Wenger: If Welbeck is fit, he goes to the World Cup


Arsene Wenger says Danny Welbeck shouldn’t be perturbed by his injury-hit start to the season and that the striker will deliver the goods on the pitch for Arsenal that will secure him a place in England’s squad for next summer’s World Cup.

The 26-year-old began the campaign in fine fettle scoring three times and grabbing an assist in the Gunners’ first five games of the season. His momentum has since been stunted by hip and groin problems, reducing him to just an hour of football since mid-September.

Having made the bench for the North London derby at the weekend, it’s expected that Welbeck will feature in tomorrow’s Europa League game with Cologne. His return to action comes with the full backing of the boss who thinks there’s plenty of time to perform for club and country.

“I have a long experience and I have known players who have won the World Cup who in November had no chance to go,” said the boss on Thursday.

“I remember especially [Emmanuel] Petit in 1998, he made it in March, April, May and he was one of the main players. Danny has the potential to go. If he is fit, he will go. I am convinced of that.

“It is a big year for him but I want it to be a big year for him for Arsenal. Because a consequence of that… the best way to go to the World Cup is not to think ‘I have to prepare for the World Cup’, it is to do well for your club and after you automatically are in the national team.

Wenger, sitting next to World Cup winner Per Mertesacker in the press conference, added:

“You have a player next to me who has over 100 caps for Germany, but he will tell you the best way to do that is to focus every day.

“Today, what is most important is to have consistent presence in competition. If you are in and out, you cannot be at your best. It is as simple as that. Even if you do play every single game, you have to be capable to practise every day.”

It’s not the first time this season that Wenger has used a press conference to big up the chances of one of his players going to the World Cup. Last month the boss urged Gareth Southgate to pick Jack Wilshere, alas, so far his words of encouragement have fallen on deaf ears.

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Trex d gunner

Come on Danny boy


Wouldn’t be surprised if that clown Southgate takes someone like Tammy Abraham to the World Cup ahead of him.

Romford Pelé

Southgate wants kicking in his Jack and Danny


Dont think so. There are plenty of english players who are better strikers and wingers than him. It really baffles me as to how someone can become a footballer at the highest level, only on physique. Seems it only happens in England. No other top team in other european leagues, have players like Welbeck or Walcott. Need to be cut off. And Wenger needs to shape up and actually realise how these players shouldnt be playing for a club that have the level of ambition as the 5th richest (not counting in cheaters Psg and City) club should have.

Just because someone is hard working doesnt mean that they should be played instead of more talented players. Respected, yes. Not played.


Please name all the better strikers and wingers than Welbeck who never lets England down. Apart from his speed he is an intelligent player and I think he will have a big part to play for us too this season.


Letting England down? England always gets an easy group, so it doesnt really matter what players they pick for the qualifiers as they usually go through, without too much hassle. Better strikers are Kane, Sturridge (playing with one striker is enough, as there arent any english strikers who are particurlarly good at playmaking ala. Griezmann). The wingers could be Sterling, Rashford, Lallana (doesnt fill enough to warrant a place in midfield).

And regarding his intelligence. From his interviews and other similar stuff, he seems to be intelligent. But that doesnt mean that he is football intelligent. I would say thats what he lacks the most. Alot of his runs are mistimed, and he seems to always pick the wrong way to finish a chance. If he was intelligent, He would have better playmaking qualities, better vision, better decisions. I think people have just got a soft spot for him because he works hard off the ball. If he was still playing at Man United, Just about everyone on this forum, wouldnt think too highly of him. As they did before he became an Arsenal player.

I like Welbeck alot, and i think that there is room for him in our team. But only as a defensive winger in away games, against good teams, where we are forced to sit deep.


I think Welbeck is the man you want to press the opposition and force a turnover, be the “wall” for the wall pass (or 1-2) but not the finisher or final ball player.

