Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Report: Bournemouth 2-1 Arsenal (inc. goals)

Starting XI: Cech, Chambers, Mustafi, Holding, Bellerin, Xhaka, Wilshere, Maitland-Niles, Welbeck, Iwobi, Lacazette

Subs: Ospina, Mertesacker, Elneny, Ramsey, Kolasinac, Walcott, Nketiah


Arsenal’s awful form on the road continued at the Vitality Stadium as Bournemouth came from behind to secure a 2-1 win.

Hector Bellerin put the Gunners ahead on 52 minutes but quick-fire goals from Callum Wilson and Jordan Ibe turned things around for Eddie Howe’s team.

Defeat leaves Arsene Wenger’s side five points behind Sp*rs who are fifth.

First half

If the first half at the Vitality Stadium was your first ever taste of English football, you’d probably not bother watching it again. To say it lacked quality is a real understatement.

Arsenal, without the injured Mesut Ozil and soon-to-be-in-Manchester Alexis Sanchez, were painfully one-dimensional on the ball. Bournemouth, until about five minutes before half time, seemed ok with that and mostly just sat back soaking up pressure before hacking the ball up the pitch.

Jack Wilshere was tidy on the ball in the centre of midfield but the likes of Iwobi, Bellerin, Welbeck and Lacazette looked so short of confidence that whenever they received a pass it was surprising they didn’t just burst into tears.

In fairness, Arsenal started relatively brightly. On 8 minutes, Maitland-Niles, collecting a cross at the back post, twisted and turned to make space before cracking a shot that flicked off the top of the bar on the angle. His performance after that went rapidly downhill as passes went astray all too regularly.

Iwobi did find the odd pocket of space but his final ball and finishing is so erratic. He managed to force Begovic into a save, courtesy of a deflection, but that was about it.

Welbeck, fed by Lacazette, had our best chance of the half but could squeeze his shot past Begovic who raced out quickly and saved with his feet. Later, Mustafi twice made dashes to meet Xhaka corners at the near post. Both efforts went wide.

At the other end, Bournemouth felt they should have had a penalty on 37 minutes when the ball seemed to hit Iwobi’s elbow. The referee’s decision to play on incensed the home crowd and players alike. Had VAR been available to the referee, it might well have been awarded.

The incident sparked the Cherries into life and were it not for a brilliant block by Calum Chambers, Ryan Fraser might have broken the deadlock. The little Scot, who did so much damage to us last season, followed up with a rasping drive over Cech’s bar.

Second half

Bournemouth looked the brighter of the two sides in the opening stages of the second period before the Gunners, out of nothing, took the lead on 52 minutes.

Having frustrated in the first half with his passing, Iwobi found a brilliant ball to assist Bellerin. The Spaniard, picking up the ball inside his marker Charlie Daniels, bound goalwards and had just enough power on his shot to beat Begovic. It initially looked like the Bosnian had stopped it but in slow-motion the ball bounced in. (1-0)

Chambers, at the back post, cleared a Francis cross that had deceived Cech. Ibe scuttled away from Holding but couldn’t get enough purchase on his shot to trouble the keeper.

Arsenal came back into things and on several occasions came close to unlocking the home side with through balls inside their three-man defence. Iwobi should have shot but delayed, Welbeck was caught offside. Our profligacy was to prove costly.

With 20 minutes remaining Bournemouth found an equaliser against the run of play. Ryan Fraser making a dart down the right wing crossed to the penalty spot where Calum Wilson nipped ahead of Cech to put the ball into an empty net. (1-1)

Wenger’s response was to remove Chambers, revert to a back four and introduce Aaron Ramsey. Immediately, we conceded a second.

A cross into the box was held up by Mousset who shielded the ball from Holding until Jordan Ibe met it on the run and smashed through Cech. Xhaka, not for the first time, was caught ball watching. (2-1)

Chasing a game they should have been leading, you might have expected Arsenal to up the tempo. Instead, the final 10 minutes were marked by a complete lack of urgency. All we did was pass the ball from side to side and then get caught offside. Bournemouth barely had to break a sweat to keep us at bay.

You get the feeling we could play any side in Europe right now and we’d find a way to lose. Confidence appears to be at rock bottom and with each passing week we’re getting worse. It’s very sad.

