Mertesacker says he’d address players not giving 100%


Per Mertesacker says he’s yet to see any evidence that Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil are anything less than 100% committed on the pitch this season, but that if he were to see their standards drop he’d make it an issue.

The skipper is into the final year of his own contract, before he takes over as Academy Manager next season, and believes that the star duo will be professional every time they play.

However, he seems clear that any dip in standards would not be tolerated.

“Everyone has to do his job 100 per cent otherwise they are not eligible to be on the pitch,” he told Sky Sports.

“As long as everyone understands that then we are fine and you won’t get problems from me. If I have a different feeling then it would be addressed.

“I have no problems with players in their final year, that includes me as well. The only issue I’ve got is if they’re not fully committed to what we’re doing here.”

Despite that, the BFG is sure that all the players in the final year – which include Ozil, Sanchez, himself, Jack Wilshere and others – will give their all.

“A lot of people focus on being on long-term contracts, but that’s not needed,” he said.

“I don’t feel a dip in commitment; we’re in a good front with those who have their contracts expiring.

“We want to be successful here and everyone is committed to that.”

Let’s hope so.

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Xhaka Demus, no pliers
Xhaka Demus, no pliers

Is Mert this season’s Cech? Club spokesperson to try stem the tide of apathy.

Dan Hunter

“Everyone has to do his job 100 per cent otherwise they are not eligible to be on the pitch,”

So that makes all you fuckers


Speaking of Cech, he and players like Monreal, Kosc and Kola are players I really feel sorry for because they are players that play for the badge on the shirt, Jack as well. I’ve heard a lot about x and y players wanting to leave.. seriously let them leave. A team like Watford doesn’t have any “star” or “luxury” players like Özil and Xhaka respectively and still they beat us. The premier league’s dynamics have shifted, every team now comes in to win. There is no pushover. I detest myself for saying it but Spurs handled a sturdy draw at the Bernabeu last night and we seem to be in their shadow!! There has to be some catalyst to fix the mess we’re in. More fight needed, we as fans will always be behind the team. What hurts is the most is knowing the potential we have and how we are so relaxed and don’t use that!

The arsenaut

Truth is we don’t know what BFG the Manager is going to be like, but for the moment he seem’s all aboard the Wenger Train. But should’nt Arteta be in ahead of him for a “potential” post AW job?


If anything, Per is being the team captain in front of the press, like he should be. He’s also showing his mentoring and coaching potential to the public, which are important if he’s going to be coaching the youth setup.
I wouldn’t read into the interview what you want, but rather take the picture as a whole. What do other players in the side, and people who have trained/played with him say?

SB Still

About time but not just in the next handful of matches.

Central Fullbacks

No, we need to travel back in time a couple of years and cover those matches as well. The we need to jump forward in time a month or so and do the speech again.


There’s a difference between giving 100% and just being rubbish (Xhaka).


You mean the most creative midfielder in the country?

Faisal Narrage

Didn’t know De Bruyne was our DM.


It’s good that he has to shout to be heard from that height.

The Only Olivier is Giroud
The Only Olivier is Giroud

I seriously hoped this headline ended with “…a fuck” and not “100%”. Seriously. Play with 80% committment for all I care, but at least LOOK like you’re playing for a team literally millions of people would give their bollocks to play for.

Ron Burg

It’s such a fucking shit show, the worst I’ve ever known in my time supporting the club. There’s so many players there who either aren’t good enough (but think they are good enough), players who are good enough to play for the club and want to leave. The fact our club captain is having to make these types of statements underlines how much of a mess Wenger has let this become. It’s going to be a long couple of seasons with deluded Wenger still in charge.


That accompanying picture tho ? Sanchez looks like his dad just promised him a Playstation

Central Fullbacks

Sure, let’s divert from the real bogeyman not giving 100 percent.. He is the opposite of Granite… He’s more like pudding. He’s never at risk of getting injured from being overplayed and undroppable by our problem off the pitch. You know, since he never does any running. He is one of our coached and well instructed players though. He’s our DM who’s been told not to tackle because he’s really bad at it! Things such as closing down, marking and positioning he just fails at naturally so no need for wenger to chime in.


It doesn’t matter. As long as Wenger is manager, this team will never win anything decent. I saw Spuds go to madrid and get a point and I couldn’t help but feel when last we went to a big team like Madrid, Bayern, Barca and played that well. We are officially a top 6 team. Arsenal is done as a big club. Sad thing is we still have people who support Wenger.


Their organisation and discipline was sickening tbh, though Madrid are in bad form and looked it. Even though they had fairly average players like Winks and Cissoko in midfield, everyone knew their exact role; where to be, who to press and who to find when you had the ball. Sad to say but we don’t have a manager that’s capable of getting that half the time, let alone consistently.


