Giroud’s agent rules out Turkey and China moves


Olivier Giroud remains happy at Arsenal and will not leave the club for the sake of it this month, according to his agent.

Having come close to a move in the summer, noises from the Frenchman’s camp in December hinted that the player would be keeping an eye out for new opportunities during the transfer window.

While that is still the case, his representative has ruled out moves to Turkey and China and suggested that the player firmly believes he’ll have a big part in the Gunners second half of the season if a move doesn’t materialise.

“He listens, watches and afterwards he’ll see. There’s no sense in leaving for leaving’s sake,” agent Michael Manuello said.

“It has to be coherent and bring him something more. He’ll get playing time at Arsenal, the second half of the season is important, with competitions to play, even if he’s only playing the Europa League.

“He’s not interested in [moving to Turkey]. China neither. Leaving to earn more money is not what is foremost in his thinking.”

Manuello added: “Olivier never gives up. He fights for everything. Even if you tell him it’s impossible, he’ll listen to you, but he’ll make you understand that he doesn’t think the same thing.”

Giroud is currently sidelined with a hamstring injury picked up in the Carabao Cup quarter-final win over West Ham United.

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Good man, hope he stays and keeps scoring for a few more years.

He likes a scorpion, not turkey.


Listen Ollie, you are injured. ok?

Northern Gooner

Yay! someone else about to leave!. Other than Kroenke, Wenger and his “coaching?” staff, is there anyone who really wants to stay to this Arsenal club anymore?

And I mean as in actually wanting to stay, not merely staying due to a lack of offers from other clubs.

A Different George

Amazing post: the guy says Giroud is happy at Arsenal and wants to stay and fight for his place, and your response is that no one wants to stay at Arsenal.

(And if Arsenal let it be known Giroud were available, don’t you think Everton, Stoke, West Ham, Bournmouth and a lot of French clubs would be interested?)


He is going to be a massive player for us between when he comes back from injury and the end of the season. Especially as Lacazette isn’t scoring.

Northern Gooner

Just made a comment, went into moderation and then it just disappeared!

For some reason all my comments seem to go into “awaiting moderation” mode, despite never using profanities or insults.

So now I’m not only ignored at home, I’m also ignored on t’internet!

Dennis Elbow

Maybe it’s because you write things like t’internet. Also, it may help to swear occasionally.

A Different George

Ask your family to write your posts.


Agent speak for ‘we’re willing to listen to offers’. They’d have to be very, very good ones for us to consider it.


Taking it at face value, the comments seem reasonable – yes he’s currently injured but it’s not that serious to put off any interested club. And if the interested club was a decent proposition & was to offer more money than he’s getting now & also guarantee him 1st team game time, why wouldn’t he move??


Because he is a Gunner and a Gooner and he wants to play for Arsenal!


Ledge. Stay the rest of your career, always a place for you.

SB Still

With this kind of attitude, Michael Manuello will never be super agent like Jorge Mendes!

He seems to be out of Jerry Maguire.

Wish there were more of this type of agents.


Sanchez is leaving and we will not buy a new player. Giroud knows he will be in the front 3 with Lacazette and Welbeck


The Beard has proven more than once that he’s worthy of this shirt. While we moan about players wanting away and being primadonnas, here’s Giroud, who’s been benched and left out, but always comes back and puts in an effort – even picking up some cracking goals, and in decent numbers, and he never moans to the press. He’s been on the pointy end of lots of vitriol from some supporters about how he wasn’t world class, and much worse. And he just puts on the shirt, sits on the bench, and comes in with product.
Not the best striker that ever lived. But they can’t all be, can they. All the fans playing Football Manager may not have rated him, but I love him. He’s humble, yet hungry.

Faisal Narrage

This guy can’t be an agent, sounds way too rational and humane.

Faisal Narrage

Is it just me? Or does anyone get a sense of a project coming to a close?
Contracts out, top players leaving, 1 year left on the contract, complete overhaul and new build required.

Difference between now and then is that back in those days when our squad got decimated with players sales, it was top clubs that wanted all our best players. Now, outside of Sanchez and Ozil, it’s pretty much clubs of our level or below that want our players.

Kinda says something about the quality of our squad these days.


More than quality, its about how much of their potential is actually being used in the current team. I can’t think of anybody in the team playing at their potential right now. All of them underperforming criminally.

And the deadwood/non starters in the team are currently wanted by lower teams, not the first XI. I can’t think of anybody in the first XI wanted by the likes of West ham and Everton

Faisal Narrage

Mustafi wanted by Valencia. Not bad, but our levels.
Cech wanted by….well every top club has a better keeper.
Kos still class but age means no top teams may be looking in.
Though he’s likely to sign and my fav player, when the talk of Jack leaving was active, no top clubs were mentioned, just mid-clubs.
Nothing on Xhaka, but I’ll be damned if any of the best teams come looking for him.
Giroud was close to Everton (he’s not deadwood even though he’s not an automatic starter anymore).
Monreal is class but I don’t imagine any top teams coming in for him either.

Even of our starting 11, only really Bellerin, Sanchez and Ozil are in demand from top clubs (I wouldn’t put Laca there yet as he came here to prove he’s top quality).

Now Compare to our 07/08-09 squad even, let alone the invincibles, and it goes like this…
Chesney = Juve
Sanga = City
Verm = Barca (and playing really well now actually)
Cesc = Barca
Flamini = AC Milan (when they were good) or Song = Barca
Hleb = Barca
Rosicky = injured (but was certainly wanted and rated)
Ade = Cunt. City
Van P = Traitor, United.

Heavenly Chapecoense

You need to mention only mid-level clubs were rumoured about Jack because of injuries. He was seen as Barcelona material four or five years ago.


