Carabao Cup final kick-off time confirmed


Arsenal made it to the final of the Carabao Cup final last night with a 2-1 win over Chelsea.

We’ll face Man City in the final on February 25th, and the kick-off time has been confirmed this morning as 4.30pm at Wembley.

Will it be third time lucky for Arsene Wenger, having made the League Cup final twice before but losing in 2011 to Birmingham City and in 2007 to Chelsea? Perhaps playing a team in lighter blue will be just the thing we need.

It’s a competition Arsenal have won twice, the last time in 1993 when goals from Paul Merson and Steve Morrow saw us beat Sheffield Wednesday 2-1.

Before that, that there was that famous day in 1987 against Liverpool when Charlie Nicholas struck twice to secure a 2-1 over much fancied Liverpool.

Readers of a certain vintage will remember two successive League Cup final defeats in 1967-68 to Leeds, and in ’68-69 the Gunners were beaten 3-1 in extra-time by third division Swindon Town (too soon!). We also lost to Luton in 1988 so it’s a tournament that has given us more pain than pleasure down the years.

It’s a competition the current manager has never won, so it’d be nice if he were to complete his domestic collection this season.

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fond memories of 87 which was the start of a great era for arsenal. hopefully history repeats itself

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

Still have terrible memories of the Birmingham final, esp. as it came during near the peak of the trophy-less run under Wenger.

Granit(e) hard!

Yeah, I know what you mean. Even now, remembering that final still gets my heckles up!…I was so upset with the team, We were supposed to win that cup, damn! but thankfully, cup finals are never about form, its about who wants it more on the day, and on that day, Birmingham wanted it more….which is why we stand a good chance against city, despite their current form. This year IS our year!


I remember looking at Kos’s face and thinking – this guy is never going to recover from this. To be fair, he fuken did.


Nah Birmingham got lucky. 2 shit goals having been outplayed.

Teryima Adi

This is our time, Bro. I feel it in my bones.


Steve Morrow! More famous for being dropped by Tony Adams!

Easy tiger

Broke his arm celebraiting the cup. Amazing.


Hi guys , will be my first Arsenal game and i want to ask you where should I look for places at Wembley(which sectors)? I want to be next to ours fans obv

Donald\'s Trump

Hi mate. How are you planning on getting a ticket?


a few sites offering online


If we win the Europa league, the league Cup and get top 4 would it be a successful year for Arsene?
It was for Jose and his ‘treble’ last season And utd didn’t lose their star players (highest rated/paid and biggest public face)

The other two teams(other than City) in the top 4 would have won fk all and wenger would have pulled of a decent comeback.

Personally I’d like him to go then, one final success. But knowing wenger, a successful season + his honour of contracts + CL = him staying next season to try and win the CL (highly doubt we would)

Who would be happy with that? Taking into account the immediate effects sven and sanelhi are having in the transfer market and Knowing it was his last year.

Always Arsenal

Is this a wind up ? If we won the Europa cup, the league cup and got top 4, would it be a successful season for Wenger ? Sorry, but we really do have some of the shittest supporters in world football.


So you want a Manager who wins 2 trophies and top 4 to go after that ? What is the psychology and motivation behind that ?


A vote of no confidence.

Similar to how Van Gaal got sacked minutes after winning the FA Cup for Man Utd… not good enough.

While winning the Carabao Cup, and Europa League are achievements, the board might have it sights on bigger and better things, and ultimately feel that indulging Arsene is only wasting more money, and delaying the Arsenal board from reaching its true targets.

However as many suspect, with the Arsenal board and a lot of fans.. Top 4 IS the target. Hence if he did achieve that he’d be manager till Kingdom come.


5 trophies in 5 years wouldnt be enough for some, amazingly.


The Swindon defeat was probably my worst experience as an Arsenal fan.

Runcorn Gooner

Remember it well. The pitch was like a ploughed field after it was used for the Horse of the Year show. It rained non-stop and we were awful.

A Different George

Horse of the Year? Really?




Great memories of the 87 final…..was behind the goal when Charie Nicholas scored……everyone surged forward……my cousin and I went under during the celebrations…..we got picked up by two massive gooners who put our hats back on our heads and put us on the railings so we could scream our heads of in relative safety!!!

Steve Vallins

I was at the Leeds final always hated Jack Charlton and the Swindon final . The week before the Swindon final and if my memory is correct a lot of the team went down with a flu type virus and the horse of the year took place at Wembley and ruined the drainage system the pitch was a mud bath I also hate Don Rogers


87 was great. Liverpool had never lost when rush scored until charlie nic. Shout out to perry groves for coming on and changing the game


“perhaps playing a team In lighter blue is Just what we need” – It takes real commitment to blind optimism to spin it like that. I admire it.


“Real commitment to BLIND OPTIMISM”! ?


I’m hoping against all odds that some of my friends in England can find me a ticket for this match. It’s almost impossible for an overseas supporter to get a chance to see a cup final at Wembley, but maybe I’ll get lucky!


Anynone know how I can get a ticket?