Wenger impressed by ‘back in shape’ Walcott


Arsene Wenger says he’s been impressed with Theo Walcott’s hard work this season, as he gets himself ‘back in shape’.

However, we’re not quite sure what he’s coming from back from, having not been injured, simply left out of the starting line up.

The move to a back three towards the end of last season has seriously restricted the 28 year old’s appearances for the club but he has three goals to his name this season, one in the Carabao Cup and two in the last Europa League game in Belarus.

“He had a very good game at BATE,” Wenger told the Evening Standard. “He looks back to a very good shape.

“I felt it took him some time to come back to his real level. He had a difficult start, maybe, but since the start of the season he looks highly motivated and focused.

“I am impressed with what he is doing and the way he’s coping with the situation.”

It sounds more like a manager talking up a peripheral player ahead of a game than much else, but if Walcott can bang in another couple of goals tonight, there won’t be too many complaints.

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We should have sold him years ago.
Hopefully we’ll pick up £20mill from someone who’s struggling for goals in Jan.


Fans memory…

“Sign Da Ting”

Mein Bergkampf

Does anyone ever wonder if Theo had joined another club or stayed at Southampton, would he have been a different player?

I sometimes think that about Rambo and Jack too. I really think the Ox is going to be the decider on this. If he comes good, we really have to except that our coaching style does not work as regards nurturing raw talent. And before you say Fabregas, the guy was born to play football. It is in his DN… never mind.


Maybe Rambo for me. Pre leg break, he did look like a true box to box midfielder in the making. Post leg break and his game style is very different.


So anyone that is successful will be classified as someone that was born to play regardless and the ones that fail to succeed are all about the coaching? lol

Midwest Gooner

Theo is a verb in my house. Play along. How do you Theo?

Midwest Gooner

“Hey Dad, how was your 5-a-side tonight?”
“I really Theod the game. Couldn’t get a good touch all night, then scored the winning goal.”

Midwest Gooner

Me: “Did you enjoy that?”
Wife: “You finished well, but you didn’t add much to the build up.”


Well why doesn’t he buy him a Chai Latte in an offside position !!!


110000 a week, for playing against not so good opposition in the europa league. Nothing against Theo, just think it’s a waste for both parties to keep him here.

Public Elneny Number One
Public Elneny Number One

“He looks highly motivated and focused”
Contract negotiaton on the horizon is it?

Diego someone

Theo is mid-table at best. And so is our Manager. Impressed with what! Running fast and giving goal kicks with the random goal here and there! For fucks sake instead of respecting the fans who love this club you run Walcott in our face! Maybe he is like a new signing cause he is back from this secret injury.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Walcott had the cojones to say this team lack desire on the pitch. I totally respect that. Plus how many wingers score 19 goals as a sub ?


If le boss is as impressed with Theo as he is with Jack, then not a lot will change over the next few months.


Another enigmatic Arsenal player…………..
If they all came good at the same time, we wud be world beaters!


true dat


Would leave a comment but I have nothing negative to say.

Glory hunter

i still maintain that Arsenals strongest team has Theo in it, which says a lot really 🙁


Probably he just follows Theo on instagram and likes his sweaty pics.


To be honest, they way the team is playing we could do with someone who scores regular goals. It’s not as if the rest of the players are providing better than him and I would have put money on him to score the Ozil chance against Watford.


“but if Walcott can bang in another couple of goals tonight, there won’t be too many complaints.”

not like you to underestimate your readers

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...
He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

Seriously, these comments are priceless. Haha

HiuYan Lau

Theo is as good as Arsene’s ability to train and nurture a player. Both flawed.


Wallcott is a joke man. We should have sold him. His got no improvement ramsey hector sanchez kosc coqeline nacho are all better players today because of arsenal.


I wasn’t impressed with Theo and haven’t been since his hat-trick against Croatia. I really wonder how we will explain Theo to the next generation who never saw him play. His highlights reel will look stunning, but almost everyone would agree he was a limited, limited footballer.