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Southampton 1-1 Arsenal: By the Numbers

Alexis versus the volcano

Here is a pass map of all of Alexis Sanchez’ failed passes:

Counting the passes we have:

24 – Total bad passes
5 – Atrocious passes in Arsenal’s backfield
6 – Atrocious passes if we count the one to the right of the center circle which led to a S’ton (Southampton) fast break
8 – Atrocious passes if we count the two in the middle of the park passed backwards
11 – Atrocious passes if we count the three on the left side edge of the 18 yard box which were sideways
13 – The remainder of his missed passes which were seeking to unlock the S’ton gates
11 – The number of those 13 passes which were entry passes into the 18 yard box

Now, here are all of Ramsey, Ozil, and Lacazette’s bad passes combined:

18 – Total bad passes
2 – Bad passes by Lacazette
3 – Bad passes by Ramsey
16 – Bad passes by Ozil
2 – Atrocious passes in Arsenal’s backfield (1 each Ramsey and Ozil)
4 – Atrocious passes if we count the two by Ozil which happened in the exact same position as Alexis turned the ball over
6 – Atrocious passes if we count the weird Lacazette turnover in the 7th minute and Ozil’s in the 8th (both backward near the 18 yard box in the middle)
12 – The remainder of their missed passes which were seeking to unlock the S’ton gates
5 – The number of those passes which were entry passes into the 18 yard box

Now let’s look at their positives, first Ramsey, Ozil, and Lacazette:

150 – Total successful passes (150/168)
32 – Successful passes in their own half (32/34)
8 – Successful passes into the 18 yard box (8/17)
1 – Key pass by Lacazette

And Alexis:

46 – Total successful passes (46/64)
5 – Successful passes in his own half (5/10)
5 – Successful passes into the 18 yard box (5/17)
3 – Key passes by Alexis (led all players)
1 – Assist

20 – Total successful entry passes by Arsenal into the S’ton 18 yard box, 5 for Alexis (25%), 4 for Bellerin (20%), 3 for Ozil (15%), 3 for Lacazette (15%), 2 for Ramsey (10%), 1 for Wilshere, 1 for Xhaka, and 1 for Kolasinac (5% each).

8 – Total key passes by Arsenal today (3 for Alexis, 2 for Xhaka, and 1 each for Bellerin, Kolasinac, and Lacazette)
13.4 – Key Passes per game average by Arsenal this season
10 – Key passes per game average in away games by Arsenal this season (5th in the League, 2 per game below League leaders Man City who have 12 per game in away matches)
16.9 – Key passes per game average in home games by Arsenal this season (Leads the League, tied with Liverpool)

Other turnovers

0/1 – Dribbles by Alexis (weird, I thought he tried more dribbles than that)
1 – Offsides by Ozil
7 – Total turnovers by Alexis (3 dispossessed, 4 bad touch)
7 – Total turnovers by Ozil (3 dispossessed, 3 bad touch, 1 offside)
6 – Total turnovers by Lacazette (2 dispossessed, 4 bad touch)
5 – Total turnovers by Ramsey (1 dispossessed, 4 bad touch)
113 – Touches by Ozil (led all players)
86 – Touches by Alexis (6th of all players)
69 – Touches by Ramsey
35 – Touches by Lacazette
1 – Error credited to Mertesacker that led to the S’ton goal
11 – Errors by Arsenal’s defense in the Premier League so far this season (tied for the most in the League with Palace and S’ton)
5 – Errors leading to a goal by Arsenal (2nd most in the League)

2 – Tackles by Lacazette (2/2)
1 – Tackle by Alexis (1/4)
1 – Tackle by Ozil (1/1)
0 – Tackles by Ramsey (0/2)

0 – Chance that I’m trying to build some case that “Alexis was brilliant” or that your “eye test” was wrong. What I saw was a great defensive performance by S’ton which kept Arsenal at bay. I also see that Alexis was wasteful, was demanding the ball, and was a huge part of Arsenal’s creation, including the cross for the goal. His turnovers, Arsenal’s crazy setup in away games where we insist on playing with four forwards and one midfielder and where four players are allowed to play football without any defensive duties, combined with Mertesacker’s error made it quite a predictable outcome.

Expected goals: Southampton 1.59-0.61 Arsenal
Big Chances: 3-1
Shots: 6-11
Shots in the 18: 3-4
Premier League games in which Arsenal have conceded first: 7
Points Arsenal have won in those 7 games: 7
Wins Arsenal have managed when the opposition scores first: 2 (Everton 30 shots for Arsenal, Swansea 17 shots for Arsenal)
Average shots for Arsenal in the matches that they win when the opposition scores first: 23.5
Points that Arsenal have tens from losing positions: 10 (Leicester, Everton, Swansea, and Southampton)
Points Man City have tens from losing positions: 10 (tied with Arsenal for the most in the League)

Big chances Arsenal have conceded in each of the last two Premier League matches: 3
Shots Arsenal have conceded in each of the last two Premier League matches: 8, 6
Chance that teams know that they will get a big chances or three against Arsenal if they hit them on the counter attack: 100
Chance that Arsenal’s back three is neither the cause of nor solution to Arsenal’s defensive woes: 100


Sources:, (errors information), my personal database


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Same Arsenal, different season under wenger


Do you have a comparison of when Ramsey is running the offense as opposed to when it is denominated by Sanchez.

Original Paul

0 The number of times Wenger has dropped Alexis for losing the ball far too much.

Mesut O\'Neill

Is obvious that both Sanchez & Ozil are just going through the motions until their transfers happen. I would drop them both completely from the first team squad, try & sell them in January & start building for the future.

