Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Report: Everton ready £20m offer for Walcott

According to the Telegraph and the Mirror, Everton are lining up a £20 million bid for Theo Walcott and are willing to match the player’s £110,000 per week wages.

The Toffees look set to go head-to-head with Southampton who have also confirmed their interest in signing the 28-year-old in January.

Arsene Wenger has already said this month that he’d like Walcott to stay at Arsenal, however, behind closed doors, the club do appear willing to listen to offers for a player who has not started a single game in the Premier League this season – and who didn’t even start or come on in the Carabao Cup last night.

Given he’s English, comparatively young in age and has pedigree – he’s scored 108 goals for Arsenal – the £20 million price tag seems relatively low. The Toffees were willing to spend far more than that to sign Olivier Giroud in the summer and he’s three years older.

Alexis Sanchez’s Arsenal future could play a part in whether Wenger decides to let Walcott leave, amid reports that Manchester United are now after the Chilean.

With Giroud injured and the Chilean wanted by Manchester City, a departure for the winger could leave the Gunners short of options in the Europa League unless they reinvest in a new talent.

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Out: Walcott, Welbeck, Iwobi (loan?)
In: Malcom/Pavon or both
Keep Alexis till the end of a season.

Out: Alexis
In: noone

Ty W

In: Giroud, Ramsey, Kolisinac, Wilshere, Monreal



Take it!



That’s £20m for a player who never plays? Yes, please.


as poor as theo is i cant see 20m buying him.


I think the key sentence here is “willing to match his wages”.

I did not see it....

I’m all for a clear out, especially with players who we know haven’t contributed for a while now, but surely we are running the risk of having no one left to play whilst we are still competing for the top 4, Europa league and the Kowabunga cup? My fear is this will all be solved by ‘internal solutions’ and we know where that’s got us to so far…….

Kentish Gooner

Competing for the top 4 ??????

Stuck on repeat...

Favourites for the Transfer Window Profit Trophy.

Goonerest Gooner

If we really wanted to win the Kowabunga Cup, we shouldn’t have sold Ox.

Don Cazorleone



He wanted out and we pocketed 40 million for making his dreams of being a Liverpool player come true. And that’s that.


Twatsloch – I think the ‘Ox / Cowabunga’ reference flew swiftly over your head.


It did the first time yes but I caught on the second time I read it. I’m a bit slow like that.


Take it!!!!


If Walcott & Sanchez go which I fully expect at this point, then it seems the rebuild is already starting & the Europa league is our best bet. The names we are being linked with – Malcom & Pavon actually make a lot of sense (I’m putting some trust in that Mintelstat is involved in these decisions). We aren’t going to get the Lemars or Draxlers at this point – Lemar already turned us down once and all the reports are pretty consistent he doesn’t want to come here. I’ve said it before but the club either needs to decide… Read more »

Jon Smith

Take the money and run!


Bite their hand off for 20m

Stephen Yeates

Bin him off. Decent servant but he’s taken a lot of money for inconsistent returns. Another Wenger-inspired stagnation.


I hope we spend the money we get from selling players…


Don’t worry Kroenke’s saving up for a new cravat for the league cup final…


He’s going to use all this cash to buy more ranches and play cowboy some more, don’t worry.

Glen Helders left foot

Looking like another transfer window profit, what the fuck is happening to our club, very very depressing

Faisal Narrage

Imo if all these says go through along with the loss of Sanchez & Ozil, it’s pretty much confirmed the board have written the season off, and Wenger with it.

It’s point to a fresh start next season.


This feels like Everton just money-laundering at this point but yeah take the cash I guess.


I like Walcott and think he’s been much maligned despite being one of the few in the squad with end product. I don’t think he’s much inferior to Lacazette.

That said, a part of me would rather see Nelson get some starts in Theo’s position.

If we do sell, I think £30m is more reflective of his value.


Please sell


Just embrace that thought for a sec: our Theo is worth as much as Alexis and more than Ross Barkley. Ah…


Just pay the 20M and let them have him!


