Iwobi and Monreal on scoring goals and keeping clean sheets


Goalscorers Alex Iwobi and Nacho Monreal spoke to BT Sports following the 2-0 win over Brighton at the Emirates today. Here’s what they had to say.

Alex – pretty comfortable performance for Arsenal in the end?

Iwobi: I wouldn’t say it was comfortable but we made it as easy as we can. Brighton are a very good team, they made it difficult for us, so it’s always good to win and come up with a clean.

It’s important to get the early breakthrough, and a precious goal for you Nacho. Just your second in the Premier League.

Monreal: Yes, I was really lucky to score today. We knew it was going to be a difficult game, they defend with a lot of players so it’s not easy. But I was lucky to be there, to score my second goal for Arsenal and I could help the team with the goal, but the most important thing was to get three points. We have to keep going like that.

Important to get the second goal – what a great backheel by Alexis Sanchez to set you up [to Iwobi].

Iwobi: Yeah, it was great team play and great play from Alexis, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to come and get the goal, yeah.

Since the 4-0 defeat to Liverpool, andd the one against Stoke, there seems to be new belief. Was that a wake up call?

Monreal: After Liverpool we talked because we can’t play as we did that day, we lost 4-0 and the image of the team was really poor. And I think from there the team reacted, we are playing more compact, we defend with all players, we have clean sheets and that’s very important for us because we know we have top players up front and they’re going to score goals.

So if the defenders can help the team with a clean sheet. It’s much better.

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Good lads, good finishes.


I love his tight control. Also how he turns to face the opponent immediately.

Movement is also excellent. Plenty of strength. Just needed that extra bit of conviction in front of goal. Two tepid attempts first half, happy he finally applied some belief for the goal.

Feel he is also a bit more discipline and should trade with Ramsey for the deeper role. The Welsh man’s better instinct is to attack.


Getting the first goal was crucial, glad we did it. Would have been pleased had we scored a few more. Also, a day with no sliding tackle from Mustafi! A pleasing way to go into the international break. Hope they all come back fit


Yes if he stays on his feet, Mustafi has been a solid player for us.

Remember the first season for Koscielny, reds, own goals and penalties conceded and what he has become.

Mustafi has been solid plunged into the deep end last season from get go.

He’s predominantly been a right back converted to the sweeper role so there’s a bit of a learning curve for him.

Me So Hornsey

We won. Another clean sheet. Sanchez looked on it again, nearly back to his old self. Good to see Iwobi back, good link up play with Alexis in particular. Not much came off for Lacazette today but still trying, looks like he’s still bedding in.

I’m still not convinced by Rambo or Xhaka in midfield though, nothing against them personally but I don’t think they flatter each other, I feel a bit more pace as well as finesse is needed, I’d love to see Wilshire and Maitland Niles in there last 10 minutes to see how they got on.
Mustafi really disappointed me again, his distribution was awful I hope this is just rustiness but I suspect it’s not.

Oh and I wish people would stop fucking saying Man U/Man C/Spurs would have scored 4 or 5, fuck sake 3 points is 3 points we might as well give up if we’re gonna get the strop for not thrashing every opponent we play.


But we need to be less forgiving. It may well come to goal differential and we have to start banking goals.

We have been creative in chances but we seem so tepid at times with our finish.


I didn’t think Mustafi was poor. A couple of timely interventions and headers as per usual from him.

Viva la Prof

I would love to know what was really going on that day against Liverpool

Frank Bascombe

Wenger said it. People were half out the door. One’s gone and the quicker they get rid of the other, the better.


He still remember Wenger choosing the team that day.




Yeah its still on Wenger. Shoehorning the Ox into the squad at RWB and forcing Bellerin at LWB just to accommodate a player who clearly didnt want to be there was just a disaster of squad management. Unbalanced the team and i’m sure that several players were not as committed that day as they should have been precisely because of his insistence on playing the Ox.


Don’t tell the media but we just passed the team that they have been repeatedly saying will win the title again for 25 years.

Everyone’s favorite rock and roll (70 year old music) sideline gesticulating football genius apparently doesn’t have the answer either.

How we lost to them with that ramshackled selection is beyond me.

Oh well…at least Wenger sold the Ox.

Ghost of Eboue

Offensively there seems to be a cohesion process that is slowly but surely coming together with Laca still getting into swing, he will definitely score goals for us this season. Defensively we are aware & switched on which is wonderful to see methinks Mad Jens has a lot to do with our more committed defending since the 4-0 @ L’pool… Great to see Iwobi & the Nacho Man on the scoresheet!@@!


Disappointed not to see Jack get some minutes today I felt his vision and mobility could have prised open a very stubborn defence he also tends at his best to up the tempo of our play with his little give and goes which was what we missed today! I also thought taking Laccazette off was counter productive despite missing a good chance first half he looked out most dangerous forward and was unlucky not to score with that post belter early on .

A different George

Jack looked tired at the end of the Bate match and admitted as much himself; as he said, he has played 90 minutes only twice so far. No point in risking his coming on after two days’ rest and having a muscle injury.


I think its a question of managing his availability (injury risk)

His ability has never been in doubt.


Both extremely likeable players.


Always felt though Nacho could do with a healthy pair of mutton chops or a small waxed handle bar.


Nigeria could qualify for the World Cup before next weekend, so as a Nigerian I’m very glad to see Iwobi back fit, playing well and scoring too.


Nigeria has a very exciting line up.


Iwobi for president then


(((top players upfront)))) what a humble man he is