Thursday, December 1, 2022

Burnley 0-1 Arsenal – player ratings

It wasn’t exactly a great performance, but if you can’t enjoy a win which boils the ever-loving piss out of a set of fans who had biffing off all game, and been singing ‘Same old Arsenal, always cheating’ throughout, then you’re dead inside.

Read the report and watch the goal here.

Here’s how the players rated today.

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Actually thought it was a game of real quality and intensity.
They’re a top side who are very well drilled.
Three brilliant points.


Wasn’t a great game from us but they were very well drilled. Marked man to man, constricted passing lanes.

We were too predictable because we lack the sort of players in midfield that can take on a player or two on their own without losing the ball.

But great 3 points is the main thing. And into 4th ahead of Spurts and Liverpuddle with over half a season to go!


Disagree about Ramsey (and I’m a big fan of his). He was the most dangerous of our midfield because he was usually the most advanced as usual, but thought he took too many touches almost every time he was on the ball and made some poor decisions around the box.
Thought wilshere upped the tempo pretty nicely when he came on, I’d like to see him get a shot ahead of Ramsey sooner rather than later.


We need a number 10 if ozil leaves…iwobi is good and worth a shot for his place but we may just lose out on top 4 if iwobi stays inconsistent …Kinda think we need to call that aulas guy from Lyon to get fekir.


Seems a bit overly critical, bloody ecstatic about the win and he was by no means poor. Just think others were better. Think it’s cech’s best performance for a while too, commanded the area so well and took/ punched some very dangerous balls in with no drama.

Crash Fistfight

Cech MOTM based on my ratings (even thought I didn’t realise that before I started doing them).


we need to play to Lacca strength, sick and tired of him starved of service and has to always drop back to midfield to have some say on the game. someone like him deserves more, i mean why else pay 50 odd million quid, if your not gonna play to his strength. arsene baffles me SMH


Lmaaaoo imagine how Giroud feels, mate


Hey that is the case for all our strikers… being starved of service. Our midfield isn’t as creative as we would like and wingers/wing backs are rather poor at delivering a cross. This is why Giroud could have had many more goals in an Arsenal jersey if only we would play to his strengths throughout a match and not just at the end when we are desperate for a goal.


When Monreal feels the need to take a shot outside the penalty box we have a problem.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He was taking all our shots for a while there. That is a big red flag that says “The midfield doesn’t work properly”.


I’m sure that Ozil would have made a difference with his creativity


To me it was just a typically fine game that Cech always produces


That cross that he just smashed away with his arcing arm was quality to see, some his ball control was great as well ospina and macy don’t offer that assurity which is I guess why Petr is world class.


Mc1892… Ramsey had a solid all round game. Got into 2 scoring positions, of which, Wilshere doesn’t have the energy or mindset to. I think it is easy to underestimate Ramsey’s stamina and endurance. He covers the ground Xhaka can’t, it is why it is kind of working with a solid pacey defence behind in Kos, Mustafi and Monreal. We are yet to concede with those 3. Got nothing against Jack and wouldn’t mind him getting more minutes, but when he came on he gave the ball away about 3 times in 5 minutes. Lets not get ahead of ourselves.… Read more »

Dave M

Seems a bit harsh on Iwobi too. He was all over the place. Sure he doesn’t have the same influence and creativity as Ozil, but he really help thwart a lot of dangerous Burnley play and control possession when needed and make the right runs. Did a job.


If anything we actually get worse when jack came in. Remember that one time when jack got dispossessed on the edge of our box which result in a burnley shot? But I agreed, I hope jack got a run in PL so people could actually see the light and move on already.


We certainly weren’t better. Iwobi moves things around for us. When he was hauled off, we were probing and standing as a perimeter. What we lack is another technical player who can turn on a six pence like Santi. Rambo has the turning circle of a train in the underground. We lack the ability of a player in midfield who can beat a player or two on his own. With Burnley man marking, this would have been a crucial advantage. Jack has some of that trait but isn’t as accomplished. We also lack composure today. Too many rush decisions in… Read more »


Absolutely right about our need for a turn on a sixpence midfielder (and Rambo not being it) and, even more importantly today, the need for composure when we worked ourselves into good positions (Ozil would’ve helped with the latter). Also thought the ratings are harsh on Iwobi, who wasn’t amazing but was providing some skill on the ball throughout.

