Report: Mourinho readying Ozil reunion


According to the Independent, Jose Mourinho is increasingly confident that he can persuade Mesut Ozil to join Manchester United on a free transfer at the end of the season.

Arsenal appear resigned to losing the Germany international at the end of his current deal, signed back in 2013, after failing with several rounds of contract negotiations over the last 18 months.

No further talks are planned despite the World Cup winner indicating on the pre-season tour of Sydney that he’d be keen to stay at the Emirates. 

Ozil is free to sign a pre-contract agreement with foreign clubs from January but is thought to be tempted by the prospect of working with Mourinho, under whom he played at Real Madrid for three seasons.

There have been long-standing rumours linking Ozil with Besiktas and Fenerbahce, while more recently Inter Milan have been mooted as suitors.

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Sheffield Gooner

I have a little bit of sick in the back of my throat.

Ulysses 32

That’s nothing compared to what Jose had in the back of his throat after that encounter with Frank Lampard in the shower…..


Ozil must enjoy Jose’s mind games. I made my peace with the fact that Ozil and Sanchez will be gone.


First cesc, now ozil. Mourinho seems rampant to keep doing this to wenger using his former best players.


Worst thing about Cesc is we had the first refusal on him when he left Barca. Goes down as one of Wenger’s all time worst transfer mistakes for me


Yeah I agree with that @Loose_Cannon obviously we got Ozil that same summer, but there is always a reason to have a player of Cesc Fabregas quality in your squad. Especially when you consider at his age, he was basically a ready made deep lying midfield play maker.

You could’ve had Mesut Ozil in the 10, and then Cesc behind him, teams wouldn’t of been able to get the ball of us.

And we all know the reason why Arsene didn’t take him back, was down to him not being able to swallow his pride and take a player back who had so clearly hurt him by forcing the move through to Barcelona.

I’d still have him back now. We could probably get him out of Chelsea of fairly cheap considering his age, and the fact he doesn’t get that much Premier League game time.


A Cesc and Ozil midfield wouldn’t work now and wouldn’t have worked then. Both are amazing players but Cesc is probably more of a luxury than Mesut.

We switched to 4-5-1 and sold Viera (not as effective in 3 man mid) and Henry (couldn’t play upfront alone) to accommodate Cesc, wheras Ozil is slightly more adaptable. A midfield with the pair of them would be overrun in any top 6 game.


“And we all know the reason why Arsene didn’t take him back, was down to him not being able to swallow his pride and take a player back who had so clearly hurt him by forcing the move through to Barcelona.”

This. You just don’t say no to players of that quality otherwise. You can’t look at our squad today or even back then and say we couldn’t do with a player like that, it’s nonsense


“And we all know the reason why Arsene didn’t take him back, was down to him not being able to swallow his pride and take a player back who had so clearly hurt him by forcing the move through to Barcelona.”

Do we know this? How? He re-signed Thierry.


We didn’t resign Henry, he was loaned to us during the MLS off season.

Also – if you remember that was the same year that Cesc and Nasri had left the club. So I think the Henry loan deal was more of a tactical way to get the fans back onside more then anything.

And lets not forget, Henry is probably the greatest player to of ever played in the Premier League. And he won countless things under Wenger. Arsene Wenger owed a lot to him.

Whereas – Cesc. He owed a lot to Wenger, and blew him out of the water after Arsene had done everything for him and helped him get to where he was.

Two very different situations.


Pfft. Cesc already had an agreement with Mourinho before that summer saga. We should stop peddling that first refusal story because that’s just horsesh*t


Horseh*t? Well here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth:


I won’t forgive Cesc for the way he behaved during his final year with us- it was uncalled for. I’m certain there was more going on behind the scenes, and for Cesc to do that to Wenger, the man who took a chance on him, gave him every opportunity, and made him the player he was/is. Wenger’s motivations on the subject were not about the playing ability of Cesc, they were personal, and I can stand behind his decision as I understand his motivation. Wenger was personally injured by a player he mentored, and that’s a hard thing to forgive. The only karmic justice, if that can even be applied in this situation, is that once he got his move back to Barca, they rejected him.


so we’ll effectively be back to the squad we had 4 years ago by the end of the season! Progress?


Will be interesting to see a lot of fans who weren’t too fussed about his departure now feeling very upset.

High gunner

people are strange e?


We know a song about that don’t we?

Kwame Ampadu Down

Will be interesting to see a lot of fans who have been painting Ozil as the good guy (comparative to Alexis) now feeling very upset too….


