Mustafi looking for spirit from struggling Gunners


Shkodran Mustafi has highlighted the importance of team spirit as Arsenal prepare to face Chelsea at the Emirates this evening.

The Gunners have won just two of their last seven Premier League games, and with an injury list that could include Laurent Koscielny and Mesut Ozil – as well as Olivier Giroud, Aaron Ramsey and Sead Kolasinac, they’re going to have to dig deep against the soon to be ex-champions.

Speaking to the official site, the German said, “That’s one of the key points I think, because you have a lot of people in one team so it’s not about individuals, it’s about the team.

“Team spirit is something that can really lift you and really bring you forward.

“If the team spirit is not right it can break you down playing bad football and you can end up near the bottom of the table.

“It’s something really, really important and over the years I have been in different teams with different team spirits in different situations and I realised this is sometime really important.

“When the team spirit is good it makes everything so much easier.”

Let’s hope they can find some of that, and some good football tonight, because we are going to need it.

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COYG… Any win will do for me


Come on lads. Let’s stick one up the rent boys


He says that but then he’ll probably score an own goal tonight, get a red card and injure one of his own players.


So like Koscielny then.

BC Le Boss had plenty of red cards, own goals and penalties conceded first season…unlike Mustafi.


Ain’t we all mustafi


Just thought Id ask………
Has there been any genuine rotation at all of any player in the prem league, even one, whilst we play a match every three days……..and im not including injury?
Its quite odd , isnt it?

Ivan Parasite

Please, Just shoot!


Give me a gun and I will…


There was a “smells like team spirit” pun to make here somewhere

Worried for tonight honestly


Its not spirit its confidence.
When your team is about to lose its two best players for nothing and the team is being attacked from all sides in the media and from its fan base plus the lack of ambition shown by the club its no wonder “spirit” is low…


Because Confidence must be soaring !
What with Ozil and Sanchez – combined value £100 million leaving on a free and the media being so full of praise for the team and its clueless manager.
I mean, what way to instill confidence and make a statement that to spend £2.2 million on a defender no one has heard of from a club no one has heard of – fuck, we spent more on Ian Wright 27 years ago !
Now that is confidence inspiring ambition isn’t it !
Jesus H Christ – when will the people who still have confidence in Arsene Wenger and Stan Kroenke wake up and realise there is nothing to feel confident about…


Who is Lacazette? Free transfer?


I wonder if we are better (or at least parity) with 4 at the back against Chelski.

Either Mustafi and Chambers or Mustafi and Per.

Particularly with fullback shortage ala Kolasinac and Monreal, may be wiser to have young AMN (and the erratic Bellerin) play more conservative.

But that may mean we will need someone on the right flank to stretch Chelsea. Perhaps Walcott.


He seems like a leader in the making. One of vocal lads in our squad. If he manages to cut out the lapses of concentration, he could be one of the finest defenders in Europe for years to come.