Arsenal and Wilshere agreed on everything … except money


Earlier this week it emerged that Arsenal’s contract offer to Jack Wilshere would see the midfielder take a pay cut on his basic salary, but with the potential for him to make up that shortfall, and more, via incentives.

The club are, somewhat understandably, taking into account the 25 year old’s injury record, and some of those incentives will be based on his fitness and availability.

Wilshere, whose contract runs out in June, has more than once expressed his desire to stay, while Wenger says his desire is to keep him.

On that front, it seems that everything is agreed, but the hold up at this point is the financial side of things.

Speaking earlier today, Wenger was asked for the latest on the situation, and said, “We know what we want. We want him to stay, we want him to extend.

“He wants to stay. After that, we have to find a satisfying financial agreement with Jack that is good for him.

“That’s what we’re trying to do.”

The BBC’s David Ornstein said this week that there’s confidence on both sides that a satisfactory agreement can be found, so fingers crossed that’s the case.

For more from today’s press conference:

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Let’s get it done. Jack is near-future Captian material.

Michael Bolton Wanderers
Michael Bolton Wanderers

Definitely Captain material. I sure hope whoever is Captain next actually is a first choice player.
It’s been a bit weird with our last 3-4 captains being on the bench or on the stands


Completely agree, it is weird. The armband seems to be a bit of an injury curse – the last thing we need for Jack (or anyone)

Bould\'s Eyeliner

Yeah I think part of our lack of success in critical moments is down to the actual captain not being on the pitch. It matters having someone bear the responsibility of leadership on the pitch, when all else seems to be falling to pieces.

Daft Aider

Future – maybe,
near-future?, sorry that’s utterly stupid


Don’t go around justifying your own name.

High gunner

for me its tough to decide between jack and ramsey about captaincy in the future (not that it matters that much).. in their early stages of their careers it was a “sure thing” for wilshere, but since then ramsey has grown in my eyes as a future captain.. tough


I’m happy for my season ticket to pay his wages. Pay him what he is worth. Move on from one crisis please


Jack’s the lad we want to keep. Hope they agree.


Not worried. We’ll get there with him. He’s not exactly Cashley.

Lonely Loneliness

Well Not many would have been as patient with Jack As Arsenal have been, needs to be grateful and humble towards a club that never let him down but was not the same case the other way round.


I like how theo was a money grabber when asking for more cash but Jack isn’t… No Ill feelings as Jack offers us more and apparently is using diaby as an example of giving injury prone players extentions.

Mayor McCheese

I don’t understand. The extension seems to be a wiser one than that given to Diaby for precisely the reason that lessons were learned the last time we extended an injury-prone player’s contract.

Jack doesn’t seem to be a money grabber. It looks like he’s willing to take a pay cut to sign on, fully aware of his injury record. I also don’t remember Theo getting much stick for being a ‘money grabber’.

In any case, let’s see how this negotiation with Jack plays out before getting upset about his motivations.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia
Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

The contract being proposed as we heard off will prompt the player to rush his come back after he was injured. After all, it will still be a double standard if another player is injured for a longer duration and gets paid while Whilshere isn’t for let’s say a much shorter time.


I’m sure Diaby wasn’t getting a huge raise during those extensions?


Don’t pinch the pennies with Jack please. Arsenal need to show some faith in him.


Is this pay cut thing common at other clubs ? I get that the boy is injury prone but it feels a bit half-baked offering a package like this for someone going into his prime years.

I mean if Messi was similarly injury prone do you think Barca would ever offer him a pay cut?


Wilshere is not Messi

A contract discussion is a negotiation the opening offer isn’t necessarily going to be accepted. The deal would work out better than is current deal providing he is playing, it’s up to him to back his fitness and ability to stay in the team.


OK so Messi was a poor example on my part…

I was just trying to make a point as to how I would feel if it were my own wages (yes, again not comparable to Wilshere’s situation I know). I’d be kinda pissed if my boss were to suddenly tell me OK we’re going start giving you a lower base salary BUT you could potentially earn more if you meet/exceed your goals/target blah blah


What if your boss had paid a lot of money to you while you were sick and not doing your job?


