West Ham weigh up January Wilshere move


David Moyes said that if Jack Wilshere was available in January, he’d be interested in bringing him to West Ham as they look to climb their way out of a relegation dogfight.

The Hammers are second from bottom as they prepare to play Arsenal on Wednesday night, and with the 25 year old’s future uncertain, the former Everton and Sunderland boss expressed his interest.

Wilshere is almost into the final 6 months of his current deal, and as yet no serious discussions have been held – although he did say he expected to sit down with Arsene Wenger for a serious chat in the near future.

Speaking on Tuesday, Moyes was asked about his transfer plans for next month and said he was looking for players who could do a job straight away.

“You’d hope that if you took a player from another Premier League club it’d be much easier for him to go right into the team and play well,” he said.

“Jack Wilshere would be someone who we’d have to look at if he was available.”

Last month the Arsenal manager said he wanted clarity over Wilshere’s situation before the transfer window opened.

“I said many times that would be decided in December,” he said.

“Do we want to clear it up before the January window? Yes.”

There’s now just under three weeks before that window opens, so it’s time to make a decision.

Wilshere could start his first Premier League game of the season tomorrow night, with Aaron Ramsey absent through injury.

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West Ham are desparate
£10-15mill would be a great deal for us.
See if we can go get Goretzka or Kovacic.


Cleverly was sold for 8 mill. Surely not worth selling Wilshere for 10-15


We’d end up with £10Mln in the bank and less options in midfield


There’s no way we could warrant a new deal.
Take the money and move on.
Both club and player would benefit from a move.


How would the club benefit from having even more money they don’t spend and one less influential midfielder?

Lingards\' Milly Rock
Lingards\' Milly Rock

Is he really influential if he doesn’t play?? He also chose to leave for a year to play for Bournemouth, and how did that pan out for him and the club?

The Wilsh hysteria is at an all time high.

The club will be doing itself a massive disservice to itself to let so many players run down their contracts and leave us in a lurch. We simply have to be far shrewder and that requires taking off the rose-tinted spectacles (like we eventually did with Oxlade-Chamberlin).

Stuck on repeat...

Sounds very Areenal…


not the time to sell, it’s more the time to buy…

Andy Mack

We don’t have any squad places available unless we sell…


Really? Bellerin, Chambers, Holding, Walcott, Welbeck, Ramsey, Coquelin, Matt Macey. That’s 8 homegrown players for league registration. Then for Europa League a few of those are homegrown from the club, then U21s can be registered as well if have homegrown status.

Andy Mack

The PL squad has a limit of 25 players over 21s. It has to include at least 8 home grown players but that doesn’t change the fact that we’re limited to 17 over 21s that aren’t home grown.


I could be wrong, but I don’t think the fact that a player is U21 status precludes them from being given a 25 man roster spot. I could easily be dead wrong though.

Andy Mack

U21s don’t need to be registered in the ’25’, so they aren’t. But the point is we’re limited to 17 over 21s that aren’t ‘home grown’.


There are only 12 over 21’s that aren’t homegrown by my count. Even if I’m missing a couple I think we’re still well under that number.

Andy Mack

I had a quick look at the 1st team squad on arsenal.com and i think it’s 15, plus every ‘homegrown’ in excess of the 8 must be counted as well and we’ve 9 (I think).
Macey isn’t mentioned there though, and as he’s over 21 I think he may take the last spot.
Maybe we’ve one spot but I don’t think so.


Goretzka’s unlikely. Does Jimmy Bullard still play football?


Why Goretzka or Kovacic. If we are just throwing names out here, how about Pogba and KDB and Kante this January. Not bad for the Winter to make 2nd half run for the title?

Lingards\' Milly Rock
Lingards\' Milly Rock

Goretzka – Much needed size/presence, only 22 years old, and a box to box midfielder who actually understand the nuances of the role. Free transfer.

Kovacic – 23 years old, great ability and one of the closest direct replacements for Santi out there. Under-utilised and simply stockpiled at Madrid.

Both realisable and realistic targets and considerable improvements on what we currently have.

Kindly stop being so obtuse; your ignorance is showing. Otherwise if you only watch ‘Premiere league soccer’…broaden your horizons.

Crash Fistfight

I think caligunner’s point was more around the availability of the two players mentioned than their suitability.

I think the general consensus is that Bayern already agreed a deal with Goretzka and I guess the thinking on Kovacic is that Madrid are unlikely to sell any of their players unless they get crazy bids for them (and they’ll probably get good money for Gareth Bale in the summer).

Lingards\' Milly Rock
Lingards\' Milly Rock

With all due respect, if those are the types of players beyond our scope and ‘not available’…we may as well pack it in now. Other clubs were linked with Kolasinac and we managed to get him over the line. It’s about strong early negotiations and showing the player he fits into the plans of the club.

Bayern are linked with every single well performing player and have recently bought Tolisso. They still have Renato Sanchez on their books who they are unable to shift permanently, and their James Rodriguez 2 year loan is quite bizarre.

Kovacic isn’t Spanish, and will not attract the same scrutiny at Madrid a sale would cause in comparison to a Marco Asensio who isn’t being played either. Their sale of the promising Danilo shows deals for their players are very possible.

I’m neither trying to assume what the initial point was; neither am I buying into the doom and gloom that we are some pauper club simply unable to do any better.


I would love us to look at this Sergi Milinkovic Savic midfielder at Lazio. Guy is a beast. 6’4” with good technique and good in the air and creative as well. Although I’m sure all teams will be interested. Whens’ the last time we had some real brawn in midfield? And height!