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Wenger. Leave.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Wenger you utterly useless piece of garbage, just fk off already. Resign if you have an ounce of shame in you. You took the club to some great heights sure, but have since run it into the ground. Just fk off. #notmymanager


The “#notmymanager” hashtag is the most cringeworthy thing I’ve ever seen come out of this fanbase. Please spare us of it.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Also I strongly urge the board not to give Wenger a penny to spend this transfer mkt. Save it for the new manager.


especially if he is going out to spend 40m on Malcolm as a replacement.

City are quaking in their boots never ind Bournemouth.

The Loon Ranger

Dunno what to say anymore, I’m used to all the piss taking at work now. And that is quite a sad thing to say. This is absolutely the worst I’ve ever felt about my team in over 50 fckn years. All I want is for Wenger to DO SOMETHING not just sit there like a frightened rabbit in the headlights.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Resigning is doing something. I totally ship that.

Chippys chip

Oh come on now, he does stand at speak to the 4th official occasionally.


You don’t have to worry there, the Kroenkes will bleed the team dry of talent and resources, and then we’ll become a feeder club, much like how they’ve done with their other franchises.


Up there with #fbpe

Eric Blair


Twisted cuntloks

It potentially sounds like 2pm next Saturday marble Halls the protests begin. Arsenal supporters must unite for the future of our club.
If this is happening, I’m happy to get me clobber on and take to the streets, pitch fork and all.


Sober up, Offside. While Wenger should soon be staring at his last paycheck at Arsenal, he does not deserve foul language.


Not sure I agree with that anymore

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Yes he does. Calling him just a useless bag of garbage is actually being rather civil.


Tried being civil , just doesnt work. He is like a leache that is clinging on no matter what happens . a mans gotta know when the time is up , let alone a decade after that. The only thing he ever does is keep complaning about opposition players and referees. we’ve spent millions , bought world class players but the team looks worse off that it was years ago. The fact that he is not even admitting that makes this all the more worse


Some before game said good line up. This is mediocrity folks. To top it off we send on Theo and Ramsey. We are a laughing stock. Wenger is becoming like mugabi, we need a coup to get him out.


I am not going to downvote any rant against wenger.Man is full of lies! Said wont sell sanchez and now is imminent.


We were finished as a big club when we didn’t part ways with him after the 10-2 loss against Bayern. The FA Cup win was not a good enough reason to endure another wasted season. What a mess


He should have gone after we lost 8 2 at OT, unacceptable AFC should lose like that to anyone, no matter what the circumstances. However, change of management is little more than a cosmetic exercise if board and ethos remain, board need to go with wenger and let usmanov fund the new manager

Chippys chip

2 FA cups v hull and villa saved his job the 3rd v chavs saved half the fanbase and the man still disrespected our trophy. Go, with stan too.


The board lost all credibility when he was not sacked after the 2_8 to Utd following a pathetic transfer window, but then he followed that up by overseeing humiliations at Chelsea 0-6 and Liverpool 1_5 not to mention the losing of substantial leads like 4_0 , 3 -0 and 4_2 with five minutes to go against the scum ! We get a pasting a least once a season we have at least a handful of humiliating results against the likes of Bournemouth every season and we hardly ever beat our supposed “rivals ” NOTHING changes for this season see last… Read more »

Mein Bergkampf

How do we have a manager who, after all this, even the trashiest papers don’t run stories about him being sacked? Is there another person in the world who has a job regardless of performance and results?


Remember all the questions Mark Hughes was getting at Stoke, or even Maureen at Manure. But old Arsene gets nothing. Reporters have to start asking him questions about his job.


Jeremy Hunt springs odiously to mind…


No one deserves that. Keep some perspective.

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

The highest paid in the world for that matter…

Old Boy Gunner

He runs a successful business as far as Kroenke and the other money leechers are concerned. Bring on Usmanov who I’m convinced will put his money where his mouth is.


Surely even the worst businessman in the world would knows that your brand becoming a bloody laughing stock is bad for business? He is now LOSING wiggy money hand over fist ! No CL revenue, massive losses if we sell Sanchez this window and even bigger losses if we do the same for Ozil !! There will be NO cl next season unless a miracle happens and we win the Europa Cup ,the only chance of European football next season is a 5th or 6th place finish for more Thursday night football or an unlikely league cup win for the… Read more »


Why would the papers want their darling joke to be sacked. He’s big business for them


Bit of perspective, that was one of the youngest Arsenal lineups I’ve ever seen in the league. I think those players aren’t actually bad, just inexperienced and under-coached. This team is performing far below it’s true ability.


