Wenger: Nacho Monreal is a silent leader


Arsene Wenger believes that Nacho Monreal is a player who is appreciated and gets the credit he deserves, but because of his relatively low profile on social media doesn’t generate as much attention as others.

The Spaniard was superb again last night as the Gunners beat Chelsea 2-1 to reach the Carabao Cup final, and he was heavily involved in the equalising goal as well as being a defensive stalwart in the second half.

In his press conference afterwards, Wenger was asked if the 31 year got the credit he deserved for his quality and consistency.

“For me he gets very much credit,” replied Wenger, “but maybe there’s a bit less focus on him because he is not a candidate for the English national team and doesn’t make many statements or maybe not enough on social networks.

“But our job is about performance and I like the world of silent leaders and that is when people come, they perform, they don’t talk, they go home and they come in the next morning, train well and then the next day they do it again.

“They are the real leaders in the team.”

Clearly though, Wenger did not see Monreal using Instagram stories to illustrate his cake making skills as his baking prowess enabled him to recover from a hamstring scare to take part last night. Now that’s the right way to use social media.

For more on Monreal and last night’s game, check out today’s Arseblog, and then get down to the funky beat of Nacho Monreal (Pim Pam Pum):

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Jake Valen Noronha

Monreal for President [Earth Candidate]

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

He is not the leader we deserve, but the one we need right now. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a Dark Knight.

Or something to that effect. I saw the movie a long while ago.


He would build a great wall (to defend free kicks) and nobody builds a better wall than him, and people who eat nachos will pay for it.


Silent leader. Wonderful Wengerism


An absolute stud. Here’s hoping he’s got a few more years left yet.


If he does not get a chance with the Spanish national team this summer they don’t deserve to win anything.

Damo Dinkum

“Because he’s not a candidate for the English national team”… hahaha Wenger with a massive dig at the Spuds


He even looks like he could be straight out of the old back four from the Graham days. I love him.


For me he’s always been immense. What really helped him was his stint at center back a few years ago when we were short. His ariel game grew, his defensive appreciation grew from then on in. He always got forward well. But one slide tackle in particular which stopped a break in the late minutes of the game had me standing up clapping in my living room this morning at 7am in Australia.

Love Nacho. But understand he is underrated until you truly watch him play at his preferred wing back role. I think we owe him alot for Hector bellerins emergence as well. Seems like they are two Spanish peas in a pod off the field too.

Crash Fistfight

He’s definitely better at getting out stubborn stains since his spell at centre back.


Well he certainly showed if theres a choice to fight Alba for the world cup, its nacho not that Joshua Jackson, Dawson creek looking prick for the rent boys.


Blogs a bit of topic, but that article you did when Wenger said about media bias. Well did a Google search and couldn’t see one newspaper article or columnist that followed up on what he said that day. Did any journalist even report what he said?


No. They were just waiting for us to drop out in the semi and bleat about crisis, lack of leadership, and how Sanchez could have scored 10 last night. And a big final between two giant clubs with brilliant managers in charge.

As of now, it’s just a useless trophy, useless final. Not as glamorous as when “serial winner” mourinho got into the final last year.


Thanks, thought I was being overly paranoid but this is the Censorship. Does not fit narrative so they won’t report it. Now can anyone deny they are not biased or push their own agenda.


Agree fully


Media thrive on narratives , a good “story ” which sells and which add to the journalist’ pay packet … however , the problem with much of the English football press tabloids and quality included is that either through lack of proper research , fairness , lack of intelligent thought or plain bias , they peddle false narratives on Wenger specifically which are not correct but which just rehashes the Arsenal Fan TV , Piers Morgan and the Wenger out view which does exist in a small section of the Arsenal fans … whether these fans are also to some extent influenced by the media and it becomes the easiest narrative to peddle is worth considering ….add also a touch of covert or subconscious Xenophobia towards Wenger among some of the press …. The only way to overcome this is by results and trophies and finals …. 4 finals already in the past 5 years , 3-4 trophies , good wins vs the top 4 , but to do that , I do think you need not just a united team firmly behind the manager but fans who support the team strongly … like the Kop , the chelseas , the Man U fans …. home AND away …. notice how the press will hone in on the single Wenger out banner , the single hostile Arsenal fan gesture and the scattered chants of some fans directed at the Manager during some games …I hope this minority comes to realise this at some point —– and get 100% behind the team and manager …. Final vs The richest club in the Uk , coming up , EL coming up …. big games against top 4 coming up ….


“But our job is about performance and I like the world of silent leaders and that is when people come, they perform, they don’t talk, they go home and they come in the next morning, train well and then the next day they do it again.

“They are the real leaders in the team.”

For all the bashing that the manager gets for underperforming, I think his intelligence level is miles ahead of his contemporaries. Can you even imagine mourinho being as reflective as Wenger? I find Wenger’s press conferences almost as entertaining as watching arsenal at their full stride. He’s up there with the likes of Obama as far as articulation of issues is concerned.


He isnt called le Professor for no reason.

Big Cheese

Why did you have to insult him with that comparison?

Bould\'s Eyeliner

Whatever you may say about Obama’s political views, he’s objectively a very impressive speaker, which is the only comparison being made here.


I remember in the cup last season when the lower league manager said ”Wenger has probably forgotten more about football than we will ever learn” That was beautiful


Agree fully


There’s class in the lower leagues too


MONREAL… what a man


Wenger must have also missed Nacho chipping an orange into his fridge. Most underrated social media man in the club!


He always turns up and puts in 110% his high energy work rate is an inspiration and he rarely makes mistakes. Scores goals and can play centre half…what a player!
Much prefer him on that left side though.


To think the clown Jamie Carragher said he thinks Monreal looks weak and gets bullied too often!

David Hillier\'s luggage
David Hillier\'s luggage

Ha! God I hate that stereotypical nonsense pundits spout out about non-British/Irish players.


A touch of Xenophobia perhaps ???

Crash Fistfight

Can you keep that commentary on the Arsecast Extra forever, Blogs? It’s brilliant. Closely followed by “gol de Olivier Girouuuuuuuuud”.


Left bake in the changing room

David Hillier\'s luggage
David Hillier\'s luggage

A silent leader, watchful protector, our Spanish knight




If anyone comes knocking for him we have to tell them that he’s natch’your Monreal…

Right, I’m off!


If it came down to it, I’d like to see Nacho with the armband over Jack, truth be told. He has the stability that Jack is lacking and his loyalty to the crest in unquestionable. He’s signed to 2019 and has stated his desire to keep on Gunning thereafter.


Really I am proud of Monreal?, He always give out his best ?while on play, I expect more from him and injury free throughout the remaining season…silent Leader ??


Pim pam pum was exactly what I thought when I saw that highlight reel goal


My future kid will be named Nachosanti. Girl or boy.

In Arse We Trust

My girlfriend now calls my cock a “Nacho”. She is a Spurs fan.