Wenger on Ozil, Man Utd and mixed messages over January sales


Manchester United have not contacted Arsenal over Mesut Ozil says Arsene Wenger, as the Frenchman insists that none of his players will leave in January.

The German is rumoured to be of interest to former boss and massive hypocritical wankspanner Jose Mourinho, but there are also rumours that a new deal with the Gunners could be close too.

The Arsenal manager was quizzed about the playmaker’s future at his press conference today and the conversation went as follows.

How close is Mesut Ozil to signing a new contract? He’s not gonna join Manchester United then, is he?

No. How close, I don’t know. He will stay here.

Journalist: Are you talking about a new contract?

We have never been approached by Man Utd anyway. I don’t even know why that came up and who found that, but that’s always something that has been created.

So you’re sure he’s going to stay here?

Until the end of the season for sure. The rest is open.

Earlier, the manager had been asked about potential January sales and letting players go – in particular those with not long to go on their contracts.

“They will all stay,” he said, before immediately casting some doubt on the statement.

“It’s very difficult for me to tell you, because I will analyse every case individually and separately, but overall my wish and desire is that everybody stays.

“After, if you come in and you tell me ‘That’s what I offer you for this player’, I will say yes or no.”

So definitely not for sale. Unless the price is right. Which is fair enough, that’s how it works, there’s no point pretending otherwise.

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Get mahrez..

Gudang Pelor

Sell sachez, get Mo Salah :p


I said this would happen and everyone absolutely hammered me in these comments sections saying I was an idiot.

But Ozil and Sanchez contract issues were always going to plague our season. Every game their performances are scrutinized in depth and with every misplaces pass the same hypothesis is reached – ‘they don’t want to be here anymore so they aren’t trying.’

This was always going to be the problem. Its just unbelievable that we are in this position again. It is such a joke.

As much as I love both players because they are top drawer on their day, but these guys should’ve been sold at the end of last season if they weren’t going to sign new deals. It is absolutely mental that Arsenal Football Club are allowing this sideshow to go on. Its makes us look so small time.

In every single club in the world, the club is the most important thing, nothing is bigger, not the players, not the manager.

But at Arsenal it is the complete opposite. Arsenal is pretty much just becoming a vehicle of marketing. We are hardly a football club anymore. We’ve lost so much of our identity which made us great.


Well I think Ozil is playing pretty good, and Sanchez is doing his thing of giving the ball away. Seems like it’s par for the course.


If you had taken a poll end if last transfer window, mist would have sold Ozil and kept Alexis

Illustrates how little most people know.

What we do know though is it would be better to sell one before next window in the summer so we don’t have so much on the plate then.

What we don’t know is who us in thecmarkwt in January other than PL clubs.

Frankly though at the moment both United and City are only rivals in existential terms.

We are so far off pace that we may as well just off load to them and get the best price.

Then do some proper shopping.

So my guess would be it may hinge on our own targets and just how gettable they are this Jan.


We are at risk of losing two high influencers at the same time.

It will make rebuild in the summer truly colloidal and it may even distract and drag us away from other issues necessaery to address in market for the squad (defense)

I think the other issue is we have been short fall on highly technical players with the league catching up thanks to better distribution of tv money.

That said, the issue with adding players is also reliant on our targets becoming available for the price we can afford

Maybe Wenger felt last summers prices were pushed up and truly stratospheric thanks to the Neymar transfer and that it may cool down in January.

No obevkniews the appetite of the other clubs or if they may be held back to show a but more compliance with the close to moribund FFP rulings

We will have to weigh what/who comes available in January.

Draxler? Pastore? Even if they are moveable…there will be other vultures circling some with more dosh than us.


When I read an opening sentence like that I’m already tempted to down vote the comment regardless of content. Is that bad?


Regardless your best players get scrutinized. It doesn’t matter if they have 1 or 5 years.

Neymar just moved to PSG and immediately he’s been linked to move away lol Thats life and you have to deal with it.


I would.

He’s not cup tied.

He is only 26yrs

He gives the same sort of vigor and take on ability but from the right.

Yet he is actually left footed.

Personally I felt we should hAve got him in the summer to balance Alexis from the right so the Chilean doesn’t try too hard.

Plus we would have already put in place a potential replacement.

And it will give us better width in a 4-2-3-1

The issue us more Wenger has the single use Walcott still hovering around.

But we need more creative players with high technical ability in the squad to make a true and sustained difference

The problem now us Mahrez stock is again on the up and Leicester are not as desperate as previously.

Still if they are willing to part, its potentially a good deal.


First off they were never desperate or they would have sold him to whomever.

