Arsenal Away Record, Errors, and Turnovers: by the numbers


Arsenal’s Away Record is the Worst in their Premier League History

(all stats for Premier League play only)

13 – Away games played by Arsenal in the Premier League this season
3 – Away wins by Arsenal this season
23 – Percent of away games Arsenal have won this season
15 – Goals for in away games by Arsenal this season
21 – Goals against in away games
13 – Points won in away games
1 – Points per game by Arsenal in away games this season

That average of just one point per game is the lowest of any Arsenal side in Premier League history. The second lowest total was 1.14 averaged in 1994/95. That was the season George Graham was fired for bungs.

Winning just 23% of their matches is also Arsenal’s lowest total in the Premier League era. What might be a surprise is that the second worst away record was netted in the 2000/2001 season when Arsenal won just 26% of their away games. That season was marred by a 4-0 loss to Liverpool and 6-1 defeat at the hands of Man U. Though Arsenal still managed to finish second.

Part of the problem is Arsenal’s attack. The Gunners have averaged just 1.15 goals per game, that’s their 6th worst offensive output in away games since the start of the Premier League in 1992/93. The very worst ever Arsenal offensive output in away games was that inaugural 92/93 season when the Gunners averaged just 0.71 goals for per game. Arsenal finished 10th that season.

But the real problem is Arsenal’s defense. Arsenal are conceding 1.62 goals per game right now on away days. That is actually the second worst defensive record Arsenal have had in the Premier League era, behind the 1.68 goals allowed per game of the 2011/12 season when Arsenal lost 8-2 to Man U and then went out and bought Per Mertesacker and a real midfielder, Mikel Arteta. Arsenal haven’t had a midfielder since Arteta.

You won’t be surprised to learn that Arsenal’s best ever defensive record in away games was the 2001/2002 season. That year Arsenal not only averaged 1.95 goals scored per game but only allowed 0.58 goals per game giving Arsenal an incredible 73% away win rate. That was the season Arsenal won the League at Old Trafford, 1-0 after all of the Neville brothers tried to stomp Arsenal’s players into the dirt.

The three highest away winning percentages were generated by that team, the Invincibles, and it’s no wonder that Wenger predicted they could go an entire season unbeaten. They were that good.

Errors Prove Costly

22 – Errors by Arsenal players this season leading to an opposition shot on goal
11 – Errors by Arsenal players this season leading to an opposition goal

Arsenal are top of the table this season. The errors table. With two errors for goals last night against Swansea Arsenal have now conceded 11 goals off errors this season, 4 more than the second worst team in this category, Southampton.

This isn’t really a new thing for Arsenal. They have been one of the most error-prone teams since 2012/13 when they allowed 14 goals off 39 errors. Interestingly, it looked like Arsenal had finally gotten the errors down to a dull roar last season when they allowed just 4 goals off 19 errors for a more “mid-table” errors feel to the team.

Season Goals Errors Rank
2018 11 22 20
2017 4 19 12
2016 5 25 15
2015 8 25 13
2014 10 36 19
2013 14 39 19


But whatever confidence the team had been building in defense has completely evaporated and the Gunners are on track to concede nearly half a goal a game in errors this season.

Petr Cech leads all players with 4 goals conceded off errors, Bellerin leads all defenders with 4 errors (but thankfully only one goal conceded), and Granit Xhaka leads all midfielders with 2 goals conceded off errors.

Big Chances Conceded

Those errors last night, plus at least 3 others which weren’t counted as individual errors leading to a shot, led to Arsenal conceding five big chances against Swansea. That was only the third time this season that Arsenal have allowed the opposition to create five big chances in a match. The other two were Liverpool (0-4) and Chelsea (2-2). Arsenal have also only allowed 4 Big Chances in a game once (Liverpool 3-3).

Unlike all those other times, Arsenal weren’t under an enormous amount of pressure. If I total the interceptions and possession loss in Arsenal’s own half, it was just 6 times last night against Swansea (2 tackles – Xhaka and Ramsey; 2 bad touches – Cech and Elneny; and 2 interceptions). Arsenal lost possession in their own half 10 times against Chelsea (2 interceptions; 2 each for AMN, Alexis, and Iwobi and 1 each for Xhaka and Bellerin). And Arsenal lost possession 15 times in their own half against Liverpool (3 interceptions; Holding 4; Ozil 2; Coquelin 2; and 1 each for Ox, Giroud, Alexis, and Xhaka). The loss to Swansea last night wasn’t Arsenal under an enormous amount of strain from a highly active pressing team.


