Wenger reveals team news ahead of Huddersfield clash


Arsenal play their second of three games in a week tomorrow when we host Huddersfield at the Emirates.

After a gruelling encounter with Burnley on Sunday, and the visit of Man Utd on Saturday to take into consideration, Arsene Wenger has provided the latest team news update.

Mesut Ozil, who missed the trip to Turf Moor through illness, and is expected to return to training today. He’ll be assessed after training and has not now been completely ruled out of the game.

With regards other issues, the manager said, “Alex Iwobi got a dead leg and we’re not sure he’ll be available for tomorrow. Everybody else should be available.

“Santi Cazorla is, of course, still unavailable.”

Asked if his team selection would be made with an eye on Man Utd on Saturday, Wenger said, “Zero eye!

“The most important game is the next game.”

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Ox in the Box

Come on super Jack!

Judith Le\'Strange

Why on earth would you want Wilshere to remain at Arsenal, what has he actually done, apart from continually being in the headlines for being drunk and needs a minder to keep him under control. I’d get shot of him to the highest bidder.

Forest Gooner

You have selective eyes

Ted E.

Zero eye. She has zero eye.


When was the last time wilshere was in the news for enjoying a drink or a fag?

I know it’s different times but you must despise Mr. Arsenal the great Tony Adams if this is how you see Jack.


Yeah, what goonerlink said, see also real Ronaldo, George Best, Socrates, Paul McGrath, Ronaldinho, Neymar… wouldn’t have wanted any of those undesirables within a tinker’s roar of nice, sensible, middle class, university educated Arsenal. Medals you say? Only medals I’m interested in are purity rings. Heaven forbid a famous muliti-millionaire in their twenties within the purview of that tiny window of youth we all squander anyway and with a lot of free time on their hands should on occassion find themselves photographed unwinding in public…

To a nunnery I say!


You want to get shot of a guy with the potential and ability of Jack without first giving him a chance to reestablish himself?? Never mind the fact that he bleeds Arsenal??? I’d take a guy who loves the club, plays for us and cares about the results than any number of world class mercenaries any day of the week… You’re opinion of Jack is formed purely from ignorance on many levels… #plasticfan


We have got into a good groove, lets stay in it, no relaxing.


With a fully fit squad there’s no guarantee of a win against united. With a full strength team I’d fancy our chances against Huddersfield.

This being a league and not a cup I’d takev care of the 3 points first then take anything that comes out of the big games as a bonus. Much better than risking the next 3 points with hopes of getting fresh players for the big game.


Also, United do not have room to rest players as well – they go to Watford tonight, which is arguably a tougher fixture than Huddersfield at home right now.

So, as Arsene says, “the most important game is the next game.”

Arsenal always

Like Arsene said ! Huddersfield weren’t exactly falling at City’s feet. Not sure it’ll be an easier game than the Manchester peacocks !


Just don’t leave it to the 91st minute. Not good for us older fans. Crush them 5-0 by halftime and bring on the subs. PS: Southampton to bt Man City with dive penalty from Mick Channon …

Declan M

This is a game that’s crying out for Jack to at least start in, even if he doesn’t do the full 90.

J Dizzle

Let’s see Lacazette and Welbeck in the front 3 again. That partnership was starting to look excellent before Danny’s latest injury.

With Alexis filling the other position, that’s a high pressing front 3, leaving plenty of space for our CMs to exploit.. maybe a certain Jacky boy to fill in for Ramsey.

Mustafi – Holding – Monreal
Bellerin – Xhaka – Wilshere – Kolasinac
Alexis – Welbeck


Too soon for Welbeck to start, I think.
Expect Ramsey shunted to the right, almost a free role with Jack and Xhaka deeper.

Prove me right, Arsene. I trust you to be this predictable!

Arsenal always

Yep, let’s all hate on Ramsey again.


Let’s Jack and HFB please!


That should’ve read: Let’s start Jack and HFB please!


Mustafi – Holding – Monreal
Bellerin Kolasinac
Elneny Xhaka
Lacazette Alexis

But whatever the side is RACK THEM!!!!

Arsenal always

Elneny instead of Ramsey ! You are not right my friend. Maybe watch some games !


Remove Holding and Elneny from there; replace with Koscielny and Ramsey respectively.

Teryima Adi

Let’s beat Huddersfield silly tomorrow.


Would like to see Maitland-Niles get an opportunity at some point. Kolasinic has been fine, but I think is still dealing with the minor injury and probably could use the rest to get ready for the weekend. Might be an opportunity too to get Eleneny and Welbeck in.


I see a lot of speculation about Holding getting start tomorrow. Wondered if BFG might be an option?