Video: Arsenal 2-0 Brighton ‘On the whistle’


A third win in six days for Arsenal today as we beat Brighton 2-0 at the Emirates this afternoon.

The goals came from Alex Iwobi and Nacho Monreal, and the Spaniard comes in for some praise from James.

Here are his on the whistle thoughts.

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Nacho, great player.

And if we good clone him they’d be very tasty. I love Nachos.


that joke was soo cheesy…


Felt like the side that lost by two goals won the match at end of whistle.

Clearly not but we should have put them to the sword by at least 3 goals on the half.

We were wasteful and our final shots to our invention not dispatched with sufficient conviction.

Seems almost as it was “too easy” for some of our players and they were coasting, dishing out the fancy option rather than doing business firstly and tucking away 3 goals before.

The danger is the team will feel they were dominant and that was sufficient.

It won’t be for this season, we need to be putting away goals.

Dan Hunter

Could not agree with you more. Brighton were there to be destroyed. These are the sorts of teams you thrash 6-0 and build your confidence. Manure and Shitty are showing their ruthlessness. We need to stop trying yup walk the ball in to the goal.

As for Alexis, I was unhappy with him. Yes he got a great assist but he was not playing for the team. On numerous occasions the obvious pass was to a team mate in the box and he decided to take it on himself and shoot. There was an opportunity to put Lacazette in for a tap in and he shot instead. I feel he is playing for himself more than for the team


I think that’s what we’ll get from Sanchez this season. He’s pissed off about the scuppered Citeh move and while still putting on enough of a performance for us his head and heart is elsewhere. I reckon it’ll work but we best find a suitable replacement for him soon.


Sanchez had a fantastic assist for Iwobi, but otherwise chose to shoot himself rather than pass to teammates. This clearly frustrated Lacasette, and one wonders whether the two are the best of friends.


One more season then he’s gone. The only thing that matters now is to get a good replacement in time.