Southgate warming to Wilshere recall


Gareth Southgate says he’s impressed by the quality of Jack Wilshere’s performances in recent weeks and admits it’s great for England that the midfielder is currently enjoying regular game time for Arsenal.

The 26-year-old, who is on the verge of signing a new deal at the Emirates, has made eight Premier League starts since mid-December growing in confidence and fitness along the way. It’s a far cry from his circumstances in the early part of the season when he was reduced to game time in the Carabao Cup and Europa League.

Asked about the possibility of handing Wilshere an England call-up for the first time since EURO 2016, Southgate, who has previously made clear he wouldn’t consider the player unless he got more minutes, said: “It’s a real plus to see him playing at the level he is, and looking as fit as he is.

“We know his quality, for him to be starting now in regular games, two games a week, playing at a high level is a real bonus for us.”

He added: “I’ve got to say, his level of performance is way above what it was then.

“He’s really playing well now and influencing big games, which is good. People talk about selection headaches – we want those sorts of decisions because we want those sorts of players available.”

Wilshere already has 34 England caps to his name and has, according to Southgate, always been a positive influence in the camp.

“Our experience in squads he was in was that he was a really good lad to have in the group. That’s important, but also he’s showing sharpness in his game.”

England have a double-header of friendlies against Holland and Italy in March. If Jack can stay fit he may well have a chance of making next summer’s World Cup after all. Good on him.

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Wenger\'s Economic\'s Degree
Wenger\'s Economic\'s Degree


TR7 > CR7

So happy Jack proved me wrong and got back to a competitive level.


Upvoted for the name tbh

Mein Bergkampf

Warming?! What is it he doesn’t like? The shrewd passing? Grit and determination? Technical grace? Ability to open defenses? I guess he is sitting behind this current glut of midfield talent in England. You know… er… hhmmm….


Yeah but Dele Alli is great at diving into two-footed tackles, remember? Plus he scored that volley once. Remember? Remember the volley?


The broken legs, banjaxed ankles


Warming up indeed dimwit. He should be wanking of excitement .. in current form Jack starts . I’ve seen the other jokers. Like someone said above .. So happy I was wrong about him .. I thought he was done.


He doesn’t like having to admit he was talking bollocks.

Reality check

God, please let us have Jack. As special as Diaby and TR7 were, They couldn’t realise their huge potential because of injuries, we only got glimpses of what they can do but in Jack, we have a bit of both of them.. Diaby was a majestic beast, the player who can hold or turn with the ball like him is jack. TR7 was a wengerball guru, a technical master, his one touch passing and lay offs can again be seen in one guy, Jack. Plus, he’s one of our own and cares about the club as the fans do also he can carry the armband for good 8-10 years, sign him up.


Pleased for jack that he’s now in contention but from a selfish point of view I hope he doesn’t play for England. More games means more risk of injury and I want him fit for the Arsenal. He’s been great recently.

V is for Vic Akers

Jack is back.


Obviously not as good as the other England options; such as Jake Livermore, and Jordan Henderson, eh Gareth.

Bon Jello

And not only that but I’d say Jack, when he’s played for England, usually ends up the best player on the pitch, or at least in white.
I like Southgate but his attitude towards Wilshere is bewildering. Complains of fitness levels, club form and game-time, yet no doubt will have others in similar/worse conditions he’ll routinely go to whenever possible; Lallana, Henderson, to name just two.

Mesut O’Neill

Don’t forget Jack Cork ?


beat me to it


If he keeps playing like this I don’t really think it’s a question, would be foolish of Southgate not to take him.


Jack is so blatantly one of England’s better midfielders. If he is fit for the World Cup, Southgate would be a proper numpty to not bring him.


The thing is if he recalls Jack he’s sort of forced to actually try and play football, which England are generally not very good at.


Best comment of the day


Crazy not to play him, he has something other England players don’t (as well as coming from Arsenal).


u mean talent?


Mainly the ability to kick a ball in the direction he intended.

Tommy Gunner

Hmm Jake Livermore or Jack Wilshere – what a selection headache! I’m glad they pay him the big bucks

David C

I’d say Jack is also ahead of Dele Alli for an attacking spot. Well played Jack! Let the good times roll!


Love Wilshere and his talent on and off the ball, grit, determination and leadership skills. In game against chelsea he was directing even Ozil on which position to take. One thing he needs to improve on is his shooting. He manages to go through 2-3 players easy and into shooting positions but there is no sting in the final shot. Its as if his legs don’t have strength for a strong shot to trouble the keeper at the least by the time he reaches there.
Come on Wilshere! I want more from you!

