Ozil the Bell of Hector’s ball


Hector Bellerin says Mesut Ozil is hugely appreciated by his teammates and pointed to the German’s influential performance against Sp*rs as proof that he gives everything for the Arsenal shirt.

Ozil claimed his 45th assist for the Gunners, and made more key passes than anyone else, as he helped Arsene Wenger’s men to a comprehensive 2-0 win in the North London derby. Substituted in the 84th minute he fully earned his standing ovation from the Emirates crowd.

Speaking to Arsenal.com after the match, Bellerin noted: “Mesut is someone who gets a lot of criticism, but the players who are around him are very happy to have him and play with him.

“He makes things easy for you. People sometimes talk about his body language, but he gives everything for this shirt.

“The players who play around him know that he makes everything so much easier.”

Bellerin drew special attention to the importance of the result, coming just days after important international games for so many of his peers.

“It feels really good [to win],” he added. “We’ve been working really hard over the past week.

“Obviously, we had people going to play internationals and playing for their lives ahead of the World Cup, so it’s been a hard few days. We’ve done really well and we’ve shown what we’ve worked on. I’m proud and very pleased for everyone.”

The Spaniard also took also thinks the three points will quell talk of a ‘power shift’ in north London after a week of media praise for Mauricio Pochettino’s zero-trophy winning squad.

“After a tough start, we were building up really well with good results. There’s always a lot of talk but I think it was one of those games where we showed what we could do.

“We shut some mouth as well. There are people who talk a lot and now, after watching that game at home, they’ll be thinking that these guys have a chance.”

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Hector had a great game too.

We have some hope…


He had a very good game indeed. Very mature performance.

And a home made product never mind Barca would deem to claim defective DNA as per usual.


The wanky Tottenham Hotspur went to Rome to see the pope

Isaiah Rankin

We shut some mouth


Grelat job hec!

Danger Mouse

Certainly did shut a few mouths Hector, good lad. Wonder what Danny “I hate Arsenal” Murphy will have to say about it. Is it just me or is he the most annoying little pillock of a pundit around?


Harry Kane’s mouth was still open

Ivan Parasite

Always open


I think Michael Owen would give him a run for his money


I expect it from people like Danny Murphy, Barton, Phil Neville, shearer, Phil Thompson, redknapp, carragher, scholes, durram etc etc….. but still don’t understand how legends like wrighty be so negative before a game like this. Even if he was feeling nervous….. he should be backing the team to come out with a performance….

Combined teams had 1 or 2 arsenal players!! You having a laugh aren’t you!!

People have very short memories. It’s only a couple of weeks ago that Ozil ran the show at everton but we were told let’s see what he does against the other big teams 1st as he is only good against shit teams. Next week he will smash it against Burnley but then they will say but can he do it against the big boys?

Haters gonna hate…. I just wish the arsenal legends stop getting carried away and end up joining the negative agenda of the arsenal haters….



Wrighty has never been terribly bright.

He’s passionate I give you that but you can forget analysis from him.

He generally does the club and the team more harm than good with his over reactions that simply feed the media pack all to keen to put us down and undermine our confidence.


Here here.

This Arsenal team has better players all round than the imitators in black and white.

Ozil if he applies himself way better than Erikson.

Deli Ali has nothing on Alexis.

Lacazette can match or better Kane.

Giroud infinitely better than Llorente.

Kolasinac better than Davies, Bellerin ahead of Trippier easily.

Even Granit is better than Dembele.

The question is if we can rouse ourselves to this sort of performance consistently.

Particularly against the lesser opponents where Spurts have flattered to be flat track bully.


agree with all except the kane / laca comparison
i’ll give you that laca is the level of lukaku but not that of kane surely

the others for sure though


Granit better than Dembele??? Of Cos not..Granit is shit..but I agree with u about the other guys..


If I could give you more than one thumbs up, I would. Sometimes I feel we, as a club are too caught up in our own negativity and it translates on the pitch.


The recent German internationals have all been run by Mesut Ozil, when he is surrounded with effort and talent then he is the man to make the best of things. Just look at the weight of his passes, the receiver doesn’t usually have to break stride, that is a superb skill to have!


Its important not to get too carried away.

I mean Spurts are still one point ahead of us …mind the gap as they would like to say.

But they were as per usual pale shadows of us on the day.

If we really wanted to turn it on, we can and man for man, we are better than their washed out version of us would deem to suggest to insipid journalist who prefer to dream otherwise.

Lets start showing a bit more consistency in performance.

NO point doing the nasty on the great pretenders and then dropping the ball next match against a supposedly poorer side. Lets start punishing teams and taking our chances even better. We created a number of opportunities for which we should have punished them further.


Yes thats true like Lacazette can equal or be better then Kane? lol Cmon I love Arsenal but I can give a player credit where credit is due. He’s head and shoulders better then Laca.


Had we won one of the Watford or stoke game, things would have been good enough


Interesting title blogs. Are you suggesting Ozil plays football like a big girl? ?


I love Hector, Arsenal and that game. But some mouths will never be shut and some actual rational criticisms are not put to bed after one good performance.

They need to do this more frankly and to not capitulate or to give a performance like they did at Palace away last season.

That said, destroying Spurs in November deserves high praise indeed. They were magnificent – and fucking great day.


That headline….it doesn’t sound right