Cech: On keeping fans happy and facing Manchester sides


Petr Cech says that the team have responded well since losing 4-0 at Anfield at the end of August, and that the players want to keep fans happy by continuing the run of good results.

The Gunners haven’t conceded a goal in the Premier League since the Liverpool game, and the win over Brighton at the weekend took them above Jurgen Klopp’s side in the table.

The former Czech international puts it down to focus and application, and says they have to look at taking points off the two Manchester teams.

“We have joined the group of leaders – that is important. we have responded well to the disappointing defeat at Liverpool.

“Everybody has been doing their job and the positive results have given us the confidence we need. As a team, the cohesion is there. The defensive attitude, the offensive work as well. This is the way to go forward.

“We said after the Liverpool game that the only way to bring everybody back on board was with our attitude, work ethic and the results and performances.

“We have been doing so, especially at home, and we feel like we have won the fans back onto our side and hopefully we can keep them happy.

“Obviously every fan has the right to show if he is not happy. As players, we show the way and they support us home and away wherever we go.”

And with games coming up soon against the two ominously in-form Manchester teams, the veteran keeper is seeing as a chance to close the gap.

“We have still to play City and United, so there will be opportunities to get closer to them,” he said.

Let’s hope so.

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I’m not bothered about playing city, we normally turn up against them. United on the other hand…not looking forward to that one bit. It’s all part of football though so bring it on


Well Chelsea have lost Morata and City Aguero.

We have decent depth in hand up top even without Welbeck. BOTH Giroud and Lacazette are important as is Alexis. Walcott is showing some appetite (he normally plays better with something to prove)

Lets get goals.


Playing United and City away are going to be huge tests. If we come away with positive results from both of those fixtures then we should be in decent shape heading into the second half of the season.

But I donno, cant say I am oozing with confidence. The United away game terrifies me to be honest, our form there has been so poor. Its not that we just play bad we also seem to totally freeze every time we go there. The occasion always just gets to us and we never get out of first gear, and we usually go about 3 nil down before we even start passing a ball around. So with the Liverpool result still fairly fresh in the mind, I wouldn’t be surprised to see us have our pants pulled down.

We seem to have less of an inferiority complex with City, but still, to go there and get a result will be a really tall order especially when you consider we had such a poor showing there last year and Pep has spent an absolute truck load of cash this summer.

We have to take away maximum points from Watford at home; Everton away; Swansea at home.
Because right after City away, we have Spurs at home next. So we need to make sure we are firing on all cylinders going into those games.

Ultimately its going to boil down to belief, like whether the lads in that dressing genuinely believe they can do something this year.


We can easily win Mourinho no, I know this squad can do it, and get a draw against city but the Manager should stop subbing Lacazette always he needs enough game time under his belts to adapt, giving the likes of Ozil and Alexis are leaving soon, they should be the ones to be subbed. And I quite fancy us signing Yannick Carassco to replace Sanchez, if only we can,but it’s just one person’s view. Probably doesn’t mean much


Man u found it difficult to win Southampton, they are not as good as people think. We ll get three points. And make Mourinho face the press with an angry ugly face saying any rubbish that comes into his psycho mind


I’m not worried about united being good,more worried about us turning up because we seem to have a mental block against them lot most of the time we play. Let’s hope welbeck is fit coz he loves a goal against united.

Bai Blagoi

A month ago we insisted that the club show balls and keep Ö&S, and now we want them subbed because they are leaving soon?

Andy Mack

The PL is harder and faster than anything Lacazette has played in before, which is his biggest hurdle at the moment. Add to this he usually gets a winter break, and we can see that protecting him now MAY help him through a full season of PL football. So the options are either drop him for games or play him for only part of the game, but as his 2nd hurdle is getting an ‘in-game understanding’ with all the other players asap (so he needs game-time, as you suggest), so the latter seems like a sensible idea…


Man Ure have had fairly easy league fixtures so far, not convinced they are as good as their league position would suggest. Mind you, we’ll still manage to make hard work of beating them, it’s the Arsenal way! Man City on the other hand will be difficult, we really need to turn up that game, everyone focused & knowing what they’re doing. To be honest while I’ll be looking for a win I won’t be unhappy with a draw!

David C

hopefully injuries to Kompany, Aguero, and Mendy catch up on them but it doesn’t look that way. They look scary good.