Crash Fistfight

Love the turning circle simile 🙂

It’s definitely true, as well. He was quite good today, though, I thought.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So when he gets a run you’re looking forward to no longer having to snipe at him from the comfort of whatever your bum happens to be sitting on?


I totally agree with this. Let’s give jack a rub out and let’s put this to rest once and for all. It won’t be pretty I might add. We lost possession more when he came on but people give him a free pass and downgrade iwobi who I thought did very well. If lacazzett was more skillful the top 3 would be more dangerous

Arse City Blues

‘let’s give Jack a rub out’

Fucking hell mate, did he have a good game or not? It definitely won’t be pretty.


On the basis of commitment, everyone gets a 10. This is the kind of gritty performance we need all the time. Take nothing away from this team, we just played a very good side. Their other results this season are testaments to that.

Stringer Bell

Ramsey was our best player ???????????????????????


Maybe not our best player but was still excellent as he usually is. Can’t see what you find so funny.


‘Excellent’ is a strong word. ‘Solid’, a better one.




Agreed, Ramsey often takes an extra second to make the obvious pass


It’s ironic, because I’ve been making this complaint about him for ages, but I actually think he was pretty good today. I’d say he’s been solid-to-strong all season (judging by his own frustrating standards of the last few seasons and not compared to the world’s best centre midfielders). I’ve made peace with the fact that he’s often way ahead of the play for a CM (both when we have the ball and without it), and that when he is helping build from deep, he not infrequently lacks skill and composure. He’s never going to be a Cazorla, so we’ve gotta… Read more »

DB10\'s Air Miles

I think he would be better suited in central midfield 3, we could accommodate him playing so far up without sacrificing too much in the way of tactical/defensive security and discipline under those circumstances. Despite us dominating possession, Burnley actually looked for dangerous when they were on the attack, well in first half especially. Under the circumstances, and considering that Burnley have been consistently over performing this season, I’ll call that a very pleasing 3 points. I think the winning penalty could be perceived as pretty soft, but perhaps the red was trying to make amends for not awarding us… Read more »

DB10\'s Air Miles

*ref not *red
The curse of autocorrect strikes again….. Modern technological advances to increase our laziness do come at a small price. ?

jack jack jack

Personally thought Ramsey was very good today, certainly one of our better players. Jack had a couple of nice moments but didn’t really affect the game in any significant way.


Look, we always have Alexis and Ramsey losing possession for us. Alexis through dribbling and over dribbling and Ramsey through taking too long to control and trying to pass


Ramsey’s passing was more all over the place than Sead’s. Just saying.

And being a midfielder, I’d love to see his stats on ball recoveries and interceptions these last games. Visually he’s jogging back and not defending or helping Xhaka and the defence.

jack jack jack

Ramsey passing accuracy 88.7%. Cheers, all the best


Very poor percentageconsidering most of his passes are square or backwards


And not saying he’s a bad footballer, I just believe he’s better suited on the front 3 than midfield. His game is more about getting in the box and doing damage.

In midfield he seems to take too long to do the things you’d need your midfielder to do. Control, turn release it. His weight on the pass.
Supporting the striker, his runs in the box, he looks superb. I’d have him more advanced than where he is.

As for Jack, I’d give him a proper run in the same position he excelled for us before. Where Ramsey is currently.

Chris Siple

Ramsey has an incredible engine. It’s what makes his ideal position in the midfield. He can be frustrating, but he’s one of those guys no one wants to play against, because he’s always running and you are never sure what he’s going to do next. (Which is also why he’s frustrating at times.)

I’ve been down on Xhaka, but he was at least disciplined today.

Uh, yeah, when are our wingbacks going to learn how to cross the ball?

Good game, great win. I’m glad Barnes’s constant diving didn’t pay off.

Always Arsenal

Thank you for this ! That’s how I saw it.