4 or 5 years is a really long time in football heavenly. He’s spent most of that time injured and those injuries have affected his performances the past few years. He wasn’t great at Bournamouth. He’s beaten the odds and is playing really well for us now but there’s simply no chance he would have gone to a top club as anything more than filling out the homegrown quota this summer.


This is a total rebuilding job at this point – that’s why the club needs to decide now to either part with Wenger at year’s end or really they need him to stay a few more years. We shouldn’t have this much squad turnover and rebuilding for a guy that’s only going to be here a max of one year more.

Stepanovs Defensive Masterclass
Stepanovs Defensive Masterclass

To sell him before selling Welbeck and Walcott would be criminal… or here I am giving Wenger ideas to sell the lot and get no replacements.


We get Lemar, Mahrez, and this Pavon kid (he really is a gem) which I really really hope we do but highly doubt I actually wouldnt mind if Alexis leaves it IS a matter of time with him. He either leaves through a transfer or even ideally he stays and stays with us 2 years tops with the output he brings to the table he surely can’t last more than that as a footballer unless there comes a role change which we all know might not exactly work out(Ronaldo). So I say we splash the cash (lol!) on a new generation we can work with for years to come. I hope we do that. But again lol.


Apparently Giroud he will be out for another 2 months : 2 weeks after Cazorla will be back ,according to
I’m not holding my breath on this one but having Santi back at his best if that were somehow possible would give the club a massive boost.
Hold fire on selling Cocquelin please Arsene.

Faisal Narrage

Santi is 33 and hardly played in 2 years.
He’s not gonna be at his best for a veeeeeeery long time. Unlikely ever.


Anybody’s thoughts on a Giroud-Lacazette pivot from next season?Especially looking how unlikely Ozil re-signing looks?
Giroud-Laca up front with two wide playmakers in Lemar and Mahrez?

Mid consisting of an Serri/Kondogbia typeplayer with either Jack/Ramsey/ Xhaka?


More chance of a lacazette welbeck mahrez pivot with ramsey, xhaka and Maitland Niles in midfield. Can’t see us replacing all of the outgoing players. Will probably buy one at a discount and expect things to get better somehow.


Oh and of course that one signing will come just before everyone renews their season ticket.


Giroud doesn’t deserve the way he’s being treated this year. Walcott, certainly – man hasn’t delivered in some time, but Giroud always brings the goals. Goals with his head, goals with his feet, goals outside the box, goals inside the box, goals on the volley, goals on the half, easy goals, great goals, spectacular goals, how the fuck did he do that goals. We’re struggling for goals right now. Yet the 20 goal a season striker we’ve got, who plays so well with the rest of the team, who holds the ball up and brings midfield in probably better than anyone, was benched prior to injury and forced to play with the kids and has-beens. I recognise that Laca needs games and minutes (AL’s goal stats in the last 15 mins of games are reason enough not to ever take him off, but Big Wengs disagrees), but Giroud frankly merits games when fit and y’know what I’d like to see them playing together. We’ve got players who can’t wait to jog on being guaranteed starters, and players who actually want to be here, who have shown quality and commitment, being sent out to pasture.


OG for sure.

But come on with Walcott. You write, “Walcott hasn’t delivered in some time.”

Walcott scored 19 goals last campaign. The much balley-hooed Mahrez: 10 goals last time. And how about the opening goal in the FA cup final (sweet finish to boot) against Villa a couple years ago that opened the flood gates. There are many other examples of Walcott doing well when not injured. He’s only guitly of not being as ice cold in front of goal or as prolithic as Henry. And by that measure, most strikers are shit. And that hardly makes any sense.

The Walcott bashing is so ridiculous. He’s better than most of wingers in the Prem – he’s just not fitting into the current set up. That’s on Wenger – again – misusing the players at his disposal.

A good manager gets more from his side then simply the sum of the individual pieces. For the last few years, with a couple occasional exceptions (Chels, spurs, man city) Arsenal play like better than the sum of their parts. Wenger consistently gets less from his side than the sum of the parts. Player’s development halting.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Unless you play 4-4-2, it is going to be either Giroud or Laca cause Giroud only plays as a central striker. Laca can’t be wing back.


If we manage to win something this year I feel like Giroud will be involved somehow

Tanned arse

An agent who actually represents his client wishes rather than his own agenda, nice to see


Stay Olivier, before it’s too late!


Giroud”s agent actually sounds like a decent straightforward guy. Which is pretty unique for an agent!

He always shoots down rumours about Oli getting offers / looking for a move, instead of playing up hype to increase his value.

And now he’s not trying to leverage off high value offers from low quality leagues. He’s just putting Oli’s situation out there straightforwardly.

It’s all rather shocking!


The bearded one has my respect. Stay and become a legend, Oli.

Laughing Stock

I fucking love Ollie. I also want to make love to him even though I’m not gay or anything.


Considering Welbeck is a poor plan C at best (never mind his pace), we better keep Giroud.

I think Wenger will do the club a favour if he made a move for Draxler (proviso his price range is within 80m)

We need to keep an eye on the future up top.

Even with Alexis gone, we don’t just need a player who can fill in as winger on the left.

We need someone who may be also potentially able to transform into a forward.

Draxler has potentially the requisites to be an RVP type striker. He is two footed, at 6’2 has the frame and has the dribbling ability to do so.

Instead if we go for a Pavon its a big risk. Another 21yr old who has to adapt to the English league and may take some years to settle.

Or a Lemar (too expensive) who does not have potential as a CF.

I think we may keep Welbeck one more season to give him the benefit of the doubt particularly since Giroud may likely leave in the summer but we really ought to be keeping an eye to the future in the CF role.