Agent: Lacazette has no complaints over Man City game

Lacazette taking a penalty

Arsene Wenger’s decision to leave Alexandre Lacazette on the bench for the Man City raised eyebrows among Arsenal fans.

The French international had scored in the previous away game at Everton, and dovetailed beautifully with Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil.

However, the manager decided against starting him at the Etihad, and coupled with the fact he’s rarely completed 90 minutes in the league, there have been suggestions that he might be unhappy.

However, those have been played down the player’s agent David Venditelli, who told SFR Sport (via ESPN), “It’s not worrying, because he played at Chelsea.

“Our way of working is to relativise things: 11 matches, nine starts. Of course, it’s not nice to see that he didn’t start that match, but it was, as Arsene Wenger explained, for tactical reasons.

“He’s learning. Alex needs to have calm around him. He’s happy, and Arsenal are too with his work.

“It’s not because a player doesn’t play, even though it’s two important games of course. He would have preferred to have played them.”

Venditelli continued to stress there are no issues at this early stage of his Arsenal career.

“When you’re outside the club, I can understand the questions. I understand, but I think Alex isn’t complaining about his playing time, even if he would prefer to start games like those against City or Liverpool.

“But he talks to the manager, the staff, there’s no problem. You can’t, every time your player doesn’t play, even if it’s Alexandre Lacazette, knock on the door or pick up the phone and talk to the manager.

“Everything is fine.”

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Refreshingly positive news here… Laca’s going to be a stud for us imo, hope we build a better team whilst he plays for us

Mein Bergkampf

Let’s see how he feels next season when he’s getting all his service from Alex Iwobi and Granit Xhaka… I expect for someone like Lacca, Arsenal is a great stepping stone for a big European move in a couple of seasons.


Yeah, could you imagine if his agent came out all guns blazing, kicking off over the fact that his client hasn’t started two of the biggest league games this season, and on both occasions there were other players getting minutes who aren’t, and weren’t, on board for the long haul.. The press would be all over it.

It still bothers me that he left him out on Sunday. I just don’t understand how all in the pre-match build up, Arsene was talking about the importance of offsetting our defensive frailties by utilizing our offensive potency. Then he leaves out our record signing, an actual striker. Clearly no lessons were learnt from the debacle at Anfield earlier on this season.

I think the bare minimum you expect from your manager is to play the best 11 players at his disposal in the big games away from home.

I give slight understanding to the theory well ‘he might of left him out due to tactical reasons,’ But surely on the recent evidence of what happened away at Liverpool. That guess what, not playing a striker tends to mean you’re not going to score a goal. And the fact that Alex was probably still simmering off of his well taken goal and performance away at Goodison Park, giving him the nod upfront was probably the correct decision.

But meh.


I think Wenger needs to start treating lacazette with the same respect he treats Ozil and Sanchez. Those two have less than a year left on their contracts, regardless to how committed you may think they are (I don’t question their professionalism) lacazette is more committed to the cause. I believe he has the quality and more importantly, the attitude and desire to succeed and fight for our club.

So Wenger, stop fucking benching our record signing who is probably our most clinical finisher against the top teams, and stop subbing him off in the 70th minute, give him a chance to test tiring defenders. Look at how many goals lukaku and Kane score in the last 10 minutes of games, the number speak for themselves. Start showing faith in lacazette and I’m convinced he’ll reward that faith. There’s no reason lacazette Sanchez and Ozil can’t start almost all our premiere league games, quit dicking around please! Coquelin is not a CB so just play players in their strong positions with the necessary support around them.

I think we should go back to a back four and play three men in midfield. I think Ramsey Xhaka and Wilshere are all quality midfielders but I feel all three of them would be much better in a back three. I think their weakness are often exposed in a midfield two.

I strongly believe our best system would be a 4-1-2-1-2 (similar to Juve’s back four) with Xhaka as the anchor, Wilshere and Ramsey either side of him, Ozil in the number 10, Sanchez and Lacazette up top. I think this system would suit all our players a lot more. That would also give us the depth in defense we so badly need. Hulk and Monreal at lb, bellerin and debuchy at rb, Koscienly Mustafi BFG and holding for CB.


Awesome I was thinking more of a 212131 myself.

Mesut O\'Neill

Knowing that Sanchez & Ozil are going, why not start this guy for every game? Why piss off a player who is tied to the club for the next 4 seasons.


did you not read the post? There are no issues at the moment. Obviously AW talked to Laca about what was going to happen on Sun not just do what he did. Of course like most of us I would have preferred him from the beginning.



We must have a drama!!!!!!


That’s very nice of his agent to take the trouble to clear that up, what a thoroughly decent fellow he sounds.

The cheques in the post.


Nothing to see here ladies and gentlemen, just media trying to make drama at Arsenal once again. Move along everyone.


Why is it drama?


I never said it was. I was implying the media are TRYING to make drama at Arsenal once again.


I think it was the right decision to leave him on the bench. I say this because Alexis upfront is better at receiving long passes (really good first touch), and is much more of an individualist (dribbling, playmaking, shooting from distance). And we needed that, so we could skip their midfield with a long pass to him, and therefore not play to Citys strengths. It just baffles me why alot of the fans were calling Wenger out for it, as if having a team of professionals tactians and 20+ Years in top football isnt better than their hindsight.