Billy Dyer

Except that he doesn’t cause any damage. He’s not clinical enough. Needs too many chances to score, due to the fact that he’s not aware of where the goal is. The second issue is that he runs (more often than not) into the path or space of our Centre Forward. Lacazette, Giroud, Alexis and Theo, they all run (or end up) in the same space as Ramsey. I really don’t mind him making those very late runs in the box, but that’s all. He should not abandon his area /space designated to him to defend, or abandon his CM partner… Read more »

jack jack jack

Sorry mate, but you said Ramsey’s passing was all over the place. Quite evidently absolute rubbish (88.7% ffs) and probably based on one or two passes you noticed that went astray. He mostly had a very good game. Secondly, if you understood the role of a box-to-box midfielder, you would realise Ramsey is essentially a prototype in that position. What makes his runs so dangerous is that he runs *from deep* – and he has the engine to get up and down all day. Further, in our current formation, the two positions further forward are basically two no. 10s. Ramsey… Read more »

jack jack jack

Worth watching this video of Ramsey’s highlights from Burnley. This is what’s called a great midfield performance. People have such a warped view of him, I really don’t understand it.

jack jack jack
spanish gooner

Ramsey has probably been our best midfielder this season

Faisal Narrage

You say that as if it’s a difficult feat.
He only has to be better than Xhaka, Elneny and Coq.

Not Sir Mo

Getting on top of Sp*ds – 10.0000
Love the new precision scoring system!


0:1 at Turf Moor. Great stuff. Alexis is like sex: If he’s good, he’s very good. If he’s bad, he’s still quite good.
Keep this guy for all means. We’re the fans, we want to see the best players in the world at the Emirates, we should not care about finances.

Lee M

It’s all well and good not caring about finances, but i’d care a lot more for (as an example) Lemar for 4/5 seasons than Alexis for half of one.


How about Alexis and Lemar. Not like we couldn’t have afforded it. Should have wrapped up Lemar way before the final day. Anyway, enough of my negativity… we beat Burnley away.


You can’t wrap up Lemar. Selling club was not interested.

He wasn’t worth that much.


How about some common sense?!


Nice analogy


arse, alex wants to go, what can you do, stan cares about finances, so that’s it


Mr Negative strikes again.


Your sex life must be shite


No. If he is bad, he is f**king bad.


The CBs put in a real shift. These sort of 3 pointers are the sweetest!


Some nervy moments. If anything we were lucky several times.

Mustafi and Koscielny were largely solid. I believe Koscielny made a poor pass or two putting us back under pressure.

Monreal wasn’t good today. Got turned far too easily and luckily they hit the post courtesy of cech.

Not that solid IMO.

BUT our defense was put under undue duress particularly with a number of soft free kicks and the number of corners they won.

Thankfully and ironically, we were awarded a gift which we took and rightly so.


Agree with everything (Kos was wasteful on a number of occasions, and that last shot Monreal took was bloody ridiculous), except the bit about the penalty being a gift. You see those sorts of penalty shouts waved away all the time, but that just shows refs are sh*t and terribly inconsistent: it was deserved, based on the contact.


For me Kolasinac was the player of the match. Was I in fact watching another game? I guess I need to have my ojos checked .


Kolasinac gets an extra couple of stars from me for going straight up to the Burnley player looking for a fight putting his arm round him and immediately stopping him.



10.00/10.00 for very spesific ratings.


I’d like to see a few more decimal places tbh

Indian Gooner

Thought..Mustafi, Kos, Nacho, Kolasinac and Bellerin won the match for us.

Crash Fistfight

I thought Kolasinac did well in the first half, but was poor in the 1st. Also thought Bellerin was not at the races at all today.

I think the rating for Iwobi is harsh. At the point he came off it looked as if he was having a poor game, but that’s because he was working so hard up to that point, he was knackered. I thought he was our best player in the first half.

Crash Fistfight

That should’ve been Kolasinac did well in the 2nd half and poor in the 1st.


Kolasinac was very poor first half. Stanidng around as the ball was whizzed around him in circles.

That’s what I mean selective judgement by many who have their untouchables.

Crash Fistfight

That is true, but you’ve got to admit you do the same with some players (Elneny always rubbish and Mustafi always awesome).


Agree about Hector. He’s struggled in 2017, but has been steadily improving of late and was very good against Spurs. Today he was bullied off of 50/50’s near the touchline a number of times by their press. And his decision making and delivery when in dangerous positions is still really, really, really inconsistent (that might be generous). Also, he needs to get tighter to opposition wide players to stop them getting in dangerous crosses. Only happened once or twice today, but I notice it now, as it’s become a running theme for a while.

Always Arsenal

Hector is just awful at the mo. Delivery is hopeless and for some reason he is never close to his man when defending. Decision making is all over the place, that last minute defensive (?) header against spuds nearly gave me a heart attack. Just now he’s fast, but that’s it.

