Wenger on his January transfer plans (note: may sound familiar)


Arsene Wenger has ruled out wholesale changes when the January transfer window but says that the club will strengthen the squad if they find players of the right quality.

For some reason, that sounds quite familiar to us. Almost as if we’ve heard him say it before or something.

In fairness, when you’ve been manager as long as he has there’s only a finite number of times you can answer the same questions, but all the same people keep asking because everyone loves transfers.

Asked by beIN Sport about his January plans, the Frenchman said, “You do not imagine that we will change 10 players in January. It’s 90 per cent that it’s the same squad.

“If we can find some additions to strengthen our squad we will do it.

“But we have a big squad, I think we have players of quality. We need just to stick together and fight as we can until the end of the season.”

How we come through the festive period on the injury front may well be a factor when it comes to business when the window opens next month.

Until then, we have three Premier League games to concentrate on, and hopefully good results to help inform what we need or don’t.

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Plagiarism from your own article from 2016!!

Andy Mack

So he’s basically saying exactly what every other manager would say when they aren’t near the relegation battle…
‘I’m not expecting to buy/sell anyone but if we’re made a very good offer then we’ll consider it, and if any players that we’ve got our eye on suddenly becomes available then we’ll consider buying them’.


Don’t trust him with any money. His recent track record says enough.

Retire in the Summer and get the send off you deserve.


Brace yourselves for the Kalstroms and the Gabriels the elnenys.. excited? No? Me neither.

Brendan from NY

I would take another Elneny or Gabriel. They both have their roles and their value. It had occurred to be that we are missing a CB who can shank a ball unintentionally in so many directions

Reality check

we don’t need more Gabriels and Elnenys, we have plenty of those above average squad player. what we need is super quality after losing Alexis and Ozil in the near future. Goretzka and Di Maria will probably do for now.

Declan M

Just as long as we spend enough next summer…



Andy Mack

How much is ‘Enough’?

Don Cazorleone

anything that doesn’t result in a net profit for Stan, like last year


It’ll need to be top top quality. There aren’t many better than


Plus replacing Sanchez and ozil but Nelson is one of those as you have to give youth a chance


We need a tough physical skilful midfielder like Vieira, Gilberto. Let’s hope.

Let’s keep the rest.

Ted E.

They’re over the hill mate.


‘Like’ means:

having the same characteristics or qualities as; similar to.
“he used to have a car like mine”


Facts, hate them.

jack jack jack

Jokes, hate them.


Oh no we don’t

The club said that they looked at the midfield in the summer and that arsene was confident it wad strong enough. Gazidis I believe


I’m guessing without even reading the article. “we will add to the squad if we find the right players that will improve us.


Haha i was sspot on.


Kim Kallstrom back from retirement?


Or Squillaci, Sylvestre and park Chu young


Maybe a bit of Sanogagogo?


I wonder how he’s getting on at Toulouse? Does anyone know?

Faisal Narrage

Surprising, right?


Though incredibly, Sylvestre was a summer signing.

jack jack jack

It’s to my eternal disappointment that the Squid and Sylvester never played side by side. What a force that would have been.


Summer 2008….it actually said a lot about the direction the club was headed – which in hindsight, was no direction at all.


ha, ha, ha

Laughing Stock

I hope we don’t sign anyone, save the money for whoever it is that hopefully takes over from him ASAP


Hahaha vol 2!


that would be ideal if wenger goes at the end of the season


He’s never leaving. He’s doing a great job when he looks at his bank balance

Chippys chip

Boring boring wenger

Hereford Gooner

That photograph still makes me laugh year in year out.. I will miss a lot about Wenger when he does retire, that picture included

jack jack jack

One of Blogs’s very best

Stuck on repeat...

“In fairness, when you’ve been manager as long as he has there’s only a finite number of times you can answer the same questions” – very true, but really he has only ever given ONE answer…so AW could probably try a bit harder here too. It all just comes across as “blah blah blah” followed by him scratching his head perplexed when the window closes & we have a injury hit weakened squad, with the same glaring defeciencies.

Would love to see some strong decisive moves this window made by the manager & club. Am NOT expecting this though (but would dearly love to see it). Unfortunately expect to see yet more fiffing, faffing, indecisiveness, with a “well we don’t know for sure what is happening with Sanchez, Ozil, etc (x god knows how many more players are almost out of contract)” touted as an excuse / reasoning.

Sigh…we should be so much better than this current charade hanging over the club & fans…


Lemar in… Sanchez out… Lemar has 6mts earlier to bed in with Lacazette then opposed to signing in the summer.


Think he’d rather chelsea or the mugsmashers

Come to arsenal and be substituted after an hour every time you start plus there are fuck all tactics or in game mgt. I think he’ll do a kante and steer clear of a manager declining rapidly

Brendan from NY

a manager declining rapidly – more like slowly dying. Fans of clubs other than Citeh are also concerned that they are on the brink of disaster. A club in crisis is a narrative that sells. Look objectively, a manager who usually finished in top 4 is not in rapid decline. I would agree with stagnation… get behind your team, this group of players and manager and coaches can achieve more.


He could have said: We need to find out what we do best and do less of it, better.


So he’ll start looking for players on the 1st of January, and then eventually find a gem on the 30th of February.

Don Cazorleone

Nah, he’ll identify a player, refuse to pay the asking price, haggle until the deadline; before settling for cheaper, less-good player that comes in on a long contract and inflated wages, while the initial player goes to a rival club.

Ad infinitum.


Preferably one with an injury or at least niggle. Haven’t had that since Kallstrom so it’s high time.

Ivan Parasite

Any Benzema stories yet? Malouda? Remember, Debuchy did happened though.




sounds like an old man that’s out of touch with the rest of the world, wenger has clearly lost the plot, and I think that it is cruel for the owners to keep him on as our manager


Owner doesn’t give a shot
A manager who calls the shots. He’ll have to be dragged out


Normally when he says ‘we will buy if we can find the required quality’ it seems to mean we have no intention of doing anything

Don’t get your hopes up anyway


to true, I don’t, I think the only reason he bought ozil was because he could


Discussions are due to start with Jack then. That’ll take the involvement of everyone behind the scenes at arsenal and when he signs he will be LANS


They’re too busy and spending too much money getting rid of mice, of course he would say that.

George Graham

Does he get an ‘on this day’ notification like we do on Facebook? If so it’s probably just come up with every year for the past 4.

Brendan from NY

Blogs – you have so many debbie-downers that follow the blog. You would think we are in a relegation battle. Wouldnt it be nice if the fanbase was united going into a big match on Friday? Couldnt the team use that support? Couldnt the manager?

Faisal Narrage

Ah you’re one of those folks that blames the fans.


Hopefully one of the last seasons we keep hearing this from him


Draxler for Alexis.

Technically we’re not adding.


As usual wenger will bring nobody


That’s Arsene’s out of office Christmas email auto response…


I was under the naive impression that poor defending was the problem