Why are we playing so much inexperience?

Why are we not spending on quality creative players who are available in market currently.

Why are we waiting to the summer when prices are going up and the Wcup will only delay our buys till way past first day of season?

Why is this surprising anymore?


The problem is it’s all a bit reminiscent of the early 80 s. good young players being left to wither on the vine as a result of a rudderless ship with all the established quality scrambling for the lifeboats.

Chippys chip

Ahh the 80s when a squad of 15 played every game and showed passion, desire, commitment and love for the club.


Nope that was the seventies and we had a squad of 16 then oh and they won the double playing 42 league games plus winning the cup after being drawn away in every round on pitches that today’s players would be aghast at and expect games to be called off with tackling that would scare modern players half to death! We actually , including UEFA Cup and league cup played around 71 games in total that 70/71 season !

Petits Handbag

Wow, that took Cajones to write


Really, what part of it don’t you agree with?

Northern Gooner

You reckon the 2032 title challenge is on then?


Wenger doesn’t coach players. He expects them to self-manage.


In the name of Arsene, I swear I have never heard Mugabi before. Surely you mean Mugabe, don’t you? Please tell me you mean Mugabe.


He respects his contracts you know.


Yes and he also said last season, he will never repeat never forget the way the fans treated him. No respect etc. He will hang on forever the selfish stubborn sly old autocrat. Another contract, yes please Stan!


What business offers its top man a contract that doesn’t have targets to be achieved as conditional? What kind of businessman is Kroenke if that’s the case?

What kind of man, recognising that even personal targets are not being met, carries on and feels dignified to do so?


They win fair and square, they deserved it. We’re not that bad actually, we’re just mediocre. Medicrity wil not bring us victory or the top 4 that’s feels like winning the title.
We lost alexis, we lost ozil, we lost confidence, we lost the game, we lost CL place. We’re nothing but lost at the moment. Sad…


At long last the delusions of the masses seems to be subsiding and common sense is beginning to prevail I never regards to Wengers leadership. It’s a shame it’s come so late on into mediocrity after so much damage has occurred.


The writing was on the wall after he allowed the team to sulk and feel sorry for themselves after being cheated out of our unbeaten record at Old Trafford ! We threw away a 5 point lead at the top ! Instead of USING the injustice of the defeat like George Graham did the injustice of losing 2 points to drive them on to retain the title! He then broke up our best team because in my opinion he had to blame the players because his ego wouldn’t allow him to blame himself!

some fat fella

Me being so drunk doesnt make it irrelevant you bunch deserve this for supporting wenger/board instead of the club. I havint been to this forum for almost a season. Youve been so satisfied with more than a decade of not winning a real major trophy. Youve been satisfied with top 4 finnish. Now you will be with 6th and Europe. Believe me Ive seen how dumb and settling this fanbase is. I really dont give that much a fukc about this team (as its nowhere near the team and reasons I started watching and loving football with) just wanted to… Read more »


Bye bye my old and toxic love, top 4.

Ps. Is there any single (logical) argument for not sacking Wenger still today?

Honest opinion

Enough is enough. Wenger out.


Yes, according to the owner of this site and his apologist, who’s Arsene like a father to them…..

“Be careful what you wishing for”

For years his been banning and moderating any anti Arsene criticism, turning blind eye to the obvious that Arsene has been has been for over 6 years.

Arsene IS the problem


Just not true, Blogs has wanted Wenger to leave for some years. That he does not condone insulting the man is admirable.


Cygan, you’re so wrong about Blogs and co it’s actually laughable.

Where were you when Arseblog was calling for Wenger to step down here and on many many Arsecasts during the annual meltdown this time last year? And a couple years before that if I remember correctly?

I criticise Wenger all the time and I’ve never been banned or had my posts removed. If you have it’s probably for breaking forum rules. You might want to review them again.


“It’s the economy, stupid.”

Our owner and board have zero sporting ambitions for this club. They judge Wenger accord to the balance sheet and they love what they see.

How else are we to interpret the deafening silence coming from the boardroom?