Sources: Opta via Squawka (errors) and Whoscored, my personal database, the Premier League web site (for the away matches records)


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Totally unrelated but do y’all think Diego Simeone would be a good replacement for Wenger??


Have you ever felt like listening to Iron Maiden midway through a Bach sonata?


Bach sonata? We are more becoming more like an irrelevant indie band that sits in a corner bitching about all the auto tuned clowns in the music industry today.


the song is called, dance of the dead


I would take Inanimate Carbon Rod as a replacement for Wenger right now.

David C

not sure how well he speaks the ole English. I know he has had success with A. Madrid, but they were pretty hard to watch at times. I don’t want Ancelotti either because he’s too similar to Wenger in that he just sends the players out and tells them to do their best/play their game. Not enough tactical coaching.

They should just ask Ozil who he wants!!! He’s on franchise player money now 🙂


I think we need a coach who is tactically versatile and at the same time install a winning mentality in the team and possibly someone who is more defensive . Allegiri is for me the best choice . Or dare I Say pochettino. Don’t know if we will get him but I think we were really close to him at one point just for Wenger to destroy all that by signing another contract by appealing directly to kroenke instead of the board.


Luis Enrique could be great. Had the Barcelona DNA having coached at both the youth team and the first team. Had relative success at a smaller club before that too.
Will focus on systems and tactics without necessarily compromising the fluidity of the football.
Important to remember, Champions League, Wenger and London (in that order) are probably the 3 most important reasons why Arsenal can somewhat compete with top European clubs for talent without paying insane wages. With no champions league and no Wenger, we need to bring in a manager who players will want to play for.


Despite what people say about Wenger, I think there are only a handful of managers in the world who have such a draw; Guardiola and Mourinho.


Didier Deschamp possibly.

I think the summer could be a watershed.

Weneger has a year left on contract but there will be a lot of National managers released following the Wcup and it makes sense that France offer Wenger the National job as he is now approaching the autumn of his career.

Mesut O\'Neill

Did you watch the game or just input numbers coz actually Swansea were pressuring us very well, especially the strikers who were all over the defence.


Would kill for a midfielder like Arteta right now.

Artetas silky bush

Would kill for a fit Santi right now

Granit(e) hard!

Agree but a fit Jack, IMO, is in the same mould. The midfield was just ‘toothless’ without him in the Swansea debacle


Cazorla is a much better passer and has better vision than Jack and although they both have great close control Cazorlas is better.


Santi does everything.

Problem we’ve been having is replacing him bc none of our mids are complete as Santi was.

Granit has the deep passing range and vision but not the defensive awareness and he can’t turn to save his life (to be fair nor Elneny or Ramsey)

Jack has some of the dribbling/short burst ability of Santi’s to carry the ball forward up the vertical and the ability to hold the ball but isn’t as accomplished (yet anyway)

Elneny is strictly defensive (at least) although I will give him credit he has improved his long passing which should put pressure on Granit to prove other worth quickly.

Ramsey is frankly more useful higher up in lieu of Ozil (where of curse we can now also play Mhkitaryan). His attacking instinct into the box is as much his strength as well as his pitfall bc often he is caught way too high waiting for the ball instead of being in midfield.

The one player we have yet to try slightly deeper is Iwobi.

His working right now as a catalyst, the instigator role, someone who can attempt to take on players like Alexis to move things around and his faults are more exaggerated than his benefits. BUT he needs to improve on passing.

He has the strength though to hold the ball and his touch is sublime plus he can dribble which could suggest he may have an effective role deeper. However, maturity is the issue.

We simply need someone who has the experience and common sense to know when to push forward to support the attack and when to exercise caution holding. AND to keep an eye tracking runners into the box.

I feel Wenger has a role in mind for Mhkitaryan similar to his successful conversions of Santi and Arteta from more forward roles into deeper tranquistas able to orchestrate our engine room better/take control.

This remains to be seen but if Mhkitaryan can direct the assets in midfield better in Jack, Granit, Elneny maybe Ramsey, we will have better balance.

The current 3 in midfield is a fluid system that requires the most amount of interpretation of all the positions in the squad. Its not easy to get right by any means but it allows for Wenger’s free form expression and should we perfect it, it is difficult to play against.