Wilshere leaving Arsenal to go to West Ham in January would literally be the most moronic thing ever.

At Arsenal Jack is getting games in the Premier League, The FA Cup, The League Cup and The Europa League.

Why the hell would he move to West Ham who are trying their absolute hardest to get relegated.

The only thing that Wilshere really benefits from the potential move is the longevity of a new contract – that’s it. He would get way more money by running down his Arsenal contract till this summer then moving on a Bosman. Anything West Ham offer him now wont come close to that amount.

For footballing reasons he isn’t going to benefit at all, especially considering its a World Cup year.

He is going to look a million times better playing for Arsenal, helping us get top 4 and potentially winning a domestic cup (or sneaking the Europa League) then probably getting lots of minutes for West Ham as they continue to nose dive down the table.


I wouldn’t sell wilshere to any club at any price, especially when it’s looking more likely that we’ll lose Ozil and/or Alexis. I don’t understand why we haven’t tied him down to a new long term contract.


If he can get through the xmas and new year pile up of games in the 1st team unscathed, sign him up.


Complete fucking joke that it’s come to this. A quality player will walk away for peanuts or nothing.

Add this to the Ozil and Sanchez situations and it’s a disgrace. Wenger has cost the club a fortune.


Unlike Ozil and Sanchez I’m pretty sure the ball is in Arsenal’s court with Jack


Joke and disgrace it may be but why is the blame wholly on Wenger? That’s quite a lazy answer – I expected more from you Fats

Laughing Stock

Errrrrrrr, because Wenger runs the entire playing side of the club??

Da Boss

errrrrr, AW isn’t responsible for contract negotiations…..????


Errrr, because wenger is the manager


I don’t remember anyone saying Jack deserves a new contract summer of ’17 or ’16 lol

John C

It’s no longer about deserving a new contract but stopping the hemorrhaging of assets. How many 10’s or hundreds of millions of pounds do you think it’s alright for Wenger lose the club?


typical wenger, keep the shit players and get rid of the good ones

Goonerest Gooner

We haven’t sold anyone yet


Pretty sure it more than balances out pal with the no name players to join the club who have left for an absolute fortune.

What sort of profit have we made from man City and Barcelona in recent years? Song and cesc alone to barca.

Don’t disagree that it’s a disgrace to let our top players get to this stage and leave for nothing, but to say wenger has cost this club a fortune, your having a laugh my man.


Play a 4-3-3 and play him with Xhaka, Coq/Elneny.


An attacking diamond of Alexis, Laca/Giroud, Ozil/Iwobi with Jack at the top of the midfield 3 sounds pretty tasty to me.


Better yet, let’s try AMN as the DM, his actual position.
It’s clear Wenger isn’t convinced by either Coq or Elneny. Time to trust the next gen again.

Lingards\' Milly Rock
Lingards\' Milly Rock

Agreed! He has pace, strength, and is very calm on the ball. This really is the time for Wenger to rotate and see whether a young player can make the step up like he did with Iwobi.

I watched a very physical West Ham beat Chelsea and we definitely need someone quick enough to help snuff out counter-attacks

Andy Mack

So if he doesn’t make the ‘step up’ and we lose a game because of him having a poor game as DM (which is also possible as FB/WB but less likely), whose fault would that be?

Lingards\' Milly Rock
Lingards\' Milly Rock

That’s a rather ridiculous leap there. By your logic, 100 plus Germany caps Mertersacker and £80 million Lukaku should not be allowed to play because of their recent ‘poor games’.

Mistakes happen, and many players have poor games/individual moments. Football is also a team sport played over 90 minutes. A young player showing progress and positive signs should be given chances.

In spite of Bellerin’s poor game in Dortmund…look at what he eventually did to Debuchy. Is the thought of that happening to some of our centre midfielders who haven’t seized the numerous chances they have been afforded a bad thing?

Andy Mack

Whilst it’s true that a few young players may not be majorly affected by a poor game, most of them are, especially when some of our less understanding ‘supporters’ get on their back because they’ve had a problem in one of the more important positions which has resulted in an opposition goal.
It’s also possible that it’ll happen when they’re playing at FB, but then they can at least think to themselves ‘well it’s not my real position’.
I think he should get some game time at DM in a cup game or two this season against lesser teams, but the PL is a different ball game.


er our team is shit enough without coq/elneny


No thanks.

Murder on Zidane\'s floor
Murder on Zidane\'s floor

Hey Moyes. Eat a dick

Crash Fistfight

Come on, you know the drill.

Reporter suggests that Wilshere might be available in January and asks Moyes if he is someone West Ham would be interested in buying if he were available.

What is Moyes going to say, “no, he’s better than our current players but we still don’t want him”?

A Different George

“He’s a quality player with a lot of Premier League experience and of course we would consider him if he were available.” That is really all Moyes said.

dr Strange

Fuck off Moyes.


Sell him. Wilshere will never bring Arsenal to the heights they want. Never ever.


30million, and i would consider it, only if the money was re-invested, else take a running jump moyesy u pisshead


don’t you dare sell him wenger, you have done a lot of stupid things as our manager, but this would be the worst


Jack wilshere is Arsenals best player on his day and ehen not on his day he fights like a beast and still preforms woth class.. some of.you gonners ci sider sellimg him or.tslk about mineynwhen it comes to a home grown gooner is a shame! Wilshere is class and you guys need to see his perofrmsnces from day 1 till noe.to.appreciate him