Wenger: Alexis is ‘being vague’, decision imminent


Arsene Wenger has confirmed that he has left Alexis Sanchez out of the Arsenal squad for today’s game with Bournemouth while the striker decides his future.

The Chile international is understood to be weighing up offers from both Manchester City and Manchester United with reports this morning claiming he’s more likely to move to Old Trafford.

It’s claimed that Jose Mourinho is willing to pay Sanchez £400,000 a week, a figure that dwarfs his current earnings at the Emirates.

Speaking to Sky Sports on arrival at the Vitality Stadium, Wenger explained: “He’s being vague at the moment. His situation is not completely decided, one way or the other so I left him at home.

Asked whether a decision about where the player will go is imminent, he added: “Yes, don’t read too much into it because even I don’t know which way it will go.”

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Imagine if Alexis chooses the United cunts and ozil joins them on a free in the summer. Ouch.

Goonerest Gooner

Sorry mate, had to thumb that down….what a horrible horrible thought.


We’re arsenal fans mate. Horrible thoughts is what we do.


In all honesty, I down voted the thought in my head. Unfortunately shits gotten real with the Alexis/ mesut situation.


whoever buys them, they will be doing us a favour, and think of the money we will get


Our strategy is to strengthen City and United then buy young players with potential who will take 3 seasons to come good, or rely on our fantastic second line assets like Walcott, Welbeck, Elneny or buy great band aid projects like Johnny Evans to match the glory days of Silvestre and Squillaci.


so what, it wont make any difference


They’ll still be crap under Maureen.

Northern Gooner

Alexis Sanchez hounded out by some of his team mates for showing too much ambition.

We keep getting rid of our best players whilst keeping all the mediocre ones.

Donald\'s Trump

Lol, he doesn’t want to sign a contract. How is that being hounded out.


How can any Gooner in their right mind thumb this comment down?



Sell Alexis to City. Lose ozil as well.

Buy up and coming players for same price as Mahrez like malcolm.

Promote Chambers and Holding before they show any return on potential. Meanwhile sell Gabriel. try and sell Mustafi because clearly buying a 30yr old Johnny Evans harkens to the good old days of Silvestre and Squillaci.

Get rid of Coq because we have great side ways passing mediocre light weight players like Elneny. Or again prmote un proven youth who need to adapt to new positin like AMN to midfield much like he has been toying with Chambers who was a right back with Soton but whom he tried to convert into midfield and now defense.

Great strategy.

Don’t spend on Draxler because clearly Lacazette is world class. Why spend extra money for ready made players just entering their prime anyway? Its not like we need to catch up with the commercial side either.


Its buying an up and coming player like Malcolm who could be very good and in 2 years time could be worth double while Mahrez has hit a ceiling and isn’t going to get better but maybe worse. We’ve already seen him being inconsistent last season.

Evans I would say just simply on playing is more consistent then Mustafi.

Don’t sit there on your high horse and act like you’ve been a Coq supporter on here lol I’m sure you weren’t interested in keeping Gabriel either and promoting how great Per was during the FA cup so he is invaluable on the club this season. lol

Again with your example of Chambers but you want the same thing done to AMN that you think Chambers and others have been wronged playing out of position.

I love Drax but he isn’t world class yet. Again you want to according to other post move him to Striker from winger because he has great tools to make that transition but he hasn’t even established himself as a top winger yet?


Not United I hope.

Hairy Bottle

Announce Malcolm!


Malcolm is alright but I prefer Malcom.


Yes lets buy an unproven player whose decision making for final ball is questionable and needs work.


Aw, cmon. He’ll fit right in!


Dont be vague about signing between malcom and draxler !! Get them both..


Cannot agree more. With Alexis, Walcott and Ox leaving this season, two attackers would be the minimum.


thought they were wingers


Last I checked wingers are attackers Monsignor negativo.

Easy tiger

You guys are funny.




Arsenal funny Walcot funny best players fucking off funny 😂


that’s arsenal for you


don’t know about Malcolm, but why draxler


Two footed.

Can potentially be converted to CF with Giroud leaving this summer, Lacazette clearly short of ‘world class’ and Welbeck hardly plan C.