I’m really not bothered.
We’ve apparently offered him good money to stay?
He’s either thinks we can’t match his sporting ambitions?
Or thinks he can earn more money elsewhere?
Or both?
I’ve felt for a while, that at times he unbalances us.
Happy to use him sparingly until end of season and then part ways.


Totally agree……I have backed him all the way and some of his stuff has been amazing……I just feel he is too weak to cut it in this league…..we have enough players who can make the killer ball and I’d rather have Wilshere around…….please stay fucking fit and don’t chase after a lost ball


Yes Jacob all of a sudden the pundits will be be basking in the sunshine emanating from Ozil’s arse. And our increasing number of Ozil haters will become even more angry at us for letting him go.


Even if Mourinho isn’t really interested, he’ll milk this for all its worth just to try and unsettle us.

NickyB52 - the bomber
NickyB52 - the bomber


Not sure if that’s Ozil or Mourinho, or both.

I’d be pissed-off if it happens!

Just imagine, Sanchez at City and Ozil at United!

Just kill me now 🙁


If we managed to replace them both?
With say Rabiot/Goretzka and Draxler/Lemar?
Then I suppose we just move on.
Ideally we’d be able to convince players we want to keep of our sporting project.
But under Kroenke I just don’t see that happening.


Or convince players to come to us… why would any of those players join Arsenal?


No way those players are going to be interested in our club in its current state.

nimble foot

What state do you speak of?

Clive St Helmet

A state of flux.

There is common consensus that a DoF-type appointment is required.
Wenger is reportedly unhappy with the coaching staff.
Our analytics company, StatDNA, seems to be under some scrutiny following some apparently iffy transfers.
The academy seems to be failing a number of youth prospects, most of whom are unlikely to ever be good enough to play for the first team.
The club itself is under offer from Kroenke, who may very well take it private and asset strip; after all, he’s only in it for the TV money, has invested precisely none of his personal fortune and has taken £6m from the club.
There is a large and vocal section of the fanbase that are poised to protest against the manager at the drop of a hat.
Our biggest stars are refusing to sign me deals and seem to want away from the club.
One of our most exciting prospects has chosen to take up a worse offer with Liverpool, gaining no more game time in the process, just to get out.

Clive St Helmet

By coaching staff (see above), I was thinking scouting staff but my fingers ignored my brain.

NY Gooner

I know everyone questions Kroenke’s ambition but he really does not have a financial motive to take money out of the club. Let’s not forget he’s married to a Walton (as in Walmart) heiress, and their current net worth is in excess of $7B. When you have that much money, buying businesses is for amusement, not income, especially considering tax rates in the UK. Perhaps his wife won’t allow him to spend more; after all it’s her money.


@NY Gooner That’s rubbish – he literally said in an interview a season or two ago ‘you don’t buy a football club to win trophies.’

And yes he does have a financial motive to take money out of Arsenal, hence he’s been doing it.

In isolation the money is fairly small time when you compare it to his family’s net worth. But if you look at all of the sports franchises he owns in the US, along with all of the other stuff under the KSE umbrella. If he is siphoning money out of all of them as well as Arsenal – then that probably does equate to nearly 100 million or so. Which is hardly chump change. Especially when you consider he isn’t as you said using his own fortune to pump back into Arsenal.

But the main reason why he has Arsenal is more to do with collateral. So he can use us as leverage when he is widening his business portfolio. Hence we are so cash heavy, and why we only spend a fraction of what the club earns in the way of usable revenue all because he needs that money in the bank.


You understand that AMerican sports is alot different then how Europe is operated. I don’t want to sound like I am defending the guy but none of his Teams in the states are anything close to what Arsenal are domestically let alone globally.

He has paid himself for services from Arsenal what 2-3M? per season? He doesn’t own 30-50 teams. Your hearsay exaggeration is to make your narrative sound right. Which it isn’t in terms of actual truth. Unless you are talking about total amount since he has owned these teams and clubs then who cares? lol Its a business.

Yes its disheartening to read that but you are taking that out of context like alot of fans are just to incite negative emotions towards SK.

He doesn’t spend it at ARsenal because AW refuses to spend lol He refuses to spend unless there is value. You can’t force AW to spend the transfer kitty if he refuses. You can’t honestly think there was no one else AW could have spent the money on besides Lemar? He could have bought 2-3 more players and made us deeper then we are now.