First off I’m entitled to a certain amount of paid sick days at work.

And sick days for me in my meager office job is not the same as injuries for a pro athlete where it’s part and parcel of their career.

My underlying question really is should there be more of these type ‘pay as you play’ contracts for injury prone players (whatever that means)?

Ted E.

In Germany, injured players get unemployment…

Drew Dewsall

Just give him a decent pay off and get him to sign. We need more Jack Wilshire’s in this club, ones who truly know what it is to be a Gunner, players who will give every ounce of themselves to play for this shirt.


I think we need more Mikel Arteta’s and BFG’s in this club. Mikel took a pay cut to join this club and he gave his all. Mikel and BFG were the men who truly got us. Jack can sign da ting or fuck off to Bournemouth. People naturally like Jack because his style of play makes him look like he has more commitment. The truth is Jack is too arrogant to sit on the bench if the needs him to do just that.

Jack can talk money when his next contract is up for renewal. For now he should just shut up and sign da ting or fuck off.


I’m only saying offer him reasonable wages, treat him like any other player. Of course if he performs he should be incentivized and should be made the captain and what not but it’s too soon to come to a conclusion now.

Drew Dewsall

It is weird how, when we had no money (supposedly) we kept extending injury prone players contracts but now we’ve got loads we can’t find a package to suit Jack!


Reports are doing the rounds also that Ozil is likely to sign a new contract. Not sure how trustworthy the source is, but it would be amazing.


Truly amazing if true!


A lot will depend on who comes in. If Arsenal manage to secure signings of both Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang it shows a bit of ambition, mid season, something Arsenal has rarely done. Just need to get a player into the defensive middle area and I reckon Ozil would be thinking ‘fark, the ol codger finally splashing the cash on players I can work with, I will stay’.

Man Manny

I thought that would be fitness.


Shock horror


Precarious situation, the club is fully justified in loading his contract value towards a fit, playing Jack. If they sign him up for 5 years at 100k pw and he gets injured they will be screeched at by all and sundry. I understand too that he’s a little edgy about signing something that gives him lrss money if he van’t stay fit – but really this is a true test of his love of the club.

Hope they reach an agreement.

Gerald Mahoney

Jack will be a future Arsenal captain and is committed to the club, get the deal done.


absolute shocking , shocking treatment towards one of our best and loyal players by arsenal , arsenal you are an absolute disgrace , shame on you arsenal , shame on you


How desperate are Arsenal fans?
Jack is future captain material some are saying.
No doubt these are same people who questioned why we kept a perpetually injured player at the club.
This is sheer desperation trying to find positives in a situation where there are no fucking positives.
Especially now that the deals for Malcom and Aubameyang appear to be dead – if they were ever alive that is.
Agree or disagree but Arsenal are a shambles…
Run by someone long long past his best…

Parlour\'s Pay Packet
Parlour\'s Pay Packet

Where I feel a little sorry for Jack is that if Paddy McNair or some other yob cleans him out there’s not a great deal Jack can do about it. He’s potentially being financially penalised for having a style that attracts fouls. So in Jack’s case, I don’t think its as simple as ‘pay as you play’.


I just don’t get , why people are saying jack is injury prone , he is not , yeah he gets injured just like ozil and ramsey , so saying he is injury prone is just bollocks


there working out his move to man u


This is good news. Hopefully there’ll be more good news from the Ozil side of things, things seem to have gone quiet on that front.


Really want this done


Its a bit silly asking for someone to take a pay cut.

will Arsene on the board take a pay cut base on performance.

Just get him to sign. We are so porous and thin in midfield as is.


Just pay Jack what he wants. He was the only player on Sunday who bothered. The team should be moulded around him as I’m sure he is over his injury problems. At least he wants to play for us unlike the Manc reject. Let’s not end up with egg on our face AGAIN


Give him Theo’s fucking Money for Christ sake….Lowballing our best player…


With all due respect we’ve been giving him 90k a week for 4 years for not much return.