Lucas Sam

Slowly becoming mid table is also terrible. Like the giant companies sitting on their laurels these days, they end up closing because others caught up and surpassed them.


He makes the clubs heaps of cash.

Teryima Adi

The Board is scared of him.

Sheffield Gooner

Fuck me, we’re the new Everton.


We are worse, they were never good, our fall is more painful.


Or the new ‘Forest’ under Cloughie, don’t think Whinger will turn to the bottle though. He’s to tight for one thing.


Could be 8 points off 4th this evening (though that would mean our Invincibles would lose the Man City challenge). 6th place looking v likely.
We played well up to 70 minutes, all went haywire then. Cue the Arsene must goes posts.
A bad loss, we aren’t good away from home.


6th? I’m just hoping for top half….


Top half or avoiding being drawn into the relegation battle!

Kwame Ampadu Down

‘We played well up to 70 minutes’.

Fucking hell. That is some statement.


We aren’t good period. We can’t defend to save our lives for 90 minutes. BUT we can’t attack either. In the past Wenger’s sides got away with it because attack was the best form of defense. What attack now? Lacazette? “world class?” He waits for the ball instead of making proper off ball runs. May as well have had “Plan B’ Giroud with that kind of ‘mobility’. What pace? Welbeck? Clueless. Is he taking over from Alexis? So we sell to City and strengthen them and have Welbeck as an upgrade. Great plan. Walcott? Why is he still here? Offside… Read more »

Kwame Ampadu Down

Funny santori, you keep telling everybody how good Arsene is in the transfer market…who bought those players you are slating?

Nigel Fernandes

U haven’t even cribbed abt Xhaka 🙁

Chippys chip

Arsene wenger and stan kroenke get out of our club. Sorry to keep repeating myself, but nothing will change untill these TWO people feck off.


Wilshere played well up to 70 min(actually whole game) the rest of the team were just shit. Really this is all Wengers fault. Take wilshere out of this team, and they couldnt even survive in the pl.


Jack was excellent.

Iwobi good too minus the dodgy elbow ball in our box…Friend is indeed a friend to us.

Midfield was the bright spark.

BUT attack lacked firepower. And with defense still very much feet of clay, really not a surprising result.


IwobI good? He played ONE good pass that led to our goal apart from that he dithered and lost the ball or misplaced passes or played wall passes because he had no clue what to do with the ball ,Welbeck runs about like a day old colt with just as much control of his legs ! Twice i saw Laccazette spin off the shoulder of a defender only for Iwobi to ignore him or play the ball too late ! I think Laccazette thought sod it after that like what’s the point in my trying because I’ll not get the… Read more »


Pedant we were garbage. Bournemouth deserved the win. They were fourth from bottom and West Brom recently were bottom. We have got one point out of them matches, put bluntly we are not good enough.

Oh yes time to say goodbye to Arsene.


If it were one defeat and not just the continuing litany of bad results thats been happening every season for the last ten years in the same bloody manner with just one difference this is the worst side we’ve had since the early and mid eighties then you’d have a valid point but we all know you don’t and I suspect deep down you know too !


Gliding towards being mid-table?
No,We are a mid-table team diving towards being lower mid-table !


On the bright side we are on 39 points so we should be able to avoid relagation ?


Super team spirit and according to Forbes, we have a an excellent credit rating, cash in the bank topped up by making a profit in the summer transfer window and the club’s now worth well over £2bn.

Sir Chips, Stan, Ivan, Josh and Arsene must be very happy with their work. Cigars all round lads


No system, no fight, no quality, no ambition.




That’s the match report in a word.


the naked truth… And it hurts…


I don’t really gain any enjoyment from football anymore, I haven’t for a long while. I’m gonna drastically cut down the hours I use reading and watching it and use those hours to improve various aspects of my life.


I wish I could give this 1000 thumbs up. It’s like you read my mind.


Thanks Hamilton, good luck with your self improvement endeavours!


Yessir. I got completely turned off watching all things Arsenal. Blogs is the only thing I follow now. Sickening, this fall from grace.


I gave up after the Bayern hammering


which one?


As sad and unfortunate it is, I realized yesterday that it’s exactly what i have been doing since last few weeks. I have missed 3 of the last 4 of our matches now and didn’t even feel bad today that I missed again. I think I just can’t bring myself to care again till Wenger is here. His relentless polished lies/excuses have just taken away the love for football from me.


