Giroud not dead


On Monday, a few papers ran stories about Olivier Giroud having an injury scare.

“Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud suffers injury scare with France”
Daily Mail

“OUCH! Arsenal injury scare as Olivier Giroud appears to suffer KO in France training ahead of Wales friendly”
The Sun

“Arsenal suffer injury scare ahead of Tottenham derby as Olivier Giroud picks up knock during France training”
The Mirror

The stories were based on a couple of pictures available via Getty Images. They showed Olivier Giroud, currently on international duty, holding his leg. That was it.

No attempt was made in any of the stories to figure out what had actually happened or whether it was serious. The authors just decided to speculate wildly knowing an ‘injury scare’ story would probably rack up a few hits on a quiet news day.

Surprise, surprise…Giroud is fine. He was spotted training today ahead of France’s game with Wales.

So there we go. Panic over. Not that there was ever any real panic in the first place.

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Giroud is dead…dead sexy!


Drop dead sexxy


Yes – if he was injured, I am sure we would’ve missed the 10 minute cameo he gets at the end of every game now, where he tends to spend most of those 10 minutes lightly jogging around because he can’t really be arsed to come off the bench and only play for 10 minutes in games that are either already won, or already lost.

Must be a tough season for him mentally. Its probably pretty hard to swallow getting the sympathy minutes in the Premier League considering he scored bags of goals last year, and now his only real chance of playing a full game is in the Carabao Cup or the Europa League. I wonder if he regrets not moving to Everton, as he probably would have played every game for them, and they genuinely do need a goal scorer.

Bar his goal in Belgrade, ironically that has genunely been one of Girouds best contributions to this season; getting Koeman fired.

I know Arsene would never do it, but I would love to see us try playing Giroud and Lacazette together from the start in games, and since we’re hell bent on 3 at the back, why not drop the extra body into midfield in the form of Ozil; sit Giroud a tiny bit deeper with Lacazette ahead of him. So when Mustafi or Granit do hit those long balls we actually have an option to either hold it up or flick it on.

Mein Bergkampf

Yes mate, Lacca and Giroud up top, Sanchez in the Marc Overmars role, Jack in the centre with Ozil and Rambo out on the right ala Ray Parlour. God I miss 4 4 2. Actually maybe I just miss our players knowing the fucking system and their roles in that system.


They now the system. The only thing missing to make current system work is a Matic/Kanté/Fernandinho kind of player – destroyer with passing skills Xhaka has only the latter-Coq only the former and Ramsey is a 10. Maybe Jack is the answer


*know – knobhead


I’m not suggesting a 442, since this current 343 system is proving that we aren’t any good with just the 2 in midfield.

I was thinking more along the lines of 3511; so you have your 3 centre backs. Then the 5 across the midfield. Bellerin and the Tank providing the width as the wing backs. You have a midfield 3 to control the game; Granit and Aaron lying deep. Granit to sit. Aaron give the right to get up and back. Then Mesut in his best position the number 10. Then you have Giroud in front of Mesut – something like:

Mustafi Koscielny Monreal
Bellerin Xhaka Ramsey The Tank

Mein Bergkampf

Xhaka isn’t good enough and never will be. He’s like a 1980’s footballer, no athleticism, clumsy, rash and reckless. Everyone says he’s a good passer but I don’t see any assists or chances created. Even Alex Song notched up assists from his role. His marking is atrocious, he gives the ball away in terrible positions, even his famous long distance shot has been disastrous.

Let’s just accept that he’s another of this crop of footballers Wenger has signed on the basis of a stat generating programme, chuck said computer programme out and go back to signing young, athletic, hungry professionals who want to get better and win things. Hate to say it but Spurs have got it bang on and we could’ve had half their squad instead of overpaying for these mediocre players.


So wrong Xhaka at his best is the most creative defence midfielders in the country. One of Aw’s best buys. As for Spurs, do you really think they are so much better than us? When they start winning trophies like we have than we can start praising them.

Mein Bergkampf

I don’t want my DM’s to be creative, not that I believe Xhaka is. I want them to intimidate, bully and generally kill the oppositions flow. Ozil creates, Ramsey creates, Sanchez creates. Fernandinho doesn’t, Matic doesn’t, Kante doesn’t.

Don Cazorleone

Well therein lies the problem. You expect Xhaka to be a DM in the mould of Fernandinho/Matic/Kante, which just isn’t what he does.
We were just tricked into thinking that of him because of all the talk around Kante and “destroyers” when we bought him.

The problem isn’t Xhaka’s ability, it’s how he’s being used, and left stranded by Ramsey (who is under instructions to camp out in the opposition 6-yard box).
Watch him in a 3-man midfield for Swissland where he can be a deep lying playmaker and he’s blistering.

Now I’m not saying we don’t need a solid DM, we do.
But it ain’t Xhaka, and that ain’t his fault.
Wenger is just getting it very very wrong.