Chilean doesn’t try too hard lol do you have any idea who you are talking about?


If we get £40-50m and a new player coming in I’d be happy but it is never going to happen.


So, we get 40-50mil and need to spend 60-70mil to get someone new and not as good. Great and very typical Arsenal


I don’t think we would get 40 mil for him, and if we got someone else in, he couldn,t be any worse


Not as good now, but hopefully will turn good in a season. That kind of player is what we can aim and hope for.

And you conveniently ignore the fact that Alexis and Ozil extending contracts will cost the club north of 50 million, while we get no transfer income too.


When have we spent that?

I think you need a bit if a head check.

Normally we spend zero for someone like Kolasinac…or Kim Kalstrom.


I would be happy to get 50p for him

chris breezy

Sell Ozil and Sanchez in Jan to whoever will pay up(preferably abroad). The league’s gone this year and they’re both going to leave at the end of the season anyway so get shot and replace with Mahrez/Lemar/Zaha or similar who might at least try a bit or pretend to give a shit.
It can’t be healthy in the dressing room to have the 2 top earners actively negotiating to leave the club.

Why not

sell alexis…keep ozil.


I’d even let city have him with their respective forms, might stop them going Invicible.


You clearly haven’t been watching Ozil. He has been good over the last 4 games

Sheffield Gooner

I think Goonerink was talking about Alexis.


of course he has, he has been putting himself in the shop window, he cant wait to get away from arsenal


In what fucking world did he have a good game against West ham???
Özil should leave, prem isnt for him, never was…


I agree. The only thing Sanchez has in him is goals. Nothing else. A very selfish and frustrating player to watch. It’s pretty evident why Barcelona got rid.
Ozil on the other hand, while he has his off days, helps to get the team flowing with their passing.


And he hasn’t even got much going in the goals department for a bit either.

Totally agree, sell Alexis, keep Ozil. Alexis has the toxic attitude anyway. Ozil believes in team play.


Sell both and forget about making top 4.


lol, we wont make top four with them


You do realise that players must agree to being sold, right?.

Why would any player, who could directly negotiate a contract with any club he so desires, agree to a sale which will undoubtly affect his future earnings?. Wouldn’t make any sense.

Also we already tried to sign both Mahrez and Lemar, with negative results.

chris breezy

They will still get monstrous signing on fees as the purchasing club would be picking up a player for approximately 1/3 of his worth. The possibility of joining PSG, Bayern, Juve or one of the big boys in Spain and probably winning something would also encourage them to go.


Its better to move them offshore and not to domestic competition.

But we should IMO move one preferably in January or it may risk more complication and a bigger rebuilding task in the summer.

A lot will depend on who may come available for us and for what price this Jan


Why would they pay any transfer fee when they can just sign them for free pre-contract in Jan or in the summer?


Be honest, can you really see any of the players you mentioned wanting to come to Arsenal? Wenger also only has one year on his contract and we don’t look like we will get top four or win the Europa league.

chris breezy

Monaco are out of Champions league and way off the pace in France. The other 2 play for Crystal Palace and Leicester so of course I fucking could.


not so breezy


I would love us to get Zaha. I think he’s been excellent for Palace this season, but also because he is a Arsenal fan. I know it isn’t very scientific, but I love it when we have (good) players who are proper fans of the club.


completely agree. board needs to bite the bullet this season (wish they had done so in the summer). even if we get nothing for them it will save 10m in wages between jan and july. arrange for arsene to leave at end of this season and start rebuilding now. the squad is a mess and needs some serious work so we should keep our money in our pockets and bring as much cash as we can in for new manager to spend next summer. it’s way beyond a joke now.

you can see from the body language of the team it is having a serious effect on morale. why bother when these two jokers won’t even commit to the club and your manager is too weak to make a decision on them. arsene is more concerned about short term success so he can go out in a blaze of glory than he is ensuring he leaves a legacy behind.

it’s a very sad end for a man i have had huge respect for over the years.


Yeah because Lemar is going to come cheaply lol

I don’t think its a problem in the dressing room because thats the nature of the business.

You can’t sell a player without the player agreeing to the move. So you can’t just say sell them to anyone preferably abroad if they don’t want to leave for that club.


Well that was as clear as mud…


Every transfer window is the same except this one ,due to the farcical contract situations ,is a tad worse than usual, I’d rather be hearing of plans to bring in players to jump start our season but I and the rest of the world and all their dogs know that THAT is as likely as a White Christmas and mps actually doing what they’re constituents voted for in the referendum!

David Hillier\'s luggage
David Hillier\'s luggage

I voted to remain, pretty sure my MP is fighting my corner for that


Well nowadays, Arsene Wenger makes about as much sense as any Brexit minister to be honest. We could do straight swap with David Davies and noone in government or Arsenal will notice the difference.


