Arsenal 0-3 Man City – player ratings


Arsenal were well and truly beaten in the Carabao Cup final at Wembley today, going down 3-0 to a Man City side who didn’t have to work that hard for victory.

It was our sixth defeat in 2018 alone, and the saddest part was that in a cup final the players didn’t really look up for it.

Here’s how they rated today.

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i want to find a donut in my kitchen


I had one — but it’s gone now!


Arsene left one on the scoreboard for all of us to eat.


What fucking donut here is the bonus
Bonus rating: How noones even sad 10/10


I went out and bought myself cookies


I normally stay away from carbs.. But after the game I walked in -4 degrees and bought me some marmalade and bread then went home and consumed most of it.. -Good times.


350k a week for that


Boring and predictable


Irresponsible display


Indeed but I wonder if there’s any point to player ratings when the problem is so clearly the manager? How many times have we seen abject players suddenly look decent under a new manager? I suggest we suspend to an extent judgement on this lot until we get someone truly excellent in charge – if that happens.


@eternalflamini you are so right that the manager has an impact on the game. He also has a clearly defined opponent against whom he can be, and should be, rated.

Blogs, would you add a Manager rating as well going forward? One would think the Manager as important, at least, as a player.


It would be up and down like a yoyo depending on whatever the current result was.


If there were to be a manager rating I’d rather see it in a separate article. One dedicated to a quick review of the manager’s tactics or something. Or Bring out the poo-meter for the manager’s post match comments or the like. Keep it separated from the player ratings which are, you know, for rating and discussing player performances. If the Manager were rated on these posts the discussion would endlessly be about Wenger with nothing about the players and I would lose interest. There are already a ton of Wenger focused articles to rant away on. Not at all… Read more »


Fair enough I’m just saying that while we are all busy slagging off Xhaka et al let’s just keep in mind the fact that it may be the system (or lack of it) that’s making them all far worse than the sum of their parts.


I’m with you that one way or another much of this loops back to him. Was just thinking on how it makes sense to review him from my own selfish perspective!


Overblown. Wenger actually came up with a very good game plan that City struggled against initially. It was only when Mustafi made that horrendous mistake for the 1st goal that we looked like losing. So not all bad. However, I must say our response after that was pretty woeful. Besides, a manager rating at this point in time is simply inviting abuse, which should never be encouraged. Also, their influence on the game is much more difficult to judge than a player who you watch closely for 90 minutes. Who are we to guess what preparations were done behind the… Read more »

Hank Wankford

dog shit salad


sounds tasty


No thanks mate, I’ll stick to donuts

Sarson vinegar’s frightening Sarnie

I’mfull thanks, just ate the the cat-shit taco Arsène served up.


worst part of the game – i didnt feel bad about our performance or the result


Yep, numb to it now. Just the same shit over and over.


You can look forward to more of the same on Thursday night


It’s the norm at arsenal now. We are slightly better than a mid table team. I think that’s a fair description of this group. Their is no accountability.


I don’t remember who said this, but it essentially was: Arsenal are too bad to move up the table, too good to move down.
Feels like Manchester City or Spurs of old..ugh, not a good feeling that. 🙁


Then you are now a real Arsenal fan.


Honestly, I have better things to do with my weekends. The club does not currently deserve our support.


That’s a wise advice, but I just couldn’t bring myself to not watch it on telly. Feel so sorry for all the fans that went to Wembley.


Yeah, I watched too, but I’m done. If they fit my schedule I’ll watch.


Didn’t watch. I didn’t watch a Wembley final that my club, that I saw for the first time as a 7-year-old on a magical trip to London with my parents, 34 years ago, played. And on this Sunday, I had finally fallen out of love with that magical team in red shirts. Well.. maybe I haven’t fallen out of love. Not completely. But the romance is gone. We’re staying together for the kids, hoping some spark might reignite what once was. We’ll always have the memories, I guess. I actually had the TV on. The game was about to start.… Read more »


Conte to be sacked before Wenger

Tommy Gunner

Goes without saying, and that’s the depressing thing!


And then we could take Conte. Definitely an upgrade on Wenger (despite their head to head record).