Yeah – I do know that. And that is literally the whole problem.

We have an American owner who literally knows nothing about how football clubs operate.

The sports teams he owns:

Denever Nuggest in the NBA
Colorado Avalance in the NHL
Colorado Rapids in the MLS
Colorado Mammoth in the NLL
LA Rams (formerly St-Louis Rams) in the NFL

Real Estate:
Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park
Pepsi Center
Dick’s Sporting Goods Park
Paramount Theatre
1stBank Center

Not to mention a further 9 or 10 different TV channels and various other print media outlets and radio stations.

The guy will be making absolute bank off of all of these.

And those £3 million payments he takes out of Arsenal which are dressed up as ‘advisory fee’s would 100% be higher if he didn’t have to disclose the payments to the other shareholders at the AGM. Probably hence the reason why he is looking to buy out Usmanov and take Arsenal private – so like his other sports franchises he doesn’t have to publicly disclose any financial information.

So at a guess, if he is in the publicly taking £3M out of Arsenal. I don’t think its outrageous to suggest that he is probably taking more money out of his other US sports franchises.

I think Stan clearly has a huge say in how much Arsene can spend, hence that’s why Arsene is in charge at Arsenal. Because he needs a manager with an exceptional track record of balancing and managing finances whilst managing a team that maintains the illusion that Arsenal are competitive.

No other ‘top’ manager could do what Arsene Wenger has done. They all spend truck loads of cash. Pep, Jose, Ancelotti… even Klopp and Rodgers.

Also what adds further credibility to that theory is this summer alone. We had no money to spend on new players right up until Arsenal were under the impression they were going to get nearly £60M for Alexis Sanchez from City. Then bang! All of a sudden we are able to actually buy someone else!

Its all because Arsenal need to have X amount of cash reserves in the bank all the time. That’s what its all about. And until Stan goes Arsenal will never ever be as competitive as Europes top elite.

Crash Fistfight

I’m not questioning your assertions on what Kroenke’s plans are (I have no idea), but can we stop persisting with the misinformation around that quote from Kroenke please?

What Kroenke said was that if you wanted to win trophies “you wouldn’t get involved”. By that, he didn’t mean getting involved in buying a club, he meant getting involved in the sporting side of the organisation (i.e. he leaves it all to other people).

Now, I would argue that this complete lack of leadership is a dereliction of his duties as ‘owner’, but I wouldn’t categorise it as Kroenke being apathetic to the sporting fortunes of the team.

My criticism of him is that he is terrible at running the organisation, not that he has some vindictive plan to throw the company into collapse.

People seem to think that if someone has got rich they must obviously be great at running companies/are some kind of evil genius. Just look at Mike Ashley or Michael O’Leary for examples of how they’re just chancers who got lucky.


IamaGoober, exactly. It’s all about the money with Kroenke. He didn’t move the Rams back to Cali for nostalgia’s sake. He brought them back as a stepping board to build his Inglewood project, a monstrosity that will make him craploads of cash, mostly earned from the businesses that will reside in the building, not the NFL team he owns. The teams (with the Chargers in there too) are what will draw the businesses in. A marketing tool. I’m sure Arsenal will be playing there on a Summer tour as soon as the complex is completed. Marketing tool.


Agree with everything except the last bit about the Ox. He was an exciting prospect yes, but never quite made it — due to some combination of his own personal failings and yes, perhaps coaching as well.

Clive St Helmet

Yeah that’s true. I was running out of steam by then 😉

But a couple of years ago he was still very much one for the future.


Whats considered failing on the academy side? What are expectations?

SMH say what you want about SK he hasn’t taken anything out of the club besides a small fee for “services”. Asset strip lol talking out of your ass lol

Yes and rightfully so. If the manager doesn’t improve the squad to compete then there should be protesting.

Lol 24 yo isn’t a prospect anymore. He is in his prime years now.

Your narrative is horrible lol

Clive St Helmet

@Caliguner: As is your critique.

Letting players like Gnabry and Willock leave for free or a small fee is failing, as is failing to develop other talents (Afobe, Akpom, Toral to name a few recent ones).

As for Kroenke asset stripping the club: if he is the sole owner, who exactly could stop him? He probably has a small amount of interest in the club but make no mistake, he’s primarily in it to make money. The Premier League TV deals are lucrative so provided the club stays in the PL he can gradually wind down spending on players and wages.

I make no comment on the fans right to protest the manager, nor do I offer my personal opinion.

