Video: Crystal Palace 2-3 Arsenal ‘On the whistle’


There was good and bad from Arsenal tonight as we beat Crystal Palace 3-2 at Selhurst Park on Thursday night.

It should have been more comfortable, but defensive issues raised their ugly head again, until two goals from Alexis ensured the win.

Here are the on the whistle thoughts of James from @gunnerblog

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Faisal Narrage
Faisal Narrage

I’m not quite sure why James and the blog are so reluctant and hesitant on Jack.

I can understand the caution due to the overhype, as it does seem many fans are just jumping on hi, because he’s Jack, but there is reasons to be excited about him. It almost feels like everyone’s forgotten just how promising he was as a 16 year old.

Also, there does appear to be an under appreciation for particular intangible qualities such as “heart, will and leadership”. Maybe it’s to distance away from the typical british love of all things “grit n ‘eart” over technical ability, but let’s not equally play down just how important these qualities are.

Even if Jack isn’t as gifted as Ozil (few are), indeed his sheer force of will can compensate (let’s be honest, Gerrard was never THAT technically gifted, most of his success is down to sheer will. Much like Beckham). And even though it gets overplayed a lot, the truth is, this arsenal team IS lacking those sort of intangibles.