You know you’ll be back. One of us. One of us.


Another brilliant performance from the lads. Welbeck and Iwobi are gonna be strong contenders for the Ballon d’Or next year.


Made me chuckle. An oasis of humor in a desert of suicidal comments.

Always thought the WOB was overhype and in the past it might have been. But now we truly are a club in crisis. I’ve been wearing rouge colored glasses because of sentiment. But I try and imagine a David Moyes type in our driving seat then I’d be calling for his job if the last few years were his record.

Arsene, don’t ruin your legacy. It’s time.


Shower of shit.


Watching Arsenal play is like a nightmare – the team crumbling in front of your eyes, you helpless to do anything about it and also not really sure how you got there.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Good to see the lads proving that the team spirit has improved without Alexis eh?


This felt just like a middle table clash. The squad we deployed is – as blogs put it – closer to bottom three than top four. It is absurd how much technical quality most of these players lack. Apart from Jack, AMN and Lacazette, all other seem to have a problem on the ball. No game plan whatsoever.

Oh, and not to forget, they wanted it more.


Lacazette? Really?
This was the perfect game for him to step up. I get that he doesn’t get the service needed. But isn’t that a little too arrogant, to say the least? He doesn’t press and his positioning was atrocious at times. Probably needs this season under the belt.
Only Jack tried today. No one else could give a fuck


I got serious usly thumbed down on another chat thread before the game for suggesting Laca has his head hung low and looks like someone wondering why he chose our club.

Add Bournemouth to the list of better organised defences (WBA, Watford, Southampton, etc) that cost less in total than we spent on Mustafi (and what was he doing tackling on the halfway touchline where we already had 3 players for their equaliser today?)

I will jot be renewing STs next season.


I think the players actually do care, but they just don’t seem to have a clue what they’re supposed to be doing and they all look totally devoid of confidence. Not surprising really as it’s all unravelling around them and they know it’s going to start getting toxic, and they had to go through that last season as well. The manager isn’t helping them one bit.


I was speaking solely about Lacazette’s technical ability, not his attitude. I’m behind you when it comes to your comments about pressing & positioning.


That was shit. Shit management. Shit players can’t even do the basics. Most unworthy to wear the Arsenal red and white.


Its not even surprising.

As expected.

Scott P

This feels like a mid table team right now. Toothless in attack, leaky at the back. So upsetting. Been numb for a while but today hits deep again, for some reason.


In the past Arsenal losing would ruin my weekend. Today I just shrugged and switched to the crickdt. So this is what it feels like to follow a mid table team.


And Shaun pollock is talking about the arsenal result. Shoot me now.


There are Wenger Out banners in Centurion.


Yes, I could get used to this. Why get my hopes up year after year? Settle for not getting relegated and the occasional unexpected win over a top six team. Don’t bother checking the schedule because watching this lot play is almost sure to be less rewarding than almost anything else you do.

Silent Stan\'s Content Mustache

Well, at least passing sideways and financial sustainability trophies are in order.


There really isn’t a valid argument for the board not to sack Wenger now. It’ll only get worse and at least his departure might breed a bit of life into this season.

Nachos in Montreal

Mate the board never had a good argument to start with


1st half we played with a lot of heart and it was good to see.

2nd half = shower of turgid shit! Shameful! Fucking embarrassing!


I reckon this season we could finish 35 points behind the leaders.
There is no standards of management at the club – anyone can achieve what he has done this season.
It would not hurt our season if he was sacked tomorrow.
Nothing could hurt this season.
I would like to hear from someone who still wants him at the club, who thinks he is doing a reasonable job.
I would like to know why they feel he is up to the job. I doubt anyone would come forward and admit that though…


And as I read your post I see Oxlade-Chamberlain score a beaut for his new club. In Arsenal fan terms this day just got a little bit worse.

That aside, I agree with everything you said.


To be fair I still think the Ox is average, but it spoke volumes taking a pay cut to play under SOMEONE else.


I know what you mean, but if Chamberlain’s goal prevents City going the season unbeaten, then there’s a certain karma to it..