24 isn’t a prospect, you’re absolutely right. Correct me if I’m wrong, we signed him when he was 17, right? He was definitely a prospect then, one of the most exciting we’d had at the club for a long time. We failed to develop him (back to the failing youth team, interesting) yet somehow managed to flog him for an enormous profit.


How is it failing if they haven’t amounted to anything worth value? Gnarby was just sold to BM but who cares? they lost out on 5M with the difference between what Arsenal got and what BM paid for. I guess we can agree to disagree but thats nothing compared to the big picture of if he amounts to anything. 5M isn’t anything.

No disrespect to these players but really my answer would be “who?” None of the players you mentioned hurts Arsenals reputation of developing young players. Not everyone can develop and become regular 1st team players or even rotational players. None of the players you’ve mentioned are even significant players now. That shows Arsenal developed them as much as they can but really they aren’t that good for at least Arsenal.

If he strips the assets from Arsenal the value of the club goes down. Only reason its worth as much as it is now is because the club stayed competitive over the last 10 years while he has been owner. He understands that as a business guy. There needs to be value if someone is going to pay for it. No ones going to buy a club with its assets stripped.

Well then Bellerin has come through. Why is that? Is it because he came from Barca? Then you can say the same thing about OX that he came from southampton and they messed up his development. You can’t have it both ways.


@caligunner Arsenal will always hold a lot of value provided they stay in the Premier League due to the billion pound TV deals. So if he strips the club after privatizing it, I don’t think it will make that much difference.

And I don’t think he does understand that at all.

If he wanted to, he could literally make Arsenal a super club. All the infrastructure is there. There is no need to outlay any money on a state of the art stadium. Its already done. The same goes for the training facility. Its already there. There is also no need to relocate the team to a more profitable area of the UK like he did to the St Louis Rams by moving them to LA. Arsenal is already in London, the capital city. Its all there. Everything is done and ready to go. Also unlike the other shitty newbie teams that have been bought out i.e. Chelsea, City.. Arsenal has all of the heritage. Its one of the oldest most successful clubs in the game. So it already has the necessary glamour, and foundations in culture to warrant the push in the right direction.

If he really cared, and understood what an unbelievable opportunity he had at his finger tips, he could literally push Arsenal to stratospheric heights with the correct investment in the squad, playing staff, and management.

He could get Arsenal to Barcelona, Real Madrid, levels maybe even higher where at the end of it he would be making so much more money then he is now.

But ultimately he doesn’t want to do it. Because of the risk involved. And because that’s not what he needs Arsenal for. So he doesn’t do it.


Lol are you serious? Where do you get these genius ideas?

Only reason we were in on Lemar late was with Alexis transfer money. Without it there is no way of getting him.


I can’t see this. Mourinho sold him from Real because he didn’t do enough defensively. That has not changed since.


No, at that point Mourinho was the manager of Chelsea. In fact, rumour had it he refused to sell/loan us Demba Ba, because we got Ozil.


it was ancelotti who sold him to arsenal


Fair enough. I should have research that one. Though my point still stands, he doesn’t like passengers in his teams.


Ozil brags in his autobiography that Mourinho called him a lazy, egotistical coward, not something i.d be shouting ffom the rooftops. So why would Mourinho want him now. Not like he has massively improved that side of his game with us


Same reason he has Mata on his club now. He wants anyone that will help him with his goal of winning. lol He wants to win. He doesn’t care with what players as long as they help with his ultimate goal of winning.


So why didn’t he sell him after 1 year in Real?


Real Madrid departures have very little to do with the manager

A different George

That’s exactly right. Madrid’s “sporting model,” which *may* be changing with Zidane, requires constantly bringing in new, big-name players, even if that means selling someone just as good.


Either get him signed up for 2/3 years or sell in Jan- going on a free can not happen, especially to that fuckpig.
As frustrating as he is, could still be a big player for us, just need a hard working well oiled team around him.


Nice blog this morning. The joy of football is not winning or losing but seeing individual men (sometimes women) come together, train together, work together and then make a play so beautiful it is art. Wenger has mentioned this before and this is where I get my joy. The sheer inspiration of Sanchez’s back heel, or Giroud’s Scorpian goal, Ramseys volley against the Turks, Jack’s goal against Norwich, any of the many Ozil ‘touches’ and his goal against Ludogrets, Brady’s goal against West Ham, or the first Arsenal goal I ever saw Charlie George’s at Wembley to win the double.