Fireman Sam

I’d take Conte. I like him. These days I don’t even hate Wenger, I just feel sad for him and for the club. It’s like a painful Dad dancing at a teenagers disco and leching at all the young girls. Just stop Arsene, for dignity’s sake.


Atleast you have a donut


All I have is a number in the shape of a donut.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Meh….what else is there to say?


Shit Sandwich.


That was all very shit. Big job to do in the summer. Even bigger job to decide who will be doing it.

Dave M

Why do we have to f##king wait until the summer. Just move Wenger on…NOW!


Gave up hope when I saw the line up. Hoped I was wrong, but hope has led me to believe we can turn it around for years. Hopeless.

Sheffield Gooner

Gave up hope when I saw the manager.


It’s being reported elsewhere that Monreal injured himself diving. Surely, this isn’t true?! Injury on insult if it is.

Tommy Gunner

Arguably, Monreal could have been sent off by the 13th minute. Very cynical block on Walker on the byline within the first few minutes, and then the dive. Would have summed up our day!

Olivije Žirod

It is not like he called a penalty. He said at the start that it was not.

A Different George

Monreal never claimed a penalty.

Dave M

Doesn’t take away from the fact he took a dive, he just knew he took a dive and didn’t get bumped and therefore said “no, no, not a penalty” to save face. He still went down without contact…that is a dive!


Ok, well, that’s at least “in the line of duty” – even if it does kill my lame attempt at humour.


Collision with Walker?
Walker didn’t even touch Nacho


They were as bad as gary neville will have you believe.


The sight of Ramsey and xhaka walking about in midfield with the ball being played around them and city’s players running through was one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen from arsenal. Of all the poor performances and there have been many that will stay with me for years and has just about done me for this team. Years spent traveling all over Europe and the UK during the 80’s and 90’s I’ve done my apprenticeship. Gave up my season ticket a few years back still went the odd few home games and more away. This team means nothing… Read more »


Blogs denial around Ramsey “clearly not fit” is almost laughable. Think Liverpool earlier in season


Xhaka is dogshit he wouldn’t come close to getting into the team with any of our past midfielders, literally 0 awareness. Having said that the wholse team has been consistently poor, at least Wenger has finally found that consistency he was after.


Mick Malthouse

What have they done to our Arsenal?


last night I argued with my girlfriend..I told her I was determined not to speak to her today because she has been finding ways to ruin my day. I had a good day! I decided the same for arsenal, not going to watch us anymore…so I didn’t today and I had an even better day! Avoid the things you love if they hurt you is what I am trying to say. Sorry for all of you who had to sot through that final. sounds like it was torture.


I will watch the europa league final. If we make it. Not watching milan because Welbeck is upfront. Call me a plastic but I am not going to put myself through that. Not because he is terrible, I think he is a good footballer. But he has not been up for it for a while and with results like these…yikes. Will be here for the match report though.


This is really the crux of things. Following this club is no longer a source of positivity in any sense, and that is perhaps the only unforgivable sin in sport.


I cancelled my premium subscription for a sports package. I figured, not going to pay premium money to watch the club I love play not premium football. I feel as if, I will always Love Arsenal but my God it has been hard of late. I do not think this makes me fair weather, if the club was trying on all levels to improve then yes I would be a plastic for not honouring that but we knew these lads would not turn up today. Deep down, we knew. I could not bring myself to go watch it.


I also canceled my streaming sports package, can’t justify paying for 90 minutes of boring football that leaves me unhappy.

Dave M

Why pay? The Arsenal players are stealing a living so why can’t we steal some streaming if we feel the urge to be punished by watching them?


it is worrying Arsenal didn’t surprise us even a bit – these are sad,sad times and a prospect of City coming to Emirates on Thursday feels sick

Stephen Shelley

What type of donut was it? Was it nasty cheap or tasty superquinn/dunkin donuts/krispie krem one?


Super Niall Quinn?


I find even nasty cheap doughnuts are delicious


Especially after a performance like that.


Damn, this performance hit a new low on the pashun-o-meter!


Does Mustafi have a non-athletic identical twin brother? It seems like the only credible explanation for the enormous variation in his performances. Capable of turning in some blinders but also abject crap – like today. Weird.

Lagos gunner

Pls, get me some Gabriel!