Santi\'s Thigh Grab

I’ve rated Hector offensively poor as of late. He receives the ball on the touch line, looks at his man and then passes backwards. He never tries to beat his man anymore to get in the cross, probably because he knows he can’t. He doesn’t seem to have that pace pre-ankle injury. We have to have wing backs who can cross. If he doesn’t immediately pass it back, he makes that cut inside, gets cut off and then passes it back. There is no danger from Bellerin’s side. We desperately need some competition in that position. Would love to see… Read more »


Agreed. If you don’t concede you always give yourself a chance to nick a win via a penalty or some moment of brilliance. Although Bellerin was rather poor going forward, don’t think he whipped in a good cross all game, he was solid at the back. It does frustrate me how much pace he has but he never really uses in an attacking sense, didn’t see him skin the defender and hit the byline once. Kolasinac on the other hand was very dangerous going forward. I wonder if we can clone him 🙂


Bosscielney put in the shift, his forward play in the last 20 minutes was brilliant. COYG

Stringer Bell

How about Ramsey?


you ugly little troll


Huh?! The same Kos that put in several aimless, wasteful crosses? The same Kos that Burnley’s defense was specifically leaving free near the end, forcing us to pass to him, since they knew he wasn’t dangerous??

Look, I love Kos as much as the next fan (which is to say, a lot), but he was poor going forward today. Sometimes I think fans just see what they want to see, and what’s actually going on before their eyes is completely irrelevant.

Stringer Bell

Don’t tell sanogo that, he has a wonderful eye for a footballer ??


Lol, you are obsessed with Ramsey aren’t you. I call you out on you repetitive negativity towards one player. It is pathetic. See you next week when you do your crying laughter emoji routine.

Crash Fistfight

You’re basing that on the last 10-15 minutes, where Kos decided he was going to play right wing and his passing was not great, to say the least. Before that, his passes into midfield were nice and sharp (as were Mustafi’s). It’s a bit of an odd criticism of a centre back, in any case.


he pushed forward through the lines well in my opinion, and that’s all we got here friend. COYG


Is that a response to me? i was responding to Sanogo who said “his forward play in the last 20 minutes was brilliant,” so, yeah, I was basing that on the last 10-15 minutes, in order to respond to him.


Couple of great body on the line blocks from Mustafi that are always great to see.

Billy Dyer

Funny you should mention that. He’s the only player we’ve got that throws himself like that & puts his body on the line, just so he blocks the shot.
Yet, Blog finds it reasonable to criticise Mustafi for giving away soft fouls. If they’re soft fouls, then that’s a coded name for a non-foul.
Personally, I’m very happy he’s back for us.


It seems arriving late may have caused some of the boys to ‘lack a touch of sharpness,’ as Arsene so frequently puts it.


A mighty generous 6 for Alexis


Hard work from all 11. Little sparkle but a sweat-earned three points. Nice to sicken those hard northern bastards who dish it out but whine when legitimate challenges don’t go their way


Lancashire scum!


Same Old Arsenal, Always Winning…

Bob Loblaw

That back three are starting to look really good together. On another note Ozil “ill” yet again despite being in full training yesterday
Listen to what Rambo says about him here


Ramsey is the biggest teachers pet of all time, and comes across as a slimey little cunt in that video. It’s obvious there’s no love lost between Ramsey and Mesut.


Why then Özil travelled?


Yeah, because healthy, in form, elite footballer would prefer to sit on his backside, not even in the match day squad, rather than start for his team in a key football match.


You obviosly have inside information. Have you anything else to share with us?


Um, I’m being sarcastic, obviously.

Godfrey Twatsloch

“Bonus rating: 10/10 – the boos at the final whistle were like the music of angels to my ears. Hahahaha”

Same here. While the game itself was frustrating to watch the penalty and the boos at the end made for a welcome release. Hahahaha indeed!


Sanchez? Awful all day?
Left side , just inside our half, zero space………..Swivel, touch, ping……xfield ball, right to left draw (approx 40 yards), straight to the on rushing Hector…….. Did that kinda stuff a lot……..yeah Shite

Crash Fistfight

Yeah, I thought he did quite well today. He didn’t give the ball away that much at all today, unless I’m imagining it. Not his best, but by no means awful.

Yankee Gooner

I’m just about finished re-watching the match, and I have to agree that Alexis was quietly, shockingly bad. He seems to be giving it away 4 out of 5 touches.


