Ramsey: I’ve adapted my body to cope with Premier League


Aaron Ramsey says he’s adapted his body to deal with life in the Premier League and hopes his injury-free run will continue.

The Wales international has been a mainstay of Arsene Wenger’s midfield this season starting 13 of Arsenal’s 15 Premier League fixtures so far.

Having notched up seven assists and three goals along the way, the 26-year-old is enjoying arguably his best run of form in the first team since 2013/14.

“I know what I’m capable of doing,” he told the Evening Standard on a visit to Stoke Newington Secondary School this week.

“I just want to stay fit and healthy and let my football take care of itself.

“I’ve been putting everything out there and hopefully it will continue.

“I have adapted my body to the load of playing in the Premier League and am building up that fitness gradually.

“I’ve felt really good so far and hopefully that’ll continue for a long time now.”

Ramsey also confirmed that his deft assist for Alex Lacazette in last week’s 3-1 defeat to Manchester United was very much deliberate.

The midfielder’s darting run behind the Red Devils defence ended with a delightful cushioned pass back to the Frenchman to fire past David De Gea.

“I was going to take a touch but out of the corner of my eye I saw De Gea coming out, Lacazette was up there so I just knocked it back to him.

“Hopefully that puts an end to that debate,” he concluded.

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Arturo Lupoli

Come on Aaron you legend! I feel the best is yet to come with you & I hope you’ll be wearing the captains armband for it.


cant argue with that


Is this, finally, the second coming of Welsh Jesus???

Aaron Ramsey

Thanks Arturo Lupoli, I hope I won’t let you down!


Dear lord…cue the shredded hamstring this Sunday


I had the same thought. And the same mental prediction that commenting about it would get thumbed down hah. Cheers for the social experiment.


Mmmm… shredded hamstring… yumm




He’s been playing ever so well recently.


In recent years Ramsey’s defensive lapses (especially Herrera’s goal at Old Trafford) had me willing to give up on him, but he’s been exceptional this season. Long may it continue.


He always was exceptional when fully fit and played in his preferred position.


He’s playing really well but no need to revise history.


So in your words he’s never been exceptional since he’s never really been able to play his preferred position?

John C

He’s adapted by running back towards his own goal at half the speed he runs towards the oppositions. Not exactly rocket science

Hereford Gooner

That’s unfair. If Wenger brought in the defensive midfielder that we’ve been short of for a decade, then there would be none of this “defensive” rhetoric around our creative midfielders. The blame rests with the management on this front, because if we are demanding things of players who don’t have these abilities in their locker then you’re going to get found out. Like we have. For a decade

John C

I’m with you on that. I don’t blame him for not possessing something he’s never had nor professes to and the blame must be placed squarely on the shoulders of the manager.

That said, i still don’t think he’s a very good player and needs to replaced with better if we’re to compete with Man City as his flaws are too big.

Hereford Gooner

His only obvious flaws are the injury record that has hindered his progress (not his fault), trying too hard to make an impression (unnessary hollywood football, would disappear if he was hitting his own standards regularly – which he now is), and his defensive game (which is exposed due to the lack of any specialist DCM around him). He can be a great box to box midfielder as long as we are not relying on him defensively, which often we do. It’s not his flaw, it’s a team balance flaw

John C

A box to box midfielder would suggest he can defend which he can’t, he’s an attacking player, and not a great one at that in my opinion.

One of the most interesting things i heard recently was from Kevin De Bruyne and that is that Guardiola doesn’t let the players do back heels. Tells you something about the difference in management style.

A Different George

Oh come on. It tells you absolutely nothing about the difference in management styles. Actually, it tells you absolutely nothing.

John C

It tell’s me a lot, one indulges his players the other doesn’t. One wants his players to see where they’re passing the ball the other is happy for his players to pass it in to the unknown. One wants his players to express themselves the other wants his players to do as instructed.

For me it points to fundamental differences in management style


If we go that route we can as well replace all the players.


Hamstrings aside, he’s adapted pretty well. He’s got to be one of the best runners in the league. Probably up there with Kyle Walker, only Ramsey can actually play football and didn’t cost 50 million quid.

John C

Kyle Walker won’t mind when come the end of the season he’s got a championship medal around his neck


Haters only questioning if it was deliberate because it’s Ramsey. You don’t have to be a fan to see he meant that touch.


Let’s be honest he passes backward more often than forward so why would he change what is habitual behaviour in front of goal

A Different George

The criticism I hear about Ramsey in front of goal is that he always shoots (and wildly), never passes. If that doesn’t fit what happens, we’ll make up a different story.


When you’re at the opponent’s end line there is no more forward.


He’s been great this season and on this form is clearly one of the best CM in the league. He needs to stay injury free and maintain this balance we see in his game.


he,s been great most seasons

Ivan Parasite

He has been disciplined in his role for the past few games is why our midfield area has been solid. Hopefully, the unexpected error by the back 3 during MANU game was a minor blip that has gone away.


player of the year for us so far. We had that guy from Barca, please tigh him um to a new 5 year deal. Ramsey best years are ahead starting with this season.

Kung Fu Grip

I don’t know what way to vote because I really have no idea what you were trying to say.


Saying tha reamsey is our best player this year and could.be easly voted player of the year for arsenal when the season finish.

And we did bring that man who was director at barca Raul or something who is expert and negotatiing contracts and signing players with clubs and am saying to tie ramsey to a new 5 year deal as coming next season he will be in his final year of contract.

we dont want sancez ozil situation again do we ?
That is why we bring raul guy.


Nice to see a player developing and learning from past mistakes as well as improving his fitness. He’s having a solid season long may it continue.

Lingards\' Milly Rock
Lingards\' Milly Rock

Just a thought triggered by the blog post…but the importance of signing a player like Goretzka (and other marquee creative players ASAP) is hugely important to negate ‘desperation contracts’.

A large part of the disdain towards Feo is caused by the way he had the club held over a barrel; with subsequent performances (and even ability(!)) intensely analysed for a player who still divides opinion.
Its not too far fetched to think with Ramseys’ remaining contract length and innate belief he too has some Barca DNA we won’t see history repeat itself.

With newspaper rumours about Messi being offered £88 million as a signing on bonus (and rival players like Sterling, Hazard & Courtois stalling on contract negotiations) …it truly is intriguing to see what the future of transfers will be as players increasingly opt to run down their contracts.

nacho man

ramsey is a super midfielder when fit and with a few games under his belt
future captain for me…
pity we didnt sign kante when we could of for cheaper than the awfully disapointing and uninspiring xhaka
we’d b up with city with that midfield duo for sure


Aaaaaand he’s gone