I wanted the club to announce it as final year of Wenger or the final contract. Wanted to see that as we could bid him a proper goodbye. Dont want a person as dedicated and a club loving person as Wenger to not receive the farwell he deserves. Saying that we should sell whoever stalls on contract before the christmas. Make money out of it but keep it in bank for the new manager and his signings. Cant believe a fans would have to think more on the business side of the club than just support the man in charge.


You are 100% right. We are behind Burnley in the league right now. We are out of the top four. We are not going to have St.Totteringham’s day. And fucking Burnley are above us. We need to bring in players to fix this now

Andy Mack

We’re one point behind Burnley and the spuddies…
Over-react much?


one point behind while having a poor run, next weekback in top four.


Sanchez in the form he has been in is a liability I’d rather see young Nelson given a run in the team he could hardly lose possession more often than the Chilean! Ozil to give credit where it’s due has at least been trying in the last 4 games but again if he really wants to leave or his wage demands would cause friction in the dressing room or limit our transfer options then I’d let him go and drop him to acclimatise to life without him ! Wenger talks a lot about giving young players a chance but very few get that chance in the league I’d love to see Eddie and Willock and AMN get runs in the premier league side they could hardly be less effective especially away than the established players !


I think Alexis is guilty of trying way too hard.

He feels like he has to carry the weight of the creative/take ons bc there are few other players in the squad that can do so.

This is if course the wrong approach. He needs to trust his teammates more.

He prob feels they let him down when he passes the ball but he is letting everyone down hold g it too long.

As I mentioned, it would have been beneficial to have had signed someone like Mahrez to balance out the sort of technicality we need in approach play/surprise factor.

It would have also at the same time hedge against a departure or two.

We are a squad that can do with one more technically brilliant player to carry us to the next level but Wenger has always short changed himself.

Sans a Mahrez, jack can add somebody the take on factor but we need to Marshall him as a resource very carwfylly. IMO we need to rotate him with the equally technically proficient Iwobi.


There is a difference giving young players a chance and giving up on the season. Get a grip we are in 7th. week before we were in 5th. next week we can be in 6th or 5th or 4th. Its so fluid between 2-7 with every club in that group has flaws.

If you just want to watch a bunch of 17-20 yo play why don’t you watch and support the U23 team that gives you pleasure.


Don’t worry everyone!!! Players in the last year of their contract is an ideal situation!! We got this!


Let Ozil go 4 d right price… Then bring in lemar nd draxler…that will be a step forward 4 sure


Lemar, Draxler, Goretzka, Dybala, Fekir and lets put the finishing touch with Messi and Ascensio.


Take dealing with contract issues away from AW ASAP!


so he will be off then


Should have sold both in the Summer.

They can’t and won’t get any credible replacements in January because no such would be available or would want to come.

Result : They both leave for nothing in June.

Playing at Football- the Arsenal way. ?


If we get a top class DM or CB, I’ll be happy, even if we let Sanchez and Ozil go.


Why do the press bother to ask Wenger about transfers? I know they’re mental but talk about hitting your head against a brick wall

Firstly he will ALWAYS say he needs any player they enquire about as a potential departure.

For that matter most savvy managers will say the same.

You don’t talk down the value if a player just before a transfer market by labelling him surplus to requirements. Naturally you still want to fetch the best price for him.

Secondly its not entirely in Wenger hands. He can hold out and jeep Ozil and Alexis to end of season but anything in January weighs in the weight of offer against losing money in the summer but also with influence on who is bidding be it off shore or domestic and the players intentions.

Add to that the availability of potential replacements like Kim Kalstrom may also factor in.

So exactly what they expect to hear from Wenger is beyond anyone with a sane constitution.


Big Mad Andy

“massive hypocritical wankspanner Jose Mourinho”. Yep.


Christ everything is sanchezs fault.

There’s only one man to be held to account for the wank storm we are in

Win tomorrow and all the snowflakes will be back talking about how great aw is and we’re a good team


So true!?

I mean we are still within reach of that celebrated (by the press when its Liverpool or Spurts) TOP 4 trophy.

FA cup is as good as ours.

Everyone wanted Europa league over CL.

Why the complains?



Once again it’s a fucking shambles.

Mike Dunne

Wenger is just saying we might sell at the right price or they will go to the wire. I think both are greedy and want money rather than a “club”.
In my view going till summer would be a waste. I would have taken the £60m offered last summer and buy good players who want to play for Arseal like Mahrez. They might also have some money for a much needed commanding centre half!