It is was all beautiful art, made more poignant and memorable by the fact that it was ‘my team’, and the points, they should be left for the accountants. Sorry, that’s my view.

John C

Nonsense, professional competitive sport is about results not aesthetics. Whilst i love to see beautiful football, form without function is pointless fluff.

Watching 11 men show teamwork and perseverance to overcome those with more talent is an equally beautiful sight in my eyes. Showing the humility to understand one’s weaknesses and using intelligence and guile to level the playfield is one of the most profound parts of the human condition.

I’ve never once derived any enjoyment from the numerous humiliations we’ve suffered in Wenger’s pursuit of beautiful football, we don’t even play beautiful football anymore, we just get glimpses. I did however get a huge amount of pleasure watching us in Copenhagen in ’93 when we beat an very talented Parma side against the odds playing to a gameplan and showing defensive resilience, it was a true underdog story.


Function without form also pointless.


“Professional competitive sport is about results not aesthetics.” Now there’s a questionable philosophical assertion!

Are you talking about what it’s about for the manager/employees who get paid for results, or for us, the fans?

If it’s only or primarily about results to you, I feel sorry for you.

John C

Learn to read


Where’s that ‘upvote by 100’ button when you need it.

A different George

Today’s blog reminded me of the one he wrote after Trump’s election. I emailed him to thank him then–and said that, to make myself feel better, I would go back to watching Ozil’s goal against Ludogrets.

Football is not just a diversion; it is, or can be, a kind of model for the way we want things to be, as you said: “seeing individual men (sometimes women) come together, train together, work together and then make a play so beautiful it is art.”

Laughing Stock

I think this story is bullshit. Firstly Mourinho has already slaughtered ozil back in Madrid days about his lack of fight/character (no arguments from me here) and secondly, united don’t need him. Not even remotely. This is an agent special.


Yes, Mou was so angry that he wrote the prelude of Özil’s bio calling him his friend. This Mou…

Another Sam

Mourinho only badgers players that he rates. He saw riling Ozil as the way to get the best out of him. That’s the point Ozil was making. He previously said Mourinho was the best coach he’s ever had.
having said that, the story is probably made up rubbish by some bored intern, like most in our media.

J Dizzle

Unfortunately, you’re wrong and Ozil would fit perfectly with that team in front of Pogba and Matic and behind Lukaku.

It’s similar to the Germany setup which has done him well for many a year.

Laughing Stock

I will gladly bet you 1000 quid that ozil will not be playing for man utd next season. It’s pure fabrication.


Let Utd play some decent sides. The story will die down when they are no longer in top two of the league


BS or not JM still thinks Ozil is a good player and will get him if it helps improve the squad. Like the other poster wrote ManU is perfect for him in their setup of their 2 deep mids and striker in front of him.


It’s happened many times before (losing our best players to rivals) and it’ll continue to happen with Ozil and Sanchez. Genuinely not too worried about Ozil. He didn’t feature against Chelsea and it was a much better performance. I’m not soley blaming Ozil but he doesn’t work hard enough for my liking and rarely turns it on in the big games. Sanchez would be a far greater loss. With Kronke at the helm, unfortunately we need to start realising we’re no longer a ‘big’ club. We’re just a cash cow for his ‘projects’.


44 % of Arsenal goals against the 6 best PL teams come from an assist or a goal by Özil. Rarely then.


How many goals have we scored against the ‘best 6’ in last couple of years…..not many.


Sorry didn’t think it was suppose to be Ozil v other 5 clubs lol You need guys to actually step up and score when opportunities are presented. He can’t do everything. I think some fans don’t understand the type of player we have in Ozil. He helps either create or buildup.

Dan Hunter

How many goals have we scored against the top 6 when Ozil has been absent?


German player of the year 5 times in last 6 seasons, world cup winner and world cup 3rd place….and he doesn’t work hard enough and rarely turn it on for us ? He would be a huge loss. Probably should ask any of our front 6 forwards who live on his assists…


Coudlnt care less about his form for Germany. I’m talking about Arsenal


I think you’ll find that Mr Özil was seriously turned on in a recent Football Association Cup Final against a very big but classless team.

He killed them that day!

I think that qualifies as “a big game”, yes?


I was there. The team played extremely well. I’m not talking about 1 game. Where as he at city and United last year away. Where was he against Liverpool this season, bayern lasy year. I can go on if you like.