No lets not get one of these players that only appear once in a blue moon on market and are surplus at PSG.

So we lose two top marquee names and we don’t replace them. Wenger clearly going to be here for a long time more since he believes he will be bringing up Malcolm next.


He was on the market less then 2 years ago. He hasn’t improved since then.

Why would you want to convert a Winger into a striker when he hasn’t even proven himself as a winger? or goal scoring prowess?


Only if we had the money lol

Thanks Stan and AW bad management of player transfers


Wengers smirk makes me think he’s got something up his sleeve.


Yeah he always smirks before a big signing. Like the Ozil transfer for instance.

Wonder who it could be.

He does need a decent transfer to insure himself against fan ridicule during his potential final season.

Petits Handbag

So the only time he’s ever smirked is by coincidence the only time in the last 15 years we’ve signed a big player which surprised us? (Alexis wasn’t a surprise)

Chippys chip

Anyone would be smirking if they could pull the wool over so many peoples eyes, for so long and get paid so much for doing so .


The PSG or France job I hope.
As long as he is far away from the club I don’t give a fuck what he has up his sleeve..


Yeah, sweets


A big signing, don’t make me laugh. We need far more than a big signing!!!!!


yes, his arm

Chippys chip

Yeah stans sphincter


He’s happy to be rid of the primadonna. Probably also that Alexis is not as wanted by pep as he thought and he might have to answer to the most despicable man in football.


The situation is vague, but ideal

matty t.

So Alexis will pocket about £20,000 today from Arsenal while sat at home watching us play, contemplating whether to join Man City or Man Utd. What a time to be an Arsenal fan.


“Arsenal, the banker’s club”

Chippys chip

They like it in the vault.


We will pocket 20 mil at the 11th hour for a player who doesn’t want to be here anymore.

So your wife is leaving and doesn’t want to fuck you anymore but as you look across the room you see several younger hotties who are available. Feelings are a bit battered but get busy with some young floozy and you’ll soon move on.

We’ll be alright.

Twisted cuntloks

unless of course you are a pox-riddled moose that all the other pretty girls run from …


Film star looks and class all the way. We are Arsenal, not Stoke.


Oh, we’re getting fucked all right, only not in the pleasant way you mean.

Girouds Lovely Locks

I’d rather pay him to sit in the reserves till summer than sell him to Mourinho.


And in summer he joins united.
Lol lets make some money out of him,business over emotions!!


Not a lot of hotties lined up for us, unfortunately


You make do in the early days but get rid of grandad who has occupied the comfy chair in the corner for years and your pulling powers could quadruple. The landlord is the landlord and there’s not much to be done about him but at least move grandad out of the house.


Does my so far 3 thumbs down leave my wish for evicting grandad at 50-50?

twisted cuntloks

We could always stop paying the landlord , he needs us more than we need him…

Godfrey Twatsloch

We can do better than that.



Is this another attempt by Mourinho to c0ckblock a transfer and also potentially destabilise a player for a rival team, or in this case two teams for the price of one.

Will never forget how he played Arsenal over the Demba Ba debacle.


Except Arsenal are not rivals are they?
Not really…


If Wenger sells him to United the fans have to boycott the stadium. Every team in Europe are laughing at us.

Get the F Out.



Wenger has been vague and lying to fans all season. Not to mention lying to himself thinking Sanchez or Ozil will sign.

We’re a mess and he has to go. NOW



He had all least season to sign 1 or both of them to new contracts and didn’t. Decided to hold onto them this season knowing the cesspool the transfer business is for him. He gambled wanting only 1 player and failed to convince so now we are stuck with this transfer drama all season long.

He has to go or at least the day to day transfer business taken out of his hands along with contracts.

Frank the Gooner

Does anyone else welcome United’s interest? The prick clearly wants out so we’re fucked from that regard… so why not get as much cash as possible for him? I’d prefer him at United under Mourinho. He’s more likely to crack the shits and be dropped to the bench. He’s bound to play at both clubs but going to City will hurt us more. Don’t get me wrong… I’d much prefer PSG or Madrid…


We are better off without Alexis

Petits Handbag

We’ve won three away games this season, he’s scored in all three with the winner in two. So no, we are not better without Alexis.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Comment probably intended to say ‘team spirit’ will be better without Alexis. I.e. all the boys can be best mates & put cool pics on Instagram. Bless em.


