Wenger: No Barca deal for Ozil


Arsene Wenger says reports that Mesut Ozil has agreed a move to Barcelona are false.

Earlier this week, the Catalan media claimed that the Germany international could move to the Camp Nou in January for a cut-price fee of €20 million.

They backed up their claim by suggesting the move had been sanctioned by Arsenal who are looking to recoup some of their £42 million outlay rather than lose the 29-year-old on a free next summer.

Asked about the story after Thursday’s 1-0 defeat to Cologne, Wenger remarked:

“No [it’s not true]. What kind of control can I have over that [speculation]? All these people have agents who can talk to anybody.

“That doesn’t disturb people, that happens all through their career.”

The boss also went on to make clear that both Ozil and Alexis, who is in a similar contract situation, remain professional and will likely play against Burnley on Sunday.

“They are honest. I don’t question their honesty,” he added.

“Nobody knows what will happen when the players reach the end of their contracts. Our worry is to perform on Sunday, that’s it.”

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I really hope we cash in on both Ozil and Sanchez provided we replace them the same month.

I worry that if we don’t sell them in January we’ll see them both play in Manchester next season, and that’ll be painful.

Ivan Parasite

SIMPLE, Just win the league this year. We have shown that we have what it takes during NDL. Ozil and Alexis will be mad for not renewing with PL Champions by then. If they still not, I know that Lemar, Draxler or Goretzka will.

Ivan Parasite



I should have scrolled down earlier…..

I was thinking for way too long about what NDL could mean…..

Time for a coffee

Heavenly Chapecoense

NDL Nacho Danny Laurent, I think.


we have what it takes, ha ha ha

Donald\'s Trump

Ok one second.

Mein Bergkampf

I think we can stop using the phrase “cashing in”. Selling them in January is more cutting our losses. What a pathetic amount of money for one of the worlds best no 10’s.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Because Barcelona knows he performs well 33% of time that means actual price is 60 millions; just for lol.


Cutting our losses show our failures in the transfer markets.


We have consistently shown we are inconsistent. Beating spuds is great but you would expect the players to be up for the derby as the fans would be so unforgiving. time for them to step up and show that sane level regularly starting at Burnley.

You know nothing about what those 3 would or wouldn’t do

Dave M

“We have consistently shown we are inconsistent.”
You’ve been reading too many of my comments…lol


Not sure whether serious or sarcasm …


Not Simple


Possibly, but to be completely honest it’s not the end of the world if they leave, as long as they don’t move to a rival. There are plenty of quality players out there. Honestly speaking, how many people here knew who santi cazorla was before he moved here? In my opinion he’s probably been the best player to play for us in the last 10 years. God I miss santi ?

Jimbo Jones

Love Santi but what did we win with him?


Had he been fit we’d have won the Champions League and Premier League three times consecutively. Cazorla and Coquelin were the Lennon and McCartney of football. Unfortunately, it never came to pass cos Cazorla got injured and Coquelin went all manky.


I hope we can win the title but cmon why even think that right now? By Jan ManC will be still far ahead unless they collapse.

To think we can Lemar at his price isn’t realistic only because we won’t have Alexis transfer money to help pay the fee. Goretzka and Draxler can get enough info from Ozil about Arsenal plus Goretzka has better options


Title pmsl. You should be a comedian.


This is Arsenal. We may lose them both in the same transfer window but unlikely to replace them both in the same transfer window.


Couldn’t agree more. I love them both but would gladly cash in on them in January if it guaranteed neither one moved to a rival on a free in the summer! I still have hopes that one of them would sign a contract, may be optimistic but I have a sneaky feeling Ozil just might sign a contract. Either way I don’t see Ozil moving on a free to a prem club, but I think Sanchez would, he’s perfect for city – unfortunately .


lol Andrew, ozil has played shit all season but now its near January he starts playing good, I wonder why, also it shouldn,t be hard for a team like arsenal to go to burnley and get a result, but because of our shit manager it will be, that’s how bad we have become, we couldn,t even get a result against a shit side like koln, so don’t expect to much from this team this season


He has still created more chances than any ither player in the Premiership this season.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Because others in his position actually score some of the goals themselves.

Sir Henry Norris\'s Brown Envelope
Sir Henry Norris\'s Brown Envelope

In the record. Burnley 1 Arsenal 1. That’s the way we roll. I hope I’m wrong and it’s a clean sheet and some goals for us

Cultured determination
Cultured determination

Would you rather they stay till the end of their contracts and leave for free and play in manchester, or we let them leave for free in Jan for bayern and barca.
thumb up for manchester, thumb down for barca/bayern


What if I don’t like either option ?

Lack of Perspective

Starting to detest these “thumb me” comments.


Just starting?

Heavenly Chapecoense

Yours is a thumb me up comment.

Madrid gunner

I really hate them too

Thumbs up if you agree

Ivan Parasite

Obviously duhh..ahha..


Should we carry on thumb polls:
Thumbs up for no, thumbs down for yes we should all contribute to surveys as they provide valuable information for empirical evaluation and analysis

Theo Layder

I believe we will keep Ozil although I am not sure why I have this faith he will stay. It is a good team, a good place for him to be at. It is strange they have not worked his contract out yet, unless he really does not want to be here. Sanchez seems to be going , I think he is looking for a huge pay bump. An exciting player but I will not miss him, not sure he his a team player. He does play hard but only in when attacking. Fekir or Goretzka or both for me. I think Goretzka would adapt very well to the Premier League.


