Wenger on a positive week, and what he wants from Iwobi


Arsene Wenger spoke to BT Sport after the 2-0 win over Brighton, here’s what he had to say in response to the questions asked to him by the bloke who works for BT Sports whose job it is to ask questions.

A positive and successful week. Three games, three wins. What did you make of the performance?

I believe we got a clean sheet, we got three points, offensively we were a bit in and out. The fluency was sometimes there, sometimes not. We maybe eased off a bit quickly sometimes, and felt ‘Ok we will win this’. That’s a bit the negative of the day.

You needed a quick start, Monreal’s goal gave you that.

Yes, but they never came really out, and maybe we didn’t play at a high enough pace to score more goals, and they defended well as well. They intercepted many dangerous balls along the box. In the end we knew that this was a very testing week. We had two away games and one very long away trip in the Europa League, so overall we won the three games, so that’s very positive.

That Iwobi goal put people at ease, a lovely moment by Sanchez, but is Iwobi going to be an important player for you?

That’s what we want of him. He is a midfielder who is creative, and what we want from him is goals. Playing in this position you want 10 goals a season, and assists. In the res of the game he contributes very well in the build up and overall I’m happy that he gwts goals.

You’ve closed the gap on the top clubs, you’re level with Chelsea. It’s been a big turnaround since the Anfield game, the Stoke result. You said it’s a different team. Why is that?

Well I believe we played the game at Liverpool under very special circumstances and afterwards people go to definite conclusions on a bad day that we we acknowledged. Nothing is permanent in life, we have always room to improve, and that’s what we did.

Also, in any season you have moments that are difficult and the quality of a season is decided by how well you have a response, united or not, motivated or not, and that’s what we did.

What are the special circumstances you’re referring to?

It was the transfer window, some players had half a head out and half in. As well it was just before an international break when players fly away and when you play away from home, and were already half out.

You said nothing’s permanent, but it’s 21 years since your appointment. You’re permanent! Tell us one thing you’ve learned over those 21 years.

I would say humility [laughter].

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What a man!!


Haters will say they’ve heard all before.


3 out of 3 this week. Things picking up, let’s hope we can keep it going after the international break.


Top bloke..kind of like my grandad

my name is bob

To be honest, considering the absolutely disastrous start to the season, the players and Wenger have done a good job bringing us back into the mix. Of course, we are six points off the top, but at least it looks like they give a shit.

Lack of Perspective

6 points of the top with 30+ games to go.

No conclusions at all to be drawn from that. A couple of seasons ago west ham where basically the same till mid season.

We just need to avoid our annual collapse.

Man Manny

Arsene nailed my thoughts in his answer to the first question. They eased off at some points. They need a mean streak about them. In the games against Bournemouth, West Brom, and today, we could have got up to +12 from them if we wanted. Other contenders are scoring for fun and this may come back to bite us come the season’s end.
Watford, after the interlull, gives them the opportunity to put that right…hopefully.

Gunner Aikay

I will so much miss Arsene when he’s gone. Top Man.


I would like to see us decimate teams more and Brighton were there for it today. Still, a solid performance, players looked like they were having fun, would have liked to see Jack but aside from this it was a really, really great game.

Always enjoy this time of year as an Arsenal fan. Except the mid-October interlull

Andy Mack

It’s the usual problem.
When they defend really well and their keeper plays out of his skin, then we didn’t want it enough.
When they don’t defends well and/or heir keeper has an average game, so we win by a big score, then we’re just bullying the little teams…


A good win! I agree with Wenger on the lack of urgency in large parts of the game. And that’s not just in this game either. Is it just me or do you also feel like the other top teams generally play with a greater urgency and aggressiveness?


I am assuming you refer to the likes of Liverpool? Who are flashy and all in their play, but more often than not, its a miss and not a hit.
I would take a composed 2-0 over a 1-1 anyday of the week


You assumed wrong..have you seen the Manchester clubs?


” some players had half a head out and half in.”
this is a blatant remark on oxlade-chamberlain, why did you play him if his head isnt in the game 100% then wenger? considering it was against the team he had his head swayed by too…


Wenger is a self confessed optimist. He probably felt he could convince him to stay if he kept playing him


Honestly speaking that was the last name that poped on my head. I was thinking more of Alexis and MO. Their contract saga have somehow given some dark cloud at the dressing room. IMHO, I won’t mind them leaving us but NOBODY have right to spread negative vibes in Club. Even, every now and then Ozil contract talk appears in news, it somehow brings distraction.I hope Wenger won’t go soft on him and anyone who thinks they are bigger than club.


Wenger is a kind of manager that trusts in his players. I’m sure he was counting on the ox to be a professional and play for the club until he left. Wenger was wrong to trust him


The man as a human is pure class!!


Spud cunts are still one point ahead of us. Let’s fucking change that!

John Kelly

Be careful they could well bite us in the Arsenal. No proper victories yet. And one draw with Chelsea does not mean that we can compete for the title.


Iwobi did great. Personally don’t mind seeing him in deep midfield too. Quick feet, good strength and an eye for the through pass.

I think the shooting can apply to many in the team.

We need to sharpen up the end product and be less forgiving.

Good energy and bustling around, creating plenty of chances but tame finishing at times. Twice by Iwobi first half but also Ramsey on that breakaway and Alexis too. Even Lacazette could have afforded slightly more gumption on some of his efforts.

Manchester teams and Spuds are putting teams to the sword. We need to get up to that level fast.


There seems to be a co-relation between goal differential and league position at the moment. We need to start racking up our numbers there.

BUT into 5th spot and 6 off the leaders so good position to build on now with 7 games in and the league already shaping up.

Meanwhile every pundits favorite team Liverpuddle and their genius tactician failed to overcome Newcastle today.

No amount of shouting or rock and roll it seems will help over-hyped average players, a leaky defense and the Ox. How the hell we shipped four goals against them is beyond me.

We need to kick ourselves up the arse and remind us of our own incompetence. The biggest danger right now is we feel we have the job done.

Still wasteful per chances created and over emmbelishing with the fancy stuff. Knock in 3 first then bring out the party tricks.


Top, top quality comment!


Are you kidding? Klopp is great. He has a style and he obviously sticks to it. Its not his fault that he doesn’t have the players that are quality. That back 4 sucks overall for Liverpool. Once they get there top CB to pair with Matip and couple decent LB/RB they will be almost as scary as ManC is at this moment.

You can look at what he did for Dortmund. Especially where Dortmund was at the time he took over.


I don’t know what special circumstances Wenger is referring to… That loss to Liverpool has his name all over it. Playing players out of position just to accomodate a player who had made up his mind to leave.

Honestly, if he really wanted to give the Ox a chance, he should have started him in the middle… God knows he could not have done worse than the garbage we were served that day. If he still chose to leave after playing in his “preferred position” then we would have fulfilled all righteousness. It just felt a bit naive and silly playing the Ox in a position he clearly did not want to play in and thinking that would somehow sway him.

I love Wenger a lot but decisions like that do my head in… anyways, all that is in the past. May our good run of form continue as we raise our confident levels.