How can team spirit be better without your best player? When you walk out on the pitch and see a pack of shit around you, THAT destroys team spirit.


Umm probably best to wait and see if we invest in upgrading the squad.


doubt it


The player doesnt want to play for arsenal yet fans here are getting pissed thts he is moving.

Utd/ City are willing to pay £300k plus a week
No player is bigger then the club
This has nothing to do with AW. The player wants money which the club cant give.
Getting £30m for a player with only 6mths left is a pretty good deal


Best comment on this thread.
Everyone looks to blame Arsene… maybe its just the ambitions of the player regards trophies and wages cant match those of the CLUB. Regardless of what people think, Arsene isnt the 1 person who runs the club. The club has structures which everyone has to adhere too, Arsene included. If a player isnt prepared to work within that structure, then they can leave. Simples.


Yes but we could have gotten double that this past summer or similar price the summer before before the Neymar inflation.


There is no way that Wenger can come out of this season with his job.
If he does then Arsenal are finished.
He has proven year after year that he is incapable of pushing on, of building a strong squad and confidence.
Wenger is a joke…

Kwame Ampadu Down

Of course he will. Arsene will be here until the end of his contract. I’m not saying he should stay btw but I think it’s pointless discussing whether he will go or not. He won’t go anywhere.


Mourinho throwing 400k a week more to secure second place is pretty hilarious. The Special One my arse, the Profligate One more like. Hopefully the Profligate One cracks the shits as he tends to do with Sanchez early on and Sanchez can spend the his contact sulking and carrying on beautiful Manchester.

It doesn’t sound like a player swap is on the cards though.


Arsenal fans make me laugh.
Lets get Malcom, Draxler, Mahrez and Evans.
Yet they do not realise this is Wenger we are talking about.
Who will sit on his over paid backside and do fuck all as he always does.
Arsenal fans never learn do they…

Petits Handbag

None of those attackers hold a candle to Alexis. This isn’t a diss comment, just a sad indictment


I am worried about the fact that why would good players say yes to Arsenal and playing under Wenger.


Oh is there a game today? Wenger drained any interest I had a few seasons ago….


Can we please get someone who’s got balls and will lead this team?
We’re a team full of wusses honestly.

So many changes needed


I’m curious to see how Sanchez would actually get on with Mourinho? Definitely not as well as his friend Pep. It could actually suit well…


If he goes United he’s the greedy cunt I thought he was! Good riddance we’ve lost better!!


If he goes to united he’s a cunt


Not bigger than the cunt who “manages” the club.
And a big useless cunt he is.
And from being 1-0 up to one of the worse clubs in the league we are 2-1 down.
But its never Wenger’s fault is it…

Donald\'s Trump

Refs fault. If only he had given Iwobi blatant handball as a penalty that would have galvanised Arsenal into winning. Yet again the referees have proven bias against arsenal by not giving the opposition a clear penalty to stop Arsenal gaining any motivation.


You share the same logic as your namesake.

Easy tiger

How do you like me now naive fools.


Sell our best players 2 teams like city/utd, & make teams look like 1970 Brazil against us !!! With shit players to bring on! Fucking really? Oh Stan fuck off and sell! Am I the only one? It’s fucking Bournemouth


Cheers to my one vote! We r arsenal! Not a cunting busines


Again the question is asked.
Why is he still in a job?
What exactly have Arsenal done to deserve this level of incompetence?
Why doesn’t he go back to France and fuck up a team over there?
Why does he insist on staying when it is clear to everyone except the idiot in question that no one wants him there?

Sean Juba

Just fuck off sanchez. And after this latest shambles fuck off wenger too. Laughing stock.


Fuck off Wenger. Stay Sanchez…. pleasssssee


Delighted to see Bournemouth win.
Never gave up – knew that Arsenal are a spineless bunch of pussies and won. Very easily I might add.
Wenger is not a manager.
Wenger is a dribbling moron who holds the moderate success he enjoyed nearly fifteen years against anyone who would dare to oppose him in the tyranical dictatorship that is Arsenal Football Club.
I mean how fucking shit does it have to get before someone at Arsenal Football Club does something. Do they put his needs before the club? Where is Gazidis or Kroenke?
God I fucking despise Wenger – what a first class cunt he is.
And well played Bournemouth – you are garbage but luckily for you Arsenal are even worse.

