Wenger: I don’t question Alexis passion


Arsene Wenger may have hinted that he’s willing to sell Alexis Sanchez this January if he can find a replacement but he insists that he doesn’t question the player’s passion when he’s on the pitch.

The Chile international is rumoured to be the subject of approaches from both Manchester City and Manchester United and could be tempted to cash in for around £25 million knowing the striker will likely leave on a free in the summer.

Against the backdrop of constant speculation, Alexis started Tuesday’s game against Chelsea on the bench despite questions over Alexandre Lacazette’s fitness.

“Look, I don’t question Alexis’ passion,” said Wenger ahead of Sunday’s trip to Bournemouth.

“When he’s on the football pitch he wants to win, he’s committed.

“I had many conversations about him and we talked about the fact that people are always observing you with a microscope when you’re on a short-term contract, but I’ve never questioned his professional attitude when he’s on the football pitch.

“Alexis wants to win. When he shows frustration, it’s because we didn’t win.”

He added: “He is always fully committed. He never had any problem through his attitude or his commitment.”

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‘Alexis wants to win’. And that is why he is leaving Arsenal. His teammates don’t have the same hunger and it has been that way for a long time now. It is a damning indictment.


Nail on the head. Need a clear out. Manager included


Maybe so but soon it became a self-fulfilling prophecy because he tried to do everything himself and that actually damaged the team.
At the end of the day he thinks he is bigger than the club, and whether that’s right or wrong him leaving is best for all parties concerned.


Absolute bollox, you don’t say that about Messi do you? Alexis had a goal or assist every 85 minutes last season. This club has completely let him down, not the other way around.


yeah well said, that’s why after the munich game he changed his mind about signing a new contract, cant blame him


Messi is a team player, Sanchez, for us anyway, is not.

There are productive ways to be ‘selfish’, but Sanchez hasn’t found that balance.


Messi plays with his team-mate without underating any player. The club gave alexis a good working condition for him to be a better player. Why has he not scored 30 goals in all his career except in arsenal? Messi is unpredictable. Alexis is very predictable. He either pass to Ozil in the final 3rd, or try to driblle load of player so as to have a shot off-target.

Chippys chip

We need him and more like him. Top top player and only wants to win. That is the only thing that counts. Not how much possession or how many pretty sideways and backward passes. He wants to score or create the goals that win games. Ledgend. Feck off kroenke and wenger

Jean Ralphio

Sanchez has underperformed in big games too.


you should have questioned so he would have try to put some good performance rather than whinging/moaning/yelling at team mates


What’s new?


He seems fully committed to impress his future employers. Watching him against Chelsea I didn’t have the impression he was playing for anybody else than himself. Constantly complaining about other players decisions and overplaying when in possession. I was supporting the idea of keeping him until the summer during the fall but I changed my mind now. Sell him and reinvest.


I don’t understand how you can question Sanchez. He has been our best player for three seasons. Time and time again he has produced on the pitch. Yet it is his fault for being frustrated at the inability of the team to match his desire to win?


No sir. Ozil with 19 assist was our best player 3 season ago. This season so far, its between Ozil, Ramsey, Niles, and Wilshere. He is over-complicating our play and that kills our attacking most of the time. How many point that must have cost us! We are also frustrated by his inability to play with his teamate!


He has been our best player for three seasons. Time and time again he has produced on the pitch. Yet it is his fault for being frustrated at the inability of the team to match his desire to win?


My ex was full of passion. She also turned everything toxic and was a high maintenance bitch. The odd spectacular performance aside life is much better without her, passion and all. I tried flogging her off for 25m quid in Manchester but apparently that contravenes all sorts of laws. Who knew?! Plenty of fish in the sea.


I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a re-run of the summer: Agree to sell him on condition we find a replacement, then fail to finalise a deal for said replacement and he stays until May.

Andy Mack

I’d guess that would partially depend on us getting an offer for him with enough time to get a replacement, unlike the summer offer.


Alexis has the ideal attitude.


What’s that? Yell at the younger players, refuse to pass the ball, turn it over and gesticulating wildly? Or faking an illness because he didn’t get his way? Or posting snide things on social media while trying to secure a move away? Is that ideal? If he wants to win as much as everyone says he does he must be a little bit on the thick side because his behaviour on the pitch has been pretty poor and he has clearly let his contract issues affect his performance.


He has been our best player for three seasons. Time and time again he has produced on the pitch. Yet it is his fault for being frustrated at the inability of the team to match his desire to win?


Also his performances have been ideal.

Hairy Bottle

No doubt he’s full of passion on dogs, football and himself. Just not for Arsenal. Let’s move on.


It was never a question of whether he had passion it’s more about did the club match his, and clearly it doesn’t. He’s a winner and wants to leave to win things like many before him and until we get a winning mentality within the club in its players and staff then the trend of losing our top players will continue.
Had we built a team around him and ozil like we should have done the question of him leaving I don’t think would have arisen.instead we surrounded them both with mediocrity and are now suffering the consequences.
Arsene is in danger of leaving this club in such a state that it could take years to recover to a place that we the fans feel we should be. A sad a state of affairs and worse it’s all of our own making. Arsenal 2018. A total mess of a football club.

Teryima Adi

He is one terrier of a player. You can’t help but love him.

Laughing Stock

Typical diversionary crap from The Talker

Media Hates Arsenal

Alexis Sanchez and Arsene Wenger are both parasites destroying the club , they shoude leave as soon as possible


The decision to start him in the Carabao League cup is obvious.

We want to bubble wrap him for a sale but we are so bereft of creative force in the team we have to use him.

When we lose him we will have lost one of our top creatives in the team (the other at risk to go in the summer)

But the decision to sell is correct.

Last summer there may have been compelling reasons to retain him (BC interest was only domestic and peer rivals) but we are so far off pace against City that we may as well sell.

He is 29yrs and honestly, as much as he has been fantastic for us bringing an unpredictable element, he loses the ball way too often which is a problem for a team vulnerable to the counter.

If we should wait till next summer, we are asking for trouble.

We will have replace BOTH top players and/or risk losing them for free. The market will be predictably hyped up by the Wcup plus some top end teams will reshuffle their packs.

So we can only sell low to nothing for these two players and prices for replacements will be hiked. Worst many of the deals will be pushed to end of market bc of Wcup which will again (not for the first time) have severe impact on our start to season since we are (for a number of reasons) not first to feast.

Sell but please buy premium. If anything the board should remind Wenger that footballing aside we also have to consider club’s marketability which has taken a massive hit over last two seasons.

BUt ready made capability now rather than risk to adaptation is the way to go.


35m from United looks a great price. Grab it.

In other news, Everton seemingly could benefit from the pace of Walcott. 20m again a great price.

If Wenger makes 60m out of the pair plus say the 10m for le Coq (minus 2m for Mavropanos), we’d had brought in 70m already.

Try pushing out Debuchy and say Elneny for 10-15m together.

80m+ income is a decent amount.

But he has to be pushed to refrain from penny pinching and working on potential again. This club needs ready made talent high end to come in.

If nothing-else it will restore our marketability. We are in a poor position to risk on potential at the moment.


The smart thing to do would be to keep Alexis and sign Malcolm now. The latte needs time to adapt. But of course such foresight seems beyond management at this point

Chippys chip

Nobody questions Alexis’ passion. How could they? Its the others, Jack excluded obviously, on the pitch, on the bench (front row) and in the boardroom, that lack the passion FFS!!!!! Feck off kroenke and wenger pleeeeease??? xxx