Man U will turn on Jose at some point or maybe Jose will self destruct.

Sp*ds are quietly putting in good results, hopefully the Wembley jinx continues!

Andy Mack

$iteh still have a weak defence. They’re defence is better than last season but still not anywhere near as good as their attacking players.
It’ll be a tough game but definately a winnable game (although I’d be OK with only a point from them at their place).

SB Still

They was ManC won against Chelsea it’s a worry.

Manu on the other hand haven’t really been tested.

Between those two games, if we win any one and not lose the other, we should be well and truely in the title race, while at the same time bringing those clubs back to earth.

La Cassette

Man City won against city through a brilliant strike but if our finishing had been better (I know, I know) we really should have won against Chelsea as well.

NickyB52 - the bomber
NickyB52 - the bomber

‘Was so impressed with City at Stanford Bridge the other day; a point against them either home or away would make me happy.

It’s the Mourinho hoodoo with united. Can Wenger finally get one over on him?!

In any event.., COYG!!! If we aim to achieve anything this season we need to turn-up against these two.

Bai Blagoi

It’s the Mourinho hoodoo with united. Can Wenger finally get one over on him?!

He did last time, actually.


City played amazing against Chelsea – one of the best performances of any team this season in my opinion. United might not have played any of the bigger teams, but they have played well so far.

Cech is right, both games will be opportunities to get closer to them – we have it in us! I’m still not overly confident though, even if we have stepped it up since the Liverpool game. I actually thought our best game recently was a game we didn’t win – against Chelsea. The players really were focused and put in amazing shifts off the ball and kept a clean sheet (without parking the bus).

Both Manchester clubs have been scoring for fun so far, if we can focus on the keeping a clean sheet in those games and the players keep their defensive focus and discipline, getting a draw at the very least would be great – or nicking a goal and the win. I might sound too pessimistic, but considering our overall performances/mentality/tactical frailties in 2017, I’d be more than happy with the type of commitment and discipline the team showed against Chelsea.

Looking forward to both these games….a mix of hope (that this might be THE proverbial corner) and fear (oh shit, we got thrashed and I’m not looking forward to the comments section on Arseblog). Make’s it all very exciting! COYG!!!

NickyB52 - the bomber
NickyB52 - the bomber

Great post – sorry I can’t give more than 1 up thumb.


We have a few games before we play the top two to use as winnable practice matches. We should give a good account of ourselves and get *want away* players and fans back on board.

Alexander Pleb

We know what he’s getting at, but lets just concentrate on Watford for now…


We need to take it game by game until December 2. I hope Giroud, Welbeck, Coquelin, Wilshere, Holding, Theo and BFG push hard for that first team spot.
I don’t mind weak displays from Xhaka against the lesser teams but he needs to step up against Sp*rs, City and United.


Granit has undoubted ability but you’re right he needs to be spot on with his game.

He seems to mentally switch off at times.

He is crucial for us at the moment.

If he is switched on, we are a different side. Which is why I was a bit perplexed we did not reinforce midfield last summer.

I would have liked Pastore or someone of that ilk at very least.

He can be re-roled (like Santi and Arteta before) to good effect deeper in midfield because he keeps the ball well and has good distribution with the long ball.

BUT he can also push Ozil (same age )and replace him should the German not show appetite to commit.


6 points off both Manchester sides, if we can take points off of them, it will narrow the gap and significantly improve our title aspirations.

We still look to loose at the back at times and we need to be less forgiving up front. Too many tepid shots considering all the creation we make.

Everytime the attack doesn’t finish off the opponents,we run the risk of the other side gaining some belief and heaping undue pressure on our back line.
I want to see us kill the game off go 3 goals up before we even try all sorts of fancy flicks. This particularly to Alexis who tries to showboat when we are one up. Lets get the business done first.

Ex-Priest Tobin

We haven’t got a hope in hell with Wenger as manager. Top four is the goal, and even that may be above our level. Wake up people.


Please read this: https://arseblog.com/2017/10/only-a-game/

Pay special attention to the paragraph that begins “I see people online, on this site, on social media, and I wonder why they bother.”


This is exactly the kind of statement our players would make before losing to a side like Watford


Must admit I’m 100% with Blogs about Ospina. No confidence whatsoever when he’s there. We need to wrap Cech in cottonwool and think about the stupid decision to let Sleshny go.