Where was everyone else? Lets hate on them too, football is a team sport. How many chances does he create for our front row to trip over or punt into row z? I will be gutted if he goes, I’d rather lose Sanchez any day. If the story that we want to swap Sanchez for Draxler is true I would be over the moon, a proper team player for a selfish prima donna, and Draxler is good mates with Mesut, who would then probably sign.

Crash Fistfight

Didn’t Draxler throw his toys out of his pram at Wolfsburg in the last year or so before he got sold?


Where was his teammates? 1 player isn’t going to make a difference. 1 WC can influence teammates but it takes teammates to step up also.


Lol the lazy narrative of Ozil doesn’t work hard enough. Is it your expert “eye” test that you are using?

La Cassette

“Stop talking and start supporting” ?

Man Manny

Van Persie’s move was worse in terms of impact on our team. The ill feeling, methinks, is just that it’s Man United hence Mourinho. Take that fact out and we are losing a player who’s divided opinion more than Gallas!
Let’s be frank here; Ozil does thrill and frustrate in equal measure – world class today, completely anonymous the next day.
The question for me is: can the impact of his “loss” be easily mitigated? It is a resounding yes! I have the last four matches as a sample size to judge that. Buy a defensive midfielder to partner Xhaka, move Ramsey up, give Iwobi more playing time, and Ozil can slither to Mourinho for all I care, and let’s see how that pans out.

A Gunner with Psychic powers
A Gunner with Psychic powers

People down voting you are not real fans.


Last 4 matches? Doncaster lol, Chelsea(which was good as a team but we basically looked like a better version Brighton playing defensively as the game went on no real offensive threat) WBA lol, Bate lol BHA lol

SMH ok I guess second tier club battling for 7th spot in the PL is what you look forward to lol

Man Manny

I meant four epl games. Well, in the Chelsea game, there was no offensive threat from Chelsea either. The Brighton comparison is wide of the mark; it’s an attempt to support a narrative.
The truth remains: there is life – great one at that – in this club beyond Ozil.

Crash Fistfight

Your constant typing of lol makes me want to pmcs (punch my computer screen).

Gus Caesar

What’s interesting about this story (which has been reported quite a bit elsewhere) is that it feels like it has been planted by someone as opposed to just having been made up just for the sake of it. Ozil has a very big and well-drilled PR company working for him so one wonders why they would make his life more difficult by telling everyone that he’s negotiating with a rival. Is this the club’s way of preparing the fans for his exit, perhaps to a less concerning club in the Winter window?

Or am I just overthinking the whole thing and should just do some work?


Don’t mix Chamberlain and Özil’s PR…

Crash Fistfight

The second thing.


Whatever happens, wherever they go, this will be spun as “letting best players run contracts down/selling to rivals” until they both actually sign for somebody. I’m not sure if getting rid of Ozil is the answer to our problems, and it would be great to see him creating opportunities for both Alexis and Lacazette. Even Wrighty wrote in his book, that if he had played with Ozil, he would have scored in every game. Who is going to provide those “assists”? Not Xhaka, certainly not Ramsey. Jack maybe, but that depends on him returning to and maintaining full fitness.

I’m actually of the opinion that it will be easier to replace Alexis “like for like” than to replace Ozil.

Cliff Bastin

When Mhkitarayen (I may have spelled it wrong) was available I was slightly annoyed he chose to go over there but then he must have realised that Ozil is better than him and would keep him out of the team so he must be looking at these rumours and going FFS.


If you’ve read Özil’s autobiography you’ll know that he hates Mourinho. He stormed out the changing room with Mourinho shouting ‘you’ll never be Zidane’ after him. I wouldn’t be that confident if I was Mourinho.


LOL see my post above!


He was probably crying too.

Indian Gooner

This is going to be excruciatingly painful. For me it is still totally upto us, we are yet to play both Man City and Man Utd and maybe if we do defeat both of them.. I guess both Sanchez and Ozil would want to wait for a while.. at least till the end of the season before they agree deals to move else where.
Maybe it is just me dreaming?


Going from Arsenal to Manchester United is simply not acceptable. So far, Ozil has played the whole PR-image-game very well, but nothing will prevent a backlash if he actually ends up in United.


How is it not acceptable?

Glory hunter

Not a lot we can do if true, but he’s hardly set the world on fire in the prem. They can have him


Yeah, and we’ve got Wilshere ! Bournemouth were better without him but for sure he is genius.

A different George

Is there a single thread I can read where you don’t find a way to attack Wilshere?

