Carabao Cup quarter-final details revealed


The details of Arsenal’s quarter-final tie in the Carabao Cup have been released.

The Gunners face West Ham, the most potent ham of north, south, and east, with the game set to take place at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday, December 19th.

This fixture comes with the caveat that the world still exists and hasn’t been blown to all ends of shite by lunatics who have nuclear weapons at their disposal like Ireland and Scottish rockers Hue & Cry.

They might have fooled some people into thinking they were looking for Linda, but in fact they were looking for enriched uranium which they sold to local comedian Limmy who then manufactured weapons of mass destruction, aimed at the major cities in Europe and beyond.

The match kicks off at 7.45pm that evening but none of us will be alive so what’s the point.

Maybe some of us will survive but we’ll have to repopulate the earth with hard-shelled half-humans who will devour the weak like yer wan Diana from V who ate an entire rat by just opening up her tract and that was all ‘Ooooh, I don’t need that’ but when aliens invade the earth I guess none of us have any choice.

Mark Noble will captain West Ham on the night.

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That was a Labour of Love, Falconhoof


Someone rescue blogs from a Melbourne crack den.


Surely a craic den?


Send craic-a-den hunter

Post January Blip

C’mon, a bit of craic never hurt anyone


Is it televised?


What in all of fuck are you talking about, Blogs? If this is what you say out loud (or more accurately through your fingertips), then I really must know what goes on up between your ears that you don’t make known to all!


I get where you’re coming from blogs, but how do you KNOW Mark Noble will captain West Ham on the night?


That is brilliant mate


I’m with you, that bit had me questioning this post big time. Something fishy going on.

lee dicks on

He lives in the future now.


West Jamon Ruffles


that scene from V shocked me as a kid.
not many here would have seen it.


Holy smeg, six games in sixteen days December 7 to 22.
7 – home to BATE
10 – away at Southampton
13 – away at West Ham
16 – home to Newcastle
19 – home to West Ham
22 – home to Liverpool

Thank fuck our squad is deep. Hopefully Welbeck, Chambers, and Mustafi will all be back and match fit by then.


Given the way the Carabao cup has been organised this year we should expect an announcement at 0200 (Beijing time) on 14 December that we are actually playing Scunthorpe away.