Kolasinac unfazed by Ozil & Sanchez speculation


Sead Kolasinac says the contract situations of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez have no bearing on team morale because the duo always give their all for Arsenal.

With both players out of contract next summer, Arsene Wenger hinted yesterday that selling his two highest-profile stars in January is an option even though he’d ideally like them to pen new deals. The German midfielder and Chilean striker can sign pre-contract agreements with foreign clubs in the new year and both can quit the Emirates for free next summer.

Speaking about the situation, Kolasinac underlined that he’d love both players to stay but clarified that in the meantime, he’s not bothered by the situation.

“Of course, we would be happy to keep them, but I think it is important not to talk about the contracts,” said the Bosnian.

“Mesut and Alexis are two players who always give their all and it is not an issue. It is not a problem around the team. It gives the team security knowing we have players like them, knowing they can make the difference.”

Kolasinac returned from international duty with a slight hip problem and will be assessed today ahead of tomorrow’s derby with Watford. To date though, he’s pleased with how his debut season in English football is going.

“The season is young, but I am happy with how I’ve started,” he noted. “But I have got more potential to get better and I want to show that in the coming games.”

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“But I have got more potential to get better and I want to show that in the coming games.”

Feels like he’s still assessing how much he can get away with, in terms of fouling the opponents.
The left side of our defense does feel a lot more secure with his arrival and that’s not to take anything away from Monreal, who’s been quietly superb these past couple of seasons. But with Kolasinac, opposing teams have been focusing their attacks down our right side. Consequently which would test Bellerin’s defensive attributes all the more this season.

Kolasinac has yet to unleash his attacking instincts though. Him and Alexis on our left can be the best combination in the league.

COYG. Onwards and upwards ?


Does kolsainac have a right footed brother by any chance?


Yes, aurier! in the pigeon shit side of london.


We missed out on one hell of a player with Aurier. His performance against us in the first game against PSG last year was flawless.

Ah well, he’s covered in pigeon poo now.


No we didn’t. He’s openly homophobic and generally seems to have a bit too much of the El Hadj Diouf persona about him.

Also, while he’s useful going forward he really is very suspect defensively, won’t be displacing Trippier (hardly a world beater) for the scum anytime soon.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Saying his coach was a “fiotte” does not mean he was openly homophobic. He only meant he lacked courage. He is young and use words from rappers. It doesn’t mean he has such feelings.


But we already have a brilliant right back


Fully aware of Aurier’s abhorrent comments. I was talking about his football ability. He was an integral part of a team that played us off the park last season and he’s a better back-up option than Debuchy or Chambers.

Let’s not fool ourselves – football is an openly homophobic sport or there would be more openly “out” players than there, ie zero, so easy on the hypocrisy.

Some of you would have rejected half the players who went on to become Arsenal legends because they were alcoholics or adulterers. People forget too easily that human beings have the capacity for growth.

Dave M

Problem is we have only one right back in the whole bloody squad!


Or just shit

Perry S.

huh? kola has been involved in multiple goals now (scoring and assisting). that’s by far and wide better than any of our other defenders for years.

SB Still

Kolasinac and Lacazett are both very good additions, to a pretty deep squad.

It’s strange that we have a wonderful squad but Wenger who usually gets more from the sum than the individuals, is tackling the Europa League and longer odds of winning the league this year!

As ever, hoping Wenger finds the magic formula and we mount and sustain a title challenge.

Ox in the Box

Call me delusional, but I have my hopes for all four trophies this year. We can effectively play two squads of senior players and get away with it due to lower level of competition, while all big teams will see fatigue and injuries eat away at theor players playong CL. Ahhh being a fan at the beginning of the season, reality never stands in the way of dreams does it?

Dial square

I have hope for all four trophies every year, tends not to last very long though

Lack of Perspective

Dial Square. Yes mate, im with you!

Jimbo Jones

Some people have very short memories. We are still a very good team relatively to the league as a whole but this is not a vintage Arsenal side, we carry the same frailties as we have for many a season, to be hopeful of four trophies is ludicrous. I’m all for positivity but are you really serious or just on the happy pills? Wenger hasn’t made the team more than the sum of its parts for about a decade.

David Hillier\'s luggage
David Hillier\'s luggage

I can see the FA Cup being sacrificed big time this season, and I’m fine with it. The League Cup squad ticks along nicely during the early part of the season and doesn’t really interfere, having a backlog of first team games towards the end of the season because of a good FA Cup run won’t do us the world of good. Even though we’ll virtually have two separate squads playing the games, it’s 1st team Premier League games that will pile up towards the end.


League cup will be done by February even if we win it, so we’re only effectively in 4 competitions for about a month


title talk asode, if we ar not a total shipwreck after next summer i would say its a success.

we are a parody of ourselves. if you ask me i think we might be looking at four or five years of being Liverpool or worse, Everton.

the other thing is w have not got the commercial leverage to spend our way out of stagnation and we have an owner who wants to possess our club outright and who would be fine if we sat around 6th to 8th.

i enjoy the game this weekend but ive no fixation on narratives of success this season. we have created one huge, steaming mess and its coming to a head this summer.

tim stilman gave a great metaphor about arsenal saying ‘its like watching a shopping trolley roll down a hill towards a motorway’. the only difference is in that metaphor the trolley would damage the cars. this summer may define us for years to come and far from damaging anyone else, itd suit everyone fine – tv, newspapers, other fans, kroenke, and would hurt the fans, wenger included, the most.

so this season. yeah its not really drawing me in. football is getting slightly tiresome as it is losing its soul to money, like everything else.

sorry folks if thats too depressing.

Mein Bergkampf

Oh god. It’s started already?! You’re delusional. To the point of complete idiocy.

Jimbo Jones

Yep. It’s going to end in tears for some people.

Jimbo Jones

Ox in the box, you are delusional.

Lord Bendnter

When Kolasinac tells you it’s not important to talk about the contracts, you better not talk about the contracts in front of Kolasinac


Kolasinac could probably make them ‘sign da ting’ whenever he wants to


I like kolasinac. But the irony is we sign him for free.


There speaks a man who knows how running down a contract and leaving for free works




You’d want to believe that a Bosnian armoured tank cannot be fazed by contract shenanigans


Team has been good enough for a title challenge since 2013. We should have challenged in all seasons and should have won at least one title in the post-Ferguson era. Title-winning teams since 2013 have not been as strong as the Ferguson’s United teams or the Drogba/Lampard/Terry infused Chelsea teams.. to add to it, we have also got stronger after 2013. Wenger is the problem.


You know it’s wenger who created the team which you say is strong enough to win the league?


Thats pretty good observation Jdog lol


They have challenged but not all the way through. You really think they were strong enough in 2013? 14? I would say like most probably a good attacker in ’15 would have done it smh, ’16 was just a clusterfuck after the initial start.


The Bosnian Bulldozer is unfazed!


screw the talk about star players, more seads please.


Love this guy – I´m pretty sure he´s going to get red-carded this season but that wont bother me – Viera´s reds didn´t either


Is it just me or does Kola seem to get away all the time after just clattering into opposing players? It’s an absolute delight to watch, but a few times a game he’ll just barge into a player and not get called. Again, not complaining, I just hope he keeps his head in important moments.