Saturday, December 3, 2022

Southampton confirm interest in Theo Walcott

Theo Walcott has been linked with a move back to former club Southampton over the last couple of weeks.

Although Arsene Wenger says he wants the 29 year old to stay, it seems that a transfer this January is a genuine possibility.

That’s been brought into the spotlight by Saints manager Mauricio Pellegrino admitting he’s interested in the England international.

“”I have been talking about him,” he said.

“He is a good player, but I don’t know with the negotiations, with the market. I imagine that this type of player would have a lot of possibility. For us it’s not easy.

“Hopefully we can bring somebody that can help us be stronger. This is our target now.

“We know the market is difficult, but we are working on that.”

Walcott could start tomorrow evening against Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup third round.

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Southampton could be a good move for him. Think he would be very well welcomed there and with the trust of the manager he could easily score them around 15 goals a season. For me with over 100 goals and more than a decade at the club Theo is part of our hall of fame. Probably not considered a legend as generally you need the big titles for that but nevertheless an integral part of this club for a pretty long time. If he should go I wish him all the best and will always remember him as a way… Read more »


Sometimes you just have too take the rough with the smooth. It’s a difficult one, but farewell, Theo.


I remember watching Theo in his 1st senior season for the Saints. Man he was explosive, one of the fastest players i ever saw and displayed some good finishing skills already back then. He never fullfiled the potetnial we expected but still he scored over 100 goals for us. Remarkable record. Good lad, more than a decent winger I never understood the patronizing tune around him from many Fans. Although i do not see his role in the team anymore i will have a bit of a bitter aftertaste to see him gone. Take care Theo.


Remarkable record. In that he’s taken 12 years to get there.. …


Yeah it’s not like he had a career threatening injury or anything… Oh.. Wait..


Scoring 100 at an EPL team is always to be commended. Not an easy task for any player.

Liam Dooley

Theo was the only name I got on an Arsenal jersey after Thierry Henry. I was young and convinced he’d be what we needed to replace the king. Never quite happened in that sense. Always loved how he spoke after games and I’ve never doubted his commitment. Never quite the player we expected/wanted/needed but a great servant to the club in the long run.

Liam Dooley

Never mentioned the great moments! Sprinting away from the Liverpool team at Anfield. Any goal against Chelsea. The 2-0 Celebration against Spurs. The goals against Spurs. The FA Cup final goal vs Villa. The hat-trick vs Newcastle.

Heavenly Chapecoense

That Liverpool sprint and dribbles is part of my top five Arsenal plays.


They’ll never pay him what we’re paying him, even with the van Dijk money, so it’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out


He only has 18 months on his contract so maybe he might be tempted by a long contract even with a bit less money


That’s the big problem here I think, that and the fact I have a feeling Wenger won’t let him go anyway.
He’s not getting the game time with us but would he take a pay cut to get more games elsewhere, I’m not sure Theo is that bothered about playing and may well just sit on his massive contract with us. to think he would take the move and choose playing but I’m not convinced.

Heavenly Chapecoense

He once did not want to sign an extension until Wenger clarifies his game time.


It’s a shame the intelligence of the comments on here aren’t reflected on the Facebook page. I’ll be sad to see him go. A lovely lad without a doubt, and a passionate servant to The Arsenal.


I’m a fan of Theo, just always liked him as a footballer. May have never reached the consistency or potential he might have but he also brought me more than a few special moments over the years. I especially loved that goal against Chelsea where he fell over, and just as the commentator started to try and take the piss, got back up, burst through the Chelsea defence and spanked it past Cech’s near post. Wonderful. I do also feel that he could have made a bigger footballing career for himself (measured in goals, not money) playing for the type… Read more »


Will be sad to see him go, we never really played to his strengths, were ever he goes he will score goals…. he is not pretty to watch but he does know where the goal is….

Farewell Theo


What exactly were his strengths?


Apart from pace and finishing? Not writing stupid comments on Arseblog.

The Limp Bar

Very fast, good finisher. You must have seen him play a couple of times at least?

Godfrey Twatsloch

40 million for Oxlade-Chamberlain, so what could we ask for Walcott? 15-20 million?


Rumor has it we are holding out for 30 million.

Godfrey Twatsloch

For a 29 year old with a patchy fitness record? If true it’s a bold ask.


Less patchy fitness than most gunners to be fair.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Aye! I’m all for selling them to the highest bidder too. Ramsey being another one. And even though riding a wave of popularity at the moment I fear Jack is due another breakdown followed by an extended period at the garage soon.

Sell, flog and get rid!


I’m not a Theo fan but I cannot see Wenger letting him go in Jan with the run of games we have. More likely to be a summer departure when we can concentrate on rebuilding properly


He sucks anyways. Good riddance!


Intelligent comment. I’ll also add he was always one who would come to cheer away fans, even after a loss. Frustrating? Sure but dont be such a dick


Unfortunately never delivered the potency that the club invested in him, especially with his last contract, when we were afraid to lose him. 29 years old and doesn’t fit. A fresh chance for a new no 14


Unless Wenger brings in Mahrez if not i dont see a point in selling and not reinvesting.

Lord Bendnter

Seriously. Blew his ACL, could have been a career threatening injury, and he goes full Gooner. No matter what anyone says he’s got my never ending respect for that.


He was in fire that day. Absolutely ran them ragged.


I think it’s time.

And to be quite honest, Theo probably deserves to be somewhere where he’s considered first choice.


Theo comes across as a smart guy in interviews. Too bad his agent held Arsenal to ransom the few times his contract was up for renewal. Thanks for Theo’s services, and all the best to him.

Nacho Man

Scored around 110 goals & got around 70 assists in less than 400 appearances. Almost a goal contribution every other game for arsenal since the age of 16. SIXTEEN!

Lot’s of big game goals & assists, but seems to have lost his dribbling ability/ confidence to take on a man. Time to find a new home, but thank you for everything Theo ❤️

Sean Juba

They can fucking have him

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