Stringer Bell

Yep he’s hardly said the world alight in the prem. he has more assists than anyone in league since he started and created more chances than anyone. Do you ever get the feeling some people do not have a fucking clue.


Oh yes but if we move Ramsey up to his position we’re all sorted don’t you know. We’d be replacing one of the most creative, least selfish number 10’s in the world with pretty much the exact opposite. It worked brilliantly (sort of) against West Brom at home, so what could possibly go wrong??!?

Glory hunter

@ Stringer Bell: The assist comment aint even true, neither is chances created, Like i said if he wants out not a lot we can do, why would you want someone that doesn’t want us?

Stringer Bell

Really, so tell me who has more assists than him in premiership since he joined?


He wants to get paid lol Last big contract. Nothing wrong with wanting to get paid. This isn’t some amateur league. There is a reason ARsenal are one of the biggest valued clubs in the world.

Yes the Assist and chances created are true since he has joined the league.


Fuck Ozil and fuck Sanchez. We had better results with Santi and Rosicky, let’s have them back


I don’t necessarily hate ozil or sanchez, but for sure Santi and the Mozart played for the cannon every single time on the pitch.. miss em both

A Gunner with Psychic powers
A Gunner with Psychic powers

IF this story is true , i wont care about him going like ALL the other players that have left Arsenal , people that are bashing Arsenal because of a player’s decision to leave the club are not real fans , go and support Man United but don’t pretend to be a real “fan” , Arsenal is a club with respect , class and history , the club has a traditional culture within it that no other club can match but no one cares about that right ! well i do and i’m pretty sure Arsenal will become a force again one day and it’s ok if you don’t want to support Arsenal but the problem rises when you don’t and you pretend that you do just to spread negativity about the club and make the club’s atmosphere toxic , just like the media.

Lord Bendnter

I don’t believe these rumors. I don’t think Mourinho would be interested in signing Ozil. He is not a Mourinho type player


Well, he DID say that Özil is the sort of player that you buy to “complete the puzzle” of your team. And that “he is unique – there isn’t a copy of Özil, not even a bad one”.


Why would anyone not want to sign ozil for free?


Gööd fucking riddance. The most disappointing signing in the history of the club.


Can’t see hem getting £350k/wk in MU when most players get less than £140 apart from lukaku and pogba (250&290).


He probably wouldn’t get that at ManU but it will be close.

We’re talking about a free transfer. If he was being bought on a transfer then his wage demand would be alot lower because he would get part of the transfer fee and probably some bonus. Since its a free transfer the club saves soo much money on the transfer they wouldn’t have a problem giving part of that as a bonus and wages.

Look at SK salary. Free transfer and he’s getting like 150K a week.


2012-13 – 73 pts
2016-17 – 75 pts
Can anyone explain how the presence of our two stars has made any difference?


Lol imagine the point total without them. Maybe 10-15 points less.


Off you go then. You won’t be remembered well.


I request ozil to just fuck off.. has absolutely nil of big game mentality. I would rate his contribution not higher than the much maligned past players such as denilson,song, arshavin.. at least the above game us some memorable moments.. arshavin gave us his anfield plunders, song his gorgeous overhead balls to van persie, denilson a few stinkers.. I have to think hard for ozil’s.. unfortunately I can’t get beyond the penalty miss against bayern in 2014. Had that one gotten in, I serioulsy think it could have alterered arsenal’s history.. and we bought him for just that didn’t we?


*denilson a few stunners


Miguel Delaney is a dick and no friend of Arsenal’s, and Jose is obviously the biggest dick in the history of the world who would love nothing better than to destabilize our club with stories like this. There may or may not be some truth to the matter–in terms of Ozil’s reps sounding out interest from Man United and Jose being somewhat interested–but this very clearly is not an objective piece of investigative journalism, but rather is a bit of self-serving tripe coming directly from Jose or one of his disgusting entourage. As a fan base I suggest we see it for what it is and resist letting such stories distract us. Let’s concentrate on supporting the whole team throughout the season and see how it goes.


Hey, blogs, you do love this pic of Özil, don’t you?


I didn’t write this article or choose the picture


The Picture is amazing!


If he joins Man Utd the media will paint him as the best player in the league, whilst those who currently sing his name will say that he’s no big loss.

Random witness

Erm… Is this the same Mourinho who had labelled Özil a coward, as per the extract from Özil’s own book?


Arsene has given this guy every opportunity to show he can lift a team rather than be carried by it. I couldn.t care less where he goes. Right up there with Arshavin and Reyes in the big money attacking midfielder disaster buys.

