Wenger on keeping stars: Negotiations are always open


Arsene Wenger says Arsenal have not reached a ‘take it or leave it’ stage in negotiations with Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez and has stressed that the club’s door is always open to players, whether they have years or months left on their contracts.

Both the Mirror and the Daily Mail report this morning that the Gunners are willing to make a last-ditch attempt to keep Mesut Ozil with the player able to sign a pre-contract agreement with a foreign club in less than three weeks.

“Negotiations are always going on with everybody,” said Wenger when quizzed about Ozil.

“Is it people with two years to go, one year to go or three months to go? Our door is always open. For the rest, I cannot tell you much more.

“I said that many times [we want to keep Ozil and Sanchez]. That’s all we can say.”

Pressed again on the matter later in his pre-West Ham press conference, the boss was a little more cagey. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given that time is against the club.

“I don’t want to talk about that. The best way to deal with these things is to be as discreet as possible. No, [it has not reached a take it or leave it stage].”

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Parlour\'s Pay Packet
Parlour\'s Pay Packet

If get a second chance to build a team around Ozil, we mustn’t Mesut up. I’ll get my coat.


I think its going to be so risky letting both these guys run their contracts down till the summer, because there is no way in hell we are going to be able to organise two replacements of the same calibre over the summer window alone.

I genuinely think if we are prepared to let them both go then we need to buy someone in January. Leaving it all to do at the end of the season is just going to be far too difficult. Especially if Arsene decides to pack it in – then what?

Imagine the scenario where both players go, and Wenger leaves as well. It is unlikely, but that’s not too far out of the realms of possibility at all.

I’d be looking to get someone in like Draxler in the January window, he wants out of PSG and I think he would come to Arsenal, potentially his arrival could convince Mesut to stay as I know they’re pals.

It also gives us a slightly stronger bargain position to potential targets when Alexis and Ozil are still at the club, because we can say we are bringing in you to replace Mesut Ozil or Alexis Sanchez… it looks a lot better that way round, rather than both players leaving, and we are trying to sign anyone with a bit of a name – it will just look so desperate.

John C

If or more likely when both Ozil and Sanchez go in summer, Wenger must go with them! If fact he should go anyway.

This squad needs a major rebuild, Ozil and Sanchez need to be replaced. So do Cech, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Monreal given their ages. We need at least one new starting midfielder. Giroud will be 32 next season and will need replacing soon too. Walcott, Welbeck and Iwobi aren’t good enough, neither are possibly Chambers and Holding.

A new manager next season should come in and start the rebuild with the players they want.


I think the only reason Wenger is holding back is he hasn’t been able to get his desired replacements for the price he wants.

Franly we should have just paid the price for Mahrez and at least had one replacement already in the bag.

Come summer we also have to deal with a number of aging assets in Per, Koscielny, Monreal, Debuchy in the back line. Even assuming we retain two, we have a lot of replacement issues.

Also up top Giroud may go leaving us with a yet to convince Welbeck.

Jack may not stay.

We should really move on Walcott to make room but how to find a buyer is another issue consider g his wages.

Elneny is mediocre at best and we need an upgrade in midfield desperately.

If we can see up one of these two key players in January either in extension or replacement, it will help the summer.

But it depends on who is available for us in January and what competition we have.

Girouds Lovely Locks

Of all those defenders you mentioned, Monreal is the only one I think we can depend on the next couple years. Chambers and Holding both need to step up this year to claim their spots ASAP.



I am so glad we didn’t waste any money on Mahrez. He always looked like a player who was just enjoying a purple patch in a genuinely bizarre season. I never thought he would have it in him to consistently perform like he did in that title winning season for Leicester.

Kante left and he had a real opportunity to show how much of a class act he is, and he just hasn’t done it, and the last thing we need is another player like him with bags of talent but zero willingness to apply himself.

Leicester can keep him.


Draxler would be an excellent choice. We are in such need of high technical players at the moment particularly if Alexis and Ozil go.

Pastore is another one who may be convinced to move.

PSG will also have to balance their books

But not so easy.

We may have to pay to look a more attractive destination these days and Wengerus notoriously spendthrift

Plus there may be competition for these sort if players that will drive price upwards

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia
Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

I care much more about retaining Giroud than these two guys. We achieve very little with them. Teams that are above us do not these guys anyways.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia
Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Mesut Up = Taking it lightly, nt putting much effort to achieve something.
I will get my coat too.

Arturo Lupoli

I’ve got a feeling there may be some truth to this one. He’s odd’s on to be moving to London to be closer to his daughter & nobody else is being linked with him. He had a great season under Sampaoli last year, but hasn’t been great this season, perhaps he’s downed tools a bit though as there were lots of broken promises regarding his situation at Sevilla. Still, there’s no decent sources confirming it yet.


Pleas…we can do better.

Charlotte Bates

@A Lupoli, who are you referring to? Nzoni? Or…

David Hillier\'s luggage
David Hillier\'s luggage

Is the new Kalou/Benzema/Trezeguet/Frey


Look at the source m8, never believe anything published from the Express, although I rate Nzonzi and think we need a player with his qualities.


Alright. Maybe rushed a little.. sorry.
Just think it would be Great to have him on Jan…


The situation is ideal.


Everything is ideal in Arsenal


Get Mesut Özil to stay please.
Sanchez can be replaced by a goal scorer.
A tempo setter like özil can’t be found on the market.