Happy for Jack. He needs to repeat this (be our second half game changer) until December and then we can say he is ready for the first team.
Iwobi deserves higher rating. His first touch, technical dribbling and defensive work rate is fantastic, just needs to add end product to his game.
10/10 to Wenger, Bould & BFG (Noticed the sneaky handshake Wenger gave to BFG. BFG is almost like our player/manager these days. I can imagine him giving the half time team talks)
11/10 to the fans.


Wenger shakes everyone’s hand.

Teryima Adi

Alexis was not awful all day. The Clarets were good and didn’t roll on their bellies for us to run rings around them. Kudos to our boys that all put in a good shift. The Arsenal I know would have conceded a goal or worst still would have lost the match. Thank God we didn’t.


They went man to man when they lost the ball. We were too slow to spring into attack. Also when we lost the ball we left space defending in zones rather than going man to man like they did. The several times we had the most joy was when we were successful with accurate long passes from the back that beat their 5 man wall in midfield pressing high. We did not use the wings anywhere enough and when we did go to byline, poor crosses or lack of presence in the box packed with Claret and Blue meant ineffective… Read more »

Alexis Signitplease

On his performance up ’til Welback came on, it should have been Alexis going off. He never looked like scoring and his attempts at assists were all way off. I though he was in Jack – trying too hard – Wilshere mode. Compared to the Sp*rs performace, our wingbacks were poor in ball usage / delivery.

Olivije Žirod

I am usually the first one to criticize Ramsey but today he had a really good game. He really impressed me in the last few games. Overall I think everyone were okay today, especially the back 3 were superb. We were the better team apart from first 20 minutes. Turf Moor is a tough place to go. Cech again kept us in the game when we needed him like always does but many don’t value that. We missed Ozil.


Nice of Lee Mason to at least follow on his fallover-foul decisions with one for us. Burnley were constantly feeling a player behind and collapsing to get free kicks so really nice to get one in return.


Ohhh look at it again he even makes this face like he’s saying to the Burnley players “oh well our agreement is null and void now, sorry chaps, I don’t like em either but that’s a penalty…”


Bless Mason Jar. he was trying to be consistent.


Amen. I kept wondering how Hector and Nacho kept knocking over Ashley Barnes with a touch to his back. It also felt like every 50-50 challenge we won there was a foul called on us. Ramsay, for example, won an aerial duel in the attacking third, got crushed, and was judged to have fouled the lumpkin. I’m surprised the Robbie Brady foul on Hector in the box is not getting mentioned. Are we so inured to not getting penalty calls that we no longer acknowledge them? I thought we showed commitment, courage, and restraint in the face of a ref… Read more »


I must have a selective memory but Ramsey and Iwobi looked like spectators in this game. They didn’t defend created nothing going forward. If Ramsey hadn’t of won us the pen I would have forgotten he played


Yes you do have a selective memory as Ramsey had a fine match as he usually does

Lance banner

0/10 Arsenals inability to cross a fucking ball into the box. Seriously for one of the most technically skilled teams they are total shit at crossing. Its as if they think its beneath them.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

By Jove, you’ve got it!!!! Somebody should tell them crossing is supposed to go above them.


NO one to cross to. Lacazette is a poor presence in this circumstance.

Needed Giroud.


Laca cut a forlorn figure today, but to be fair to them Burnley defended well and packed the box.

Man Manny

Who says lightning does not strike twice – thrice really.


3 points is all that matters. For all you Ozil haters, I hope you see just how toothless we are in the final 3rd without him. His final ball would’ve made a lot of difference today.
I feel sorry for Laca. I thought Wenger would’ve subbed one of the CBs for Welbeck.
Iwobi is short of confidence. It’s like he doesn’t feel like a first team player. What is going on with him?? He needs to take more risks…he has the ability


Maybe but at the same time his lack of defensive astuteness would leave us 11 vs 10 on defense and honestly speaking Burnley would not give him the time or space based on how they were playing. And let’s be real Ozil is not one to get past a player on the dribble to create space for himself, in which case he would have to do against Burnley.


Does anyone else find Burnley fans the most odious behind only Stoke fans, or is it just me?


Lancashire scum


Completely. The ugly baying for blood, the constant, blinkered whinging about everything, the hypocrisy.


Anyone else catch the mocking whistle everytime something didn’t come off for Arsenal? It was like the guy was sitting right next to the broadcasters.