NY Gooner

Funny how there were no reported offers over the summer. Top clubs were not breaking down the door to make offers. IF he leaves, I see him going to Turkey to finish his career. And that’s a big IF. He’ll have to turn down a pretty massive offer from Arsenal to go anywhere.


Its sad you can’t notice talent on our own club. I guess we will have to wait till next summer to see where he ends up. i’m sure he’ll end up at a top club and continue his career not in Turkey


A very good player but
easily replaceable within our team as seen recently. Take what is on offer for him and use to keep Alexes if possible. If not bring in an Alexes replacement in January.


First off, you don’t even know how to spell Alexis, which is pathetic. Second, our scintillating form against the likes of West Brom and Brighton has convinced you he’s “easily replaceable”? Yeah, that’s convincing evidence…

ashburton red

We’re going to have this kind of irritation all season unfortunately until both Ozil and Sanchez have committed to a club for next year. We best used to it.


Please no.

Sell both wantaways offshore.

That said, think we can replace Ozil. Pastore at PSG could be a decent and experienced option. Or if we can muster more Draxler would be excellent.

Also half tongue in cheek but Lacazette is willing to exert a bit of pressure (if the club should step up to the plate) and work on his friend Greizzman as an Alexis replacement.

The main issue will be to ensure neither Ozil or Alexis go to PL rivals.

BUT that means clubs on the continent know that too and will use it to leverage. OTOH, considering contract run down, its hardly as if making the return on investment is going to be top priority now.

David C

how could anyone leave London to live in Manchester?

Ozil will not be missed as much as people think. He is a one dimensional player and we won’t anything serious with his lack of hustle/defending when we don’t have the ball.


The he is lazy narrative is so weak. Yes he will be missed. He is unselfish and creates chances and helps with buildup. There is no one at the club that is similar to what he can do.

Correct that Jack probably can be similar but he has to stay healthy of course SMH

David C

we won’t win much with Ozil, he’s not worth 250K that’s been offered. I don’t dislike the player, but he’s weak mentally and physically. There’s a reason Real were ready to get rid of him. His comments about former players being big meanies to him was the last straw for me. Move him out or park him on the bench for the rest of the year and get a replacement in.


Since Özil has joined the league.
He has:
1. The highest number of chances created.
2. The highest assists.
3. The highest number of key passes.

And people think that this team will be better off without one of the best playmakers in the world.


Arse head

Done alright without him so far


Then I guess Wenger should just sign a lifetime contract since we are doing great right now? WTF BATE? WBA? BHA? FC Koln? Bournemouth?

Chelsea was great but it was a just a Draw with no goals scored. Offensively we got worse as the match went on and made Chelsea look like offensive juggernaut.

Arse head

Would you rather we lost those games instead? Can only beat what’s infront of you, the next 6 or 7 fixtures are against ‘lesser’ opposition barring any fuck ups we should pick up a good few wins. Would rather a confident team going into the city and sp*rs games, don’t you?


Yes, but the issue is whether your “done alright without him so far,” comment makes any sense as a response to the question as to whether this team will be better off without him. Clearly, it does not. It is just silly to think our “amazing form” against such luminaries as Brighton, Bate, and WBA is good evidence that we won’t miss him if he goes. Yes we can pick up wins in the next 6 or 7 fixtures, but we should do that with Ozil too. It’s as if you think the recent wins have come because Mesut’s not in the lineup (he was MoTM for Adrian Clarke on the Breakdown in his last game for us, against Bournemouth), rather than due to the fact that the opposition has been mediocre.

Laughing Stock

Ozil cost 42 million which in today’s money in football is say, 70 mill.

If you want a player that looks great against Aston villa and Sunderland, once a year at home against a top six team and is an absolute passenger away from home against anyone in the top ten, you don’t need to spend 70 million and 250k a week wages.

Let him fuck off to wherever he wants, buy a proper midfielder to protect the back 4 with xhaka and let Ramsey be the number ten. If you give Aaron the free role and don’t expect him to worry about defending you will get just as much output as from ozil (albeit in different forms) at half the cost. Ramsey and ozil in the same team equals Anfield 17. Arsenal need fighters, we are not good enough to carry luxury players. Just try to sell him and get something back.


Ramsey is half the player Ozil is in the 10 role.


Fastest way to tarnish your image? Leave Arsenal for an English club managed by that glorified translator.