhibit him somewhat, Wenger said, “I think he is not shy on the pitch and he has adapted very well to the kind of game we want to play.

“You know we want to have the ball, we want to dictate the game, we want to combine at a quick pace. He can integrate into that kind of game very well.

“He looks like he is coping every week better with the physical demands of the game, so I am quite pleased.”

And having gone six games unbeaten since that loss to Liverpool, the manager is confident his side is heading in the right direction.

“Our recent results make us a bit more confident but as well we want to keep a level of urgency that allows you to perform at your best,” he said.

“If you look at the performances I believe that what’s most interesting is that we looked like we are consistent now and the results are always the consequence of the performances.

“Overall I’m convinced that the team is hungry, united and if we showed that in every single game the fans will be behind us.”

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Ex-Priest Tobin

Needs to deliver against a big club before we can judge.


Laca fox in the box.


team effort & combination, unique finish…. goosebump each time I see it… goal of the year (ffs) !!!

Gudang Bedil

With Morata and Lukaku banging goals for fun it is easy to see Laca isn’t that “adaptable”. But we forget about Giroud and Henry who needs some games to score their first goal.

But Laca only needed minutes. Here hoping to see him banging them regularly!

DB10\'s Air Miles

He’s been great so far!
Also, I’d expect Lukaku to hit the ground running, he’s been playing in the prem for quite some time. Lacazette has only just moved from France, new club, new league and a new country to adapt to.




The guy who dates kim kardarshian but still complains of hair in her arse.

spanish gooner

lol he has 4 in 5 starts and has never played with Ozil and Alexis both on the pitch


I think he meant ‘say’ not ‘see’
changes the whole demeanour of the comment.

Gudang Bedil

Welp i meant say. Really changed the tone of the comment eh..


I read it as “say” the first time. Made me wonder why there were so many downvotes.

Stringer Bell

He has four goals in five starts, looks a really clinical finisher. I’m really happy with him signing for us. Some John Terry’s on here keep banging on about Lukaku and Morata. We have lacazette, deal with it.

Santo Claws

Come now. (S)he may be wrong, but (s)he is not racistly cuntishly wrong.


I’m reasonably convinced that come the end of this season, Laca would’ve proved a steal

NaiBoi Gunner.

I like how he plays. Put Santi behind him or Jack and defenders start having an even bigger problem.


The thought of Santi back in our first 11 fills me with excitement and happiness.
Easily our best player, huge miss.


And Sky wankers don’t think he is one of the PL’s best. LOL.
Personally, I think, around 20 goals this season should be a pretty achievable target.
Next season onwards, I expect(hope) he is fully adapted to the nitty-gritty of the PL and the ‘tactics’ of the likes of Watford, Stoke and West Brom and the nightmarish scheduling around the festive period and bangs them in even more next season.

PS: it would give me so much joy to see Lacazette finish ahead of Lukaku or Morata in the scoring charts this season and leave the pundits red-faced. Granted lukaku looks to be going out of sight, but a mid season slump for Maureen’s boys will do it quite nicely, eh?


Wenger bought a tank (Kolasinac) and a sniper (Lacazette) last summer.

We have so many tools up top now for different use…Giroud, Lacazette, Alexis, Welbeck (when he returns) and even Theo.


on the side, whatever happened to Debuchy. Latest training pics, he is in the squad.

Clearly not preferred to Reiss Nelson in the europa.

But we can’t go running Koalsinac and Bellerin without rest either.

You’d think he’d have some utility for us in his fourth season, considering experience.

Perhaps its fitness/injury issues but he has to stand as one of our poorest signings per money spent for minutes played.

Is there still a half decent player in the 32yr old that can give us a bit of depth out at wingback? Not the best option but an option none the less to young Nelson as a back up (Unless we shuffle Calum out wide)

Wingback worries me. Beyond Kolasinac and Bellerin it looks thin.


In the last paragraph Wenger answers his own question about the fans. We will always back if there is hunger and unity shown in every game. Simple.

Faisal Narrage

Lacca kinda reminds me of what Theo should’ve been.


Not really. Or at all.