I admit I’m pretty enough to seek a semblance of confirmation that we aren’t totally fucked via Ox doing badly at Liverpool. So I bench myself for some schadenfreude to sooth the pain of today’s shower of shit and what does the cunt do? He scores a corker against the best team in the world.

Fucking hell!


remarkably poor game, but at 1-0 I thought we could get something out of it. This is a very mediocre team without Sanchez and Ozil, attacking wise there is very little of note.


Good thing we are so solid defensively.


Wenger pls. leave.

We need a change.


I had a feeling at the end of last season that the away results weren’t a drop in form and just the new normal. Looks like I was right unfortunately. Think Arsenal are a home team now. Don’t see that changing for the foreseeable future.


If this is what the club is gonna look like without Sanchez and Ozil, we’re screwed. I’m out, see you guys next season. This isn’t the club I fell in love with.


This season can’t end quickly enough.


Players as clueless as the Manager

Don Cazorleone

No, players are clueless because of the manager.


Fuck this. Until something drastically changes I’m out. I love this club but will not be putting myself through 90+ minutes of nonsense so often. Us fans have invested our lives and what do we get in return? A want a way Theo To save the day. It’s a fucking disgrace.


Thoroughly deserved loss; feel so sorry for Jack.
Somebody please put us out of our misery.


Really poor apart from Jack. Cech not good again. It was bloody bournemouth ffs.


We lack firepower. NO big guns anymore.

Lacazette isn’t doing the business. I fail to see why he is labeled by some as “world Class”.

Harry Kane is world class by the standard.

No Service? Wrong service? Gervinho got no service by that argument.

Who else do we have Welbeck? Clueless.

Walcott? Offside specialist.

Poor options.

Never mind. Wenger will go spend 40m on potential Malcolm instead of about the same price for Mahrez because we don’t need anymore creativity. Clearly we are competitive.


thing is with tottenham they have a game plan they know what their doing, they defend well then move really quickly up the pitch, they have eriksen, son and alli who are really creative laying opportunity after oppurtunity for kane he has 5-7 shots per game course he is going to score 1/2 every time their system works

we on the other hand play slowly with a striker who scores most of his goals in one v ones with the keeper he gets like 1-2 shots a game and there usually crowded


I just don’t care anymore.

Jack, get out while you can. Only one who turned up today.

Sheffield Gooner

No, Jack please stay, become Captain, and demand a new manager to build a decent team around you that plays modern football.

(I know…)


I don’t even rate Jack that highly, but it was utterly inspirational to see him barge into defenders and throw himself forward. THAT is what I want to see from everyone. I’d rather finish 10th with a bunch of lads who’d die for the shirt, than 5th with a bunch of want-aways. Rebuild. Now. I’d prefer it was around someone a lot more high profile than Jack Wilshere. I love him, he’s one of ours, and he’s got heart – but he’s not “world class”. I’m not world class at my job either, that’s no shame. Especially when you show… Read more »


Well put.


A new low for Arsenal FC. Any club with real ambition would sack their manager within 10minutes of this defeat.
Wenger in charge for another season after this speaks volumes about what we’ve become.


AA: Arsenal Anonymous


This is the worst team I have ever seen playing in red and white. And that includes the late graham seasons. With other teams getting stronger and our refusal to invest or part with a pig headed and incompetant manager, relegation is a real possibility next year. I genuinely have seen better teams go down.

Drew Dewsall

You have then been spoiled my friend. And no you haven’t seen genuinely better teams go down. Your perception may be that you have but the reality isn’t so.


I wish I shared your optimism, I really do. I also wish I could put my opinion down to anger and irrationality. The issue is I simply don’t care enough any more to be angry. Such is the sharpness of our decline (beyond what even the doomsayers were predicting), if AW stays on next year or we don’t get a decent replacement, relegation is a real possibility.

V h

just terrible! Ramsey’s haircut might be the worst part.
embarrassing trip away from home as usual.


Whats the odds Welbeck and Ramsey sign new contracts. The average players always sign new contracts.


Ladies and gentlemen that is a low as we can go. Our best two players (by some distance) going, and this is what we are left with.

For too many years we have let our gold leave without so much as a whimper. Now we have non left. This squad needs a huge overhaul in ALL areas.

To be frank that is not going to happen. We will sign a couple more unknown cheap options and fall further down the table. Arsene has to go NOW!!!!!

