Video: Ryan Mason on how Petr Cech has helped him


In January of this year, Hull City defender Ryan Mason suffered a fractured skull during a game against Chelsea – an injury that was life-threatening and one that has hugely affected him.

He’s revealed the extent of the help and support he received from Arsenal keeper Petr Cech, who himself suffered that injury some years ago, calling the 35 year old a ‘gentleman’.

Watch below.

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Madrid gunner

Wow, so inspiring. What a guy


That’s pure class, proud he’s an Arsenal player.

Sum Won Orutha

Yes, always thought he had too much class for chel$ki


Proud to be an Arsenal fan.


Cech him out!

Top top player, top top guy.


First of all Mason is a midfielder, not a defender. Second of all I love how you’ve conveniently left out that he’s a Sp*rs youth academy product ;P. Seriously though it’s a good news story and good to see the kid is recovering


Why it is convenient? Even he was Tottenham player now, I would like Cech to help him! FFS we want yo win them not to kill them!


“Seriously though it’s a good news story and good to see the kid is recovering”

Yeeeesh, tough room!

Kostas Greek Gooner

You are right. Honestly, sorry mate! I misunderstood you!


Cech’s a man’s man. And We’re lucky to have him. The guy is class through and through.


He belongs to that rare breed of footballers who are not only great players but also great human beings. The likes of Neymar, Ronaldo, Suarez are considered the best players around today. But would they have the class to do what Cech did here. I suspect not.

Askar arslan

Ronaldo did just donate his 2013 Ballon D’Or to the Make a Wish Foundation.

Dr Zebra

Yeah heard Bendtner is donating his too!

Dan Hunter

Bit unfair on Ronaldo. The guy is childish but he is big hearted. He donates a lot of money and personal time to charity.


Off-pitch, that guy is pretty awesome actually. Fella was voted the most charitable athlete in the world for 2015. Done many charitable things you wouldn’t expect a man of his supposed notoriety to do.

He also has a tendency to pop up unannounced to support charitable causes from time to time, sometimes in small little places that hardly gives any publicity.

A different George

Ozil paid for operations for around a dozen Brazilian children before the last World Cup, then used his winner’s bonus to pay for more.


I hope we keep Cech til he retires. I hope he gets his badges and we can keep him on as a Goalkeeping Coach as well. This is the type of person you want in your organization for life.


Cech is a top bloke. Respect.