Wilshere remains in the dark about contract talks


Jack Wilshere says the all he knows about possible talks over a new contract comes from what Arsene Wenger says in public.

The midfielder, who started his first Premier League game of the season in the 0-0 draw with West Ham last night, says he’s pretty much in the dark about when anything’s going to happen – despite the fact that the manager said he wanted to clear up the situation before the January transfer window.

“I said many times that would be decided in December,” said Wenger last month.

“Do we want to clear it up before the January window? Yes.”

However, speaking after the game at the London Stadium, Wilshere revealed he has no idea if or when anything will take place.

“No, there’s no update on the contract,” he said. “We’re in the same position as we were two weeks ago.

“Nothing’s changed. There’s not really a date in the diary. I’ve only read what the boss has said in the media.

“I’ve just played my first game in the Premier League. I’m concentrating on staying fit and staying in this team. That will look after itself.

“When it’s the right time to talk about it, I’m sure the boss will call me and we’ll have a chat.”

The messages from Wenger have been mixed, on the one hand talking up his quality for England yet not playing him for Arsenal, and speaking about having to make difficult decisions.

“I will always decide what is best for him, that is my first priority no matter what kind of decision I make,” said the Frenchman.

“I have to consider the interests of Jack Wilshere and Arsenal Football Club together. If I think his best interest is to stay here then I will absolutely fight 100 per cent for him to stay here because he’s a guy who is top-quality and is back fit now.”

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but it doesn’t sound like there’s any urgency from Arsenal’s end.


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For me, this is the one we NEED to sign, Jack is looking good right now, has played a few games, is fitter than ever and even with his track record is worth taking a punt on (if his fitness is the risk) – he’s Arsenal through and through and we need more players like him. SIGN HIM UP SHARPISH.


When ozil goes and with Santi sadly struggling jack is the most creative player we have . We should be signing him now. We offered and gave Santi a contract when he was injured and gave diaby countless contracts the same courtesy should be offered to jack now but it woudnt surprise in the slightest if we let him leave on a free.
This club is fucked

nacho man

how many assists has he ffs


Are you fucking serious?


Wish I could hit thumbs up more than once on this one.


I’d be surprised if we didn’t sign him up. Coming into his prime years, now mature, starting to play well again. Seems an easy decision.


This is arsenal, if that surprises you then you probably haven’t been a fan long enough. Welcome to the shit show.


Started in the double winning year.


Bould\'s Eyeliner

You know, I don’t often agree with Pedant, but I will defend him here, as vaguely meaningful an internet comment might be. There’s no trophy in being jaded, you know. 46 years of hope and desire is more than most of us can even claim under the Arsenal badge. Don’t knock that dedication, and if anyone can love something for that long, they’re doing something right.


Lessons learned – none. Yeah, why not drag yet another contract beyond reasonable time. We don’t need midfielders anyway.

SB Still

Ideal situation as Wenger would say.

££ as Silent Stan would say!


Look, I get the angst right now about the contract situations of Ozil and Sanchez, but not one person here or elsewhere was clamoring for Wilshere’s signature while he was at Bournemouth being decent / benched, or while he was in the treatment room yet again this past spring for a broken leg. Injury prone and not exactly pulling up trees at a loaner club…and now, after some decent showings in the Europa League and one Premier League game, you’re all suddenly screaming at the club? Please explain…


What is the deal with our club, there is little to no organisation going into many key issues. It’s a disaster that we have our two best players less than 3 weeks away from signing up with whom they please now one of more talented squad members has just come out to say there has been no contact or update on his contract either. How does this suit Arsenal or jack in any way? He’s clearly up for it and is an arsenal man thick and thin, should be signing him up rather than letting this situation get out of our hands yet again.


what do you mean, whats the deal with this club, this is how arsenal opperate

andris priim

i refuse to believe a scenario where we don’t offer him a contract…


I wouldn,t

John Noshi

This is a no brainer. It’s worth keeping him even if he can only play 30 games a season but sadly the if here is a big if. Or to say, bigly if.


Offer him a bladdy contract and play him! He’ll literally the only arsenal play who will play a ball first time rather than taking a second touch


I can see him and Laca really working well together through packed defenses once they get their ‘automatisms’.


We’re a fucking shambles. 2 weeks into dec and we haven’t had the decency to tell him when talks are to start or even book the date to open discussions with his agent

A club of class and values? Only when it suits one man trying to protect himself


that’s the mentality of our manager

dr Strange

It’s so fucking disrespectful against one of our own. Wenger has shown a real incompetence when it comes to contracts.

I bet you all he’s still hoping Ozil will sign and sees Jack as the backup option. In his arrogance he will loose them both.

Quality leaves and medicracy remains. That’s becoming Wengers legacy.


I have been saying that for a long time now


It really is time for him to leave. I think just about everyone sees it now. With respect and appreciation, but I am so ready for change. Even if it means stepping back to step forward.


