Wilshere aiming for Premier League starts, then World Cup


Jack Wilshere says he’s not thinking about the World Cup in Russia next summer, and insists he needs to play Premier League football to force his way into Gareth Southgate’s thinking.

The 25 year has been eased back into action by Arsene Wenger after his broken leg, but has played regularly in the Europa League and Carabao Cup.

The timings of those games and the need to manage his fitness quite carefully means he’s been restricted to just 25 minutes of league action, but he says he’s ready to go when given the nod by the boss.

“I’m not thinking about the World Cup at the moment,” he said.

“All I can try and do is get into the Arsenal Premier League team, play as much football as I can and then we’ll see.

“Unfortunately the manager says he’s only picking players that play in the Premier League, so that’s what I’ve got to do and that’s what I’m trying to do. I want to be playing for my country.”

Calls for him to be included more regularly are growing, but he has been building fitness and now feels like he’s got what it takes for the league.

“I’ve played a few games, I’ve been training every day, I’ve been training well, training with the players. I feel good. It’s down to the manager who he selects. If and when he selects me, I’ll be ready, but it’s good to be back.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been fit and ready for selection. I went out last year and I wasn’t part of Arsenal’s plans.

“I went out and got some football but now I’m back, I’m fully fit and I’m ready to go.”

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The guy thrives on limelight isn’t it


its not.


Shit doesn’t he would have been more apt



I am not sure of the source of the interview, but responding to questions presented to him by some sort of reporter or journalist is hardly him ‘thriving on the limelight,’ more like fulfilling his media obligations as a professional footballer.

I like Jack a lot, been such a huge frustration that a player that showed so much promise as a young man just never really hit the heights he should’ve done due to injury and few ‘outer curriculum activities.’

Love having him back, as he genuinely does get it. He understands what being a true Arsenal fan is about. I really hope he stays fit until the end of the season and gets back into our midfield.

We desperately need a player with his qualities who cares.


Hey bro.. I am the biggest fan of wilshere. I can watch a clip of Wilshere’s play in a game we may have lost 6-0. The way he ghosts past players in the middle of the field is pure joy. And also there is nothing wrong even if someone thrives in limelight. That’s also an admirable quality, something Arsenal can use these days.. a bit of swagger, even arrogance maybe..


This interview was actually done by arsenal fan tv in the 89 the film opening. I love jack as a person and as a player. A fully fit jack is england’s best player, and the player England need most. For those who say Harry Kane is, you could take Harry Kane out and put in Sturridge, Welbeck, Vardy or wtv and they’ll get the job done. They have plenty of depth in that position. Wilshere is unique in terms of the qualities he brings.

Just like Arsenal, England have a huge gap between the defence and the forwards. Henderson and fat dier don’t have it in them to link play between the forwards and defenders, just as Ramsey and Xhaka don’t. Add an extra man in midfield like jack and he’ll get things ticking, and suddenly the other midfielders’ limitations won’t be as exposed.

I’ve been really impressed with jack this season. If you watched that interview you could tell by the way he was speaking how much he loves Arsenal and how badly he wants to do well for our team. You could tell he was hurt when he was saying it’s been a while since he’s felt like an arsenal player.


Right age, fitness back, experience there, skill levels high, in a stable relationship, desire is there, hopefully focussed on the pitch.

Looking like he has a good chance of making an impact now.

jack jack jack

Such a joy watching Jack play

David Hillier\'s luggage
David Hillier\'s luggage

“Unfortunately the manager says he’s only picking players that play in the Premier League, so that’s what I’ve got to do and that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Lingard has started 1 PL game, Loftus-Cheek less than half of Palace’s when the squad was announced. I’m not saying Jack should walk into the England squad, but it Hardly seems like Southgate is picking midfielders who play regular Premier League football, is it?

Boom Xhaka Laca

True, although he’s not exactly spoilt for choice. I mean he just had to call up Jack Cork…


Don’t worry Cork will bottle it


Should be a goalie. He’d make a good stopper

Costa Gooner

Not to mention Danny Rose. He played his first League game this season, after he was picked by Southgate.
So it one rule for Wilshire & different for others.
Where is the creativity in Southgates Midfield.


People have such short memories – it wasn’t long ago Wilshere was MOTM every time he played for england. It’s shaping up to be a truly appalling midfield of Dier, Loftus-Cheek and Jake Livermore, who have fewer career assists than Wilshere combined. Shocking from Southgate.

jack jack jack

Jack should walk into the England squad


I think Southgate is represenring the whole national team spirit nowadays. It’s has been a complete joke in recent years. I really want to see them doing well next year.


Southgate is clueless


I’m afraid Wenger has got his favourites Xhaka, Ramsey, Coquelin and Elneny in front of Jack so unless three of those get injured he stands little chance, despite being a better player.


Nonsense. Arsene has adored Wilshere for a decade now. Nobody is more favoured than him.