I kept expecting another ugly injury for us today. Our guys would cut the ball back avoiding tackles and get hit with forearms that were never, ever called. I guess that’s good defense now.

Yankee Gooner

Surely a penalty assist is a “penist”?

NaiBoi Gunner.

Really don’t know what to make of Xhaka.

Nachos in Montreal

Very harsh on Alexis- yes he was not at his utmost efficiency,but he was up against a very physical and tough defence and his explosive turns and twists still excite me ever so little


I agree, he scores a high-pressure penalty and is only given a 6/10.


I haven’t watched it again yet but it did seem like he was back a lot helping Granit/Ramsey with defensive stuff and forward a lot in the middle trying to do what Ozil does. i would like to see a pin map of his touches to see where he did his work.


Him and Iwobi are able to turn quickly on a six pence and face the opponents. BUt both our midfielders in Granit and Ramsey are more lumbering and have the turning circle of an old trolley.

We certainly miss the sort of turning ability and dribbling wizardry of a Santi which would have made a five man midfield wall by Burnley largely irrelevant.


I felt Iwobi was the player that kept us moving forward and flowing every time he got the ball. Bringing the ball forward and getting into little pockets in the 18 but not being found time and time again as the wrong ball was being played. Ramsey for a few games now has been doing quietly brilliant in the attacking third with releasing players (just as he did so many times in that spurs game). Our defense, again has been the most solid out of attack and midfield and long may the defending continue. Good hard earned three points. COYG!!… Read more »

John Roughneen

What are you thinking Arseblog? Ramsey was a 5 at most. What’s with your Rambo bias? Yes he does one great thing now and then. But only after 30 bad things.

Stringer Bell

True dat

Kwame Ampadu Down

We all have our biases to be fair. Arseblog’s are just more obvious to people than the rest of us….for fairly obvious reasons. (you know, it being his blog & all)
Personally, arseblog’s Ramsey bias is still miles short of his Arteta bias which was simply extraordinary.


How can you not love perfect hair?


This hatred of Ramsey is quite sickening. He had an excellent match and he still gets slated. Very strange.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Why do people insist on using ‘hate & ‘hatred’ to describe opinions of a footballers ability that differ from their own – do you even understand what ‘hate’ means ffs?

Stringer Bell

It’s not hatred Martin, he is just up to level we need to challenge. Bit like our manager these days. Just people calling it as they see it. I watch him in the flesh st the emerates and he is an above average player but not good enough if we want to compete at the top, which I thought we did. To say he had an excellent match just shows how willing to settle for mediocrity you have become.


more like an obsession for you guy, you leave the emirates, get on the inter-webs and hate on Ramsey or use childish sarcasm. We get it, you don’t like him. If you move on, I will too…..and my handle is ItSango-al not Sanogo. Idris Alba you are not.

Stringer Bell

THanks sonogo ? I’ve really got to you. Don’t take it so personal. ?


Actually Ramsey really got to you. Don’t take it so personally. Practice some new trolling material for next week……… Curious as to how you managed to watch Ramsey in the flesh at the Emirates when he and his flesh was at Burnley. Go to sleep it’s bedtime for children.

Stringer Bell

?? you have become obsessed. I’ve got a stalker ?


Look out your window can you see me?

Yankee Gooner

All he can see is Ramsey.


He probably has a Ramsey blanket.


@Stringer i think this sanogoal chap is Ramsey’s pr. He can never see the obvious


What nonsense are you talking about. Find one comment of mine that is pro Ramsey. I see obviously Stringer Bell is a pathetic troll directing vitriol to one player every week. Fits your crap narrative though

Danny çïç

Not one of are player created a clear goal scoring chance iwobi was just awful today


Just showed how uch we missed Ozil

George Costanza

The centre-forward created a very ‘clear goal-scoring opportunity. It fell to Ramsey.

Forest Gooner

That went straight into the arse of burnley…

What team?

To me It looked like the team wasn’t playing as a collective team, but as everyone with individual goals to be the hero. They took so many shots that weren’t going to be anything just for the sake of it… *cough* Nacho *cough* and he wasn’t the only one. There were times players were making runs into the box alone when a teammate was open in the middle of the box!

