Monreal hands Gunners fitness boost ahead of Chelsea


Nacho Monreal’s substitution during the 4-1 win over Crystal Palace on Saturday sparked fears that he might miss Wednesday night’s semi-final second leg against Chelsea at the Emirates.

The Carabao Cup tie is finely poised at 0-0, and it looks as if the Spaniard has come through the fitness test he was due to have earlier today.

Although Arsene Wenger said the decision to take him off was precautionary due to a kick on the hamstring, there are always worries about those kinds of injuries.

The secret to his quick recovery from a hamstring problem is one the Arsenal medical team should take note of.

On Sunday, via an Instagram story, Monreal showed his skills in the kitchen by making a sponge cake, then finished it with a clip of him scoffing a bit and a caption which read ‘For my hamstring!’.

Forget all you ever knew about musculature and sports science, clearly the answer to any further strains is Uncle Nacho’s Patented Magic Healing Cake.

It’s almost as powerful as Simpson and Son’s Revitalizing Tonic.

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I’d be more than happy to have him in the squad for tomorrow’s game considering the width he adds to our attack and our defensive shortcomings as a team.


100% this, Monreal offers width on the left, which we did not have at all with AMN and Alexis. Both of them would frequently (Alexis 99%) cut in on their right and then try to float balls to the far post for Lacazette, which is hardly ideal service for him. It was just like when we were shoehorning Ox into the team at the start of the season, makes us too unbalanced.

Mein Bergkampf

I thought cake was a made up drug. He might end up with Czech neck and puke his pelvis up…


Actually, I think it stimulates the part of the brain called Shatner’s Bassoon


Team is much better with Nacho in it

SB Still

Uncle Nacho’s Patented Magic Healing Cake – haha!

Good to have Monreal available, he certainly adds much needed stability at the back.


It seems we are going to have our cake and eat it.;)


If he scores the winner, would that be the icing on the cake…..?

I’ll get my coat.


Can he share that cake with our negotiators who are suffering from a case of miseritis while dealing with the Ozil contract…
give him the money …


NO brainer.

Monreal is playing like a man possessed.

2 assist and a goal inside 30 minutes.

Worth noting Granit also (finally) discovered his distance in putting those corners in.

And Iwobi had an extremely dynamic and influential game (plus the tracking back and that touch of his)

But Monreal for me must start. Experience is key at the moment.

IF there is one advantage of having Mhikitaryan (I must get to grips with the spelling) come in is we have to leverage on his epxerience over everything-else

When you get players over 29yrs, they won’t be the same as 2016 edition and I don’t think he will give us the same sort of pace right side as he did for Dortmund, but the experience and positioning will be the assets we need from him.

If he also has quick feet, it may be that he can sit deeper with a Granit or Jack and control our midfield better particularly against more tricky opponents.

Back to Monreal, I’d keep him for another season even with potential wear and tear issues with age. We have Cohen Bramall (in fairness yet to convince ) and the impressive Vlad Dragomir in the U23s auditioning to step up behind Kolasinac whom I think if fit and more weathered to the pace of the league is a better pick ahead of AMN .

AMN at left back has done sterling work but clearly as well, he has a learning curve on a flank which is not his natural side.

I’d prefer to see AMN switched to right back and continue the good work and education at fullback as a competition to Bellerin.

It makes more sense then to entrust an inexperience player into midfield. That he can wet his feet with next season with more of the less consequential competitions (league cup, lower FA cup)

But being that we ‘should’ rid ourselves of Debuchy, there is a vacancy for him to continue his learning curve at Rback rather than move him around and end up with the unfortunate Calum Chambers school of arrested development.

Mein Bergkampf

Is there a word which means to speak with great confidence while knowing very little? Trumpism perhaps…


I do it all the time – along with the rest of humanity.


Marketing genius. I can’t come here and not expect Santori post that is long and repetitive from all previous post lol

Gudang Pelor

Give the cake to Santi, vamos!

There Will Be Bendtner
There Will Be Bendtner

The cake is a lie…


I can always trust the Nacho man to put in a performance. Great news!

Billy Bob

Nacho the best leftback of the Wenger era


He’s come up big before in a semi final, let’s hope he can do it again. Also is there anyone who has more of a “scamper around the pitch” style than him?


Excellent! What about Ramsey?


He won us the last game in 20 minutes with 1 goal 2 assists. Then he’s off, like ‘My work is done.’ An hour long soak before the other lads can muddy the water.
Back next week to destroy the blue menace.
Nachoman! He’s incredible!


Do you guys want to persist with the back 4 or want to use the back 3 for this match considering we have done relatively well against Chelsea using that formation?


We need to keep using both formations as and when La Prof thinks so


Must’ve been a magic sponge cake…. I’ll just get my coat


We are so much better with Mr Consistent in the team, he’s been sorely missed in recent games.


Was he making birthday cake for our new signing


Still one of our best players. He is consistently good. And that header on weekend… loves a late run does Nacho!


Simpson and son’s revitalizing tonic creates reverse vampires, so cake is always a better option .

Tas Gunner

Yeah ..umm i just feel everything is so “quick” in todays world.we love monreal but somehow u just know at his age he might get one or two bad perfs this season or the next and arsenal “fans” will type “lol,monreal is shite man”,”my nan plays better”,”mediocre” ..just like they did with kos.after couple of bad perfs recently.maybe just remember the age and past few years of consistent 7/10 these guys gave playing in ‘Arsenals DEFENCE” before calling them shite and mediocre? thats it.Speedy recovery champ.COYG