It was his evil twin. A few of the Gunners let their evil twin brothers play as well.

David C

haha, too funny! They all need to be dropped for Thurs game but Wenger will prob start the same bloody 11.

I’d love to congratulate City, but they didn’t even have to try. It’s like they were the regular Olympians playing against the Special Olympians. (That might be a bad analogy but you know what I mean…)

Yankee Gooner

Special Olympians fucking try.

Your uncle bob

He’s so lacking in intelligence it’s barmy

Rami Shabaan maan

Even worse this game made me agree with Gary Neville! I need a comfort donut!


Absolute bollocks


None of these are bad players. It’s just that something has made them that way!

Sean Juba



Gary Neville talks incessant shit



It was all about the first goal. If auba had got that tap in we’d had a chance. Poor from mustafi but what is the world class keeper doing in no mans land. We were poor all over the field. But this city team is the best in the league by a mile. Better days to come, chin up gooners. Through thick and thin. It’s not always gonna be sweetness and delight the players do try and the gaffer wants to win more than me and u else he’d gone to Madrid France many moons ago. So let’s get behind… Read more »

Mkhi Most

What are you smoking mate??

Faisal Narrage

Go away.
Not even in the mood to deal with this delusional stuff some folks do to make themselves look like “proper” fans, unlike us unbelievers.


The poster is just trying to be positive. No harm in that.
Its just a football game, not a life or death situation for anybody.


I’ve fucking had it with Xhaka and Mustafi, they’ll never be good enough, fast enough or aggressive enough for a top prem side.

And I thought Aubameyang was supposed to be quick. He gets outrun by Kompany??

Having said that, it seems utterly futile berating players as they were pretty much all shite. What an insipid bunch of fuckwits.


Xhaka and Mustafi don’t seem anything like, no


I thought the same. In that moment, Aubameyang appeared very slow. Almost as if he couldnt run any faster because he was trying to figure out what to do with the ball when he reached it.

Your uncle bob

I wouldn’t write them off yet. Xhaka was great for Gladbach and the bundesliga is really not that different to the prem. I’d like to see these guys playing for a manger who isn’t in such an obvious decline. There are too many players performing well below their ability for it to be a coincidence.


When a team can’t even give a toss about a cup final, you know something is very wrong.

For Gods sake Wenger, leave it in the summer. You’re ruining your lecacy game by game now. And then whoever does come in buy at least two top class CBs a proper holding midfielder and a top class keeper because otherwise, this club will go nowhere.

Cat Munk

Except down the Championship drain


Griezmann has just scored a worldy for Athletico Madrid. If only someone on our team could do that…perhaps with proper coaching they could…


On the point of xhaka and his poor delivery from set pieces. Why the fuck is one of our tallest players always taking them. I love Jack and of course he gives a fuck, but after that slamming from Keane the other day I was really expecting him to take the game by the scruff of the neck and March us forward. Not to be though. Defensively we are a shambles with the lack of confidence shining like a beacon. The only time we look like a team these days is when we are in disarray, at least they stand… Read more »


Jack at least always gives effort but honestly just doesn’t look like he’s good enough at this point to be more than a role player in a contending side. He needs really good players around him now vs. being able to take over a game.


I’m 50/50 on that, I think he could be the main man in the team but it’s difficult when everything goes through Ozil. Also thought it’d have made much more sense to have Jack next to Xhaka and Ramsey on the left if we were playing 3 at the back


The issue is most of his good performances are coming against lower teams while he really hasn’t played well against the bigger teams. He just gets a lot of credit for being one of the only ones who looks like he cares when the rest of the team is collapsing


Quite generous for Xhaka. He ambles back time and time again, and bottles 50/50s. We NEEEEED someone to dominate the midfield and we have been needing that player for the last 10 years.


Yeah, but even 3-4 years ago, although we needed that player, we weren’t totally crap most of the time. We were actually a pretty good footballing side, just not quite good enough to win the crunch matches required to challenge for the league.
Something has changed. We’re such a mess these days that one or two amazing players couldn’t turn us around. The only thing that will change it all is to get a new manager (and then some new players after that).