I think out of our current crop of central midfielders he is the best option we have – who are the others?

Wilshere (who is never fit, so you can’t really rely on him across a whole 38 game Premier League season)
Cazorla (again he’s not fit, and potentially might never kick a ball again)
Maitland-Niles (is still a very young player who is still learning)

I haven’t mentioned Ramsey because he is obviously starting alongside Granit.

But out of all of those players above, I think Xhaka is the better option. And its not like we are just going to go out and spend £40-£50M on a new central midfielder.

Lord Nicki B

Mom! Dad! Giroud’s dead!

That’s right, DEAD serious about going to Itchy and Scratchy Land


give this person the 10 thousand dollary doos!

also, whomever downvoted comment this is a monster.



We want a drama!!!!!!!!!

Isaiah Rankin

So Giroud’s not injured and Lacazette doesn’t have any complaints about being left on the bench. Sort of beginning to get that whole ‘no news is good news’ thing.

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin
Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

Almost like bad news is no news for one thing or another.

Isaiah Rankin

In other news, scientists didn’t discover a new species today and no heads of state have been assassinated. Now over to Jim with all the weather that we definitely won’t be seeing tomorrow.

Man Manny

Interlull is truly upon us. I am glad this barrel-scraping-for-anything-newsworthy week doesn’t come back till March. We’ll settle in to real football week in week out.

Fireman Sam

But no no no no this was an excellent news story.

Giroud is not dead


Ok, since we’re into this “fascinating interlull,” I would like to raise two questions there probably wouldn’t be room for when Premier League is back at full throttle:

1) In the long run, is Arsenal’s fanbase going to shrink? And can it potentially seriously hurt the club (not only financially)?

To provide further explanation to this question: we, international (outside of UK) fans, do not have a way of becoming fans of specific PL club in a way locals do – that means, being born in an environment where you are often (not always) “destined” to become a fan of a certain club, because you were raised to it.

I as a person from the Czech Republic became a fan of the Arsenal when I was 12 or 13 for numerous reasons: Premier League just started to broadcast here, I was given a poster of Thierry Henry for Christmas by my grandpa (and it is on the wall ever since), Tomas Rosicky was brought to Arsenal and Arsenal were the first (and also one of the best back in the days) team you could pick on FIFA.

Many people outside of the UK become fans of PL clubs when they are kids. What attracts them? I guess it’s star players and trophies, mainly. Many of my friends are Chelsea fans because they got into it during Mourinho’s first spell at Chelsea (and also because Petr Čech).

I just can’t see Arsenal attracting lots of young people from abroad right now. Back to the question: can it seriously hurt the club in the long run?

2) Is Arsenal’s current media image seriously hurting the club not only off the pitch, but on the pitch as well?

I mean, we’ve all seen the offside goal on Sunday. We’ve also heard the “just offside” comments. When Lacazette’s hair folicle was offside at Stoke, every pundit confirmed the offside like there was never even a question about it.

Is our reputation of a “soft” team haunting us on the pitch as well?


Yes and yes


I think the refereeing debate should be about “consistency” in decision making when it comes to identical or similar situations in games. I see many experts talking about decisions in isolation yet nobody draws parallels to similar calls made for the same situation.
I strongly believe that FA have a refereeing policy towards some teams. Just some observations made by me-

Arsenal- Decisions do NOT go our way in the EPL and UCL but decisions go our way in domestic cups.

Chelsea- I’ve seen a trend over the last 6 years where for 1 season they are given free pass and the next season every other Chelsea player gets carded in the league. That’s why you see them winning the league one season and the next season they are nowhere near where they finished the year before.

Man United – Refs have always favored them in a not so obvious fashion. I’m talking little things like extra time, getting away with smalls fouls here and there with no cards and things like that.

Man City – They pretty much have the FA in their pocket. However, I think in UCL they get done over beyond the quarter final stage.

Liverpool – Personally I think us and Liverpool are on the same boat and that’s why I don’t hate their fans as much.

Spurs- They seem to have built up a good reputation when it comes to PR but they are nowhere near winning anything. The best they can hope for is top 4. Spurs are what we used to be in the Denilson era. Young team, manager doing wonders, stadium stuff going on, up there competing for the league until Feb yet they have won fuck all.


It seems to me like the FA have a strategy to keep the league competitive. That’s why we have gone from
1. Only Man united to
2. Arsenal, United, Liverpool to
3.Arsenal, United, Chelsea, City to
4. The big 6- big 8
Leicester winning the league sums it all up.

Lord Bendnter

Now I really hope he scores a hatrick!!


That’s the world we live in today with so much crap being spewed online without any attempt to actually find the truth, it’s all about click bait.

Lord Bendnter should be called
That site just keeps spitting out useless articles.

A Person

Then i have to hire another Assassin.

Wenger\'s coat zipper
Wenger\'s coat zipper

His leg will live on forever in our hearts. #PrayForGiroudsLeg