So why isnt he starting? It’s not like the guys ahead of him are playing so well


He deserves a start in the Prem. He thrives with better players around him and starting with our first squad would do good to him.


By the way, food for thought. Considering Alexis and Özil are likely off, be it in January or next summer, I would be interested in seeing us – not knowing who potential incomings are – shape up like this (taking into account only players we have right now):


Bellerin – Koscielny – Mustafi – Kola/Nacho
Ramsey – – – Coquelin
Giroud – – – Lacazette

What do you think? I’m not saying this is a recipe to win the league, just something interesting we could try with players we have.


Damn, it got a bit distorted as I used a lot of spaces to really shape it the way I intended. It’s a diamond in the midfield, with Xhaka at one end and Wilshere at the other.

Kung Fu Grip

No, we all understand that the Manager wouldn’t load up the right side of the pitch. But it’s still a bit shit. Must work for you on FIFA though. Offsides and injuries off of course.


Thanks for such constructive reply. Why is it shit though?

I believe it would make us less vulnerable in the midfield and also force the players we have to play more to their strengths.

Coquelin’s presence would firstly provide more cover to Ramsey’s attacking adventures and secondly it would move Xhaka into more “deep lying playmaker” role, a “quarterback” one, where he could worry less about defending and focus more on deploying those long passes towards Giroud.

Wenger obviously tries to utilise Jack as a part of front three, which is covered in this setup as well. He could also drop deep from time to time and change positions with Ramsey, bringing more chaos into opposition’s defense.

From the little we saw of Giroud-Lacazette partnership, be it for France or us, they seem to bond well.


Probably a bit too narrow, and if it relies on the full backs getting forward to provide width for attack it means we have to rely on our midfield to protect the defence; Xhaka and Ramsey get dribbled past really easy and Xhaka doesn’t have the pace to cover the fullbacks, and whenever Coquelin plays Wenger seems to instruct him to push up and press the opposition’s defenders/deep midfielders.

Obviously if the players received the correct instructions and coaching from the manager to plug the gaps in the playing staff operating the system then perhaps it would work, but then you could say that about our current formation too.


It surely is a narrow formation by its nature and the team would need clear instructions, especially for Ramsey and Coquelin, to push wide whilst defending so the wider attacks aren’t covered by our fullbacks only.

The thing is, for years, we tend to attack through the middle. Both of our current wider forwards (Alexis, Özil) tend to drift towards the center. Actually, Wenger never went for proper wingers – when was the last time we had one?

Of course part of wingers job is nowadays covered by wingbacks/active fullbacks, but until Kolasinac arrived, we didn’t really have one with real end product. Which is a shame considering we have one of the best strikers in the world when it comes to heading.

Also, once again, this is a theoretical line-up considering just the players we have, minus the players that are likely to leave.


No sign of Jack signing a new deal Yen, so he could be on the way out with Ozil and Sanchez. As for the line up……crikey is my only response.


When has Jack given the slightest indication he wants to leave? You are as bad as the anti-Arsenal media who create dramas out of nothing

Andy Mack

Although I agree that he hasn’t indicated he wants to move, equally he hasn’t signed anything yet, so ???


Yeah, you’re right, didn’t take that into consideration – probably because I think he’s more likely to stay than the others.

I just wanted to come up with (very theoretical) alternative for times when we are (possibly) without Alexis and Özil. It is questionable whether we will be able to bring a replacement of adequate quality for at least one of them.

Right now, Wilshere, Iwobi and Welbeck are considered for their positions (by Wenger). That made me question if it wouldn’t be better to change the formation – and this was one that crossed my mind.


Throw him in against spurs. I really can’t pick wengers thinking with Jacky boy who has thrived in a deeper midfield role for England in the past. We have troubles there right now and he seems to be able to play anyone else in the squad out of position, but apparently Jack is only a number 10 these days… Could only play deeper when he was 19 apparently, getting man of the matches against Xavi and Iniesta.


City’s press caused us bother all day on Sunday. Every game you watch you see opposition midfielders pressing ours, especially Xhaka, to try and win the ball and get at our defence early. Then Jack came on and I remember him receiving the ball from the centre half, riding two challenges, one from Fernandinho and one from David Silva then sent the ball wide.

If he stays fit hes our only midfielder who can do that and thus completely opens up the way we build attacks from the back. Maybe he won’t solve all of our problems but surely this means its worth trying a midfield 3 with him in it.


The player who gives me the most joy after Messi


Don’t worry Jack. I have a feeling that Mr. SOUTHGATE will be calling you soon regardless of your Prem minutes after Brazil and Germany give Southgate and his hand picked England squad a stonking of a football lesson.
If they get smashed, it’s all that he deserves.


He’s gifted to say the least. Will be interesting to see if he can fill in the missing parts to Granit in midfield. A maybe then we can release Ramsey and push him forward to compete in the Ozil role.

We need to find the right balance in midfield.

Jacks issue has always been sustainability.


Jacky jack!! Our legend to be