However should we still not find solution, we may need more workmanlike and rigid but coherent structure to come into place.

There’s also Alex Song BTW…he’s training with us. probably (IF deemed useful) decent cover for short duration since we did lose Coquelin.

AMN makes many mistakes (Again if one bothers to rewatch games) also not tracking runners and pumping the ball back into our danger area.

I would not be anywhere as comfortable as some who may one to risk his youth in such a critical area. No its not a better option just because its something ‘different’. He’s better of as a Rback cover for Bellerin. Its his natural side and it makes sense to continue his education as fullback rather than disrupt and employ the Calum Chamber’s schooling.


There was news recently that Song is about to become a free agent and is training with Arsenal.
Honestly, he would be an improvement from Xhaka.


We don’t seem to be interested in buying DM’s even if he is better. Plus he was also a half decent centre back at times. I’d get him back but I can’t see Arsene wanting to.


If anything, IF he impresses, maybe a very short duration half season trial contract whilst he waits for offers for a new club.

BUT he most likely will be cover only.

You never know though. All depends on the player. Is he a Flamini who is willing to give all?

BUT he is not a solution long term.

At the moment I’m beginning to lean toward Elneny as a safer choice holding but he has a lot of limitations too receiving the ball and going forward. He has high passing completion but many of the passes are backwards or sideways. Which is why granit has still been ahead of him but Granit’s edge over Elneny is fast eroding with his continued lack of awareness.

And none of Elneny, Granit or Ramsey can receive a ball and turn to save their lives. The ball always invariably returns to defense with the slightest pressure.

That’s not good for the defense trying to play out. Jack has been the one player that has made a difference. Hopefully Mhkitaryan can provide more option too.


Crazy that we’ve allowed another transfer window to go by without addressing that issue


Which is why I’m not so elated as many are with the transfer dealings.

They were OK and mostly convenient for Mslintat but not necessarily addressing our balance or issues.

But we now have a bit of a division with Wenger stepping away with transfer dealings.

This is a good thing in long run but I feel the transfer team did not take into account adequetely all options nor our tactical disposition (in consultation with Wenger enough) or the strategic implications of some of the moves (particularly Giroud but also the Alexis sale to United)

..there were other potential options in market less aggressively pursued.

Bai Blagoi

I would simply kill Xhaka

Kwame Ampadu Down

If we had a midfielder like Arteta right now Arsene would let him have one good season in his natural position & then absolutely ruin it by trying to turn him into a defensive midfielder (where his qualities are negated & his weaknesses amplified) just like he did with Arteta…


Well Wenger successfully converted both Arteta and then Santi from more offensive roles into tranquista type players.

Both were older and later in their careers but he leverage on their experience and common sense plus ball control ability.



Every goes on about the defence and I get it as errors in these numbers are not acceptable but the bigger issue for me is the midfield. If you start games with xhaka and Ramsey then you have two players who are slow, not very good tacklers and are not able to keep the ball. They are not capable of commanding the midfield other than the odd game here and there. I would sell both replace with two defensive midfielders and play one with jack and the other as back up. The defence would make less errors and concede less.


100 %
Xhaka and ramsey are shit


Just Xhaka mate, Ramsey is the best Box to Box player we have….and he does contribute defensively (remember the goal saving tackle vs Swans), he just needs to be told to be defensively disciplined….Xhaka just can’t simply be bothered…


You are right Mike, he is the best box to box we have, he’s just not that good and that’s why even that position needs upgrading if we want to challenge for premiership


@Stringer+Bell. Absolutely spot on. The Ramsey love in has to stop. No one is saying he’s Pole Pots evil Twin, just that he’s not very good at the job assigned to him in the area of the pitch he’s supposed to occupy. The stint that Wilshere had in the team only made this glaringly obvious


You sir are a 100% correct, Stringer + Bell, although I might differ regarding purchasing 2 DMs as I do believe that given opportunity and time, AMN is atheltic and tough enough to play this role especially as a back up. What bothers me most about Ramsey is at this point he should know his defensive responsibilities as a central midfielder and he does not seem to care enough about being disciplined for his team. Xhaka was a bad buy; a player who flattered to deceive. Instead of acknowledging the respective shortcomings of Ramsey and Xhaka and sitting them down, Wenger tired to hide and protect them with a change in formation to a back three and two wingbacks and it worked for while especially against teams who do not press, but no more. Swansea counterattacked us as Ramsey pushed further and further up and just because he made a goal saving slide does not change the fact that we were exposed all night by a side facing relegation. Xhaka is completely clueless defensively and just plain too slow to be a box to box midfield. Jack is our best and most reliable midfielder who controls the ball and can build up play but given his injury history, we need significant reinforcements in the centre of the pitch this summer.