How would you feel if you supported Arsenal and we had just won the double and then:

– only won one FA Cup and one League Cup in the next 17 years
– finished in 16th, 17th, 10th, 6th, 7th amongst many others low finishes
– only came in the top 4 5 times in those 17 years

Welcome to 1971 and the years up to 1988-9 and see how perspective says that life isn’t so bad – 3 FA Cups in the last 4 years plus finishes of 3rd, 4th, 2nd and 5th.

I’d prefer to be doing better and think Kroenke is the one that needs to go (and we need to start spending more and not rewarding Gazidis despite us not moving forward on the pitch). However I supported Arsenal as a boy in 1971 and can assure you that times get better, times get worse and nothing in life is guaranteed.

John C

Is the period between 71 and 89 (18 years) that much less successful than the period between 2005 and 2017 (12 years), aren’t we getting to a point where the level of success is starting to look the same?

71-89 – (2 trophies) 1 FA Cup and a League cup plus 3 lost FA Cup finals, (which included reaching the final 3 years in a row), 1 in the league cup and 1 lost European final. 7 finals in 18 years, 2 wins at a rate of 1 final every 2.5 years

05-17 – (3 Trophies) 3 FA Cups, 1 lost European final and a loss in the league cup final. 5 finals in 12 years, 3 wins at a rate of a final every 2.4 years

It isn’t wildly different in terms of results, plus we’ve had more opportunity to add to that as a result of the champions league and european football being opened up to more teams.

John C

Purely looking at the numbers of course


Ah, so Per is the poor bastard being thrown to the wolves for having to trot out the club propaganda. What an absolute shit show. What I find galling is that they have the temerity to say everyone is committed when they are evidently not!


I’m a bit tired the players’s commitment is always and not the club’s! How could Özil feel that keown is always around Arsenal and their social media while he daily attacks our playmaker, that he won’t probably play tomorrow (and attacks will be made that he doesn’t want to travel to Belgrade), that his coach says he’ll play if needed, that the media quote “sources” saying the trainers and the players are angry at him at training and in the cabin, that Arsenal wants to get rid of him at a lower price… well, that all the propaganda starts to make him leave! Is it the “the contract must be fulfilled until their very end” only valuable for the players and not for the club?! How can the player and his commitment feel?

Faisal Narrage

In the end, plenty will be said and little will be done.


I thought that Wenger said that players in the last year iof their contact was an ideal situation because they will be committed to giving their all (due to wanting a new contract)

Per is just getting used to being in front of the camera when he takes over from Wenger. He sounds exactly like Wenger and after he joins the academy will be the heir apparent when Wenger goes.


I think the problem is that only 5/6 players are giving their 100% and the people who would be willing to give 100% aren’t given the chance to.

off the top of my head, from the first team squad, players giving even near to 100%:
Cech, Nacho, Sead, Per and Lolo.
part of me wants to put Lacazette in there too, but Wenger keeps subbing him at vital times.

players who should be giving 100% but are just not quite hitting the form/standard:
welbeck, bellerin, iwobi, elneny, ramsey, sanchez, mustafi.

players who need a kick up the arse ’cause they are making the whole club look like eunuchs:
ozil, xhaka,

players whom I feel would give more in 90 mins(even if talent/skill isnt that of their counterparts):
Jack, Coq, Chambers, Nelson.

honestly, everything at arsenal is too comfortable. I feel like we need to pretend the transfer window before last never happened.

Please show me some examples to prove I’m wrong, I am desperate to believe in The Arsenal again and nothing is giving me hope!

Time for change

i think Mert did no so much to speak in such an imperious manner. what has he shown? what skipper he is? It is like great present from grandfather Arsene for good behavior. For loyalty, for dedication, for commitment.


Is this coming from the guy who had a terrible performance against Monaco and ducked out of the way of a shot against Liverpool a few seasons back, allowing them to equalize?

The same mertesacker who admitted after the world cup win he wasn’t feeling motivated?

Our captain against Watford who did nothing to stem the tide or to calm everyone down when the game was going against us?

He is going to address non committed players? Well he better start with the man in the mirror.

I have no idea what he is like off the field in terms of his captaincy, but on the field his leadership leaves a lot to be desired in my eyes


I’ve given up any ambition i had in this club like the players and management. i just support without hoping for anything.


Per should check out the video of Ozil in front of goal again. For a player after £350pw you’d expect them to make the difference against average opposition. Certainly with a goal 24 feet wide and no defender in the way. Very poor and needs teammates to call him out if they want to win.

John C

“However, he seems clear that any dip in standards would not be tolerated.”

I know that this is your comment Arseblog but the problem is the standards within the club aren’t high enough at the momment