Chippys chip

Arsene wenger and stan kroenke get out of our club


why not play him against Bournmouth as long as he’s being paid ? terrible managing from Arsene


Imminent to City (most likely) or United.

25m quid from City and he’s off (if not he’s already packing those bags)

Why would he want to stay?

Look at our great options. Welbeck, Walcott, Elneny.

Defensively we are a rock.

Going forward we have world class Lacazette.

So we sell Alexis and strengthen City further.

…meanwhile we buy a Malcolm as a replacement for the same price as Ozil and Mahrez.

Forget Draxler.

Good luck trying to convince Ozil to extend.


Are you related to Mahrez? Do you really need to bring him up every post


No regrets if Alexis moves to City because that could be read as only an ambitious move to win trophies for a player at his prime. But if he chooses United over City, it would clearly indicate he went for money over trophies! I don’t see United winning the league in near feature, especially under that cunt! Alexis will probably go in that long list of players who threw their careers away by moving away for money.


God this is all horrible right now. What a septic puddle of monkey spunk.


Nothing vaque from Alexis.He’s been very firm that weare not competitive enough for him.

Look at the assets we’ve sold with no coherent replacement.

1) Szsc sold rather than promoted to number one with cech competing.

2) Instead of forcing Ox to put pen to paper or otherwise promoting the hungry Gnabry, we lose both players.

3) We sell an improving defender in Gabriel and one with experience so we can rely on two young defenders who have yet to show return on promise. For good measure,we even tried to sell Mustafi. Our answer to any issues from market is Johnny Evans.

4) We sell Coquelin the ‘minimum standard’ back up player and the only natural tackler in midfield. Instead we keep the mediocre Elneny. No solution to Santi for 3 seasons.

5) Lacazette. World class…apparently needs better service like TGSTEL and Gervinho. Giroud plan B never mind he scores more goals per minutes (and that’s not saying much). Meanwhile we won’t buy Draxler because clearly Danny Welbeck is money. We won’t buy Mahrez because Malcolm is available for same price.

All compelling reasons for Alexis to stay in London never mind Ozil.

They’re both gone at this rate and we will replace with mediocrity or ‘potential’.

Oh wait, we still have Walcott. He’s an offside specialist.


Most didn’t want Arsenal to offer Ox a new contract in the summer of ’16 when Gnarby left. Most wanted to see Ox perform during the 16-17 season before offering him a new contract. He didn’t perform consistently until the end up the season when he wasn’t playing WB positions and not CM.

Improving Gabriel. He sucked. Most didn’t shed a tear him leaving I’m sure you didn’t either glowing about Per performance during the cup and how he was integral to the team going into the season.

As much as I like Coq he isn’t the minimum standard for a back up DM. He is a 5-10 min specialist who comes on when you are protecting a lead and the only thing he needs to do is stay deep and use his energy. Besides that unfortunately he is useless as a backup. As much as you hate Elneny he is far more useful to the team.

Ollie is awesome but his per min numbers don’t mean anything in the context of how to compare him to Laca. You would be lambasting Ollie right now if he was starting and Laca was coming off the bench. How about comparing his numbers as a starter and excluding his bench performances. I’m sure they would be alot worse this season compared to Laca


Misread heading and missed Alexis word – thought it was Wenger being vague and decision imminent.

Oh well, I can dream!

Tactics vague and slump to mid-table imminent.
First Europa League season, first defeat in 3rd round, first defeat to Bournemouth, first time so far off leaders, first time Spuds ahead of us – why not first time Wenger left before end of contract?


Never mind that he’s dithering between the the two Manchester teams–while he still wears the red & white jersey you play. Leaving him at home was just patent nonsense.


He’s going to Man U. We are getting a player, but don’t know which one yet. After they play Stoke they will tell us and we will say thank you. That’s what we are now.


400k? His eyes 👀 will pop!


Whats it gonna be Alexis?
Football? Or Money??

This decision will be telling.