Cliff Bastin

Chelsea have replaced Mourinho and Costa with Conte and Giroud. Are they making an effort to be more…..(gasp)…..likeable?! They just have to stop all the diving now.

Damo Dinkum

Just need to replace Abramovich with a potato and I could almost start to cheer for them.


That’s quite a feat.

Crazy thing is there’s no respite in the horizon

Wenger’s Philosphy Teacher
Wenger’s Philosphy Teacher

Oh good, it’s just as worst ever as I thought.

I seriously don’t know what’s going on with Arsenal this season. It’s like a 12 year old kid who sucks at FIFA is in control. That would explain both the results and the transfers…

And seriously, forget the fact it’s January, when have we EVER had so much movement in a transfer window?

At least they’re going to make the rest of this season interesting but how the hell does Wenger fix this défense? Is it a mentality thing? How can so many elite players be so thoroughly plagued by lapses in concentration? How does a team whose defenders include Koscielny, Monreal, Mustafi, and Kolasinac have such an awful defensive record?

I feel like I’ve been teleported to a parallel universe where you only get either your greatest hopes or your worst nightmares come true but never anything in between…

V is for Vic Akers

Exactly, Arsenal have been managed so so far below the sum of its parts. You cannot seriously say we have had the 5/6th worst squad in the league the last couple of seasons.

Wenger doesn’t play players enough when he first signs them – xhaka, kolasinac, lacazette all turned up with confidence and match-winning performances – but months of being subbed off early, benched and left without instruction or direction has completely killed their confidence.

And now recently he has been playing players too much, not benching them, not dropping them for mistakes and reinforcing this lack of structure and accountability throughout the whole team.


If you employ a 15 year old system where you’re happy for both full backs to push up field at the same time without having the defensive midfielders prepared to cover then you are left with 2 at the back open to the counter.

If you do no coaching or planning for what the opposition might do, you’re playing blindly.

You can have brilliant attackers but, if the opposition are gifted the incentive of a goal, they can just shut up shop ad Swansea, Southampton, Forest, Bournemouth etc have shown – and their defenders have nothing like the fees, wages or international experience of ours.

cheeky arshavin

There seriously needs to be an inquest into us wearing predominantly blue kits/awful looking third kits. We’ve lost 6 and drawn 1 out of 7 matches in the blue kit this season. The 8-2 (United) and 5-1 (Bayern) losses are just another couple to point out…


We lost 5-1 to Bayern in the home kit and yellow away kit. It’s not the kit that’s bad…


We don’t lose to superstitions, so don’t worry about what shirt/underwear you put on, which shoe goes on first or kissing the turf, ring, or badge, crossing yourself or shouting “Come on you Gunners, come on you Reds” as the whistle goes either.

We still do though?

Just trying to be helpful
Just trying to be helpful

I think it should say “Arsenal’s best ever defensive record in away games was the 2001/2002 season.” Instead of 2000/2001. Good read though.


So offense is bad and defence is even worse
….what’s left

Cliff Bastin

Transfer policy! HELL YEAH


Is it down to the way we play or is it because as Theo so eloquently put it, the other team wants it more?


Firstly, the “average” was based on the 13 games played thus far, with another 6 to go. I’m not defending AW and am fully aware that our average might sink even lower given the way we’re playing away games currently. But just thought that to conclude that “it is the worst in their Premier League History” is a tad premature. Perhaps it should read “Arsenal are on course of registering the worst away record in their Premier League History”?

Secondly, not sure if there’re data available but I thought it would be interesting to also see how the current away record measures against the club’s entire history i.e. including the pre-Premier League era. After all, we are a club of over 100 years in history and AW helmed the club for more than 80% of the Premier League history thus far.




We won the league at OT in 2001/02 and not 2000/01

Aubameyang’s Hair
Aubameyang’s Hair

Slightly inaccurate – we didn’t win the league at OT in 2000/01, it was 2001/02.