Andy Mack

Unfortunately too many fans only understand tactics from the media.
No independent thought.

nimble foot

annoyingly if it had come off for us, they’d not be talking shit. It’s all hindsight
I thought the decision to start Alexis up there was good, I wondered about Coq but he showed me why the manager selected him. People also say City beat us without shifting gears I think that’s patronising nonsense. We stifled their play it’s as simple as that, we didn’t let them shift gears. In the end it took a strike of immense quality for them to score the only uncontroversial goal they scored


Why not just have in there in Iwobi’s spot? Its not like he doesn’t work hard when he’s out there on the pitch. I see him tracking back and able to play the ball at his feet.


And how did that work out for us exactly?

Teryima Adi

Wenger doesn’t know what he is doing anymore. He is like a coaching relic from the past. He only plays for the Champions league place.

Andy Mack

Which newspaper did you read that in?


Yeah it was a good tactic we won that game and Alexis scored our goal.

Andy Mack

It would be boring if football were that simple…


Once again, I believe we played well with city and it didnt feel like crushing. We were unlucky with the offside decision but overall we had a decent performance. The only thing I would change is Ozil for Laca or Jack in order to provide some extra passion. But then again Ozil could be killer at counter attacking positions …
Overall I am satisfied.

Bergkamp\'s Toe



I do agree to some extent.
I was surprised about the press in the first 10-15 minutes. It looked much more coordinated than what we’ve seen in the past, even though I was worried about Xhaka being that high up, sometimes together with Ramsey.
That’s why an extra man in midfield would’ve helped a great deal, I believe.
After 15 minutes played mid-range/long balls over our press and we didn’t attack those enough.
Our defence was too deep because they feared City’s quick offense.
Until we got to 1-2 it was tough to watch but then we finally switched to 433 or 4231 and offensively it worked better. Then the ref/linesman killed the game. Still disappointed about too many defeats already. Without the avoidable defeats to Stoke and Watford it would so much better and I could’ve taken the loss against City a lot better.
Whatever, we need to keep a clean sheet against Spurs first and foremost and definitely play Lacazette from the start.


As it turned out, until the offside goal we had a chance but I wouldn’t pretend we had a decent performance.

On any other day Man City should have been out of sight by the end of the first half.

I’m just glad we didn’t take a bollocking.

I really think we are in a scrap with Liverpool for 5th. We will do very well if we make it to 4 and overachieve if we finish 3rd.


Man City should’ve been out of sight, but weren’t at the end because football doesn’t work that way. It is stochastic in nature. I don’t think the performance was bad. It was certainly a good plan to press City, but doing that right needs a lot of practice and our players clearly didn’t have the coordination.


Speaks to future-proofing against discombobulation if Lac can decompartmentalise short term tactical decisions.


All I know is nobody wins a against disco bomb. Facts


This was one of those tactical decisions Wenger makes that leave you wondering what the actual tactic was. If he’d gone with Giroud up to you’d say we’ve gone for a target man but Sanchez? Still wondering. I’ve just resigned to watching my beloved Arsenal without any expectations anymore. It’s the only reason I’ve continued to enjoy football. I am elated when we win, no longer surprised/frustrated when we lose.

Lord Bendnter

Who’s his agent? Ivan Gazidis?


I do


Probably played less minutes overall than Elneny this season :\

Andy Mack

The PL is the most physical, fastest and most competitive league in the world, and it doesn’t have a winter break. Lacazette is new to the PL.
Don’t you think it’s wise to protect him in the hope he can last a full season?

A view to Ozil

I wonder if the tactics regarding Lacazette will change for future ‘big’ away games now seen as though we’ve lost both and he’s scored our only goal.


Freaked out, insecure, neurotic, emotional.

Everything is fine.


Good lord above, it is almost as if this agent has spoken in a level-headed, sensible way, taking a pragmatic view of the situation. This is simply not what we want to hear. We want hyperbole, vitriol, and rampant self-interest designed to further a negative narrative.

Dennis Elbow

The media.
“We make a crisis out of a drama.”

A Person

Hi i’m a reporter from guardian , i want to publish an article on how awful Arsenal is at the moment and why it doesn’t have a future and has to play for championship in a few years , that will make me A LOT OF money , so if you guys can help me to make some drama in Arsenal’s dressing room , i will appreciate it , i will give you good money.


Just interview Lee Dixon, Henry, Wrighty, Bould, etc etc in fact any of our legends who know Wenger is way, way past it.


Hi . I’m a soccer correspondent with the Irish Times.
I have started reporting on hockey matches, because the pschyciatrist that my employer had to send me to, told me not to try anymore to figure out the Arsenal starting lineup.


… ……….Alexis………….Lacazette……………

You can put Ozil in Ramsey’s spot and drop Aaron for Coquelin’s position. Giroux for either Lacazette or Alexis.

Press higher, force the mistakes. Stop giving away the ball bc we are trying more ambitious balls bc Alexis is up on his own and more isolated.

Iwobi and Coquelin allow the wingback to come up whilst Alexis works the wide area, Lacazetter steps into the box vice versa.


Oops too many players. I guess we need to take one Cback out to make two at the back.

Prob is Granit isn’t the best defensively but so crucial transitioning us quicker.

Heavy infantry

Wow,is this guy really a football agent ? Talks like a normal human being…

spanish gooner

The same thing happened last year – we were all asking for Xhaka to start but Wenger took his time and this year he has started nearly every game. Whether he should is another question!


“Everything is fine”….for now of course as he’s just arrived. Hope Lacazette is still here when this sorry manager of ours goes. A proper manager won’t sit him on the bench in big games.


He’ll be pissed off when he’s asked to play on the left wing and do some defending.