A Different George

Once again, we have something “obvious” that I don’t see at all, and that the numbers don’t support. It is pretty “obvious” to me that part of the reason Alexis loses the ball so often is that he insists on having it, on attacking, on trying difficult passes. That may be great or it may be shit, but it is “obviously” not indifference.


I really don’t see why he’s never subbed. I know that it always pisses him off, but Wenger should think about the team and Alexis is not gonna sign a new contract anyway. And he surely should improve his play to be attractive for top teams. I don’t see him being selected by Pep at the moment


He doesn’t sub him because he’s always likely to do/create something – as yesterday – which others don’t seem capable of.

Ozil though is playing well but there’s no movement ahead of you if all you can see is 11 striped shirts marking 2 AFC ones in a 7 yard stretch at the penalty area.

Disagree that Wenger did well to make 3 subs before 70 minutes; the changes should have been at half time. Bellerin, Kola, BFG all looked woeful, Xhaka scared to pass forward.


Sanchez for sale. No amount is too much, no amount is too small.


“Arsenal’s crazy setup in away games where we insist on playing with four forwards and one midfielder ”

This still annoys me to no end.
Worse is, that sole midfielder is also a no.10, and isn’t even really a DM (probably the only reason why he’s not a proper DM is because he says not athletic).

Eye of the Öwl

Guess Alexis was just as bad as the other creative players and a bit better at creating a goal as he got the assist. From the numbers then he should have a better rating than even Ozil. Guess when we watch the game we tend to highlight what we hate and love from players. Bellerin cannot cross Xhaka cannot tackle Alexis loses the ball Alexis has a hand in a goal (whether it is scoring or assisting), Ozil assist again, Ramsey vacates the midfield, Welbeck cannot hold up the ball or put head to ball when pumped up field, Welbeck… Read more »


I love Sanchez but our game is about possession and he made too many bad passes. For me he shouldn’t be trying to create he should be scoring goals. We only have 2/3 players that are allowed to shoot, so everyone else should create the chances


He’s too predictable. If, sometimes, he’d pass the ball first time instead of turning and trying to beat players he’d have more success.


Agree 100%. Also he’s so thoroughly right footed that not only do you know as a defender that he’s going to turn, you know which direction he’s going to turn.

A Different George

I don’t think he is at all predictable and I am certain that no one marking him agrees with you. He mixes his runs and his quick passes, flicks, chips, all the time. He is maddening at times precisely because he does whatever he feels like–when it works it’s brilliant, when it doesn’t, you want to scream.


5 at the back and Ramsey in front does a barren midfield make. We’ll need to change things up. Ramsey is out, Wilshire (not an avid fan) deserves starts over Xakha, and 5 at the back needs a rest. Debouchy even needs to spell Theoesqe all speed Bellerin. Good news is that the squad is deep and there are real options. Chelsea and Spurs are vulnerable for top 4. That, plus lesser silver is a good year, especially if the silver is Europa Cup! (And a big nothing to those who think Arsenal are entitled to challenge for the title… Read more »


We’re effectively playing 8/11 non-constructive players which makes it far too easy to negate our attacks.

No point in continually getting the ball wide if you don’t cross it quickly sometimes or have no one of height to cross it to. It’s fine to point to stats that say pull backs from the line are more productive but it needs variety to be able to create those positions.

Bellerin has been so bad – and slow! – this season, you may as well play Theo but with Debuchy or another to stay put behind him.

A Different George

I think everyone bar City is vulnerable for top 4 (including Man United if Pogba is out for any length).


Sick of watching Alexis lose the ball stupidly. I rationalize it differently when he is scoring and not demanding exorbitant fees from the club. But for those that wonder where the goals will come from when he is gone. There is no doubt we will need to replace him with top quality, attack-minded players. No doubt whatsoever. But maybe if we didn’t spend most of our time chasing a game essentially trying to retrieve the ball that Alexis stupidly gave away, and actually had better link-up play, we’d score more. I don’t believe enough in the cult of the individual… Read more »

Cliff Bastin

I have a feeling the board simply won’t sack Wenger because of what he did in the first decade and overseeing the Emirates and London Colney construction.

Carlos _ Santana

Wishere for xhaka..


When jack came on they kicked him into the ground and their not scumbags. Think how bad it will be against shit northern teams. Jack also plays further forward than Aaron so that would be a big problem


Spot on again. We can’t have 4 players with a free role. Give Özil the 10 position and play 2 defensive midfielders. Lacazette and Sanchez up top, simple.
We are lucky others around us dropped points.


this team is so fucking shit, keep jack and ramsey and get rid of the rest and the manager, that’s the only way we will improve


to all arsenal fans, please see Everton penalty yesterday.

Now hand on your heart, look back on all Arsenal games, and imagine any of Arsenal appeals that were atleast as soft as Everton penalty were given to us.

now understand, why we must unite and curse the referee…and not turn on our own team.

Lord Bendnter

Makes you feel depressed


I advocate a

5 at back
2 Midfield – Coq / Elneny / Xhaka / Wilshere
1 free #10 – Ozil
2 Forwards – Laca/Alexis/Ramsey/Welbeck/Giroud

Old Boy Gunner

In short, it means that we’re totally up shit creek when Alexis leaves in January.

Bai Blagoi

I am sorry that you no longer show your aggregate xG as the match progresses graphs. I think they would be very informative in matches like this one.

Bai Blagoi

Thank you so much! Maybe it is just me, but I find those charts as informative as subtitles on foreign language movie 🙂

A Different George

“Consistency is not my hallmark.” So, you’re our new centre half?

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