Since corrected, cheers


Six away games, against Stoke, Watford, West Ham, West Bromwich, Swansea and Bournemouth. 2 points from 18.
Only four goals scored. Those by Bellerin, Monreal, Mertesacker and an own goal.
All four put Arsenal 1-0 up. But we dropped 11oints from that position.
That points to some serious problems.


Bloody hell Jay! If it wasn’t Arsenal you would struggle to believe the above!

Coq au Vin

‘The three highest away winning percentages were generated by that team, the Invincibles, and it’s no wonder that Wenger predicted they could go an entire season unbeaten. They were that good.’

What’s the third team?


There’s a good striker at Everton who scored a brace last night, pretty cheap too – should we have gone for him?


We threw away the win by letting them equalise so quickly. Their back 5 was flat along the 18 yard line and the midfield four less than ten yards in front of that. Getting in front and staying there for a period was the only way of creating more space for the second. The first goal goes down against four players, Xhaka/Bellerin/Koscielny/Ozil – Ozil gets caught in possession and doesn’t work to get it back.. Xhaka gets caught static as Clucas runs by but he had a man inside and out, so Bellerin for not being in a sound enough defensive position. Finally Koscielny for allowing himself to get pinned by the striker and not get away. The second is on Monreal and Mustafi, not Cech.. Monreal shouldn’t let the ball go for a throw-in, the biggest mistake (you could see Wenger shouting at him for it) and he shouldn’t throw it to Mustafi when he’s pinned in so badly.. Mustafi should’ve refused the throw too, told him to send it up field and not present the option.. once it’s thrown to him he should act quicker.. he dwelt on the ball, got pressured (like the second v Man U) so that he almost thumped the ball at Cech on treacherous ground with three players closing him.. after that you have their striker 30 yards from his own goal and you’re chasing a game you should’ve been winning..


Perhaps a bit off topic: we went quite strong on the market this winter to sort our frontline issues as we had good opportunities to do so… or if you prefer coz we were not able to keep Sanchez!
The club is going to go all in on Europa League, as they’re convinced that top 4 is beyond our capacity.
And next transfer window will be the Defense one ??
to be ready for 2018/2019
Will it be with a new coach? who knows…..


I am amused when our fans continue to blame players in Arsenal and continue to recommend bringing in new players. Have we not been complaining about our defensive frailties for about 10years ago? Where are those players we blamed as not good enough, have they not all gone? Arsenal team is brimming with current and ex- internationals brought in in defense ,midfield and attack ( check our squad list) , but the results are getting worse every year in the Premier League and Champions League.If international players brought in because they were scouted and found very good become bad in defense , midfield or bad in attack while they show the whole world that they are good whenever they play for their countries, then we need to look at the coach/ manager. You can’t be playing the same way , slow ,sterile sideways and back passes every year ,allowing your opponents’ defenders to recover , clog their defense area and think you will score .No way ! Lacazert is a direct striker, but what can a striker do when he is not fed with balls to strike.
Iam not excited at new players coming in at all. Astute and tactical managers build their teams to bring the best out of their players ,Wenger makes every player to play the “Arsenal way” even when other managers have found a way to neutralize the passing game . That is the problem with Arsenal — tactical rigidity which is a product of tactical ineptitude. That is why Watford beat Arsenal 3 times in two years included a 2-1 loss at Emirates in FA Cup in 15/16 season . Henry,Gallas and Vierra at different fora last season said Wenger’s training/ coaching style is inferior to other managers they had all played for before or after their Arsenal career. That is a damning verdict .Chamberlain left to take ÂŁ160,000 at Liverpool and rejected ÂŁ180,000 per week to play for a manager ‘ who can make him a better player’ That is damning too.!
Another fear of mine is that Wenger loves power.It is clear these players brought in are not his ideas so he may not use them or he will play them out of position to make them look bad . That is his management style and victims are Podolski, Joe Campbell and lately Lucas Perez .Watch out for this fans ! Remember that he benched Lacazert, Kolasanic and Giroud at Anfield early in the season and brought them in when Arsenal were 0- 3 down.
Arsenal’s fortune cannot improve no matter the quality of players brought in if Wenger remains at the saddle .Mark my words !


Out of curiosity, how does one actually quantify “errors”? I get that there’s some pretty obvious ones like Cech’s howler but who’s at fault for Swansea’s first and third goals?

What about when there’s a host of comical errors like Swansea’s second goal?