David Hillier\'s luggage
David Hillier\'s luggage

If Wilshere is left out of the next squad in favour of Jack Cork or Jake Livermore he should just give up on England until Southgate gets the sack after the WC.

Players like Lallana, Henderson and Rose seem to waltz into squads after injury, the manager clearly has favourites.


Quite an exciting team England are putting together. Wilshere dele alli and Henderson would be a great combo in my opinion. Surely he’s a shoo-in, one of the few players that most definitely doesn’t divide opinion for me; all my friends supporting other teams love him. Loved Gary Neville talking about him and how amazing a player and trainer he is.


On current form deli alli shoulnt been near england squad..

A Different George

World Cup refs might actually show a red card when Deli stamps on a player or goes in high two-footed. The funny thing to me is that the only English player who POTENTIALLY offers the same sort of attacking burst as Jack also played last night, and quite clearly has a long way to go before being recalled–Barkley.


Wilshere, Dele Alli and Henderson would be a great combination…and Henderson.


Yes every team needs a mixture of talent and limitless ability to cover ground, play simple sideways passes and kick people. Can anyone guess which Henderson provides?

Reidar Strand Hagen

Those are rather useful attributes though.


Henderson must be there to make the others look good

A Different George

Not a big Henderson fan, but he can play a useful role in Liverpool’s side, full of adventurous attackers. Not exactly a description of England.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

Henderson is a budget Ramsey, even in the looks department. We just need Ramsey to flick out a little leg here and there, and he’ll literally be in the mold of Vieira.


Jack Wilshere deserves to have a proper World Cup outing in his career.

The World Cup deserves Jack Wilshere.


Selection headaches? England played Jake Livermore and Jordan Henderson in midfield in recent games. Which other English centre-mids are anywhere near as good as a fully fit Jack? Southgate is an utter moron.

Drogheda gunner

Yeah nothern ireland have better centre midfielders than that


he,s our best player


He’s going to help win us the world cup…

Man Manny

Getting Wilshere back in the England set up is a no brainer. He is the best they have in his position at the moment.


Jack deserve a called up to the starting XI and He will flourish well.

Christopher Wreh

Proper player. If he stays fit he 100% starts for England, he’s their best midfielder by a mile.

I don’t care about interlulls, friendlies, qualifiers and anything in-between, but I am well excited about the world cup. Summer, sun, beer, football every day, I fucking love it.

No doubt England will flop again but it’s so good to have so much football to watch. And get well pissed with your mates. Everybody wins.


Fair does.

Come back to the five \'n\' dime NickyB NickyB
Come back to the five \'n\' dime NickyB NickyB

I don’t want him to play for England. They’re rubbish and the moment he does, you just know what’s gonna happen. That’s right, He’ll get injured and be out for the rest of the season.


why two NickyBs?


Poor Gareth trying to put a positive spin on his squad options. Lol. ‘Selection headache’?? Livermore or Jack? Or Delph? Or Drinkwater? For crying out loud. I’m not bothered whether Jack plays for England or not but there is no doubt that with Raheem and that striker from up the road they are the only three decent players England have. Selection headache. Pfft.


Barkley is pretty gifted in my opinion. Right up there with Jack as England’s most talented players.

Drogheda gunner

Yeah he was brilliant on


Hope he makes it but at the same time I don’t want him to get selected and get injured while playing for England. Suppose it would be nice to have an arsenal man in the England camp..I’m confused haha


For club and country please stay fit.


I would go so far as to say if he stays fit, he will definitely make it. Who else do England have of his quality?


Still remember Jack matching Xavi and Iniesta at the Boy Camp

Teryima Adi

If Jack isn’t going to Russia then nobody will, Southgate.


Yes, we know how this one goes:
Idiot England manager eventually decides to try Wilshere.
Idiot England manager finds Wilshere is actually one of the best players he had available.
Idiot England manager plays Wilshere for 90 minutes in every single game, regardless of necessity or his condition.
Idiot England manager winges to the press over how Wilshere could be a good player, if only he were tougher.
Wilshere spends the next season for us having his legs reassembled.

Here we go again. All aboard the football special to Fuckup City.

Drogheda gunner

He should be begging jack to comeback .him and kane are englands best players by a mile.whos he going to bring jake livermore,danny drinkwater.with no legs hes better than them.