So probably what you said Assshavin


You’ve obviously no idea about the strengths of Welbeck who has a great record as a striker for England and has scored 15 goals in his 36 appearances. I totally disagree with you as he is an intelligent player who makes space for others and does have great vision with a great turn of speed. Maybe not a clinical finisher but certainly still scores important goals. I believe he will be in England World Cup squad as to me he has a great deal to offer

A Different George

As far as I can tell, Wellbeck’s only weakness, which is an important one, is his finishing. He has very good technical ability (except in front of goal–I think it’s confidence, not technique), makes very intelligent runs, usually picks the right pass, presses intelligently. And of course, he has pace, a big engine, size, and strength. He is not Cristiano Ronaldo, but I would pick him over Sturridge, Sterling, Lingard, etc. every time.


I’m sorry my friend but you are dead wrong. Comparing Walcott and Welbeck shows how little you know.

lee dicks on

Too right, Jack and Danny almost single-handedly got England to the Euros last time out.


He’s got to be sharper in front of goal. He has all the pre-requisites to eventually succeed Giroud but he still takes a touch too many. Girouds touch is still better even if Welbz is more ‘mobile’.

It comes with a bit more experience.


Giroud is pretty good with his first touch and his ability to play neat flicks and short passes to bring his teammates into play. Welbeck was really unlucky with his previous two knee injuries that kept him out of action for almost two seasons. Regular game time will help him be more efficient in front of goal and help with his first touch.

I genuinely believe is Fergie was still at United Welbeck would be a top striker for those cunts. He was very unlucky with the change in management with Moyes playing him out of position (and the team generally underperforming), and even more unlucky getting a cunt as a manager in LVG, who constantly criticized Welbeck in public.

The guy has all the Ingridients to be a top top striker, and if one thing is for certain, every striker improves at Arsenal under Arsene Wenger. Love his attitude on and off the pitch and I really hope he comes good.


Thumbs up from me for calling those manu cunts cunts.


A bit of Danny and jack action tomorrow please!


I will openly admit that when we signed Welbeck I was underwhelmed and didn’t like him at all.

My god I was wrong about him. He is a bloody champion. I really wish he could stay fit and start finding a bit of killer instinct because he has all of the attributes to be a good goalscorer for us.

If I were him I would be watching Lacazette like a hawk in training and seeing the types of runs he makes and emulating that.. Though that said, poor Lacazette doesn’t get the passes his runs are begging for half the time anyway which is another problem we need to sort out!


Wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t make the squad tbh. England have too many options. At the moment the front 3 is Kane, Sterling and Alli/Lallana. He needs to have a stormer to be considered

Ivan Parasite

That is why he needs to play tomorrow to have a stormer


Yes and Welbz still performs better for England than all those do

Crash Fistfight

Not necessarily sure I agree with that. As could be seen in the last couple of games, I think Southgate (rightly so) thinks that we’re not going to be able to dominate any team technically, so we need to do so physically and tactically. Welbeck is great for that kind of a game – he has great physical attributes and is able to execute the game-plan given to him.

I think that is also the reason why he won’t pick Jack Wilshere, rather than all the excuses he’s coming up with. Wilshere is more technically able than pretty-much every other midfield option, but he is prone to injury and doesn’t have stamina/strength/pace.

He wants the team to be good off the ball ala Spurs, hence why their players (and others similar) are getting picked.


He offers far more than the overrated Sterling and Llana and unlike those 2 has proved himself consistently as an England international. His record with England is very impressive. Be very surprised if he doesn’t make the squad if he keeps fit


maybe wengers using some jedi reverse psychology on old garathy prickgate

Runcorn Gooner

Do we really want him to go and risk further injury that will keep him out at the start of next season?

Assuming he is one of the few players whose contract doesn’t expire at the end of this season.


oh god, wengers really lost it


How? By saying England should take a striker to WC2018 who has scored 15 goals in 36 games for them? Almost 1 goal in every 2 games? Seems a great return for England honestly.


Ah! The negative troll strikes again