Iwobi: Boss has told me to improve defensively


Alex Iwobi says he’s been told by Arsene Wenger that he’ll have to work on the defensive side of his game if he’s to win back a regular starting berth at the Emirates.

The Nigeria international has made eight appearances so far this season, including one particularly noteworthy performance away at Chelsea, and hopes he’ll get the call up for this weekend’s challenging trip to table-toppers Manchester City.

“The boss always says that for me to earn my spot back, I need to work defensively and add goals and assists to my game, which I’ve been trying to do,” he told Arsenal.com.

“I’ve been working on that, especially in pre-season. It’s something I have to add to my game to improve it in the long run.

“Everyone [helps] really. If Sead or Hector are behind me, they’ll tell me when to go forward, when to come back.

“They speak to me and tell me where to be. Steve Bould has helped me tactically too.”

Arsenal have lost only one of their last nine games against Manchester City, a 2-1 defeat in December last year, but know they face a tough task on Sunday against a side that hasn’t been defeated since the Gunners knocked them out of the FA Cup at the semi-final stage last April.

Looking forward to the challenge, Iwobi admitted that Arsenal must be aware of the flare at the disposal of Guardiola.

“They’ve been scoring goals for fun and they’re very dangerous going forward, so we’ll have to do well tactically and defensively to be able to stop that.

“With the attacking players we have, we’ll always create chances and should be able to get a couple of goals, but we need to tighten up in defence, especially against a team like Man City.”

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Oh boy. Looks like we got ourselves a new wing back!

Mein Bergkampf

This is my fail safe Championship Manager circa 2002 training technique. It’s yours if you want it Arsene:
Defenders – Defend 100% Attack 0%
Midfielders – Defend 50% Attack 50%
Strikers – Defend 0% Attack 100%
You’re welcome!


Venga will never listen …


If we draw or lose by a one goal margin then I wouldn’t be too choked on that. I just don’t want to see us getting thrashed!

Mein Bergkampf

I hope we lose so I can bitch about it on here and watch Arsenal TV’s demented post match interviews. That’s what I get off on these days. Blud blud blud, fam fam fam, you get me? Mmmnnn. Abject rage.


Don’t understand why people down voted me?? Are you lot actually expecting us to win? Sure it’s possible, just like the final against City but surely you realize how strong City have been this season. An average of 3.5 goals a game, and they are by far the favourites to win the game. Just being realistic over here.


I meant the semi final against city**

Grammar nazi

Love me some guardiola flares


“…to earn my spot back, I need to work defensively and add goals and assists to my game…”

Sounds like you’ve been told to get better at football, Alex!


No, he’s been told not to be an Ox.

jack jack jack

The flare at his disposal?

Pep Guardiola: Fenerbahce Ultra

Ted E.

Can’t wait to see what he chooses…comment image


Coach tells player to improve to get into the team. 30 years experience that.


Rob Holding was quoted saying “Boss has told me to improve offensively” before being deployed as a right sided attacking midfielder.


So?? With the amount of injuries we have had and are still going to have, it makes sense to play all across the field. Some will adapt to it, others won’t.


What is this running theme now with everyone having to work on their defensive side? Except maybe Ozil (bonafide superstar) & Theo (lost cause)

my guy

its because we arent good at defending m8


The thing is, if you concede more goals than you score, you lose the game.


Interesting that Alex didn’t play any part in the Europa game last night. Is Wenger going to start him on Sunday? In place of Ozil?
I guess this is why Arsene gets paid the big bucks!

Ted E.

It seems Arsene sees him as part of the first team, he wasn’t on the bench against Norwich either. Not sure why he’s rested since he’s been an unused sub in the premier league games…


Maybe he is in contention and Wenger is unsure about playing Alexis because it is City or Ozil because of defensive stability? Would expect those two to start still


Was Iwobi injured last night? It feels he needs more game time, unless of course Wenger does plan to start him this weekend, as somebody pointed out


Surprised he wasn’t started against red star.
Not any worse defensively than most of that team.

Also think he is being played in the wrong position.

Its the deeper midfield we are short on options.

IF the gaffer thinks a Jack should be playing higher that leaves few options to Ramsey linking Granit with the upper end.

Iwobi to me has good raw attributes to play from deeper.

He has good strength, quick feet and an eye for the through pass.

He also keeps discipline.

Kwame Ampadu Down

You think Iwobi should play deeper? Shocker! you know you can different things every once in a while right? You don’t have to play your version of bingo where a player’s name is mentioned & you say the same thing about them every time..

Faisal Narrage

I’d like to see him challenge for the CM role of Ramsey.


Iwobi isn’t a CM. Almost got released from the club as one.


Iwobi has been shocking every time he has played CM. He hasn’t got the vision and passing to play that position. He is best as an offensive midfielder/ a roaming winger


He has good strength – but hardly ever uses it on defence.
An eye for a through pass – more than half his through passes don’t go to feet.
Keeps discipline… WHAT????
Did you not watch his last abject display?? He completed just two successful tackles the entire 90 mins, gave the ball away 6 times, and generally shambled back at a walk! Plenty of zip going forward to glory-hunt but he needs a MAJOR attitude adjustment. Talented, yes… lazy and self-interested, that too.