Damo Dinkum

Fans: That is as low as we can go.

Arsenal: Hold my beer.


Without Sanchez and Oil, we are bang average, if that.

Bring on Ancelotti in May. Any attempt to do otherwise is INSANE.


We just dont look like a top4 team at the moment


We don’t look like a top 10 team.


If Arsene Wenger really loves this club he would resign tonight. Unfortunately he has an overinflated ego & cant see what’s right in front of him.

He’s also scared of the future, he knows he won’t get another top job or any power at another club. He is simply a dinosaur who should have retired when the FA Cups wins presented the opportunity.

Now we have a weak board who lack the authority or nerve to sack him (Gazidis aside).

It’s a desperate situation, we really need someone to stand up, sack Wenger & hire someone to rebuild us.


Kronke is a hands off owner who lets people get on with the job, but when he’s had enough he acts fast, as Jeff Fisher learned the hard way. I don’t think Arsene will be at Arsenal next season.


I simply don’t understand how anyone can reasonably argue that Wenger still has the best interests of Arsenal at heart and not simply his best interests. Wenger still loves Arsenal but he’s leaving a bigger mess than Ferguson ever did. We have a mid table squad with both of the actual world class players leaving – one of whom we are selling for what it costs to buy a prospect and the other for free. He’s complaining about us getting the best scouting director in Europe b/c it challenges his power. He’s issuing a power play by saying he won’t… Read more »


were selling sanchez for less than a drinkwater, bolasie in this market, even townsend cost what 16million?

Easy tiger

I am always right.

Easy tiger

But i am.


We’re Fucking shit
We’re fucking shit
We’re fucking shit
We’re fucking shit
We’re fucking shit!

Remember though. We’re over performing supposedly. ?

Easy tiger

What do you say now? #spanish gooner or something….

Spanish Gooner

Mate I said there were reasons for optimism beyond this season, I think this year is a shit show and I’m waiting for Wenger to leave just like everybody else ?

dr Strange

It’s getting worse but we haven’t hit rock bottom yet. Give Wenger another season and you will see it so let’s hope for action from the club.

Easy tiger

Sunderland here we come.


Just have to tolerate for another season and 1/3.

Iwobi is just rubbish all round bar that pass. Effing defensive liability.


Why should Sanchez and Ozil stay in this POS team?

Why should any decent player with diginity want to join this POS team?

This team needs an overhaul. Starting from Arsen…..actually, starts with Kroenke and Usmanov.

Arsene doesn’t know

At 1-0 to us it was so obvious that we were inciting pressure on to ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not Theo Walcotts biggest fan but surely he had to come on earlier to help pin back the Bournemouth defenders who were literally playing on the half way line. Instead we throw him on at 2-1 down with everyone of their players behind the ball rendering him useless. Yes Cech was silly for the first goal and Xhaka switches off for the second, but how many times has Xhaka done that and it’s not been coached out of him?… Read more »

Media Hates Arsenal

Protests should start from the next game , Emirates atmosphere MUST be toxic, Wenger should get sacked.


What a fucking farce this club has become. Our first eleven is mid-table quality at best. Complete joke. The Emirates move was the worst decision in this club’s history.


The Emirates move has nothing to do with it. We’ve been worse since we started spending money than we were before, and the stadium move has nothing to do with bad coaching, poor team selections and absolutely no confidence. It’s all down to the manager. We need to be buying players with a new manager in mind.


If you trace back, Theo arm twisting Wenger for renewing contract was the turning point.

Do not know what drama played behind closed doors. Seemed, as if Wenger lost control of players.

Since then team started helplessly “fragmenting”. We went through penny pinching stadium years with head held high.


The ‘management’ of AFC is so depressingly poor that there was a familiar inevitability about the result today. Let’s face it, we’re a mid-table side and will be for some time. Plus ça change…..


Screw this sh’t, we need so many things changed but seems no one in the club/board/staff do anything towards that. Same old Arsenal, same old toothless display, same old lack of bite display, same old plain useless players, same old manager than ran out of ideas and shoud’ve left a couples years ago. No Alexis, no Ozil, and we have to rely on the likes on Wellbeck, Iwobi, Walcott is when you know we’re fucked up. We need not only replace Alexis, but to make sure we build a competitive squad, because just like today, if we lose our star… Read more »

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