I would encourage Arsenal to accept the offer for Theo but we’d be significantly short in the forwards department if Alexis were to leave in this window as well.


Accepting that the season is lost anyway we could recall Perez to help us limp on until May. I hope this is the start of the reboot we so dearly need. A good purge of dead wood starting now and a proper rebuild in the summer. That includes Wenger moving on and being replaced as well.


we,ve been here so many times before, so I will believe it if it happens, but I will keep my fingers crossed


Dead wood out , bye bye Walcott but hang on for £25m.

Malaysian gunner

This guy has been at Arsenal for 10 years. During that he has hit some highs notably the hattrick against Chelsea.Since then nothing spectacular and I feel selling him is the best option.
I am afraid Arsenal will languish in the wilderness until the fm aint around anymore.The reason is he is too predictable .We have said that countless times.


Push for 5mill more and maybe some add ons and bring back pèrez he suits our football way better now, 70%of our games we have teams pinned back, Walcott would be amazing for Burnley as they counter so much but we don’t so the player who plays there needs less pace and a better touch.

Spanish Gooner

I’d take it and use the money on a young talent (Pavón?) Who can come at the end of the season when Alexis leaves. Under no circumstances would selling both Walcott and Alexis be a good thing


At this point i’d let him go for free to see the likes on Nketiah given a chance.


How long will it take to build a new team? Who is going to oversee this transformation phase we´re obviously in? Do we have the capacity to compete for top signings? Is Arsenal going for mid-table battle with Everton and the rest for several seasons?


The transformation for the summer has to begin now because of the sheer number of players we have to move on, replace, resign, or promote.
I’m worried that josh kroenke is going to oversee it, though, which means we have become a less competitive dortmund.
This season I predict a 6th placed finish in the league, with the cowabunga dude cup and the Europa league our only real prospects. With how thin our squad is, though, nothing is certain.

Brown American Gooner

ACCEPT IT! Please! Watching Walcott as been really frustrating for a very long time. Should have moved him many years ago. Doesn’t fit our style of play


Footage from Walcott’s testimonial: https://as.com/videos/2018/01/04/en/1515077159_455701.html

Eric Blair

Hehe, thanks for that, worth the admission fee alone!

Love Japan. Can you imagine that in England? Alli would break one of the poor kids ankles whilst the commentator praises him for ‘wanting it more’, Sterling would swallow dive in a pathetic effort to trick the referee, and Rooney would run off with one of the kid’s grandmas after telling the referee to ‘fuck off you cunt’.

And still the minnows would run out winners.


Reinvest! Lolz

Time Theo went as he needs to play and its far too comfortable at arsenal for him

Ild rather hold on to the money for the next guy than aw wasting it


Good price.

Take it.

Also the 20-25m on offer from city for Alexis.

12m for Coquelin was also a reasonable deal (proviso we re-invest in midfield)

Now if only we can even find a buyer for Debuchy or Elneny. Sell them too.

Welbeck I’d keep for one more season but he’s on his last chance now to impress and step up.

Total if we can do these deals could be around 60m.

Might leave us enough to bring in 110m of assets (minus 2m on Mavropanos of course)

We should have enough to stomach 50m in red till the summer.


Goodbye already


Don’t worry, I’ve heard we are going to sign messi and Ronaldo in a huge double transfer extravaganza. Caught offside will be there to cover the unveiling.


He was never going to play much after we signed Lacazzette, why we kept him goes beyond me. His market value was higher in the summer. All that said I wish him success in coming club, while I never felt he had the qualities AWs style of play requires, I can see him being a hit elsewhere.


investing all that belief and game time in someone that in +10years only occassionally looked at home with us, to sell him for peanuts at his prime age… confirms AW got it very wrong. Why it took so lomg to admit goes beyond me , maybe only now the general wage lvl rise makes this possible


Ox, Coq, Theo, Debuchy, about 70 million and 300k a week off the wage bill. Take the money for Alexis and we should be able to get a decent replacement for Alexis and a couple more Mislintat bargains. I think something will happen as we’ll only lose out more by waiting, and Ivan seems to be on a mission.

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