I can’t bare one more game of Wenger, it’s so obvious he’s a busted flush and still we indulge him out of sentimentality.

The fans don’t believe in him, the players don’t and it’s obvious he struggles with the complexities of modern day football.

He’s a lame duck Manager who should be sacked before the start of the January window to allow a new Manager to start rebuilding.

I’m sick of this purgatory.

David Hillier\'s luggage
David Hillier\'s luggage

I’m really confused about this. We’re either offering him a contract or not, surely the next couple weeks won’t influence that decision? I’d get it if the club were negotiating with Wilshere’s representatives about money or length of the deal, but by all accounts they’re not. There has been no offer. If the club want him, are they banking on no foreign clubs getting in touch with him two weeks from now?


To be honest, listening to what Jack said, post match, he didn’t sound too stressed by it, but you can be sure that the media will make a big deal out of it.

David M

Indecision, indecision, indecision. How many signings have we lost in recent years due to indecision? The same goes for existing players.


Too early for contract talk. As Ramsey has shown, it only takes one game for the injury demons to come back calling.


Please Mr Wenger,leave my club


Wilshere doesn’t deserve a new contract. Let alone the fact he was allowed to leave in the first place, he couldn’t keep his place at Bournemouth, so why the f*ck do people think he’s good enough for us?

It’s just a shame he wasn’t sold when there was a common belief he was a genuine talent, instead he’ll go for nothing because of Wenger’s usual dithering.


If Diaby, Rosicky, Ramsey deserve it then so does Wilshere imo.. he also seems to have a natural pride and respect for the shirt

Man Manny

Speaking of contracts, I am beginning to wonder if Alexis and özil are such an indispensible duo for us cobsidering where our team is languishing on the table with them in the team.
I feel the club should forget top 4, strive to win the Europa league, part ways with Wenger – and any other player who doesn’t want to play for us, get in a new, hungry manager, and go from there.


I struggle to find logic in anything regarding this team or its manager.
We are about to let £100 million worth of talent leave on a free transfer because our incompetent and deluded manager believes they will either put in top performances to attract the top teams or they will sign new deals.
Everyone knows they are top players which is why they played for Real and Barcelona.
If Jack signs or not makes little difference to the fate of Arsenal.
The problems at Arsenal are not really player related – players just go out and play out the instructions set by the manager. The problem is Wenger not knowing that he has had his time at Arsenal and that it is time to move on. The problem is the wrong kind of people own the club and who, at best do not understand the club and its fans or at worse just do not give a toss.
Arsenal are not about progress unfortunately its about decline, stagnation and mediocrity.
For fans to accept this and blindly follow Arsenal saying its about supporting the club no matter what is to miss the point. Arsenal fans should WANT the team to succeed and under Wenger and Kroenke that will never happen…


Ffs even Moyes has made a difference at West Ham, upsetting players by making them work hard in training – what would a good manager achieve at our club? It does seem that the players are allowed to just wander without plan or direction – perhaps because Wenger is keen not to upset the apple cart. Problem is the wheels on the cart are wobbling anyway.

Pulis free at the moment, history of rescuing clubs in relegation trouble and we’re nearer the bottom than the top now. (no thumbs down please, just joking about Pulis; enter any name you like in his place)


Kept in the dark. It’s the Arsenal way. Striving to make everything equally transparent by saying nothing about everything and whenever anything happens repeat the same things over and over.

I hope Wilshere stays. Though the played well against the Hammers and he wants to play for us.


You can see he certainly plays for the shirt. I’d just extend him.

If he dips and doesn’t gain playing time, move him on. He will be the sort that wants to move on, not just content filling in on casino from bench.


Plus let’s not forget he has Arsenal DNA

I thought he showed plenty of pep against WHU …played all guts and glory our Jack.


Can’t imagine any other club in England letting a player with his quality leaving on a free. But then again, no one does contracts quite like Arsenal…


Perhaps decision to give Jack the new contract depends on other contract talks … they might be thinking about getting someone new maybe ?


I’d sell Jack to Barcelona for 50 million. He is not going to make it in the Premier league and it’s not his fault. He’d be fantastic at Barca or Bayern. I just want him to fulfill his potential. Just because he’s our boy doesn’t mean he should play for us. I’d be proud if he does it in other leagues.


This suggests that Wenger still hopes to keep Sanchez and Özil. Only when their situation is settled, will he know how to use and how much to pay for Wilshere.

Wenger’s lukewarmth might be viewed as a sign of still high ambitions. If we are looking to play on level with City, Real and Munich in the future, Wilshere is probably not good enough.

The long injury period made irreparable damage to his career. He might never reach the peaks he were destined to and might be looking at clubs like Stoke and Newcastle, bench time with Arsenal, or starting here, if Kroenke and Wenger steers the club out of the top flight in England.