Faisal Narrage

Been like this post-Cesc.
Something happened to Wenger after that. It’s now like he’s incapable of building a decent playing team. His teams have just been functional and held together by a maverick (Van P, Sanchez).

Now we don’t have any mavericks and this is what we are, bare chested and naked.


I long for a new Gilberto Silva… the unsung hero of the invinciples. Did the kind of ugly stuff that protected the defence, something that none of these players are capable of doing…


Do you’ll remember when Xhaka signed, there were all these stories about how he was always trusted with the keys? Man, what a joke.


He’s a locksmith’s dream!

Saint CJ

why even bother?


Athletico Madrid have conceded 14 goals in 30 games. Why the heck are we not busting a gut to get Simeone in as the new manager this summer???? Oblak has already been linked but under the current manager and coaches he’d be dragged down to League One standard in half a season.


I’d like to be able to give Welbeck a rating.

Being offside for our own free kick takes a very special kind of talent.

Olivije Žirod

We lost the game when Monreal got injured. Worrying how important he is. Also where are the loud ones who said we are better with Ospina. The third goal was the same situation like in midweek. Abysmal positioning. The 2nd was offside. Poor 2nd half cost us that we lost the cup. No excuses. Thats it we need to move on.

Kwame Ampadu Down

No excuses……says the man at the end of his post which was basically excuses?

dr Strange

Gary Neville was spot on. You’r at fault here blogs.


“Not as bad as Gary Neville would have you believe”
They were that bad


Bullsh*t…. That game cost me 600 pounds with flights tickets etc… surely I can get a refund


Wow, that sucks. I watched online and still feel cheated. I can’t imagine how angry you must be.


I am dreading Thursday


I fully expect us to win on Thursday but only cos it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things….city will still win the league and we will still not get top 4.


Yeah, it occurred to me that it would typical Arsenal to turn in a great performance on Thursday – when it no longer matters.

non flying dutchman

Why?? League is over. Europa or bust now


“Wenger does nothing. He stands in his technical area with his hands in his pockets and looks befuddled.”
–ESPN Commentator

Mkhi Most

This club is sleepwalking to disaster. Sad.


At one point the Danish commentators stopped talking because they were too busy laughing at the Arsenal defenders comedy of errors.


The same Shit, different Day!

Lone Star Gunner

To me the final measure that a manager has lost it is when fans of hated rivals chime in with comments begging him to stay. Wenger has reached that point if you peruse Twitter today.

non flying dutchman

Chelsea were singing We want you to stay back during the 6-0 in 2014…. hardly a recent phenomenon


‘Arsenal won’t do anything until Wenger goes; but he’s the most powerful person at the club’.
Other ESPN commentator


The espn commentators are idiots. To a man. Steve Nicol, that fuckwit craig burley – gimme a break. Alejandro Moreno, all he does is piss take. He played for Venezuela’s national side for some WC qualifiers … and the MLS?!?! Might as well have Mickey Mouse commenting.


Neither were great on a day when they should shine. But you know.. Auba might have managed to toe the ball over their goalkeeper and things might have turned out differently. With the same clueless players and a senile mamager.


Thumbs up for mamager, sounds like a term for a female head coach, like the old school way of referring to actors and actresses, or waiters and waitresses.


Probs for the bonus 10/10 which made my day – sort of


Bonus rating 10/10 for whoever wrote this. Cos I couldn’t have been arsed after watching that. You deserve more doughnuts.


How can Wenger continue in the job. The players don’t look like they know what they are doing and don’t look bothered in most games. They clearly are not playing for him. Time is up, he needs to go now.

non flying dutchman

delighted for you over the doughnut!


I’m always surprised at how generous blogs is with his scores. I would take at least two points off each score for a more accurate assessment. Bottlers

My Son Supports City - My Week Will Be Hell.

Mustafi needs to be locked in a box and pushed out to sea. Chambers was by far the best of an incredibly bad defence.

Christopher Wreh

Bleak. It’s the way we lose that hurts. This and Spurs felt different, like the players have given up. Until Arsene Wenger leaves this club will continue in its decline.

He has been a pioneer for this club, I’ll always be grateful for the good times, and I’ll always respect Arsene the man, but he is no longer capable of taking this team forward. He should step aside as soon as possible.

But he won’t