Santi\'s Smile






A Different George

Ta da!



Same age in fact marginally younger


Going to be a tough pill to swallow losing both of them for nothing in May. Hopefully we can resign Ozil, but I am sure Sanchez is gone.

SB Still

He is already! If not for the passhion, he is the same as Walcott, pops up with a goal or assist but hardly influencing games like he did till last season.

Mesut O\'Neill

They can both be replaced internally ?


Starting to get worried about Ramsey, don’t snooze on that one too please.


Clever avie name. A big thumbs up!

Cliff Bastin

Lacazette was given the number 9 before Perez even left (which was a dick move btw but whatever) but that kind of hints at Jack’s value to Wenger. I know it’s just a silly number but straight up giving Mesut the number 10 next season might convince him of his worth to the club.


Perez hasn’t left. he’s only out on loan. No it wasn’t a dick move. LP is the one who gave up by forcing his way out. No need to ask for his number. Both sides knew he was a gone so no worries.


Is it not obvious he’s tried and failed to get them to sign extensions? It is to me and he’s afraid of the backlash from people who will claim they should have sold/replaced whatever. Wenger must be regarded as outdated now. He’s served Arsenal FC with distinction and will be remembered fondly once he’s gone, but we must move on. Ozil and Alexis are in their prime and want to end on a high note with either league medals or champions league. They’ll not get that here and deep down they know and that’s why they haven’t signed.


Outdated manager still won 3 FA cups in 4 seasons.

How many cups Spurts won with their media lauded football genius managers or even Liverpool?


Who comparing us to Tottenham or Liverpool. Look how many major trophies Chelsea, City and United have won. Im not saying winning the FA Cup isn’t an achievement, you’ve stuck that one in. My point was They’ve rotated managers, spent money, changed style and won the major titles. We’ve become a cup team end of.

A Different George

United have not challenged for the league since Ferguson left, despite massive spending. Chelsea and City are evidence that massive spending does eventually pay off.

John C

Not only have we not challenged for the league since SAF left United we didn’t for 5 years before he left either!

We are facing the same challenge Ferguson’s successors have faced in that we need to totally rebuild our team, we have both aging and star players that need to be replaced, the cost is going to be massive if we wish to ever compete again.


The 3 clubs that spend into debt. Transfers and salaries paid by owners who are willing to finance debt to buy players.

John C

Lets put this into perspective, the FA Cup is won in the draw.

The first of the 3 FA Cups we had 4 consecutive home ties and the last one we played a league 2 team in the 3rd round, a reserve team in the 4th round, then 2 non-league sides.

It isn’t a sign of the quality of a team.

Always Arsenal

What ! So for the last 60 years the spuds have just had a tough draw !

Always Arsenal

Yes !!

John C

Of course it’s obvious but negotiations are always open with them in the same way my dinner invitation to Megan Fox is still open to her. I like Arsenal are keen, the others not so much.


What are they waiting for then? It’s easy for any one to say they’re open to something, but why hasn’t Ozil or Sanchez said anything? They’re excellent players playing with good to mediocre players, they’re both 29 so a few good years at the top, earning twice what they get at the moment. The chance to play in a team that is capable of winning major trophies. They know their not signing, but doing Wenger the courtesy of staying until the end of the season, when we finish 6th and he calls it a day. If you can’t see that, you’re very naive.

John C

They’re waiting for their contracts to run out and then sign for someone else with a massive sign on bonus.

Why do they have to say anything? It’s not for them to reveal their hand, they can’t officially sign for anyone at the moment even if they’ve privately agreed on a move.


Then this should have been sorted out at the beginning of the season or at the very latest next month. Sanchez should have been to City, they’re walking the league anyway. We could have had Lemar probably for 60 million and a 5 year contract for a 21 year old with the world at his feet. Instead we get nothing for either and have to spend 100 million to try to replace them. It’s just shocking management and you look past the manager for this.

John C

Absolutely, they should have been sold in the summer


We need a Fox in the Box and so do you by the sound of it. I’ll get my coat.


We would have done well to have signed Mahrez last summer.

It would have provided further dribbling ability in our side but from right balancing out Alexis so he doesn’t try too hard.

But it would also put into place a ready replacement and committed him to either signing or we move on…much as also with Ozil.

We are far too easy on these players and held prey to their fancies. This should not be the case.

Point in hand The Ox.

We should have had him either commit to paper when Gnabry was pushing for first team or promoted the young German. As is we lost both players!



Whats up with you and Mahrez? He sucks when it comes to the idea of him being a key replacement. There is a reason why no one else bought him this past summer. No one thinks he’s worth it. He’s proving to be a one season wonder.

Lingards\' Milly Rock
Lingards\' Milly Rock

Agree regarding Mahrez. He would bring balance to our play, long distance shooting ability, and the ability to beat a player and drag others out of position. He is also a very capable passer.
Those who think he is beneath us or not better than a lot of our options right now are incredibly deluded.

Also, regarding Chambo… same thing happened with Flamini and Diarra and we ended up with neither player. Seen it all before; simply naive management.


Feel the burn … Wenger out. I think he will go after the World Cup when someone like France or Italy or England offers him an international job. Then again, he always ”honours” his contracts. Love the guy and what he has done for the club, but we need to move forwards, and fast. Ranieri is available and has title winning credentials. More likely that Arteta will be approached but he’s no good in a scrap.


They gone.