A Different George

For those who have cried for Iwobi to start in place of Ozil, I think we saw the difference today.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

For the majority of the game I kept thinking “Why can’t we pass the ball as well as Bloody Burnley?”. Their play seemed to flow while ours seemed like “pass-pass-pass-pass slightly less accurately-pass more inaccurately-pass it in the vague direction while feeling rushed-lose the ball-chase back desperately”. It’s funny how we don’t notice poor passes made by the opposition when each and every one of our own feels like a disaster. We actually had less missed passes than they did but it never felt that way while the game was on. We did excel on the one truly meaningful stat… Read more »


Did not think Ramsey was particularly good. Poor decision making,should have finished his chances. Did not think Iwobi was as bad. Moved us around a bit more where we became truly statuesque when he came on (but for the one excellent effort/close call with jack) Did not think Monreal was that great. Lost his men a couple of time, once it hit the post. Thought Mustafi was very solid particularly with that last ditch challenge. Did not think Lacazette was effective at all. Several poor and tame shots. This game in fact was crying out for a Giroud not Welbeck.… Read more »

Stringer Bell

Martin said he had an excellent game ????


I don’t know how the f**k, Iwobi and Wilshere can hide on such a big pitch. I tried so hard, but I could never find them coming towards the ball to receive it. One time, Wilshere was in acres of space, and he kept pointing to pass the ball to Sanchez. WTF !!!!


Cannot talk for Wilshere, but Iwobi does not come towards the ball coming from the midfield. He instead goes into the pocket of space where: 1. A pass can be made to him 2. When he receives the ball the opposition need to get out of position to reach him 3. Allows him space and time to turn and run at the opposition. Watch the game again and see it for yourself

Santi\'s Thigh Grab

Iwobi was shit, have a hard time understanding why people thought he was great defensively. He was strolling and content to let others pick up his man with the ball.

Robert Pyres

Just so happy we scored last minute to shut all those Burnley neanderthals in the stadium..a truly horrid set of fans who have clearly gotten above their station. Aside from that – #mindthepowershift

Wenger\'s coat zipper

If I told Ramsey to shoot himself, he’d probably miss.


I think we could have sacrificed xhaka for Jack today, in a game where a deep lying midfielder wasn’t needed. Xhaka didn’t do anything wrong but he also didn’t really affect play much.
Would have shut up everyone calling for Jack to start a game as well. Both those who think he deserves it (like me) and those whom think he is past it therefore giving him a chance to fk up (which he still hasn’t)


I did not see the match today so I can’t comment on individual players performances. I just finished watching Match of the Day. Its obvious the team was missing Ozil and our defensive frailties continue to be exploited. Its also obvious that the BBC football analysts never give Arsenal any credit even when the win. Negative 24/7. Thankfully Cech had a great match. It seemed they played better in the first half and we played better in the 2nd half. There is no controversy here. Ramsey was shoved in the back. I’m really annoyed the Burnley manager like their fans… Read more »


Ramsey should have scored….perfect cross from.Lacazette…cant miss those easy chances.

Alexis was mostly.poor. we need tonget Lacazette on the ball more.


Reading the comments, it seems that Ramsey is dividing opinion again amongst Gooners from all over the world. Personally, I thought he had one of those games we’ve seen before from our Rambo. Not great and a bit infuriating at times (not even testing the keeper from Lacazette cross and slowing play down with unnecessary extra touch or poor decision making), but he was also working himself into great positions and made a few slick nice thread the needle type passes. And he did win us the game winning penalty. I don’t care if their may have been some theatrics… Read more »

Anthony Hylton

The moment that summed it up for me was when Lacazette played the sort of pass he wishes someone would play him and Ramsey hits it like it was Rugby he was playing instead of football. One thing with Wilshere is you can see a lot of the players trust his touch, Ramsey doesn’t have that finesse in tight spaces and as many of you have commented has a tendency to take that extra second too long to make the pass sometimes. Iwobi gets unfair criticism. If you look at the team yesterday, he is the only one who can… Read more »

Santi\'s Thigh Grab

Bellerin comment is spot on. He receives the ball and its either and immediate back pass or a cut inside with a back pass. His great asset pre-ankle injury was his speed which it would appear that he hasn’t recovered. We need some competition in this position, either AMN or Debuchy should get a start. Maybe over the holidays when the schedule gets a bit staked up.


Thought the side did well in a tight game. Thought Hector was a little weak while kolasinac does no defending at all. Cech looked more solid than the last few weeks.Ramsey ran well as always, for the fans that don’t appreciate him I say watch his runs. He must be a nightmare to play against.

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