If you buy Fekir, you kill Iwobi


Judging by the number of goals he has scored and assists I think Alexis is a team player.


Strange that you think Sanchez isn’t a team player because he doesn’t work hard defensively without the ball? Errr what about ozil then if that’s the definition of being a team player?

Like it or not both are leaving. The fact aw didn’t build on these 2 signings and add players to them of a similar quality is why for me. Ozil creates changed better players would score but equally he should take responsibility to score more often

Theo Layder

Ozil covers more ground in a game than Sanchez. That is a fact by the stats. Almost every game that they are on the pitch. I do understand why people like Sanchez , he has a lot of talent. I do not like his pouting and attitude toward teammates in games at times. That is the reason I question his team play, but he is a great player. Personal preference I guess. I definitely am a fan of Ozil, so maybe I am a little biased.


Don’t know why it has to be one or the other. Both are great players who we have not built around.

Ild have sold them both in the summer when they didn’t sign their contracts


All Wenger had to do was buy Kante and some other destroyer with a bit more talent, let Ozil and Sanchez have complete freedom. But no, he thinks he’s Guardiola and complements them with Ramsey, Xhaka, Coqueln and Elneny who couldn’t tackle an M&S sandwich.


We didn’t have Kante but we still destroyed Spurs, we destroyed Chelsea last season (who also had Kante ;)) and United the season before that. An amazing DM would be great but our biggest problems are our psychology and mentality. Even Wenger said, after the Spurs game, that Ozil played “against his nature” because he was doing the ugly things he doesn’t normally do. That’s tacit admission that Ozil (and by extension, the whole team) can and should do more.


Maybe playing with Laca will give them some belief that we can potentially win the league in the upcoming seasons…hopefully


As long as Wenger is still in charge it just doesn’t matter who stays or leaves. We are all looking at a top 4 finish like a success which is disgraceful for a team of Arsenal stature..

Jimbo Jones

Very true. It never ceases to amaze me how fickle some of our fans are – so many lurch from ‘Wenger out’ to ‘if we add one more technical player we might compete!’ based on the last 90 minutes. Just wow, it’s like some people really have the memory of a fish.

Based on all evidence of our club for well over a decade. The best we will do this season is top 4 and maybe a cup run (woo hoo!); the worst is top 7 (doh!) as I don’t think Burnley will last it out although Watford are a bloody good outfit under Silva and might surprise a few people.

We may want to sell both contract rebels in January but quite frankly it’s not up to the club: it needs firstly someone to stump up enough cash to make us not look like numpty flip-floppers for not selling in the summer; then for that ‘someone’ to be attractive enough to Ozil or Alexis that they would give up the golden egg of having the pick of clubs and a higher salary and sign on fee they will command by sitting tight for 6 months.

So my prediction, expect neither to leave but not because we stick to our guns not to sell them, just because we can’t. More likely out the door is Jacky Wilshere, he’s making all the right noises about regular football being critical for his international career and it’s obvious he’s not going to get that at the club now. He’s performed reasonable against B grade opposition but that’s about it. Again I urge anyone to look at his end product during his career and it’s just not there.

Anyway hope Arsene can scrape us back into the Champions League next season (one way or the other) for as much as I’ve enjoyed the Europa so far I suspect the novelty to wear off soon enough. Fingers crossed! and hopefully Wenger then takes the opportunity to exit stage left having at least achieved what he and the board feels is overachievement for their investment. Apparently that’s bang for your buck people!

Finally, speaking of Watford I’ve got a funny feeling Marco Silva might just be the real deal and Ivan should be wining and dining him as he would be a great fit; assuming he doesn’t cop it for Everton


The sensible thing would be to manage the losses.Replace one of Ozil or Alexis this January if poss, leave the other till the summer.

Its always a zero sum game for the media all too willing to stoke dissent and sow crisis at Arsenal.

but frankly much of it is also out of our hands.

I think the club’s preference is rightfully to sell offshore.

Messi just signed a new extension and we all know how he feels about Ozil vs Coutinho which is probably the right thing for Barca given Ozil’s age and style of play.

I still think an Italian club (if they have the resource) would be a good option for Ozil. The style of play there may suit him and they are in need of reconstruction (particularly the Milan clubs who have had recent injection of money from China)

Otherwise, the players have a lot of say and their agents more than likely to draw out the process. There’s nothing we can do to force the issue without interested buyers and whilst we may have felt that the club should have commited the players earlier to new contracts, the players can easily withhold.

So we await January to see who may have interest.

We won’t likely get too much considering but better off shore for less IMO then to Premier League cup and impact against the rest of our season.

Remember whilst City are ‘running away’ with it (As per usual according to media), two back to back losses will see the lead cut to 6 points only with more than half a season to go. So why should we strengthen them in January?

Menawhile our focus is entirely on next game and Burnley. NO point keeping these two beating Spurts and not banking points in subsequent matches over lower opposition.

Pressure is on. Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs have all shed points today and IF we overcome Burnley (not put in a tepid performance or get over confident) we have opportunity to go to 4th with only 1 point behind CHelski.


As far as January is concern, whether we sell on Ozil or Alexis in that window, we must reinforce with a replacement of good enough calibre from market.

We need the invention and creativity that a Draxler or even a Mahrez can bring to our side (for the matter Pastore).